Saturn In Scorpio Will Benefit Cancer and Pisces

Many are nervous about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, losing sight of the fact it will support the other Water signs, Cancer and Pisces via a trine aspect. Earth signs will also fare well via a sextile aspect, especially if you work to bring this forward.

To get the biggest benefit, when you see a Saturn figure (someone with authority / wisdom / age / Capricorns etc.), befriend them if possible. But no matter what, pay attention to any clues or instruction they give you, because these people will be there to guide and support you.

That’s the textbook stuff, but here’s the enhanced, Elsa P, view: Pay particular attention to any lines or limits or boundaries (Saturn) that are defined by any Saturn figure you meet. Even if it is a negative experience, there is going to be something important to learn from the experience.

As an example, about five years ago I was the victim of a crime and I called the police. This was the common sense “right thing to do”, but I had also been specifically advised by another authority figure, to get a police report if this crime were to occur.

So I had these two huge cops in my house and did not want to write the report. They refused to write a report. I pretty begged for the report because I thought it was something I simply had to have and met great resistance from these two policeman. In fact, they humiliated the hell out of me.

Eventually I started crying. I was quite confused. In my world, police enforce laws and I could not for the life of me, figure out why this was happening. I implored them the write the report and finally they agreed.

There were some hijinks I am not even going to go into. In the end, one of the cops tossed a card to me with the case number; it hit me in the chest and fell to the ground. I was stunned at this and stunned again when I found out the case number was fake and no report had been filed.

Now this was a horrible, horrible experience. I am not sure I have conveyed this but my point is, ultimately the experience benefited me GREATLY. These police (Saturn figures) were letting me know that they were not going to help me with the problem I had. Er…as an example, while this is not the actual case, let’s just say I had a stalker. The police let me know that I could not rely on them to address my problem, which was a very valuable thing to know.

It was not long after that, I solved my problem myself and I am grateful to this day to those cops, bastards or no. So if you do hit a block, or get rejected at some point, forget lying in a pile on the floor. Ask yourself what you’re supposed to take from the experience. Because there will be a lesson there for you and if you pick on it, you’re going to find yourself a few rungs higher on the later.

Is anyone expecting to be helped by Saturn in Scorpio?


Saturn In Scorpio Will Benefit Cancer and Pisces — 40 Comments

  1. I totally agree with you. This is great advice. I have learned so much in the last 6 months which have been very difficult for me. These are lessons I will carry with me throughout my life.

  2. I was young–not nearly a teen–the last time Saturn was in Scorpio. I was very naive and unsure of myself. I can look back to that time now and think about how much I’ve grown (knowing how far I still have to go) and say, I’m not nervous about it one bit.
    I understand your story about the police and can relate from a different angle as far as being self-sufficient enough to handle things on my own. This time, I’m ready 😉

  3. I am — I’m a Cancer sun/Saturn with Virgo rising and a packed 8th. I do well with Scorpio energy. The beginning of Saturn in Scorpio I get a grand trine in water with T Neptune and fully expect to be working to shore other people up because everyone around me is fixed to the max or heavily Scorpio. Later in the transit, I get some hard stuff, but overall this is much kinder to my chart than was Saturn in Libra. Pluto and Uranus moving beyond my sun will free up more of my energy to deal, too.

  4. Remembering the last time, I expect to be helped by Saturn in Scorpio (Sun in Scorp here). But not without pain or a lesson or two. Loss concerns me as I’ve had enough but if it happens, this sounds corny – but it will be for my highest good.

    Everything bad in my life has ultimately brought a silver lining in the cloud type of thing.

  5. I think that Saturn conjunct my Sun has given me the tools to deal with Saturn in Scorpio, or Saturn in general. This Saturn will go over my Scorp stellium, my Cancer Mars and my 0°BML in Pisces.

    Plus the energy is similar, tSaturn in Libra and tSaturn conjunct Venus.tSaturn in the 3rd and tSaturn conjunct Mercury. I see it as summarizing.
    Saturn/Pluto I already have in my chart, but it will be interesting to see how the conjunction plays out. The only new thing is Saturn and the 4th house.

    To answer the question, yes, I think Saturn will help me because I listen to him.

  6. Shit, this kind of thing [no help from Saturn figures] happens to me, ALL. THE. TIME. Having to handle so much by oneself, really wears on a person, over time; it’s exhausting.

    I do have expectations that Saturn/Scorpio will lend much-needed temperance to Neptune’s transit through Pisces, but I’m very concerned about how society at large will make out. I sense lots of commonplace things going deep underground, over the next few years.

