Saturn Transit Crushing The Moon In Scorpio

scorpio pendantYou can expect the period when Saturn transits conjunct your Moon to be difficult. It’s a really emotional low.  This was brought home to me when my friend, Ben had the transit. I had known him for fifteen years at that point and I had never seen him in such distress.

Thankfully this transit only comes around once every 30 years.  More than a decade has passed since that transit. Ben has never been down like that since.

The Moon is not well placed in Scorpio, it’s the sign of it’s fall.  I hate mentioning this, because I have such an affinity with people who have this placement. My husband has a Scorpio Moon. But in practice, I am seeing people will their Moon in Scorpio hit terribly hard.

At this point, the transit has been focused on the people with their Moon at the early degrees of the sign. If your Moon is at the mid-degrees of Scorpio, you’ve probably also gotten a taste of this.  Stuff with your home, your mother, your roots, your family.  If your Moon in in a late degree of the sign, this stuff is looming.

There will be some help over the next year, thanks to Jupiter in Cancer which will ease things some. If you are having this transit, look for the Jupiter figure that should ’round somewhere.

I am talking about a generous (Jupiter) woman (Cancer).  A teacher or teachings (Jupiter) that nurture (Cancer).
There is no way anyone will be able to take away your pain, or even minimize it. But there are people who can help prevent you from sinking into total despair. Look for them.

Is your Moon in Scorpio?  Early, mid or late degree? How are you feeling?

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Saturn Transit Crushing The Moon In Scorpio — 169 Comments

  1. I have moon in Taurus, and I remember the transit well, it’s despair to the core. With Scorpio being such a deeply feeling sign I can only imagine how tough this is on them

    ((Scorpio Moons))

    • yep, and I also have Saturn and mars in the 9th house too. luckily Mars is late degrees while moon and Saturn are conjunct 8-11 degrees. I truly feel I’m dying, maybe I am. maybe it’s not a physical death but I am dying. If it can go wrong it will has been my daily lesson ! NEVER have I faced, encountered such depressing Jinxed outcomes in EVERY situation or problem that arises. People avoid you (i would avoid me if could)because they don’t want to hear MORE bad news from you !i have a Sister who now ONLY texts me, that way she can control what we discuss and what she chooses to hear. This is hell.

      • Elsa, any suggestions ? My aquarius sun,asc.,venus and mercury are all being squared by natal scorp moon saturn conjunct 9th house 8-11 degrees mars is there too at 22 scorp. my health is not good , could this be the end ?Or do I continue to plod forward thinking this too shall pass ?My Aquarian side is wilting, never felt so beat down .

  2. Late degree conjoining Uranus, sextile MC and trine Sun. Thanks for the warning. I’m already feeling moments of hostility towards her. We work (Saturn) together and she’s too sloppy without enough structure for my tastes. Her mgmt style is just like her mothering: lax, sporadic and neglectful. I’m currently cleaning up the mess (Saturn in Virgo) leftover from her neglect from 8 years ago. She lets people who she’s in charge of run wild. I hate, hate, hate, hate it.

  3. I have saturn transiting my progressed moon, do you think this has the same effect? I’m feeling how you described:(

    • Rae, I also have saturn transiting the progressed Moon, plus my natal moon is in Scorpio. I’ve had the Saturn chasing the P. Moon transit now for 4 years, and went through it before….. for 4 years. It can last as long as 28 years. I don’t know if you have the transit in conjunction to the p. Moon, or square or opposition. I personally believe the conjunction is the easiest, but any way you look at it there is the feeling that you are going it alone…. alllllll alone, stripped down to the bare core of who you are, living with minimal resources in some cases, and definitely devoid of emotionally supporting relationships. The last time I had it, my then-husband was suicidal, I was pregnant and had absolutely no one but myself to get through that time. Fast-foward 12 years, I started going through it again, and lost my job, my home, went through bankruptcy and had to move 3000 miles to be near my family, which, it turns out, is not “family” at all. You are asked to be your own authority at this time– stand in your integrity, get down to the bare-bones of *who you are* and hold on to it, trust it and nurture it during the length of the transit. Endure, and persevere. Breathe, breathe, breathe. This too shall pass.

  4. Elsa, over the years I definitely could feel your affinity toward Scorpio moons because you’ve written so many things that have been spot on. You really get us.

    I have the moon at 10 degrees Scorpio conjunct Neptune conjunct the IC. This Saturn transit has hit me where I live. I feel some hostility toward my mom and lots of unresolved family stuff is coming up. I feel tearful a lot and angry but I also feel I’m getting to the bottom of things too.
    But I feel very unsupported and alone.

    It’s not all bad news, though, because natally Saturn squares my moon/Neptune conjunction so this transit energy feels a bit more constructive. I am making lifestyle changes and getting into better shape, jettisoning a lot of the unnecessary; whether it be an obsession, habit, person, etc. I just don’t feel the same way about things.

    At the time the transit became exact, my twin nephews were born and an old root canal failed! Right now Saturn is hovering in the late 3rd house so I get to go through this all over again.

    It’s also my Chiron return so I am taking a beating – the feeling, though, is down but not out.

  5. I have Scorpio moon 3 03 forming a grand trine natal jupiter pisces trans jupiter cancer.

    Mystic rectangle Natal jupiter Psc) pluto (vgo) transit pluto (cap opp MC) jupiter (canc) which is also a loose kite
    AC (libr)Uranus (Ars) Mid heavn (14 canc) T Square with transiting planets conj MC
    Just got over Mars Conj natal mars & Pallas 20 gemini

    Like a nasty amusement ride where you need to throw-up over and over. Struggling
    Hang in there to my Scorpio moon Family!

  6. Natal Scorpio Moon @8 deg, will go this transit twice because of Saturn retro…. 1st one, mom died. What is waiting for 2nd one I don’t know. Mom died because of my negligence. Though I took the best care but I wanted to have a break … couldn’t able to predict mom will leave us expect my care !! Guilty guilty guilty feelings every moment killing me. Dreaming her every night, talking with her every moment in my mind … no Jupiter can be able to make me calm down or get rid of the guilt for rest of my life.

    • Sona, I just have to comment. My mother was nursing my father through his cancer illness, and she also stepped away for awhile, and he passed. She also felt terribly guilty that she wasn’t there. I have been doing research on these things and it turns out that a lot of people actually *wait* until their beloved caretaker has stepped away before they can release and pass over. Sometimes it’s as if our love for them actually binds them to this earth, and they need to be able to go without the emotional energy we, out of our love, are putting out because we so desperately want them to stay. I deeply believe that your mother knows you did your best and that your guilt that is “killing you” is hurting her deeply because she loves you and wants you to be happy and does not want you to carry these truly useless guilt feelings over something that, in the end, brought her great relief when she slipped away. Please be at peace.

  7. I think in this case it might be the Jupiter trine that will make emotional trials difficult but not deadly or permanently damaging. Also the hope and faith that others have in you might be what keeps you upright for a while.

  8. My 13-year old daughter has her natal moon at 3′ Scorpio, and her ascendant at 5′ Scorpio. Her menses started when transiting Saturn conjuncted her moon, and she got braces when Saturn first crossed her ascendant. Pretty significant things in her life, but nothing too tragic or overwhelming.

  9. My moon is 21’18 in Scorpio and for know it seems like everything is changing in its own way, but i can feel that something big will happen since i have a 1 degree orb to Pluto with my moon, but we shall see What Saturn has in store, while in my natal chart its located in my 7th house, in my relocation chart its located in my 8th house.

  10. @Elsa is the conjunction in your opinion worse than the opposition? I have moon in Taurus so after Saturn finishes squaring my sun it will basically go straight into opposing my moon. Maybe a month or two in between.

    I have heard before the opposition is more external events beyond your control and conjunction is more internal. Would you say that’s accurate?

    • Just my opinion, but I think it all depends on how your Moon is aspected. In my case, my Scorp Moon is the apex of a Uranus-Chiron opposition, so I have the t-square. When Saturn *opposes* my Moon it certainly seems as if someone “out there” is pointing a finger at me, telling me what an absolute dismal failure I am, the conjunction seems to be more internal where I bear the stick I beat myself with. But one way or another, it’s meant to be a transit where you become your own internal authority, where you stand in your integrity and know deep down who you are as a human being. The opposition just brings someone around who acts as Saturn, who you must calmly and resolutely stand before and say “this is me, this is my line in the sand, this is where I take my stand”.

  11. I noticed it’s easy to get depressed chemically or situationally (not a word??) during a Saturn transit to one’s moon, square or conjunct otherwise!

  12. My precious 5 year old granddaughter is having a time of it and she is just too little for all this. She cries easily and her parents get aggravated at her because she is sensitive. I could slap them both silly!

  13. My moon is at 7 Scorpio. I definitely feel squashed, unable to move. I think my Aqua sun helps me adjust, once I learn there is nothing more I can do about it.

    I’m not having issues with my mom, but I did have a few blowups with my boss–definitely not proud of it. She is now retired, but up until her last day we were arguing, which was awkward among all of the goodbye fanfare. She kept asking me for my opinion but then getting angry if she didn’t agree with me.

  14. I’ve been having relationship issues with someone that completely confuses me. I’ve found that I’ve had to re-examine my core beliefs and question whether I really believe them or not. I’ve made some 180 degree changes in my thinking, but feel like I’m on a tightrope, not knowing if there’s a net below to catch me if I fall. It’s very unsettling, like I have to lay low for awhile until I can feel more secure again. Not fun.

  15. 15 degrees. Also having Saturn transit. I feel helpless and sad, powerless actually. I never feel like this! I am slowly losing my grip on everything /everyone I held close…. But it’s so slow. It’s like watching a bad movie when you can’t leave or hit fast forward. Just gotta sit through it.

  16. Moon at 16 Scorpio. Dreading this so much because I’ve been depressed before and tend to be gloomy and lose hope even at the best of times. Back in February when Saturn went retrograde and was the closest to my Moon it ever got to (I think it was the 11th degree?), my relationship ended. This entire retrograde period has been about me getting over it. Saturn was opposing my Taurus Venus at the same time. Gah.

  17. Thank you Elsa. I have saved your tips for the coming conjunction and will think about who these Jupiter figures are for me. The good news is that Saturn will go direct in a matter of hours, and thus at least leave my Venus alone (my Venus is at 4 Taurus), and I will have some months before it’ll reach my Moon 🙂

  18. I am looking forward to Saturn going direct as well. Right now it is squaring my Venus at 5 degrees Leo and my marriage is on the ropes.

