Saturn in Scorpio Transiting Sun In Scorpio

Scorpio dart board“..The fear you’re dealing with is collective. It’s also personal, because Saturn is transiting your Sun. You don’t want to take a big fall. I don’t think you will, because you’re taking this seriously.


Look at the Saturn transit as a “get your shit together” transit, which is very different then a “cower in fear” transit!”

That’s from a consultation with a gal with Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. She’s going to feel the fear of the collective for sure.

It’s potentially paralyzing but you can turn the energy to your advantage pretty easily.

Q: Are you the one who is going to go down?
A: No.

Taking this position is a lot smarter than living in terror.  But you are going to have to focus your energy, and this is good.

Who wants to leave their energy lying around for others to use anyway.  Not me!

Do you have Sun or Saturn in Scorpio?  Can you relate to this?


Saturn in Scorpio Transiting Sun In Scorpio — 10 Comments

  1. I also have that conjunction in Scorpio, on my Midheaven. It also opposes my Taurean Moon, and since I’m also Cappy Asc,, the one that always worries too much 🙂 I find that worrying about money would not do me any good. I’m currently really trying hard not to spend too much (having a strong Sag is not much of a help 🙂 ), and to save, with my boyfriend, enough to buy a flat of our own. I even got a small inheritance from my late Grandma, so it would probably be enough to start a family…
    I must say that I cannot suspend the fear and the knowledge that this world is full of sorrows, but I think I’ve repaid my debt while volunteering within mental health communities, various orphanages and animal shelters… Well, cannot say that I would not do that again in the future, since the death of N. Mandela just reminded me of that one should not forget what is his true calling, and that the people of whole world are actually pretty much connected.
    So yes, I sometimes feel “the pain of the world”, but what can I say: I want a happy and peaceful family life, and I’m hoping I will have that, and plan to work VERY hard for that. Those are my priorities at this moment.

  2. A friend dropped off a bag of newspapers for me last nite. I use newspaper to start the wood stove. Sidenote: yikes it’s butt cold all of a sudden here. Anyway, as I sorted through paper to remove the coated paper advertising, I noticed some headlines, scanned a few things, and just felt sick. The external world screamed death at me. I haven’t been able to watch the news for 2 weeks now. The same old grind. I just can’t go there now. Could be sun in sadge. And I am much more productive without at that other stuff. Natal saturn in scorpio. Progressed saturn in sadge. Progressed sun in scorpio. Neptune is progressed into scorpio now too. If I need to go on a neptunian bender there are better ways than the doom and gloom.

  3. I’m a 12* Cap sun w/ Cancer rising. Thanks to Pluto I make a mean pomegranate. Also have a Scorp stellium in the 6th involving Mars, Venus, Neptune & Jupiter. Dear old Taurus Saturn in the 12th opposes Mars.
    That said, I just signed a lease for a retail space to open my own hat shop (I’m a milliner), selling also vintage and other designers work on consignment. You would’nt believe the lectures I’ve endured over the last two days from family, boyfriend & random strangers about how bad the economy is, how I’m living on cloud nine, beginning a business with no clientele is suicide, you should be using your MFA to teach art, etc. etc.
    The only two people who have my back? My bestie Taurus (Cap rising) who volunteered to write my business plan & be my accountant and my ex Sag stellium boy (also Cap rising).
    Keep that Cap/Pluto energy in mind when you’re against the wall and need a little titanium in the spine. Venus isn’t going anywhere anything soon either over there in Cap so if a pair of lovely velvet gloves happen to come your way…

  4. I finally got my shit together, realized I could not suffer this much any longer and broke off an abusive relationship that had held me captive and paralyzed for months last night, dec 5. I am scared. But stronger. Scared I have made so many mistakes that this is it for me. Wish me luck.

  5. You nailed it Elsa. I have scorp merc, saturn 1H and scorp sun, venus 2H. The past month was rough but feeling better since merc moved to sag. I pulled the High Priestess twice in the week before but now I pulled The Magician.
    The Universe had decreed that I must focus Now. I’ve been in Yin City for far too long. It’s not easy LaLaLa times…….for me, it’s time for some even harder work and really good intelligent choices.

  6. Hallo, I feel the change, so check my transits. All my life the moon has weekly qtrd a stellium from 28°libra to 9°sag. This Saturn return is great. It’s a paid harvest and bonu. What can I say. Live your actions and act on your illuminations. Asc21°canc,MC21°pisc,Sun 21°scor,Sat24°scor,Moon14°scor,Merc10°scor,Nep29°libr,Venu10°sag(5th hs),Mars21°libr(4th hs),Plut30°leo,Jupi29°leo(3rd hs),Uran3°leo,(1st hs),Chir1°aqua. Saturn is an easy old man, laid-back farmer, crop after crop. Be praiseful, be grateful, be happy, be wise.

