Saturn In Virgo… And Pluto In Capricorn: “Ban All Cars Getting Less Than 35 MPG?”

hummerBan All Cars Getting Less Than 35 MPG?

“The former head of Royal Dutch Shell has gone way out on a limb and urged the European Union to ban all vehicles that get less than 35 mpg, saying it is the only way to significantly address global climate change and force the auto industry to build more efficient vehicles.

“We need a very tough regulation saying that you can’t drive or build something less than a certain standard,” the Telegraph quotes him saying. “You would be allowed to drive an Aston Martin – but only if it did 50-60 mpg…”

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Before you say this is a good idea, ask yourself who the law would apply to. The privileged or just the rest of us? Obviously there is a need and move to conserve (Capricorn) resources (Pluto) but here is another reason to create a caste system. I remember the first Hummer I ever saw.

Leo, Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving it. Think he is going to ride around in an economy car? Well do ya?


Saturn In Virgo… And Pluto In Capricorn: “Ban All Cars Getting Less Than 35 MPG?” — 11 Comments

  1. You are right on – for instance, the people who fly in their personal jets to global warming conferences and recommend that “we” reduce our carbon footprint!! The stars who own 50,000+ square foot houses in California and Florida – and air condition them year round – then fly to a global warming conference halfway across the world to protest “our” wastefulness!! People who can afford to do/buy these things are the very ones that flaunt the system in actual usage – as in Al (The Earth has a Fever) Gore’s electric usage exceeding 20 times the national average. So, who exactly will suffer from this? Yep, the people who already do less harm less in a year than the average “do-gooder” movie star does in a month.

    I even read that a wild animals’ effluence (aka – burps/farts) contributes more to the levels of greenhouse gasses than driving a car 8,000 miles. Are we going to outlaw moose? Maybe give them all some Gas-Ex??? I remember they were worried back in the 70’s about an impending ice age. The temperature of the earth might just fluctuate like the level of Lake Erie does (I live in Ohio). I recycle, drive a car that gets good mileage (an economic necessity for me) and do what I can to make a small carbon footprint, but mainly because I can’t afford to be wasteful. I can’t help but wonder when the aforementioned Mr. Gore was outed for having “exaggerated” in his movie if any of us really know the truth.

  2. I love the idea of the Governator driving something smallish and efficient. 😀 As for me, I already do! My little Neon gets 30+ mpg, which is pretty good for a 1997 model, I think.

  3. Oh, I cringe every time I hear about the Gov. and his H3 or whatever it is. In California, for heaven’s sake!!! The irony being that he won the governorship through the 2003 recall, and the main complaints against the man we recalled? His inattention to the energy crisis and a mismanaged budget. (link in the website thingie up there)


    @Kathy – I sat here nodding my head as I read your comments and cheering a little bit 😀

    @seekingzen – good for you on the car! I’m picturing the G in some tiny little convertible, and it’s an amusing mental image.

    I still don’t have a car – almost 2 and a half years now. Think I can get a bonus point somewhere? *chuckle*

  4. There already is a caste system. If you’re saying that the upper members will get a cooler deal…well, ‘course. Marx said the rich wage war on the poor — and to me imposing rules that you and your tribe do not have to follow is a violent act. Impose enough of these rules on one group of people and you have one free class and one slave class. In other words, the American Middle Class.

    So it goes.

  5. well, at least his is a hybrid.
    if they converted my car for me or replaced it (yeah, right!) i’d go for it. otherwise, no freakin’ way. i need my transportation and i can’t afford to buy a new car.

  6. Who gives a damn what the politicians say..does anyone really have faith in them anymore? Most, even if they start out with good intentions get corrupted by the system. Who i do trust are the environmental scientists, those who work in nature and have seen the dramatic changes on our earth which most say has at, least in part, been caused by human consumption. Point being we all need to change our wasteful habits and if you wanna wait for the rich to lead the way then more fool you cos they will be the last (the cow thing for example..well if you’re gonna tear down acres of rain forest so you can make more burgers, makes sense there will be more methane produced, plus what these poor creatures are being fed to fatten them eat less burgers). Things change when society (the little people) say enough is enough. Looking after our planet doesnt make you a slave, following politicians examples does. Dont wait for the politicians to lead the way, shame them into changing their ways.

  7. If everyone just took responsibility for themselves, we wouldn’t need Big Brother policing the Stupid Masses.

    🙁 GOD, this world feels like such an unfavorable climate to my nature.

  8. I actually think it’s a good idea. It’s the only way to stop producing, and people buying inefficient cars. I’m sure the industry will come up with something that doesn’t slurp energy but is expensive enough to let the rich keep their status cars. As for the rest of us: efficient cars are cheaper so as long as we are granted a couple of years to transition and are not forced to buy a new car overnight there will only be benefits in the long run.

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