    ((Scorpio Moon Girl))

  19. It reaches my moon just before Christmas. Maybe we will get a little reprieve this late summer/fall ScorpioMoonGirl

  20. Sorry to hear about your marriage Virgovixen! I hope it will survive, should you wish it to be so. If not, I hope you will be able to move on and continue your life. Yes, you’re right, we’ll get a little reprieve soon!

  21. A good friend of mine had this transit late last year, and around the time it was exact his girlfriend of several years broke up with him. It was one of the most miserable emotional states I’ve ever seen him in.

    (As a Pisces moon, I feel an affinity with Scorpio moon people as well…but it doesn’t seem like an easy placement! Not that mine really is, either…)

  22. My Moon is at 2 Scorpio, when Saturn hit my moon last year my mother had a cardiac arrest and died while I was alone with her. Rx Saturn brought me this spring the worst period in my life, I had constant anxiety attacks combined with the depression and confusion. But at the same time it gave me the opportunity to work on my deepest issues and to look at the darkest places in my soul. Support, inner strength, safty and control are the key words for me right now. Since my Venus, Mercury and Uranus are in Scorpio as well, I suppose more is to come.

  23. Today is my lucky day! I have transiting Saturn in Scorpio conjunct my natal Moon conjunct Saturn, almost exactly. My natal Moon and Saturn are both at 4 degrees. I’m having my second Saturn return at the same time! Yay!

    Seriously, this is such a dark time for me and I feel pretty discouraged. I’ve been unemployed since the first pass of my Saturn return in September 2012. My second pass is conjunct today. Aside from being unemployed, my dilemma is coming to grips with facing being 60 years old and how others perceive you, when it comes to job searching.

    Another aspect I have in my chart is natal Neptune conjunct the Moon/Saturn conjunction. There is an 8 degree orb, applying, but the effect is still there just the same. Transiting Saturn activated it. I’ve been doing so much soul searching trying to find my place in this new phase of my life. I just explore, but I never find anything solid.

    I’m no stranger to Moon conjunct Saturn (in Scorpio), or vice-versa. I would say that no matter how much I hurt inside, I always soldier on and keep it in. I have a critic inside that tells me I’m not good enough too. Privately, I deal with it all, the best I can.

    My mother passed on years ago, but lately, she has been in my dreams. She tries to help me and show me things, but I’m not sure of the meaning.

    I inquired recently about an antique shop for sale and today I got a response. Of course, its not that profitable, but I’m going to go see if I can fit. I think its a perfect example of what can happen with a Saturn Moon conjunction in the second house.

    • I too have Saturn Moon conjunct mine is in 9th though. Am in my 2nd return also, can’t seem to stop crying. I am so disappointed in the outcomes of about everything I attempt ! As if an EVIL sorcerer is secretly controlling my life. Your antique adventure sounds perfect, I hope you can work it out through your work.

      • oh my goodness, ladies. I also am facing my 2nd Saturn return, have transit Saturn conjunct natal AND progressed Moon, and was just laid off a week ago…. after it taking a YEAR to find the job I was in. There is such a crazy age bias… once they ask you when you graduated high school you are a goner because that date is sooooo long ago— college, well, you can graduate when you’re 45 so they don’t know until they see you how old you are. But resumes and online applications that ask the high school question, I think those are thrown out before they’re ever read. Plus, insuring older people is more costly. I have a 16 year old son whose father died a year ago, with no social security benefits to speak of, so I’m still a single mother in my later 50’s…. I am so disappointed about outcomes now, too. Maybe we need to form a “old fogey Astrology club”, lol!!!

        • Sorry to hear you lost your job. Trying to find another one in this job market is such a disheartening experience for people our age. I’ve run into the high school question plenty of times on applications and know that it was probably the reason my resume was tossed.

          Now that my Saturn return is over, I can see that the job wasn’t really a good fit for me at this time in my life. I never did buy the antique shop I looked at, but I did start my own business out of my home. I’m almost ready to open my online jewelry/accessory store. Its risky, but I’m determined to make it work.

          I was a computer professional before, so I built the website and am still setting up all the other aspects of my new business. I’ve learned a lot about websites and ecommerce in the process. Saturn isn’t done with me yet, though. Right now, transiting Saturn is conjunct my natal Mercury conjunct Venus. Blah! I really wish it would get the heck out of my 2nd house so I can make some money and have some fun again. Having no steady income is the pits.

          I would characterize the Saturn return as an austere, sobering time. I see it as a period of hard lessons and facing hard realities. Now that its over, I can say it changed me fundamentally in a good way, but I don’t think the end justifies the means. It was harsh and I still have fresh wounds.

          I hope you’ll be able to find some kind of work soon. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be a single mother supporting a child in this economy. At least your son is old enough to work part time for some extra money.

          We should have an old fogey Astrology club. We could discuss things like why Saturn gives you wrinkles and makes sure to remind you of your age at every turn. Thanks, Saturn!

  24. my moon is 26 chiron 23 mars 22 all sq ascendent –

    this cant be as bad as when pluto cnjted it

    that was a shake out ???

    saturn will be bad but my natal saturn squares my moon
    hey ho saturn tests
    what is real and what is needed
    iv allways been a loner of sorts

    think pluto in the 12th everyone projects their crap onto us

    yes getting older harder to reinvent one’s self but whats the alternative?

    here in the u k we’ve had high flying politicians go to prison!

    or end up helping the homeless late at night

    lifes a journey [our own movie]

    iv done astro counselling for 15 years in u,k,
    critical incidents etc.
    ‘ in 5th

    venus regulus ist — good at something — L.O.L.

    liz greens book on saturn is the biznes!
    go to positive living groups – listen to anthony Robbins and Deepac chopra !

    dont take your self so seriously we are what we think
    allow and give yourself permission to
    be a winner
    appreciate the free things in life every day reflect and note what went right

    avoid blackmailing unhappy people also dont be one cos karma will bite your ass .
    cheers MALKO–u,k,

    • STILL WADING THROUGH thisx transit
      its not hit the moon exact yet 26 degree u recall –
      but good things have happened new conservatory -lots of nice face book freinds nice times at blues club and meal s out in the NEW FOREST u.k. nice pubs with open fires
      iv had lodgers and they’v all been fun and helfull
      plus its income -they even help with the cleaning
      my daughter and i are estranged but she is like that
      and living with a controlling capricorn [they are involved with cannabis supply etc ]
      we dont own them so her life is what it is and mine is what i make it too.
      DARWIN says that the species that survives best is the one that adapts to new circumstances quickly we are ‘species’ – im looking at holidays/cruise’s.
      s and have booked the conference great time hope
      the jupiter in your chart helps you -look for opportunities in every set back .

  25. I actually really liked the Saturn transit when it conjuncted my natal Moon…but I am a Libra Moon in the 2nd. Bought my first house under that transit! I have a natal Moon square Saturn so I’m sure that’s another layer to it.
    Moon in Scorpio…the 2 people who hurt me the worst both had it (both Gemini Suns as well…). I try to stay away from being close with those with this Moon placement.

  26. Group Hug for all the Moon in Scorpios who are hurting. hang in there. (also, we are misunderstood and mistreated quite often in our lifetimes. we are equipped to deal with the big soul crushing tests..right?)

    Another hug and big love to all.

  27. hello all! i, too, have a scorpio moon natally, and in the first house. saturn has been sitting on my moon for the last month, and was directly on it when it went retrograde in february. on the day saturn went retrograde, i was totally unexpectedly fired from my job. i’ve been looking for jobs ever since, and have been getting interviews, but so far have gotten nothing. i also had a roommate move into my place – haven’t had one in 7 years! and, severed ties unexpectedly with two long-time girlfriends around the time this transit started. despite all the intense and fundamental change, i do know deep down it is for the best, and many of the changes are good in the long run. i wasn’t happy in my job, though love my career; i had thought about getting a roommate but hadn’t; and, my old friendships were not supportive anymore. that, and many colleagues whom i thought were my friends have not been supportive at all. i’ve been making new friends, my family has been super supportive, and am hopeful to get a new job soon. really been feeling anxiety lately and, while strong, very tenuous personal confidence. i’m not sure where i’m going, but it feels like it will be a more solid place. big hugs to all!

  28. Crushing!! Like si chi…sha energy. Scorp moon 12 degrees– one leg of a fairly tight Tsquare 11-8-5. Really hard on the kidneys and disposition. Waiting for that Jupiter figure… where is she? Send her in!!!

  29. Going through my first saturn return, my moon is in scorpio at 6 degrees. Saturn’s transit is conjunct my moon, has been since November 2012, and ends next month.. Can’t wait. I’m 22, about to finish grad school and about to go into the ‘real world’. I have been feeling unmotivated about my degree, and have had numerous failed attempts at finding a job. I’m usually quite an optimist (jupiter exalted in cancer and 5th house), but lately not so much.
    I cannot wait for this transit to pass. I’m having a hard time seeing what purpose all the confusion and low feeling this transit has brought, is serving or will serve.

  30. One last short question for you Elsa. My moon is in my 8th house, along with Venus, Sun, Mercury and Pluto. What effect would saturn’s transit conjunct my moon in the 8th house have?
    Thank you.

  31. Hi Elsa

    My Scorpio moon is at 1″5 degree and my Cancer sun is at 0″9 degree. I started to feel very lonely and unsupported since last Oct. I made a decision to move to another country last July to live and study so I can be with the man I love. It turned out we broke up last Dec and since then I’ve been feeling devastating, lonely and helpless. I can’t tell my family and friends because I don’t want them to worry about me. I’ve decided to continue my study here until I finish my degree. Although I’ve been telling myself to cheer up and focus on my work in school but I’m still feeling very painful and lonely. I heard Jupiter in Cancer can bring me joy and happiness. I hope he can help me to go through this lonely period. My mercury, mars and south node are also in Cancer. My ascendent is in 27 degree Sagi.

  32. I have a 0 Scorpio Asc, 7 Moon and 11 Mars, and this Saturn transit is intense, but like most Saturn transits [I just had my second return] I find that the pain is in the resistance. Whatever it is that one is due to learn or let go of, the sooner you do it, the sooner you can move forward. I’m also seeing how much of my world is created from my interior, not that anyone is doing anything TO me, but that I take it that way, and it is time to stop. Tolerance, patience, stepping back from engaging in conflict and meditation, all these things make a Saturn transit such as this rich and useful. That said, I am certainly seeing energy and health impacts, but also see them as part of the process.