  7. My Scorpio line up in the third house: Mercury 0, North Node 3, Sun 5, Uranus 7, Mars 13.

    It helps to have already had Pluto traverse this line up for my teens. Saturn is kinder. I do remember thinking in October 2012 when this started: “Seriously? You want me to go DEEPER?!?!?” And then I resented the collective for pushing me to have to go deeper to counter the mass idiocracy. It is fine, though. I have been training all my life for moments like these (Capricorn Moon in the 6th). So, I dive.

    My self care plan for last fall/winter as Saturn transited my sun:
    Sleep all the time
    Follow the healthy body rules of:
    Walking when I feel up to it
    Eat solid self made meals of chicken soup/ chili/ homemade pasta, etc.
    Visit the sauna once a week
    Visit the hot springs once a month
    Give myself weekly acupuncture treatments
    Give myself Mayan abdominal massage every other day
    Remind self regularly that this mini version of hell will not last forever
    Resist resenting my mother, my ex, my ex friends, etc. for being ignorant and emotionally blind and let them leave my heart gracefully
    Abstain from sex with other people
    Make my own fun happen (the most difficult of all!)

    I found that the Scorpios in my life were with me through this. One Scorpio sun/ Pisces moon friend, who lives a great distance from me, helped me remember the way I used to be with myself when I was little. I was kind and gentle and knew how to have deep orgasms since I was 12. His gentleness with himself (that I can hear in his voice) inspired me to relearn my old ways. Another Scorpio girlfriend came back into my life after a several year absence and we got to swap sexual history/ experience stories in an atmosphere of complete love and acceptance. No need to hold back when she has been down the same road!

    There is far more to the story including a cancer scare in February after contracting the carcinogenic form of HPV in 2010 from my Taurus Sun/Asc ex boyfriend who refused to take any responsibility for the mess he helped create, but instead would just come around and toy with my heart to only, ultimately, leave me and move on with someone else claiming “you bring up too many old issues” and “you are not the person I thought you were”.

    As of August this year, I am HPV negative. 🙂

    And, in the end, I found pleasure in knowing deep down that there are wonderful, necessary limits to nature. And when anyone chooses to push those limits too far, he/she will experience consequences. I walk those edges, like a guard, and feel no need to sting, but instead watch and wait as life’s inevitabilities come to fruition. I love Saturn. I love Scorpio. I love myself (Leo Asc).

  8. Look at the Saturn transit as a “get your shit together” transit, which is very different then a “cower in fear” transit!”

    Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. I wanted to dig a hole in the earth and crawl in. This was never necessary. I have more of my shit together today than I ever have in my life and I am looking forward to the rest of it and will probably miss it when its gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was in a place where I had nothing left to learn. WOW, was I sadly mistaken. The universe will reach up and slap you right across your face and it levels you out so you can see the plain truth. This has not been about other people….this is about getting your own shit together. There is a big mirror and your face is shoved right into it….and you see your mistakes clearer than you ever have. You learn. You have no choice. It’s absolutely beautiful. Hard? Hell to the YES its hard, but in the most wonderful way. I wouldn’t trade it even though its been painful, I wouldn’t run from it or change a thing.

    I can clearly see how I had a hand in everything that as ever happened to me with the exception of my childhood where I had no say or control. Its all me baby! Every failed attempt at anything, but mostly in how I have handled relationships. There is no more of this….. he did this to me or she did that to me…..rubbish…. I was a player in each game. I wish to god I had known all of this 25-30 years ago but I didn’t so …… I am getting better every day. It’s like THE LIGHTS CAME ON…..but this time someone is home. I am really coming into myself and no matter how harsh its been…..I am excited about all the change within myself. I feel a release from the old outdated ways of thinking and the past actions I would take.

    I feel like a new and improved me and we are only half way there. I am so excited to see what I will be like in another year. Yay for change. Yay for the ability to stand up to it. Yay for my strength that I didn’t know I had!!!! Yay for the courage I have had to have….and i’ve had it in spades! (go ME) This Scorpio can take it. Push me down my ass is getting right back up…..again and again and again…..and I have strong shoulders so if you’re being pushed down I am going to lift you up and take you with me if you need me to. So come on….. lets get on with it!!

    I don’t know what is coming next. What I do know is that I will handle whatever comes my way completely different than I ever have. The responsibility is on me. I am driving this car!!

    I was scared to death. Come to find out I was afraid to change my way of doing things. I will still be surprised when someone dies unexpectedly or some loon gets in my face for no apparent reason. But I wont be surprised by the difference in how I handle it. I wish this came in a bottle on a shelf….and someone had been selling it 30 years ago. I would have paid cash money for it. Instead we get it free of charge….all we have to do it be open to it.

    Thank you Saturn. You old son-of-a-bitch. You devil. You old grandfather, teacher pain in the ass. Thank you…. Now Pluto….. yeah, I am still afraid of that M F’r …. not sure that is going to change

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