  7. Very interesting viewpoint. During the last transit, I was new to Texas and an older, woman professor said this to the class of new teachers: “If you are a change agent, you don’t belong in the Texas Public School system.” I heard and heeded, as that was me and I knew it. But much later I went to work in the schools, and it’s been a ten-year ass whuppin.’ The change agent in me is not yet dead, but older and very much chastened. Rock in the tumbler, I suppose. I still have rough edges.

  8. Saturn in Scorpio will be kinda confusing for me…
    I’m an Aquarius Sun with a Pisces Moon, Mars and Venus. My Sun and Moon are on the same degrees so I will be supported (trine to Moon) and challenged (square to Sun) at the same time.
    I’m used to listening to older people because I value what they can teach me. Since it’ll be my Saturn Return also, it will be a new beginning and I have to say that my life didn’t begin on a positive note so hopefully it’ll be better this time around.

    I’m jumping ahead of myself but Sadge Saturn won’t be an easier time either……

  9. Saturn is my chart ruler, so your story here is kind of the story of my life, from babyhood on. But I have natally Saturn/mars conjunct in Cancer, Mercury in Scorp, moon in Pisces. So I’m really glad to see Saturn in Scorpio coming soon.

  10. I just realized I already have Saturn/scorpio. Ok well not exactly true but I have Saturn conj ASC opposite my 29 Scorpio moon. It’s been teaching me bit by bit my whole life. Last time Saturn was in Scorpio I was only like 9 years old so I don’t remember exactly what was going on.

    I often disown my Saturn (my authority/control) and my moon. My moon seemed dangerous when I first started reading about it. I mean think about it! How many times has there been a attack post about Scorpio moons! By the way thank you to all who have defended Scorpio attributes!

    Anyway maybe I’m about to learn about the authority and depth I own. The possitive manifestations of these energies, if I’m willing to!

    I’ve looked to others my whole life. I’ve taken seriously the messages/lessons they’ve given me. So maybe it’s integration time 🙂

    I’ve been really concerned about my kids (they have alot of Scorpio/pluto) entering this. But I’m a Pisces sun! Whatever comes it should not distroy me. I’ve been worried about my mom because Saturn will hit my moon. But she’s a cancer and what ever comes, comes.

  11. AH!!!!! Thank you for writing this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has SO been my experience with Saturn figures this past year. SO important to know where you stand.

    I have been paying attention, and it has been helping.
    Thank you for telling people this. It will undoubtedly help many!
    Saturn in Scorp. is my 7th house. I have high hopes.

  12. Petra, I couldn’t believe either and you know what? Prior to this, I had never had a bad experience with police in my life.

    This was a soul-killing experience for me. It was fucking absolute bottom, over the last 20 years anyway. But it sure ripped my blinders off and once I could see, I ran like an Olympic athlete.

    I can’t say I mind how this happened at this point. If this is what it took to wake me up, then so bet it.

  13. I feel like life is going in one direction now and it’s into saturn in scorpio. Like a funnel. There will be much stress on my mind (mercury in scorp). School and new software/skills to learn. Possibly learn french in the 2nd year of the transit. (hoping to have a boyfriend to help there). Still want to have a child before 40 and hoping it happens in the 2nd year when I learn french. If I do get pregnant I will be learning about pregnancy and parenting.
    I would also like to take a class on public and professional communicating. And I’d like to make up more meditations to offer my meditation group.
    Pluto in cap transit to my 3rd has been pointing in this direction for a while now. Finally will feel I can buckle down and do it. Especially because pluto will be sextiling my mercury and jupiter at the same time.

  14. Saturn in libra with libra in my 12th house and my saturn in cancer – the authority figure was a female psychic. Amazing result.

  15. Thanks, Elsa! It would never occur to me that Saturn would trine water planets and be a stabilizing force. And about the hard Saturn lessons about the police, I definitely relate to learning the hard way about not having the usual saturn figures around to help. The day I learned to be careful and be the saturn figure, well, that cleared things up for me fast.

  16. Some of my favorite memories are from when Saturn was last in Scorpio. Good times. I was happy and productive.

    That said, I am mightily trying to clear out recent debt incurred from being on the ground floor of a startup. Unstable income is unstable. 🙂 But it’s getting better.


  17. i am looking forward to learning a lot. but i do think the lessons will be hard. in the end, i hope to transform and transcend. and grow. of course, jupiter rising must grow in the end. (pisces 29 asc/jup)

  18. Looking forward to Saturn trining my ascendant, although it will conjunct my Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune (all in Scorpio) within this period…

  19. Thanks for writing this post 🙂 I have a very watery chart so this gives me hope! Saturn will trine my cancer stellium (sun, mercury and venus) and my moon in pisces. Saturn is also going to go through my 12th house so it’s not all going to be roses. But overall, I suspect Saturn is Libra was worse than Saturn in Scorpio will be.