  33. Loneliness is hard as stone, and particularly if combined with homesickness or heartbreak. Saturn is about bringing your reliance to your center, and hard as it is, if you’ve decided to go on with your studies, probably how the universe got you to that in the first place was the lure of a relationship, you are on the right track as far as Saturn goes. It is tough to face down the sense of devastation of loss of a dream, but when you do, when you get to the core of it, what really drives it, what you were actually reaching for, the importance of the appearance that is gone loses power over you. I hope this is helpful.

  34. Hi Elsa,
    ..scorpio moon 6 degrees natal, and am feeling that all the isolation and *going down the hole* is now passing. I could begin to whinge about this if I choose, except I accept that for ALL of us==>This IS a Once in a life-line-life-time. I lost my adoptive mum 1st time around & this time I came within a few hours of death myself…but I cheated that grim-reaper…way back in May & decided that whatever saturn chooses to send is really all about Wisdom & Building Inner Strength…For all you lovely Scorpio Moon people out there…Hey WE ROCK! We go down that hole..scamper around–>turn into a Phoenix..jump out the Fire..And FLY Free as Eagles! Look for the bigger picture & know this will bring you a Diamond!!! WE ARE BUILT UNDER PRESSURE!

  35. Hello fellow Scorp Moons… I have Moon conjunct Neptune at 5.52 and 7.43. 2nd house. When Saturn backed up and hit my Neptune in April, I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. It continued to back up and when it hit my moon again, I had to have root canal for the first time. Nine visits to the dentist and it’s still not done. Nothing but problems, delays and complications.

    Triple whammy – my progressed Mars hit my natal Saturn in the 4th house at the same time. (One more year with that…) And the day I had the gallbladder surgery, Mars moved into my 8th house, and the moon was void of course. All of the so-called “classical” considerations were terrible! It makes me think that, in fact, I was right on schedule. Uncle, already!

    Furthermore, right when Saturn hit my natal moon, my fundamentalist Mother decided to tell me that “God would never bless” my relationship and quoted scripture telling me that I deserved to die… Nice! For the first time in my life, I have gone ‘no contact’ with my abusive family. It has been a trip, and needless to say, very painful. BUT! Therapy has been incredibly productive and I will tell you that I can feel myself entering a very hard earned, and very REAL, new sense of self that is not based in illusions. I am so thankful that Saturn is finally moving off of my Moon!! But I am (wincingly) grateful for the internal movement toward a greater sense of authenticity. Staying attentive during the last pass over my Neptune… Keep your chins up! It will get better!!

  36. In Scorpio: Moon at 10 degrees…. Mercury 6 degrees & MC 1 degree (Neptune also at 22) All I can say is WOW!!! This is a wave of intense emotions for sure. I wonder if it is more pronounced/intense when you have a lot of plutonian energy in your chart. (4 of my planets are in the 8th house in triple conjunctions w/ Ceres & Pallas…. everything in my leads back to the 8th house. My Moon & Pluto are my chart dispositors. I have a bucket chart with Saturn as the Apex & as my chart ruler. Intense energy in my chart as it is.) It was almost unbearable, when Saturn was conj. my Mercury… at the same time Uranus was conj. my Saturn & Mars was square my Sun. Felt like I was in a self-destruct mode…. I couldn’t seem to do anything, but just sit and watch. I have felt some ease w/ Jupiter moving into Cancer in early July….., but things are cooking up again with Saturn moving onto my Moon. Lots of changes and shifts happening in my life….. looking at the fear & what is underneath it. Wanting to spend much time alone, not functioning very well in most aspects of my life ever since Saturn approached Scorpio. Have really only had energy for what I feel passionate about, anything that has to do with healing/spirituality. This Saturn Scorpio transit is what has got me looking into astrology… to gain some understanding as to why I am feeling the way I am feeling. Talk about a validating avenue… I had no idea. Through learning about astrology I’ve really been able to delve into understanding myself on a much deeper level & also understand and adjust my persepective of my relationships with others. It has been my saving grace along with my connection to the Devine/Source/God/Creator! I love it!!

  37. Here is what I have noticed. ( I have moon at 7 Scorpio, mars at 11 in the first house). Saturn does not let up until you do. The message I get over and over is that I am not in charge, I cannot control the outcome of anything or the process. The only job I have is to pay attention, be honest, do what is called for and take it as it comes. Within that range of realities, I am finding a kind of liberation that is not dependent on others or on circumstances.

  38. Wouldn’t it be interesting to somehow have a live internet discussion about this, as we all (scorpio moons) move through this interesting but challenging period. A forum of educational spelunking in the Cave of Scorpio.

        • Aquarius sun, asc., venus, mercury conj. 1st house (venus in 12th by hair) Saturn ,moon,mars Scorp. 9th ! will share ! K80, we could Really talk !

      • I am, I said, because I said I am.
        My power, I know, because I know, my power.
        Who it is I am, you may not know,
        nor how I know, you know, I know,
        but how I know, is secret self,
        a secret grown within myself,
        and if you wish for me to reveal
        and have no wish from me to steal,
        that secret centred in the dawn,
        that perpetual motion, a spiral born;
        then torture self with seeking ways,
        hunger and thirst for many days,
        and when at last you search the dark
        and find your food in rotten bark,
        and also slake your thirst in hell
        by drinking water from your wishing well,
        perhaps you’ll note the time stand still,
        and see in life, your power of will.

        🙂 Simon could reveal that King David and his son Salomon gave everybody since, the way to be joyful, happy and prosperous.:-)

  39. My moon’s at 19 Scorpio and this transit will be exact for me on 9/17/2014. This takes place in my 6th natal house, and my Venus is right next door at 20 Scorpio. Moon/Saturn+Venus=dancing and romancing the devil, indeed! 🙁 (We Scorp moons don’t exactly shy away from that, do we.)

    A couple of immediate connections I’m making re. this transit are: 1) a crisis involving my mother. She was moved into assisted living a couple of weeks ago… the precipitating event was that, a few weeks ago, she literally couldn’t hold her head up anymore–this is an actual medical condition called “dropped head syndrome.” She was pretty spry for her age (she’ll be 81 on 10/7) until several years ago; then, she started to decline rather quickly. I don’t have an exact birth time for her, but an 8am chart with her date and place of birth puts her ASC at 4 Scorpio. Weirdly, there’s *nothing* aspecting her ASC and it’s otherwise an untenanted house for her. She also appears to have a natal cardinal cross clusterf**k going on: Uranus conj. Nessus in Aries/6th; Pluto in Cancer/9th; Sun conj. Mercury in Libra/12th; Ceres conj. Moon, conj. Saturn in Capricorn/3rd… and almost all of it is taking place in the early 3rd decan of her chart. I am sadly wondering if she is going to cross over late next summer or early next fall.

    2) Next spring, I’ll be starting an apprenticeship with a highly respected (though not well-known) witchcraft teacher. I think she’s likely to be, for me, that Jupiter/Cancer/teacher female noted toward the end of the original post. There are a couple other possibilities, too, so it’s good to know the support can/will probably be there.

    Thank you for all you do, Elsa!

  40. Scorpio Moon (17 degrees) conjunct Neptune and AC reporting in. Hugs to all my fellow Scorpio Moons that are feeling this crush.

    Elsa, you’re advice is spot on! I’m feeling pretty lucky actually, because transiting Jupiter is currently trine my Moon (exactly), as well as trine my Neptune & AC, and my stellium in Pisces (Chiron, Mars, Mercury). That’s a ton of Jupiter support and I’m feeling confident that whatever happens, I’ll be bouncing back.

  41. 9 degree Scorpio Moon and 22 degree Aquarius Sun. There is a Pluto sextile also. I dumped a relationship with a man; I have known him and his family for 30 years, (but we were only dating a year), and went off with a Jupiter man. I’ve never done that sort of thing before, I feel like I tricked myself, it was a bad bad bad move, and I feel guilty guilty guilty. The original guy was very good to me, but had some issues that I didn’t want to face with him. The new guy is just insane. I know how to go through and deal with the more intense emotions, but I have no idea what to do with guilt. I sort of hate everyone right now, because I am so angry with my reckless actions. I don’t feel supported or connected to anyone. Hard for me to put a positive spin on it, though I have discovered a new art technique that accesses the subconscious, that is a good outlet. I also started meditating twice a day. Meditation and accepting the crappieness of it is the only thing that keeps me from imploding.

    • Thank you. Clarification, Moon in my 8th, and I just meant beware that there is a transiting Pluto Sextile also, not that I have the natal sextile. More info…. my Pisces mars is exactly trine my moon at 9 degrees on my ascendant (12th house side), might explain the art and compulsive sexual misconduct…. plus the anger directed inward in the victim role nonsense that I seem to like to do to myself when I am not paying attention. Argh.

    • Contemplating this further, I actually feel grateful that Saturn brought me down to reality. Sure I felt out of control at the time but now, with some perspective and three ridiculous situations in my rear view mirror, I am glad it gave me the back bone to get rid of relationships that weren’t supporting my purpose in life. Life isn’t about making yourself feel good, nor is astrology, it is about getting done what you need to get done. Thank you Pluto in assisting with the plumbing of the depths of my subconscious wiring and removing the junk placed there by wrong conclusion drawn at a more immature time of my life. And now! I am going to clean my closet, literally! of old clothes and sports gear that is just clogging my ability to stay open to possibility! Humbly victorious!

  42. Yes, through this most difficult transit over a 12 degree scorp. moon period, I too have found some real relief from doing a meditative practice 2 or 3 times a day. I also bumped into something called the “Healing Codes” that deals with a concept called cellular memory… seems to be something to it. I’ve done it for about 3 weeks before my meditations, and it, along with the meditation is making a significant positive impact at lowering the internal stress. These periods for Scop moons seem to be a form of healing crisis… not at all comfortable but probably needed.

  43. My moon is at five degrees scorpio. I’m actually doing ok. I think the fact that my chart is Saturn ruled has helped. In fact, I actually like the calmness it’s brought to my life. I needed it. My emotions are under control too which feels good. I don’t feel like I’m bursting at the seams with emotions like I have for most of my life.

    Not to say that I haven’t had bad days. I’ve been sleeping a lot. But I put that under the “taking care if myself” umbrella.

