Saturn in Virgo: Madonna In Meltdown

madonna-600x399.jpgYou may or may not know that Madonna has a Virgo rising and a Virgo moon and is now suffering a Saturn transit over her ascendant (body). Ruler Mercury is also in Virgo for that matter…

Madonna in meltdown

“The Queen Of Pop has sacked two dancers and her tour manager is threatening to walk out over her spectacular moods.

And for the first time, despite her incredible fitness regime, her health has started to suffer.

Doctors discovered Madge is anaemic, a surefire sign she is overdoing it, and she also suffered a painful knee injury…”

Read the rest: The Sun

The knee is an obvious Saturn symbol, it begs she slow down and the reference to her moods (the Moon) suggest (peri?) menopause. In whatever case, she is aging and the relationship troubles are another manifestation of Saturn transiting the ascendant impacting the 7th house.

Any Virgo risings out there feeling their age? What about Virgo Moons? How are you faring?


Saturn in Virgo: Madonna In Meltdown — 21 Comments

  1. Make me laugh. This Virgo Sun/Virgo Saturn is feeling old because I pretty dang well AM old. Will I love Saturn more, the second time around?

  2. I’ve virgo moon at 16″

    The uranus opposition was difficult, and so I’m kind of pretending I don’t know nothing about saturn . . I don’t think it has hit in force yet, but I’m kind of expecting some issues with my mom to raise their ugly head, and I’m definitely getting more serious about my emotions.

  3. feeling like i better figure out how to act my age, at least!

    but saturn’s still in my 12th. give it three weeks and then ask me šŸ˜›

  4. I have a Virgo rising and moon and I’m 22 but I got a new job that requires a lot of being on my feet so my body has more or less been under more stress lately. This Saturday after a 15 hour day working a wedding I bent down to pick up a box of recyclables and my back decided that was not such a good idea. It creaked and made me wince with pain. I said to one of my co-workers who saw me “Ohhh geeze, too young to feel that”. Otherwise, haven’t noticed much. With Saturn in my 12th house and all, I am more concerned with the breakdown happening on the inside.

  5. i’ve got a friend (virgo rising/sun) who is going through saturn on her ascendant and is having major health issues, losing everything including her pride (venus in leo).

    i was wondering, if this transit would cause one to withdraw emotionally and push others away? because i’m not sure how to handle this as i care & love for said friend.

    it just hurts not being able to be there for her. šŸ™

  6. I’m a Virgo rising. My Saturn is in the 7th but in Pisces. I’m not real up on transits, but I will say that just about every guy I’ve dated in the last 3-4 years (some even just a few times, others longer) has come looking for me in the last 2-3 weeks, and each one wants to know I’m still there for him. Needless to say, to varying degrees I still am. *sigh* I really can’t help it.
    As for my body, the last two weeks I’ve been faithfully eating healthy , which in my case is portion control, not types of food, since I always eat healthy. Have lost a few pounds, have about 7 more to go to get to my fighting weight šŸ™‚

  7. I’d say bad for her fans but good for her, because she can get free of her image and create something new, which I’m sure she will. Leos are pretty creative šŸ™‚ I’ve seen cases where people needed a physical illness to justify their change to themselves and their environment – I cannot stand (it) any more, so I need to stop, or even better: the doctor says I need to stop…
    As you said Elsa, the knee begs to slow down, and Saturn can literally bring us to our knees. Lots of planets in the 12th house, right?

  8. Dukkha,

    “i was wondering, if this transit would cause one to withdraw emotionally and push others away? because iā€™m not sure how to handle this as i care & love for said friend.”

    Virgo Rising and Virgo Moon and I would answer a resounding yes. I would say just maintain contact and be totally honest about everything, including how you feel. From my perspective, I would say I have never felt more alone, and that I can’t trust people through the experiences I have had to deal with in the last while. Although your friend and I might have very different charts, I feel very withdrawn and remote.

    One thing that has always been a running theme as long back as I can recall, people come to me with their problems, because they know they can trust me and that all we speak of is never told to another, plus they will get exactly what I think with no bs. However when it is me that needs to talk, no one is there, or I get the sense that people can’t be bothered. So I close down and hold it all in until I feel like I am going to explode. Maybe your friend is in the closed down stage, so just keep trying and have them know you care.

    Best regards.

  9. Virgo rising and just as of today feeling very jostled and out of sorts and, strange as it sounds, disoriented in terms of identity (mainly others’ perceptions but partly my own, too). I don’t know if I grasp enough to explain more right now, but when I can, I will.

  10. Yes Elsa, thanks for reminding šŸ˜‰
    Virgo rising at 26″ with Uranus at 26″, Pluto at 21″, Chiron at 26″ Pisces. If I am still alive after the transiting opposition of Sa/Ur (which is currently opposing radix Pluto) then I’ll consider that I’ve done good. Maybe you can tell me how that works? :/
    Yes, I am a little worried.
    As for health, actually I hope that I am turning my health around at last, I was pretty much a mouse potato three years ago, but now I am 40 lbs lighter and running up to 15 miles a week. I hope it stays that way.

  11. “i was wondering, if this transit would cause one to withdraw emotionally and push others away? because iā€™m not sure how to handle this as i care & love for said friend.”

    Most definitely. A fear of rejection can develop. Treat the person kindly is all I can say… and nice of you to ask.

  12. Virgo rising. This explains why, in addition to the usual aches and pains a bit more intense than normal, my knee is hurting so bad.

    I’m with nycgirl on the identity thing too; that’s always been an issue for me, but this is one of those times I’m feeling hyper-sensitive about the perceptions of others.

  13. Virgo moon. I’ve been sick since April, I only have enough strength to work and just barely keep clean clothes and groceries bought.

  14. Wyrdling, is your Asc at 26 or thereabouts then? I get Saturn crossover in Sep. 09. I am more concerned by Sa/Pl conjunct in May next year at the same time as Ur opposition, *gulp* šŸ™‚

    Normally I would say that Saturn in the 12th on Virgo is all about a private health regime, but expressed in the manner of natal Saturn, mine is in Aries, so I run, but in the 12th by transit, so I prefer to run alone. When he crosses into the first, maybe it will be time to reap the rewards of that dedication.

    So I guess it begs the question, where is your Saturn placed natally?

  15. yeah, jeremy, i’ve put on a lot of muscle and lost a bunch of weight at the same time, myself… been biking more and driving less. but both of us still have transiting saturn in the 12… letting go of things, i think. feel healthier than i have in years. i’m really curious how different things are going to look when saturn hits the first house.

    i know in my case i’ll start my first teaching job that’s actually based off of my degree…. to the day. freaky.

  16. mine crosses over on the 21st ish of August. it’s only 10 degress virgo. according to my ephemeris, saturn doesn’t hit 26 virgo until next may.

    natal saturn’s leo… so i’m kind of decompressing from the return and now i get to deal with him crossing into the first… i wonder what a private leo health regime would be? maybe the stuff i’ve been doing with my hair šŸ˜‰ i’m not sure what to think of biking? isn’t that sort of gemini?

  17. Virgo moon…sick as a dog this week…2 weeks after starting to workout again, but I’m determined to keep going. I have 40 lbs to lose and it seems like such a mountain to climb, but I know it will be worth it at the top.

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