    I think you really hit the nail about saturn figures. Right now, I’m in a position where I’m learning so much from senior peoples. It’s a lot of work to do, but it’s so valuable and very saturn-like.

  20. It’ll be square my Mercury/Venus/Mars in Leo at different points (5th to 7th). When it first changes signs, it’ll be sextile my sun. I have enough going on in my chart with Pluto going over & Uranus squaring my moon, and Neptune opposing my Sun. I feel like I’m being pulled in all directions, all at once. I don’t usually worry about what’s in store astrologically for me, but I really need a break – and I don’t see one in sight.

  21. all so interesting. i was asking astrologers to take on this subject a year ago because i felt it a fascinating topic that no one was really addressing. i’m a scorpio/aries rising, saturn is in my 12th house natally. i have read everything from it’s a time of drying up, less/no sex for scorpios (it’s been a dry spell for 3 years for me so was not happy to read that!) financially & for love it’s been a really rough time, and i worry what will happen when saturn goes into scorpio. but i hope w effort it won’t stay bad!!

    Liz, u mention mercury in scorpio so u expect stress to the mind, is that true? (my mercury is in scorpio too)

  22. I’m a cancer sun and cappy moon, and while I don’t expect to be ‘helped’; I do know that there is a lesson coming. I expect to work to my best to figure it out and run with it from there. If there’s help, that’s all the better 😉

    Thanks for putting this out today, Elsa. It’s very good to have the reminder, as well as the sign post/marker that I’m on track 🙂

  23.! This is, sadly, so incredibly familiar to me, Elsa. As a Cancer-sun, Scorpio rising and Saturn in my first house I’m not sure what more to expect, but your description of the encounter with law enforcement resonanted (((loudly))) for me. Long and short of it is that I worked for a large law enforcement agency for 12 years as a devoted, civilian employee. A change in direct supervisor left me with an abusive boss, whom the dept refused to reel-in. It also left me unemployed. Talk about rock bottom. This was life-changing for me…

  24. Maybe this transit will give some of us Saturn types a gentle Plutonian nudge to step out of our self-imposed straight jackets and be the guides we know we can be.

    Looking forward to the opportunity. When Saturn moves to Scorp it will be sextile Saturn and Pluto, and on my Asc. and Neptune. It will be interesting. Maybe this is the time to learn to work the fog machine in the interest of education and transformation.

  25. Ugh….Taurus Sun isn’t looking forward to this. It will eventually sextile my Cappy Jupiter, but that has Pluto sitting on it and Uranus squaring it. The only water placement in my chart is my late Pisces IC. I was about 10yo when Saturn last passed through this area of my chart. This is in my 12H. Ugh, ugh, ugh! The only positive I can find is that my progressed moon is in early Pisces, and maybe a dose of scorpy saturn will lift some of the fog. Or not given that it’s a transit to my 12H. :/

  26. Yes–Saturn in Scorpio will oppose my Taurus Stellium. I consider this a good thing. I feel great about the future!

  27. yes, i think so. 🙂 i don’t like this saturn in libra energy. i’m sick of overly concerning myself with my relationships with other people

  28. I’m natal saturn in scorpio. Do I make you nervous? It’s first house so I probably am not as spooky as I may appear. I realize I can more probing than what is comfortable sometimes, but I sure hope people would honor their feelings and tell me to back up so I can go away. It’s okay to do that. I rely on it. It’s better than secretly plotting against me to get back at me for something I did not do. It’s never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable. My favorite back up lines because they are harmless is “I can’t go there now” and “could you take it down a few decibels”.

  29. Not expectant but cautiously optimistic.  Cap rising, Virgo moon, sun at 29 cancer, Venus/mercury/Saturn conjunct cancer descendant, Jupiter in pisces, Leo mars in the 8th.  Also, Pluto sextile sun and square asc, Venus/mercury/Saturn.  I’m curious to see whether the transiting Pluto/Saturn sextile will be helpful or just trigger my squares.  I think saturn in scorpio should be good for my moon opposite Jupiter aspect.  I do the work; I probably do more work than is necessary but Saturn never really feels bad to me.

  30. I am a Cancerian Sun and Asc…With my Pisces 9th house Moon, Saturn in 5th House Scorpio. Sun,Moon,Saturn in a Grand Trine…I AM finally going to be moving forward in very positive ways. Finally! It has been 8 years of sheer madness for me…Done with that and I can feel that I am done with that!

    Whew! I made it…;-) Learned much and taught much to others too.

  31. Hi Elsa, I just came across this thread as a related post. I think this is one of my favorite pieces you have done. You’re ability to look at bad experiences and transform them is very hopeful and inspiring. Thank you!!!

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