  44. I almost got the dreaded conjunction to my Moon this past spring, but Saturn retrograded when it was half a degree away…close but no banana. Saturn will finally conjunct my Moon Oct. 18, which happens to be a Lunar Eclipse with Sun approaching my critical-degree Jupiter in Libra. With Jupiter in my own Sun sign, I find the effects of Saturn to be somewhat modified, but I’m still dealing with health issues, weight issues, work issues (I’m a freelancer, which is always tough), and sleep issues. Although this week has been kind of a bust as far as my creativity goes, in general I’ve been plugging away and, as I like to say, keeping my grind to the nosestone. I want to use Saturn on my Scorpio Moon to trot out my willpower and stick with it.

  45. hi all! nice to find a tribe of people going through this with me 🙂
    I am 11degree Scorp moon (29 degree Scorp sun) and MAN am I feeling this transit. Saturn is exactly conjunct my moon as of Friday Oct 11th, and will be all week this week too.

    Saturn first hit my moon in Feb and retrograded at that degree (11) and now its the 2nd and final part. First pass in Feb i was alone and had been for 4 years, and did divine marriage to my inner beloved ceremony. I had kinda given up on relationship (at 47) and then in April an intense love affair began and is still on, although he really fell in love with me, he has been pulling back lately. I can totally relate to 1) feeling alone 2) feeling abandoned 3) feeling like I have to get serious and take care of my financial support system (which I have not done), back taxes, insurance etc. 4) feeling orphaned

    I have a strong spiritual path and do meditate often, but even so this transit is TOUGH. I have done a lot of home time, cocooning and feeling hurt by my guy pulling back, and feeling to ‘broke’ to go anywhere…and then doing subsequent healings on that. I have delved deep and found 2 different past lives. The first was literally being thrown out in to the cold wet london streets by my mother some time earlier in history ( ouch.. literally orphaned), and the 2nd was just today, and the past life was:a teenage boy in Egyptian times doing esoteric exercises to go in between worlds and making a mistake and not asking for guidance, doing it on his own, and getting stuck in a dark empty space in the astral world, floating in nothingness. I have FELT like this, when triggered lately, that I am in the chasm of darkness and nothing helps (except facebook!).

    So major abandonment archetypes are up for me. so painful and alone. However, its clearly time to get to the bottom of this energy and do soul retreivals and whatever is needed to clear it for moving forward. Its not all bad. I just have to work at not feeling sorry for myself and like a victim. trying to observe it rather than identify.

    I’ll look for the Jupiter woman too 🙂 Interestingly I am a new babysitter to a little 19th month old girl, and its warming my heart to be with her. It may be becasue Jupiter is nearing my midheaven htta being a ‘mommy’ is giving me respite.

    Hugs to all you scorp moons I feel you!!!! Remember what Debbie Kemptom Smith says “the scorpio moon has more courage than ALL the other moons put together!” I guess this is how we get it! 🙂

  46. I am having Saturn [after transiting my Moon in Scorpio at 7 degrees] transiting my Mars, at 11. I am noticing that it will also be squaring my progressed Moon, which is hanging out in my 4th house. There have been sufficient manifestations of all this pressure to convince me that Saturn is the kindest of parents if you do what she says.

  47. I’m not due until next year Scorpio moon 24. So far, Saturn has been rummaging through my 12th house. I know this will be big. I am going to be brave and face down whatever comes.

  48. I love the occasional shocks astrology offers, don’t you? My daughter is moon in Scorpio 8th house. In April of this year she had a UTI. Saturn retrograded and then last week at the exact same position it happened again! Scary.

    As for me, I’m moon at 10 degrees Scorpio in the 4th. Almost done with the moon but now it’s on to my Neptune at 13 degrees. Already I feel stripped of dreams and imagination and like they’re gone forever. Now it’s the daily slog – not miserable but unexciting.

  49. My Sun 14 degrees Cancer, Moon 13 degrees Scorpio in the first house Asc 0 Scorpio. My Venus 6 degrees, Mars 9 degrees and Uranus 5 degrees Leo in 10th house. Saturn has made so many transits to my personal planets. I have not had a breather for about a year. My Dad died on Father’s Day (Saturn Sq Venus 10th house), and my relationship of 2 years ended on my birthday. I am sure the Saturn Sq Moon will have something to do with my Mother, I just don’t know what it is yet! I just want to get through these transits and come out on the other side. Peace and Love.

    • Reviewing my post…Saturn conjunct my 12 degrees moon last year. Yes my Mother passed 1 year after my father. So much loss within 1 year, Saturn will be leaving my first house soon. Begone Saturn, my lessons, although learned, have hurt.

  50. i couldn’t find the original message, but here to the person strugg;ing with the squares involving the 9th house. No, that’s not an indicator of “the end” because the 9th house has to do with crisis, as in things coming to a head, coming to conscious awareness, so that they can be used as a springboard for positive change. The 9th house, is a growth house, so I would think that maybe if you could find any moments to be by yourself to allow what is happening in your life that is scaring you and cranking up the anxiety to let you see what is under it, what habits are driving it [6th house is habits, and 9th is 4th -end of matter- to 6th] you could gain some relief and move forward. Hope this is helpful

  51. I commented on this in July but its even worse now. My precious Scorpio moon g-baby is having such a time of it. Bless her heart, she will cry at the drop of a hat. I had her tonight and she doesn’t know if she is coming or going with her emotions. She is so little. It affects the little tiny ones too. You can see her eyes shifting and her feelings just hang on her sleeve. Her parents say….omg she cries all the time over nothing…and I let them have it. I can’t wait till this energy passes. I can take it but baby girl is really having a hard time. She is trying so hard to make new friends in school and doesn’t understand why kids say stupid things to her…. I know its all a part of growing up but it makes me want to wrap her in a bubble.

  52. What a sweet Grandma you are! I’m glad your granddaughter has you. This influence will pass and she will feel more grounded and be more aware of what is and isn’t important on an emotional level.

    This influence definitely ushered in a new era for me. The cost was huge, but worth it.

    God Bless you both.

  53. I have my moon in Scorpio at 26 degrees in the 8th. I hate knowing this is coming. I’ve stayed away from astrology for a while because I don’t know what to do with bad news, especially this far out. I can only imagine this will take my mother, especially with this house placement. Does it ever NOT involve your mother?

  54. Hallo from nov 55. With a stellium stretching from Libra to Sagitarius and no house cusp in scorpio, I’ve not found much comment anywhere yet of much assistance. 🙂 Sun 21*

    • I’m told 11* from Asc is not in Orb, but then those who so say do not have Lot of Sun 105*, Asc 112*, Lot of Moon 119*, Uranus 123* 2nd hs 127*, Pluto 149*, Jupiter 150*, Lot of Jupiter 157*, IC 171*, Eros 200*, Mars 201*, Neptune 209*, Lot of Mercury 212*, Mercury 219*, Moon 224*, Lot of Saturn 227*, Sun 231*, Saturn 234*, Venus 250*, Lot of Venus257*, N.Node 258*, Dsc 292*, Lot of Mars 294*, Chiron 301*, MC 351*.
      So you see Elsa having had to deal with a stellium every moon week in sqr, and a mars every six months, I can say from experience that Saturn is a Great benefactor, completing and fulfilling those disciplines one found necessary to bring one to this return 🙂
      I believe I will look to the fulfilment of those wishes to which I’ve applied disciplined work, hmmm?

  55. Hey Elsa,

    When you mentioned having an affinity with moon in scorpio people, I just kind of nodded my head in agreement because I felt immediately connected to this post, to you, to the way you write… like I had just found something I needed to find (through a google search :). My Saturn is in Scorpio, my fourth house and it is conjuct with my scorpio moon – Pluto is also in Scorpio. I’ve really just started to explore my birth chart and it’s been fascinating. I have a strong virgo presence (Sun and Mercury) so all of the research and detail, this process… has been pretty therapeutic and very revealing. In the last few years, I’ve moved to a different country, gotten married and had a beautiful daughter Maya. I really have a beautiful and adventurous life but I have been so overwhelmed with all the emotions as my past and my present collide on this journey of settling into home. It’s wild and sometimes all consuming. But, It really made me beam when you mentioned the generous cancer woman, because the one who helps ground me – is my therapist. Months and months ago we started to talk about astrology and I remember her talking about the huge cancer influence in her own life (though she is a Gemini – like my daughter). I have no idea why I’m writing all of this, but it’s therapeutic so, thanks again for letting me use this space… and thanks to everyone who has shared before me. I am really looking forward to exploring more of your blog.


  56. Like someone else here, I’m a Taurus Moon as well (16 degrees). The women around me are falling down like dominoes. Getting injured, getting ill, etc. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.
    When Saturn hit my moon around 2000, my mom made me find another place to live–I had to leave home.
    When Saturn squared my moon, I was injured at work, and the only person who ever called me was Mom–and she would talk for maybe five minutes because she didn’t want to use up my minutes. (that was a really lonely and silent time–I hated it).
    Now–Saturn’s going to oppose it soon. I can feel the depression creeping in. I’m getting ready to marry next year, but my fiance and I have to find out if marriage will hurt his benefits (he needs them to pay for his medical care). Our future pretty much depends on the answer we get. I don’t know if we’ll be able to marry or not. 🙁

  57. The man I have been dating and adore has been childish, selfish and controlling. Never once took me on a date, or met my friends, or made plans with me. Never ever. He easily could, just won’t. I finally hit the wall and pulled away. I just learned he has a Scorpio moon. I feel awful that I hurt him. This is really hard on me, though I have Saturn trine the moon now. He needs to grow emotionally, and I am praying he will learn the lesson, so we can be together.

  58. I now have the Sun, Saturn, retro Mercury and true Node, all sitting on top of my Scorpio moon! Please universe make it stop!!! enough!

