Saturn Opposition: Evaluating Goals

undercover NemSaturn is opposing my daughter’s natal Saturn. Her natal Saturn sextiles her moon, so transiting Saturn is trining it. Today was her lunar return in Aquarius. She has an airy, 12th house moon, along with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. With a natal Saturn-moon she is prone to worry. Transiting Saturn exacerbates this. Today we were in the doctor’s office for a strep-test for her sister.

“I’m a germaphobe now. I wasn’t always. Can germaphobes be doctors?” she asked me, seeming quite concerned. I went on at great length about doctors and disease, what kinds of temperaments are suitable for making it through medical school, ingesting germs and its impact on the immune system… and she said, “Oh that’s okay, I want to be an architect anyway.”

Saturn oppositions and squares are great times to evaluate your long-term goals.

Did you find yourself evaluating goals under Saturn to Saturn transits?

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Saturn Opposition: Evaluating Goals — 8 Comments

  1. I have Saturn square Cap Moon & Cancer Venus -definitely evaluating my needs and likes…

    reminds me of a post i read not too long ago!! 😉

  2. Hell yes. I’m having one right now (sextile) and definitely am. Does she want to be a fashion consultant? (If I’m remembering the right daughter)?

  3. Saturn square Saturn, and I need goals. I’m guessing that, thanks to certain things, I’ve experienced a slightly early mid-life crisis, and I need to get my head on straight and stop feeling as though there’s no point to trying to sort anything out – to trying anything, since I’ve gone 35 years, missed several opportunities, stopped doing things I never should have stopped doing. I know it sounds silly, written down, but in my head, there’s something telling me that I’ve failed, and I need to press the restart button.

    Funny: I see something about ass-kissing techniques listed for the colosseum. I was just thinking about two-faced people.

  4. ThankYou Satori !!!

    “Saturn oppositions and squares are great times to evaluate your long-term goals.”

    Blessings !!!

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