Saturn Leaving Libra: Tips For Pisces And The Neptunely-Abled

NeptuneDo you have personal planets in Pisces? Have Neptune aspecting personal points? Are you a 12th house person? Well here’s a three point checklist for processing the end of Saturn in Libra and creating boundaries in relationships.

Did you learn to say:
1. “No, thank you.”
2. “No.”
3. “Oh HELL no, and I’m calling the authorities.”

You did? Good for you! Now you know what to do. Saturn through Scorpio will help you learn to make it stick and deal with the fallout.


Saturn Leaving Libra: Tips For Pisces And The Neptunely-Abled — 21 Comments

  1. Satori, thank you!!! Moon in Pisces here, former doormat now learning to be a person. I didn’t realize that it was Saturn in Libra teaching me this, and oh what a hard lesson for a reluctant pupil! But yeah, I’ve learned to do it. Good to know that Saturn in Scorp will be supportive of this. Yippie!

  2. In the past, Elsa has had to inform me when I’ve needed to call the police. I think the bruise on her forehead may be healing since Saturn has been in Libra. You know, the one from smacking herself on the head when she talks to me.

  3. OMG- I called the police for the first time in my life just this last month. So, to answer you, I’ve done all of the above (1.2.3.). Thank you Saturn!

    (reason for calling the police was because of my downstairs neighbor, that is off the charts crazy, and has proven to be an unstable energy)

  4. I learned this last time when I called the cops on my ex hubby for snatching my daughter out of the front yard and busting in on my roomie and her b/f in the shower.

    He was drunk as a lord, and I was worried about the Mo.

  5. I’ve been having much angst over whether I knew what my saturn in libra lessons were, let alone learning them. And it seems I was overthinking :-). Venus square neptune and sun in the 12th house – boundaries have not been my strong suit. But I have been getting better at saying “no”. The universe has thrown so much stuff at me over the past three years that it has exhausted me so much that I’ve got to say “no.” Or collapse 🙂

  6. I learned to set firm limits and boundaries with people. This has resulted in the loss of 2 of my (I thought) very closest friends. Left my Taurus love because the relationship did not have the
    “balance” that I really need. (We are still friends but I will not be his girlfriend)

    And… I have not spoken to my brother since Christmas 2010.

    He lives in his the past he has rewritten. And if anyone dares to say “ that never happened” He goes into an insane rage and verbal venom spews until he says “Fuck you I will never talk to you again!”

    Cool with me….but now he really wants his sister back. I’m not gonna waste my energy on relationships that are not balanced (and sane) ya know?

    My Libra rising, 1st house Neptune Libra really learned alot these past few years.

    Saturn Scorpio will be my 2nd SR and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

  7. Pisces sun, Neptune trine chart ruler mercury, mars in the 12th. I’m learning to say hell no 🙂 and I’m also learning people seriously don’t like to hear it.

    “Saturn through Scorpio will help you learn to make it stick and deal with the fallout.”

    This is what I’m working on now.

    Thank you Satori! I really needed this!

  8. I am a Pisces Sun with Neptune in aspect to my Sun, Moon, Venus, ASC, DSC, MC, Uranus and Pluto! I didn’t think I knew what a boundary was but I have just now thought about some things that happened over the last few years and I realised I did set some! I had somebody living with me that I asked to leave because he wasn’t over his ex, I found out somebody else had been lying to me (and to others) and I forced him to tell his partner the truth (she dumped him) plus I called the police on my noisy neighbours. I reckon I must’ve learnt a lot during Saturn in Libra!

  9. LOL…if I didn’t learn it completely, I’ve got it now. I can breath under water and knock you cold with my fin. How is that for a Pisces NO learned in Libra ready for Scorpio?

  10. lots of scarey warnings with saturn going into scorpio and so i found this concise wrap-up list of the libra transit delightfully uplifting. exhaling now.
    neptune in libra 1st and merc in libra 12th has me sometimes pondering if i really know who the hell i am and if its possible for others to as well. am i always just a mirror? am i hearing things as they are meant?
    but i can answer yes to the questions – havent had occasion for the 3rd, thank goodness. and it IS all part of being more in control/aware of my identity. just wish it could have all been a bit more graceful.
    i get on well with saturn energy and while i was looking forward to sat in scorp (and feeling wierd since the majority do not), now i feel better about it having this validation. thanks x

  11. I have Moon conjuct Neptune in my chart. I’ve been trhown in siutations for the past 3 years it’s just been nothing but crazy. I never beleived in what i thought was right and always needed to hear from someone else what was right what wasn’t. Finally, I am also learning to say no and stand for myself, but it will probably be the hard way since my marriage is involved.

  12. This post is so true, no, no-thanks, I’m getting a lawyer, making a police complaint, dead silence, all of them. Thanks for letting me know where this came from cuz it’s not my normal nature. I usually just let things ride and slide off my back, walk away, shrug shoulders type… A good lesson learned here :°)

  13. LOL. I have not done 3 yet.

    “Saturn through Scorpio will help you learn to make it stick and deal with the fallout.”

    Yes, yes it has.

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