  59. Scorpio Moon 17*11′ it’s so nice to know I am not truly alone during this upcoming Saturn transit. This Moon is so very deep, emotional, sensitive and intense I am wondering how this transit will manifest for me. The recent solar eclipse in Scorpio effected me greatly and I am going through a psychological ‘death’ – again. Fellow Scorp Moons will know what I mean. Gee it is a tough gig having this Moon but one of the more precious ‘gifts’ it bestows is our ability to be sensitive and compassionate to others pain. This truly is one of our most abundant gifts to the world I believe

  60. Sorry for my bad, reasonable, readeble english, I just hope you can understand me. I have a scorpio moon and it’s been awful. First I failed college due to now being able to get up, I was un such a depression mood I ended up failling half of the disciplines I had. Then I decided I had to change my life, to make something worth besides going with the flow (which wast a good flow as you can see, I barely made any friends or anything productive that year), then I started college again in a fresh house full of my friends from my previous city, although I have good memories and had meet unique persons how touched my heart in every way possible I ended up with my feelings smashed, lost almost all of my friends and I can say pratically no one stood with me. Oh, and.. again I failed all classes, but this time was much worse, I was on drugs almost everyday of the week, I couldnt get up cause I was exausted to do anything, feeling terrible pain, physical and psychological. So, you can pretty much wonder how I was, I started doing drugs to stop feeling so damn much and to enjoy myself.. ended up being an addiction. Now, I tried once more, changed the subject I was studying and tried.. tried.. pushed so hard, I couldnt do it. I was actually doing my homework and showing up to classes, but that took so much of my energy, like I was carrying the whole world on my back, I was getting worse everyday. Conclusion: now I dropped everything, college, old friends, everyone.. having a huge depression and having such a hard time connecting with people around me, studying, concentration and bad relashionships. I’m just.. idk.. My psychologist thinks it’s better if I take care of myself first, I can’t seem to do this alone. I tried, tho.

    • same person, I just read what I said. Dont think it’s all bad. I learned important things, I managed to stay clean for almost a month now, started doing paiting, reading good books.. more importantly being distrated with good things that may not make me happy, but will make me calmer, at least.. will keep me sane for a while. And I’m doint therapy, which is going well. And dropped the medicine my doctor prescribed me, I figured I didnt want more drugs. (believe, was not easy to do it.. it still isnt, but I’m working). That’s it, wish me luck on being a decent human being. or something similar to a motivated person who can have happy moments now and then. Anyway, at least I found the strenght I didnt know I have.

  61. AAARGH!! My natal Scorpio moon @10 deg (conj Neptune) in second house and the apex of 1 of 3 yods!!! (Scorpio 2nd, Saturn 7th and Sun 9th).
    Any advice? Or at least a hole I can crawl into??

  62. Hi Someone. I’m sorry you’re having such an awful time. Which house is your moon in? I think it’s great that you’re getting help and being encouraged to take care of yourself.

    I have a 4th house moon conjunct Neptune squaring Saturn on the descendant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed by people I loved in my life. When I was college age, I had a tendency to idealize people and usually when they disappointed me, the crash was great. I’ve gotten better at this over the years. Moon in Scorpio can be very passionate and intense in relationship but sometimes the feeling isn’t reciprocated. Sometimes it’s not shown the way you show it. It gets easier when you accept people as they are and acknowledge they care in their way.

    For now, I’d focus on getting and staying healthy. The most important relationship is the one with yourself. If it isn’t good how can others be? But people may surprise you over time and reward you for your caring and loyalty.

    Good luck!

    • 2nd house, but I don’t see myself that concerned about possessions, I have a few things I care and don’t let anyone touch it… but in general I couldnt care less. I wonder if it means anything.
      Oh, well scorpio moon 12°38’14”.
      I understand perfectly what you’re saying, unfortunatly, people I preceived as honest were the ones who broke my heart in a way I can put it in words.. for me it’s hard to trust, since I had so many friends breaking my confidence I’m starting to learn to let my feeling out a bit more, once again. – I don’t think they realize the damage it actually means for me, since last year I started being more open and receptive and in return, after more than 10 years of closeness, I was stabbed for opening my heart the first time in my life. Actually, my best friend don’t talk to me anymore cause.. basically I didnt have more energy to help her, I guess she preceived it differently.. I tried to much to hide my injuries over the years.. lately I wasnt able to hide it anymore.. that’s when I decided not to bury my problems or hide them.. but to let them out and heal myself – not that I’m being sucessful but.. I’m trying.
      It’s nice to know there’s more people feeling the same.

      I guess it’s hard when you realize you can find the passion and deepness you need in your relashionships.. I can’t stand superficial connections, but that’s all I seem to get. tho, I have a talent to let people feel comfortable around me, most of them feel free to tell me their lives openly, but usually I can’t find the same comfort.

      Have a nice day, Kate *

    • But I think your right, they key is to stop the idealization, accepting that not everyone wants as deep feelings as you want and let them love you in their own way.
      I know I’ll be “rewarded” if I don’t lose myself in the process, that’s the important thing to do, “not get lost”. I have some precious friends in my life, at least three of them never left me through the years.. no matter how unhappy or miserable I was. They’re still with me and I’m still here for them no matter what happens. I will always be here.

      ** oh, that’s it. sorry for writing so much unusefull information.

  63. 🙁 i’m sorry to hear about what’s happening. This year has been so bad for us too in the family. My husband’s father has a scorpio stellium, mercury, venus & mars, asc, and things have hit hard health wise. i told my husband it’s such a bad year, and he sighs and says it’s a bad year every year. (typhoons, natural disasters, accidents, people dying, economy)

  64. Anna, You are lucky to have the three friends! Really – most people are acquaintances or superficial friendships and that can be great too. Who wants heavy duty all the time? Sometimes I like a break from the intensity and really value my lighter friends. I’ve got my air sign friends who are great company and help me have fun.

    In an update on my own Saturn transit of Scorpio, Saturn has finally left my moon/Neptune conjunction to my IC. Things have gotten a bit easier for my mom, sister, and mother-in-law. I knew Saturn wasn’t done though, Sunday my little moon in Scorpio daughter broke her ankle and is in a cast for a month.

  65. i’m so glad to find this thread.
    scorpio moon 19 degrees.
    my dad died 30 years ago today. when i was 10. saturn was just about to transit my moon when dad died (i just discovered that!)
    pluto has been transiting my sun…he just popped over on the other side of my sun
    i’ve been blaming all the challenging stuff on mr. pluto sun transit
    but have noticed a different kind of energy lately…getting stronger
    within the realm of relationship especially. feeling imprisoned
    in a wy that feels so oppressive
    and feeling some isolation/depression
    i haven’t felt in years
    really thought it was pluto

    but then i discovered saturn is about to transit my moon
    and did some research (yay internet)

    however, something in this transit gives me hope.
    i’ve felt stuck in an oppressive relationship for years
    had a baby with someone
    and since her birth almost 3 years ago
    have been really dependent on this person
    yet he has not provided well (or at all)
    and have experienced so many challenges since her birth because of her papa’s instability
    yet have remained in this
    out of fear
    and out of dependency.

    lately, i find the wisdom and knowing
    that i have to leave him
    even though it is scary
    and i’m not sure how i’m going to do it all alone
    but i just know i have to
    and am reaching out to older women for guidance.

    because i can’t live in imprisonment.
    no matter what.
    i haven’t had the balls to start this in motion.
    i haven’t yet exactly started the process in motion
    but am close.
    closer than i’ve been.
    and this gives me hope.
    even though it scares me too.

    elsa, i’ve loved your blog for so long
    and i’m so grateful you wrote on this.
    i’d love to inquire with you about a reading.


  66. I not only have the moon in Scorpio (21 degrees) I also have a fixed grand cross. Saturn is currently opposite my sixth house sun. I honestly feel like crap, like I could have a stroke or a nervous breakdown. And I know it will get worse before it gets better.

  67. my moon is 26 chiron 23 mars 22 [4th]
    saturn is squaring my ascendent
    apart from normal colds
    i feel optimistic though not everything is how i would like
    life is about adaption [darwin ] says–
    things might get worse but its important not to be a prisinor of our mental projections ‘even the bad times are good ‘-saturn is a harsh teacher but we can learn and be stronger after school .
    ‘i never promised a rose garden ‘.

  68. Hi Elsa and other members. Last weekend, Saturn was exactly conjunct my S/O’s moon at 20 scorpio. We had a very depressing and angry experience which has left us in a bad place emotionally. I believe the relationship has come to an end. Saturn conjuncted his moon at 20 scorpio conjunct neptune at 23 scorpio, which conjuncts my saturn at 23 scorpio and my sun at 24 scorpio. I see this is placing us at a heavy emotional empasse that will affect my life and being directly. It has been a difficult emotional relationship. His saturn is inconjunct this stellium at 24 aries, so it is yet to finalize. Although his sun/venus are trine the stellium from the 3rd to 6 houses in his chart, the stellium affects my 12th house. His sun/venus also squares his natal saturn. from the 12/3 houses. I see it as the conjunct waking me out of my delusion about him, and forcing him to think about his hidden/secret issues that have kept us from stabilizing our relationship. He is very secretive and I think the trine from sun/venus allowed the delusion to materialize. He also has an inconjunct from mercury sextile saturn from gemini to aries. so my sun/saturn was exactly at the apex of his saturn/mercury yod to moon/neptune and my mars, opposes his saturn is right at the point across from the mercury/saturn apex. Can you elaborate on this affect further? My reaction: He has been deluding me for a long time and saturn conjuncting this stellium is putting an end to it? Thanks for your help

  69. Scorpio natal moon placement @ 20 degrees in third house; I have been doing this Sade Siti (Saturn transit) for four years now…I feel like I am DEAD. It is exact on my moon today Jan 16 2014 but I think I have been through the worst already as I have dealt with the suicidal thoughts for years and it seemed to begin to lift last fall somewhat. I have no attachment to anything in my life (except the pup dogs and kitties) – the rest I feel I am walking through a fog. I feel like I want an entire new life but don’t even know how to begin. My mother died on my birthday last year so had that to deal with as well. I am an optimistic adventurous person by nature but I don’t have any enthusiasm or inspiration for anything. It is quite worrisome. It just seems like nothing is working. I just want to sleep all the time. God I am so ready for this to be OVER. What is the lesson? I guess I am dealing with the path of understanding the only security in life is the relationship I have with whatever I perceive to be God. There is nothing else. Lots of breaking down of illusion and old ideas and perceptions, paving the way for new understanding. Out with the old…I hope in with the New…I hope sooner than later.

    • Gosh, Deb. So sorry you have been having such a hard time. I really identify with what you’ve been through. My moon neptune conjunction is 5 and 7 degrees Scorp respectively. It’s like being put into a meat grinder. I can only tell you that it has gotten so so so much better for me now that this influence has passed. Hang in there! Therapy has been helpful too! Not a good time to go it alone. Keep reaching out.

  70. It gives me great pleasure to hear that my ex who is Scorpio moon is having a horrific time (and I’ve heard this through the grape vine too – I’m Leo Moon and I know how nasty Saturn can be from when it passed through Leo back in 2005/06. My ex just grinded salt into the wounds back then, through me out of our house, this was after I had lost my well paid job, which showed her true colours. She was really nasty to me.
    It really hurt and I still sting when I think about it now, the ruler of my sun sign (Capricorn) Saturn lord Kronos is truly the lord of Karma and time. Although he put me through it back then I love him for it now, it got me back on line and made me sort myself out, now his karmic love provides me with vengeance and I didn’t have to do anything, Saturn gave her the rope and she hung herself (not literally of course!) – But that Saturn what a guy!!!

  71. i have moon in scorpio at 20 degree ….it’s so hard time, can’t have relationship….feeling alone, depresed, soo much pressure it’s hell…..i hope to exit sadi sati 🙁

  72. Dear Elsa, I love the way that posts from times past turn up like this because someone has found them and then commented!

    This is a great post. And though I am new to this site and reading this post months later, I can recall that time and the Autumn that followed. It took me by surprise. I am usually a fairly happy soul, (I also feel the depths but feel ok there) but that time last year and even moments now, I have felt such a ‘whump’, as if I have been blindsided. Then I am left low until I recover myself and come back up. I thought it was hormones! It might be that too, but I suspect it is a mixture of what you and others have described in the above. Well, perhaps it is true that you know you are alive when you are ‘feeling’.

    I also think I might have been the Jupiter Cancer for others. And I know my hubby is for me.
    And you’ve been a big help too Elsa.

  73. Elsa, I see this has gone to moderation, so just to say, I haven’t changed my name for any other reason than I saw there was already a Kate on this feed, and thought it might be best to differentiate!

  74. sigh, Moon in scorpio 21’45 degrees, Pluto in scorpio 22’45 degrees in the 7th house… After my GF left me for valid reasons with an unknown possibilities of coming back on february 5th before mercury retrograded. But that was only its direct motion, with any 7th house action i did also have to deal with the legal side of life, which has taken time away from my daughter that is 5 months turning 6 months on the 21st of march, one day before my birthday, and i am not unable to see her, needing to resort to the justice system, which will only take time. But the material world seems the easiest while the emotional world of uncertainty is beyond my grasp, as Venus in pisces and a Taurus ascendant, i am drowning in my waters, so unsure as to what i can do, if there was ever a time where i felt more lost it would be now in my emotional realm.

    But there is also rejoice in the aspects of Saturnian lessons, i have stuck to all of my responsibilities and have pushed myself as much as i could so i could have the rebirth of my higher self and feelings, hoping that some how this will make me into a better person so i can handle the challenges that lay ahead and be the best i can (hehe forgot how much of an aries i can be). Although i am growing i just wish i knew what more i could do to make it go in the direction that i want, or just the fastest way possible.

  75. My moon is in Scorpio, Western astrology, but remember that this is Libra in Vedic astrology and Saturn is exhalted in this sign. Yes, people leave or you leave people, but I have gotten so much mental clarity since then. I can feel my vibration increasing. Although after a long time the feeling of stress only returned for 2 days during the cardinal grand cross during which the lesson was to keep cool. I took help of a few people. I’m on the watch out for the repercussions for my actions. Got to see.

  76. I have Moon in 23 degrees in Scorpio and boy this transit is killing me from the inside out. It is one of the most intense time periods I’ve ever encountered and it doesn’t look like Saturn is going to stop until I learn how to stand on my own two feet. I got in an accident that fractured my hip (Thanks a lot Saturn (bones) in Scorpio (pelvis)!!), and I couldn’t walk for a month. I assumed the people I care/love and sacrifice endlessly for would be there for me but they weren’t. Being the Scorpio Moon drama queen that I am, I had assumed the man I was scandalously involved with (also Scorpio Moon and older male (Saturn)) would race to my bedside at the hospital in a heartbeat but he didn’t even call nor even bothered to know where I was. I mean, I helped this man through some serious stuff and helped him get back on his feet. Where was he when I needed him most??? Worse, he has avoided me completely after accident. The feeling of abandonment from someone you’ve been emotionally involved with for so long was more painful than the physical injuries itself. Devastation was an understatement. Saturn transit in my 2nd house of values is seriously teaching me to value myself more and make better choices for the long-run. I can’t depend on someone else to validate my self-worth. I can’t just get involved with any man just because my intense Scorpion desires want to. The transit also showed me that my beloved father (Saturn) was always the first person to rush to my side for any major crisis I encountered. My father was first person there for me at the hospital only hours after accident. This crazy transit also showed me the people that are the Rocks in my life and I feel extremely grateful. Saturn is helping me re-work my foundations and I hope to come out a stronger person when the transit is over 🙂

  77. I have a scorpio moon at 12 opposing Chiron.
    I have lost a lot of money during the last years (I started to build a business 2010) and at the moment I am in a very dark state of mind.
    It got better but since Saturn is retrograde but during the Grand Cross I had a complete breakdown again.
    I am very depressed at the moment and reading blogs or watching videos about this topic is my what helps me.
    My moon is in my 7th house and I met a lot of truly EVIL people the last years who tried to take advantage (and some did) of me emotionally and financially. I was pretty naive and have seen how people change when it comes to money and you literally can’t trust anyone apart from family( Im not sure about that one, too).

    I have learnt a lot –not about business but the evil side of human beings–but at the moment I am feeling stuck, very lonely and can only hope that Jupiter which will trine my stellium of Sun/Venus/Mars in the early degrees of aries, will bring some serious relief. It will also make a sextile to Jupiter/Saturn in Libra.

    The only positive thing I experienced the last year was due to Jupiter in 4. I had a very beautiful apartment for a small fee close to Central Park and my amazing flatmate supported me emotionally and became a good friend (a scorpio sun).

    I was recently in a relationship (or whatever it was) with someone who had his Sun/Neptune/Moon/Mars in Scorpio 5-12 degrees and our moons were in exact conjunction.
    Although I felt very close to this person and believed we had something special, he was emotionally abusive an treated me like a piece of Sh** –sorry.
    He expected me to accept other women in the bedroom and he once even had intercourse with a woman upstairs while I was sleeping on the couch in the living room–of course he told me before and now as I started to detach myself from him, he calls me volatile and doesn’t understand why i freak out on him.
    The other woman had the same distress with him, he was using both of us and speaking about love (even in front of each other).
    I have never felt so worthless in my life.

    I am a strong minded person who never got into abusive relationships before and I seriously hope Saturn retrograde won’t affect me for too long. Does anyone else feel the tension with Moon in 1-15 Scorpio .
    Or is it the Grand Cross?

    I have some huge opportunities to improve my career at the moment and could move to the city of my greatest dreams but I am completely stuck financially.
    Scorpio moons tend to be suicidal and I really, really hope I find a way out of my disastrous darkness that I am experiencing because I don’t know how to move on.

  78. I apologize, but I would rather prefer not to post my chart online.
    The Grand Cross was hitting my ascendenct/ descendent.
    I am slowly managing to completely get rid of this emotionally abusive man and I even moved away but isn’t it crazy that I miss this person?
    I never in my life expected moon/Saturn to be so difficult. It literally throws you into isolation.

  79. I believe it has to do more with the Grand Cross because I see a lit of people struggling at the moment, especially financially.
    I have studied astrology since my first BIG CRISIS, which was 1998 when Saturn was in conjunct with my stellium and it was TOUGH— I think it was worse than now because I was so young. Now I can deal more with challenges and know they will pass but that time I was in complete shock and
    close to psychosis.

    Though I believe to be quite independent and financially well-off by myself (which happened during the first Saturn conjunction with my Stellium (before I was scared to be an outsider and appear lonely),
    every crisis seems to manifest financially so I become stuck with all my projects and goals.
    However, there will be the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s also what Saturn taught me.

  80. “Not matter how unpleasant a Saturn transit seems at the time, it represent what you really want in life, and is helping you get it. Most people are out of touch with what they truly want. If you thoroughly understand your needs and wants you will that Saturn simply bring about their manifestation: The “losses” that Saturn brings are of things that you do not want or need. No matter how much you think you want them, let them go, especially relationships that Saturn ends.” Robert Hand

    These words are the only thing that have brought clarity in my life, with Saturn going over my Moon 21’18 and Pluto in a tight conjunction 22’45, in my 7th house. I have been feeling this pretty hard, but after reading this it made me realize that it was an inevitable outcome that is leading me closer to my life goal. I hope this helps some of you, i know its tough but stay strong 🙂

  81. Help! My son was born February 21. His Moon is Scorpio conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. It is at least well aspected with tight and loose grand trines in water. It is also well aspected to my Sun in Pisces and my husband’s Moon in Pisces. I had Pre-eclampsia and an induction 3 weeks early. He had undiagnosed lip/tongue tie, ended up hospitalized with jaundice, my BP went back up from stress, I was hospitalized again, and we were separated for a day. His Dad and Grandma had to take care of him in the hospital for that day. We lost our breastfeeding relationship despite tremendous effort. He’s had horrible colic and cried inconsolably at times. We never ever let him cry it out. We’ve always held him and comforted him regardless of how tired we were. He was held or put in the moby wrap nearly 24/7 for the first few weeks. We have made sure he has family, extended family, and friends snuggling and loving him. We found a good breast milk donor, play soothing music, and do lavender lotion massages. He is starting to get through the colic and actually enjoys being set down and left to play and kick. He has more and more happy or content days. My question (through this long winded post) is are there any suggestions on how to parent a child with this aspect?

  82. Well, things seem to get better now.
    The Grand Cross didn’t really make things easier during Sade Sati.
    But a lot of tension has been taken away by now.
    Thank you Jupiter…

  83. Hi. I’m glad to see this post is still active. Wanted to ask your opinions of that full moon in Scorpio that occurred last week and aspected my and my significant other’s stellium which is — (Mine)12th house – Sun 24.24, Saturn, 23.54, Mercury, 14.39 (His) – 6th house – Neptune, 23.50, Moon, 20.36 The charts are not included, but the relationship is really rocking on the edge. But maybe more importantly, the moon at 23 degrees 54 minutes of Scorpio – exactly conjunct my natal Saturn, ruler of my second house.Moon rules my eighth house. My friend is a Cancer with 24 degrees Taurus rising, so both of our charts took a severe hit – the moon conjunct his descendant from the 6th house. I have not had the nerve to view the aspect in any of my children’s or other family member’s charts, but I was sure to pay my taxes!

  84. @ Lori — Quoting You: “We’ve always held him and comforted him regardless of how tired we were. He was held or put in the moby wrap nearly 24/7 for the first few weeks. We have made sure he has family, extended family, and friends snuggling and loving him. We found a good breast milk donor, play soothing music, and do lavender lotion massages.”
    That sounds like the best possible way to parent any child. You and your family are very loving and nurturing. Your son is blessed to have such a family.

  85. I have my 26 degree Scorpio moon in the 4th house. Here in Southern California where I have lived for the past 7 years, it’s in my 5th house. My moon squares Pluto in the 12th house. I’ve been experiencing so many of the feelings I see you all have, too, which gives me comfort, even though I don’t know you. I am unbelievably sad, anxiety ridden, feeling tossed aside by my son and daughter-in-law and in general from by boss and others. I have no friends, I’m a caring person. I miss my parents who both died a month apart three years ago. I have no real friends here and the company I work for is going out of business, so at the age of 60+, I need to look for another job. Every door seems to close on me. I know Scorpio is about deaths and rebirths and transformations. I want to come out of this a stronger person, and am seeing a therapist to talk about it all. I want to quit obsessing on my sadness, aloneness, anger and bitterness and feelings of rejection and lack of respect from the people in my life. I am not usually this down, but for the last month or so, it’s been worse. I will continue to work on myself and try to process and make sense of my feelings, but I just wish it’d get better…looks like I’m in it for a while longer since Saturn is still quite a few degrees from my moon. Thanks for listening;)

    • hiya –

      M J ,
      iv got

      a 26 degree moon scorpio–

      have had the grand cross on my sun neptune conjunction
      my moon conjoins chiron 23 and mars 22

      i have the same thoughts as you – but your view point is flawed
      one doesnt own freinds children or anyone else really
      we cant expect them to dance to our tune
      its nice when they do but one cant command it
      DARWIN says survival is all about adapting to new realities
      i miss certain relatives and my daughter but she they are on journeys in life of their own
      no one want to listen to a wall of resentment/neediness
      so ‘change your thoughts’ and change your reality .
      i have changed my house around and now have 3 lodgers
      [great distraction ] [and income ] –
      im a member of many clubs even tho im not allways able to go
      i organise astro meets with astro colleagues [more company and insights]
      im 66 this year -still go salsa now and again plus blues/FOLK clubs.
      i have some trepiidation about the final exact hit of saturn but like a cork we will bob up again
      saturn is a harsh messenger -an opportunity to grow and learn .
      and be stronger people don’t respect ‘overly needy ‘people im afraid .
      find a group of like minded types and be a supporter to others .
      i saw a great play monday -just saying —
      i love music and learning song lyrics insightfull
      i beg your pardon
      [‘ i never promised you a rose garden ‘]

  86. I hear what you’re saying, Malcolm. I cannot expect people to cater to my neediness and I need to get out there, join things and make my life what I want it to be. It seems easier said than done, but I have taken some steps which is not easy for me to leave my nest. My moon in scorpio is in the 4th house, did I mention? I have joined an astrology group that meets once a month. I am volunteering at the local thrift store where the proceeds benefit abused women and children. I am trying. You are right – if I can change my thoughts, I can change my life. I used to be an optimist and hopefully I can be one again. Thanks for your feedback.

  87. MJ- I too have moon in Scorpio in the fourth and also have seen relationships that were important dwindle to nothing or end abruptly. This has been the hardest part of this Saturn transit. Also the feeling of being depleted which I think you’re feeling and is very natural for Saturn going through your fourth house.

    The steps you are taking to get out of the house and yourself are going to help. Take care of yourself physically too.

    My wish for the end of this transit is to wake up in the morning and not replay my failures and dwell on what I lack, but to meet the day with hope and energy.

    • Kate, thank you so much for your response. It really helps to know that I’m not alone and once again reminds me of how well astrology really works. Now I hope I can eventually make some new friends;)

  88. on the twitter MALCstars71 there is lots of motivation
    from various sources .
    my moon chiron and mars all in the 4th house
    in the ninty’s pluto went through my 4th lots of force-full transformation eg- relationship and business endings.
    with pluto its best not to resist the changes that are looming
    like getting in an elevator and being forced out on a different floor -[its a growing experience tho’ shocking .]
    SATURN is different delays -frustrations -deep introspection self examination harsh self judgment –
    guilty feelings self judgment .
    the moon is our humanity ,Saturn an ideal they dont blend well.[Rob Hand]
    me= MAKE a list of all you
    achievements and qualifications no matter how small you think they are remember all the compliments you’v had keep this list handy
    ! -don’t let negative thinking win out-it’ll be good times again – SATURN moves on slowly but surely .
    we are all special -act it-‘n ‘ Believe it.

    • That is good advice and I’m trying to do all of it. I have a new technique this week that seems to be helping. It’s called ‘tapping’. Has anyone done it? It’s an EFT (emotional freedom technique) that unblocks the flow of positive energy. It only takes a few minutes to do.
      Malcolm, you hit the nail on the head-delays, introspection, self judgement. I’m job hunting at age 62 and it’s daunting but I feel like I’ll be okay eventually.
      Oh bot, after this, Saturn goes into my 5th, then I’ll worry about my children;) Oh the curse of the Virgo! lol

  89. I have Scorpio Moon (20 degrees) in the 8th house conjunct Neptune. Saturn has been hovering over there for some time now. Right after the first hit, my husband lost his business and I am basically supporting us and our child all on my own. I am holding two jobs. My son flunked school twice and is being home schooled. I have to monitor his studies from my job, since his father prefers not to be involved in that. I feel completely unsupported. I can´t wait for Saturn to leave Scorpio for good, so I can have my life back.

  90. Well Saturn is exactly on my Scorpio Moon right now. My 98 year old grandmother, whom I have not spoken to for years has just had a heart attack and doesn’t want to go home. She’s in a nursing home and I’m not expecting her to leave alive.

  91. I don’t have a Scorpio Moon… I have a Taurus Moon @ 19.54 11/12th house and Uranus @ 18.40 Scorpio 5/6th house and it’s been crushing me, too. The aloneness and relationships and situation being removed from my life. I feel hopeless and helpless. I can’t wait for it to be over.

  92. God, Saturn on my moon and Saturn on my Sun were really the most depressing times in my life.
    Pluto hits you hard as well but at least you know, you’re over it forever as he usually doesn’t make an aspect twice.
    But with saturn you know, you will experience him again and again, ahhh…
    I can relate to so many things everybody mentioned here.
    I felt so lost and literally nearly everyone who were important for my business either started to insult, belittle me or let me down in some way.

    The good thing is that I realized how much my family believes in me and they help me every time.
    I didn’t have an easy childhood and a very bad relationship towards my mother, but during these difficult periods, they were always there to help me and both of them helped me financially and didn’t blame me (too much) or put my goals and expectations down. They have given up a lot for me the last months and I really did never expect that they would still believe in me after all the trouble I’ve been the last year. Thanks to Jupiter in Cancer in my 4th house.

    I thought this time I’d really have to kill myself because there just seemed no way out.
    So be patient everyone, this transit will pass and you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Things are still challenging but I blame it on Saturn retrograde,
    nevertheless amazing things have happened and I could unlock and open some doors and things I was waiting for the last 5 years.
    This crisis now made me push so hard for things, that I achieved some pretty amazing lifetime goal.

    My love and best wishes to all of you,
    I feel you
    and the sun will shine again

  93. This is hitting me right now. Jupiter on my sun and mc right now gives some respite. But I have been crying at times. Relationships with people are ok generally, but feel a little distant. I have been feeling miserable at times. The thing is I fully understand it is a transit, but I can’t get away from the low feelings I get. my moon is at 17 degrees scorpio conjunct neptune and saturn will be crossing back over again soon. Many thanks for this topic.

  94. YES thats very depressing having
    GLOOMY harsh SATURN on THE MOON but on NEPTUNE too its
    very very harsh
    keep writing notes to yourself and hide them round the house
    all about the good things in life that are to come and have been
    all the compliments and talents u have received and have
    congratulate your self every day -tell people you are celebrating —
    your continue’ing existence
    also help others its very rewarding –
    after -all – there is no 0ne like you-DEAR – x

  95. Saturn has left my moon/Neptune conjunction and is just plodding through the rest of the fourth house. This has not been fun, in fact, so many things crumbled for me, looking back I don’t know how I didn’t break down. Now with Jupiter just having crossed my North Node, approaching my ascendant and Uranus about to cross my natal Jupiter in the ninth, I see light at the end of this very long tunnel.

  96. Oh and don’t forget that Mr. Saturn goes retrograde. Yup he’s not done with you until he’s done with you… at least for this go round.
    It is a rather uncomfortable time for “we” of the Scorpio moon variety. Hurricanes come and hurricanes go and sometimes they change the landscape whether “we” like it or not.

    Good friends, exercise, healthy living, therapy and having a little faith in something more (whatever that maybe) can help make the passage more endurable. Scorpio moon’s are not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.



  97. I have to agree with GE about taking good care of yourself during this transit; sleep, exercise, and setting goals can take the focus off the painful lessons.

  98. Just found this article in the process of trying to work out what the hell had suddenly gone wrong with my life. My natal Moon’s at 14 Scorpio in the third house and when the conjunction was exact around last November I don’t think I really noticed much of anything at all. Maybe the Sun transiting at the same time helped lessen the impact? But this recent Saturn Rx has backed Saturn to within 2 degrees of my Moon and around the time it stationed turning direct is about when it hit with the force of a bulldozer. So many things going wrong! Such a huge sense of pointlessness and discouragement personally, lost all my drive, finding myself sinking into old old Scorpio Moon issues which I thought I’d worked through. On top of that, the despairing horror at what’s going on in places like Gaza and Iraq and man’s abuse of the planet in general. It’s hard to tell what’s personal and what’s universal.

    Theme-wise, it all seems to be about boundaries and communication, lots of neighbour issues. And it’s all quite extreme. Like a neighbour’s free-range ‘vegetarian’ dogs broke into my chicken pen and massacred the entire flock and the neighbour won’t accept their dogs would do such a thing (despite them being caught in the act more than once before). Like another neighbour upstream cleaning their water tank without thinking of telling me first, so now all their filth and sludge is in my tanks. Like another neighbour felling his trees and dropping one on my vegetable garden … And a whole lot more besides, like not being able to be with with my closest friend who’s enduring a second hit of Saturn on his second Saturn return right now.

    Maybe Mars coming up fast to conjunct with Saturn in the next 2 weeks or so is going to turn this around again? I hope so, because I haven’t felt this low in decades. ((Hugs)) to all similarly enduring …

  99. well, i have gone through the entire thread and copied all the survival guidance and wisdom onto a sheet. Transiting Saturn is right on my moon at 26 Scorpio. I feel brought low, hopeless, useless, overlooked, abandoned and finished. It’s daft. But i won’t give in, worse things happen at sea etc etc. And big THANKS to Elsa & all the wise people who have signposted the way through. x

    • Hey Matt, hang in there! My moon is at the same degree. It helped me, especially last night, to write it all out… to just let it flow and get it out. 🙂

  100. Thanks Shan. Nice to meet a fellow. I’ve just watched the DVD of FISH CALLED WANDA, with John Cleese doing a very entertaining commentary, and that has cheered me up considerably!

  101. yes mine is 26 its not a picnic
    but appreciate all the past good things the long view MARK n SHAN –apart from the aformentioned [previouse posts ] things —
    the cam belt has wrecked the engine on the car so its a new car needed .
    plus new computer and hassle of change over
    [from xp to windows 8]- but its learning and try to make it fun small steps plenty of rest and music is a tonic Desiderata is a good read .[google it ]


  102. Hello to everyone from this site , you Are so nice people and full o happines within you…..i just get out from this hell saturn over moon ( my moon 20 scorpio) and i living new life more solide more awakenes then ever … I finally find a girl who love me and living with much joy this beautiful life …. In 13 september when saturn retrograde over moon, my grandmother passes away …. All the sadnes, lonlynes , depresive moods passed away now …… My ex girlfriend have now saturn conjunct moon (27 scorpio) with much pain because of broken relationahip…. Love you all …peace

  103. 29 Scorpio moon in the 6th house opposite ASC. I’m usually a pretty energetic parent. I deal pretty calmly… I’m not feeling calm. I threw things the other night. Like threw dishes in the sink on top of other dishes on purpose. In fact I picked one up and threw it again because it didn’t break the first time. Scorpio boy and Taurus girl(who has Scorpio asc) are driving me NUTS. They fight and antagonize each other constantly. I’m working longgggg hours trying to give us more. And feel a fight in myself between cutting back to stay on top of them more and work twice as much because they are driving me nuts. My moms another subject and I feel guilty getting upset with her.

    My business partner who is Taurus sun conj my mars has gone through hell this last year. She has been my best friend, business partner , sister and my generous one. I’m not sure how much more she can take. We usually help each other through things. Neither of us has much to give these days.

    I thought almost there! Be done at Christmas… Then I looked ahead and Saturn will cross my moon 2 more time, in July 2015 and sept 2015. Then square my Pisces sun.

    How are the other late Scorpio moons doing?

    • I have 23 degrees Scorpio Moon. Everything that needed to be destroyed has been destroyed. The emotional damage has been quite unbearable. This transit is wrapping up and I recently got a new job promotion. I also was able to travel and reunite with old friends after 7 years of financial hardship. It’s hard to feel happy about new opportunities when you’ve been down in the dirt!! I want to feel hopeful but the damage has been too much to process.

  104. I am Scorpio moon cap sun cancer rising. My life is living hell right now. Saturn is forcing me to correct things and do the right thing but my Aries moon wife is making it impossible. I really just needed to get this off my chest. I was warned by my guides about this relationship and I did not listen. I thought this was the ultimate challenge and I was going to develop my spirituality and overcome the things that make us incompatible. Now with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio moon I know I have made a huge mistake. If I make it out of this alive I am going to thank the heavens and pray for a second chance in life. I feel as though I have made a fatal mistake and am now hopeless in this relationship. Divorce is my only hope at a life worth living at this point. The stress of the daily clashes with the Aries moon wife is too much. It is plain to see now. Looking back, me being Cap sun and wife Virgo sun all seemed so good at first. We were supposed to be perfect for each other. It is actually completely hopeless and an impossible union.

    • Hi ScorpioMoonCap! I posted a comment here a long long time ago and every time someone writes, I receive an e-mail (which I love!) Yours touched me!! Scorpio Moon here with an Aries Moon husband! Our moons are Mars ruled. A while back I posted a thread in the forum about these Moons because, well, you know ahhhhhhh! Ahhh!! I hear ya! Elsa suggested looking at our Mars’. I’ve been with my husband for almost six years now. We’ve managed to survive a lot! Different countries, languages and raising a child together. A lot of times IT FELT LIKE HELL. HELL! ….BUT we’ve learned to work with our energies/emotions and we’ve calmed down a lot, A LOT. Really, we can be quite mellow even. Of course, it’s not a walk in the park kind of relationship but it IS the ultimate challenge and I have grown legions! However, I had help. I’ve been in therapy to help sort it all out but I never would have went there if I wasn’t pushed to the breaking point. …and if “your” Aries Moon is anything like mine, they can be kinda pushy and we’re stubborn, so, you know. boom. Anyways, there could still be good times around the corner if you guys had made it work in the past, they may not be over yet! I wish you lots o’ good luck and I’m glad you were able to get some of it out here. ((((((hugs)))))))
      Here is the link to that other thread…

  105. My Moon is 28°39′ Scorpio and Saturn has been smashing me from almost every angle of my life (it doesn’t help that my Sun is in Taurus and has concurrently had an opposition from Saturn as well). I am married to a very narcissitic Moon in Sagittarius (who also has his Ascendant in Sagitarrius and is experiencing a square from Neptune) and saying there is completely no emotional support in our relationship is putting it VERY mildly!! This transit has been a living hell since December 2014′. I have never felt so abandoned, alone and isolated in all of my life. This transit will test every emotional insecurity (and for a Moon in Scorp there are many) you have and force you to face it.

    • YES its TOUGH but as in all my previous comments
      you will bounce back the lack of support is a common theme to us all -that’s why people join unions groups parties take out insurance -SATURN is a harsh good influence – his message is to remind you not to be co -dependent and have false friends – get organised practice positive thinking .
      make a list of all your good points and successes -keep it handy make plans for a better secure future -its down to you .

      • Malcolm d cross I really appreciate your words of encouragement and insight. There is no doubt as to why Saturn is called the “celestial taskmaster,” as the lessons involved will inevitably diminish our ego and if there is one thing the ego hates, is to be diminished. I am slowly but surely, integrating the lessons of limitation on the ego which Saturn brings. Today, I awoke (after much emotional/metal pain and self-inflicted suffering from yesterday) with the realization that the most important spiritual lesson I have taken from this transit, is a deep knowing that no person, place, or thing can make my ego “feel” complete. Saturn constellates that deep longing in our ego for completion and sense of lack on the level of physical existence for a reason; to teach us that true liberation comes from not trying to find satisfaction in the physical word outside of ourselves. I must say these lessons all to often come to us in the form of relationship breakdowns, because of the human ego’s tendency to try to complete itself through another person. Then when they don’t live up to our expectations we play the ego blame game. It is not my husband’s fault I do not feel complete, he is just acting out his own ego’s conditioning, which just happens to be a “Sagittarius lunar behavioral pattern” and that energy clashes with my “Scorpio lunar behavioral pattern”). Saturn’s lessons are clear; release, let go and surrender and you will find the “peace that passes all understanding.”

  106. I noticed a lot of things are wrapping up with this last 3 months in Scorpio. Someone on my Facebook page had a complete mental and emotional breakdown. She just blew up in a rage. Apologized after two days of posting angry posts.

    ‘Morbid’ is a way to describe this last leg of Saturn in Scorpio. I also noticed some people are on edge. Okay, more than some.

  107. 25 Piscies Sun, 20 scorpio Moon…i feel it again 🙁 the pain of saturn, until now i only can say i haved luck with job ( i changed my job with something better jupiter 6 house, with lot of discipline saturn 10 house) i hope everything will become normal with all my stupid relation, connection with other people ….

    Love you all, peace and harmony

  108. Well I have been getting hit hard by Saturn for the past 4 years or more. First it moved through Libra (my 2nd house natally) hit my finances HARD -filed bankruptcy, it was a nightmare.
    Then it moved in over my Scorpio moon and I was hit with a very distressing health condition (not life threatening, just life-interfering) and I have never been as depressed in my whole life as I am right now. It’s horrible, and this transit is also bringing out alot of old self-destructive tendencies which I thought I had licked years ago (eating disorder…I’ll say no more). It’s like Saturn is hauling out all my ugly old scars and making me sit with it while it rubs salt in my wounds. I know it’s all for my higher good somehow, and to teach me a lesson. But’s it’s still very difficult living through this transit.
    I wish I could say it will all be over soon, as it leaves Scorpio next month in September. Unfortunately for me, I’m a Sagittarius Sun, so that means I have at least another 2 years of this lovely planet squashing me. That’s been a HUGE theme in my life these past 4 years. I just feel STUCK….like I can’t make a move to change anything in my life. and it’s awful. Sorry for venting all that guys…but I know you fellow Scorpio mooners out there can relate 🙁

    • well you have a lot of insight – it true that it’s a testing time but what goes goes and Saturn is ultimately what we need to learn .
      putting your finance on a sure footing etc is good -it’s not Saturn that caused it [the bankruptcy ] was it ?
      ‘ never promised you a rose garden’ – we are on a planet spinning through the universe why should it be comfortable ?
      iv had it lost contact with my daughter but she was a constant worry -look for the positives we don’t own them or their lives.
      with the PLUTO URANUS SQUARE etc all our lives and economics has been thrown in the air – exciting change opportunities.


  109. So true.
    Saturn is conjunct my moon in the first house. And boy is it doing a number on me.
    My apartment flooded, I’ve realized how shitty I’ve been with financial situations. My relationship with my mother has been flucuating to the point I understand I need to break form her to grow as a person.

    I’m actually enjoying this aspect. It’s making me see myself for what’s really is, it’s helping me call out bullshit and say “Kare, what’s going on with YOU. don’t worry about your family, how they should take care of you more. But let’s focus on you being more”

  110. Hi Karen,
    This is what Saturn conjunct the Moon in Scorp is all about. Saturn is doing his “final touches” on my Moon right now (I am a 28° lunar Scorp) and as we speak there is so much construction activity and noise across the street from my house, it sounds like the walls are going to come crashing in. My finacial situation is a mess, I am unemployed, my relationship with my husband has been strained and I have felt completely emotionally unsupported in our relationship and my Mom moved 1,000 miles away. So yes, Saturn will cause suffering in all those areas of life ruled by the Moon. And it does this to create enough suffering so that we surrender and can get in touch with that which lies beyond the world of form. So we can as you said get in touch with our being! Thanks for posting your experience of this transit as it is always enlightening hearing how planetary transits are influencing others lives.

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