“Saturn in Scorpio is HARD”

CeeCee wrote that on the thread – Guilt:

“Saturn in Scorpio is HARD.”

Do you agree?

Personally, I feel okay, but it’s my second time ’round. I do think it’s harsh. There is a real finality about things that are happening now, but for good or ill.

For example, I see some couples – young couples – being knitted together for life. It’s daunting in a way. It’s deep.

I have also seen people sever relationships with others who I really doubt they’ll never see or speak to again.

Some have not hit such a drastic realization yet, but they can see the wall ahead. They know they will have to get around it, smash it to smithereens or sink like a stone. Most everyone is either doing something distasteful, having something distasteful done to them…or both.

Can you relate?


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“Saturn in Scorpio is HARD” — 55 Comments

  1. I feel that it’s hard but very good, too. Everyone is showing their true colors. Right now, I have very few people in my life, and it’s been difficult finding new ones. But at least, if I see quality in a person, I know it’s real. I’m natally a Saturn in Scorpio and have been wondering if others in my age group are feeling the same.

  2. HUGE YES!!! I’ve shown my ass, humiliated myself ::arrgghh:: and have been the recipient of others’ very intense raging freak-outs. All separate incidents. I had to Baker Act my friend of 23 years…he’s been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. This is all in the past 2 weeks. It seems everyone is on edge or falling off of it.

  3. A great big YES! Just A Girl mirrors my current experience of people showing their true colors or rather not being able to hide anymore. Ugly junk comes to the surface to be dealt with one way or another.

  4. I think people are going to be discovering that the choices they made at the Voting Booth…. the results will not be what they thought it would lead to.

  5. It’s hard. I’m angry, bitter. And I hate that other people use me for my angry and bitterness, they borrow it for their purposes. It’s like promiscuous energy exchange.

  6. I finally feel free. Nobody’s trying to ram stupid advice down my throat about how I should live my life – I know what I feel. A good but never-gonna-get-anywhere relationship ended and I’m ready to let go of alot and embrace something new. I like it 🙂

  7. I am not finding it personally too hard. You just have to be honest and deal with the facts. It is also my second go around. But when it was last in Scorpio, I met my future husband. We started living together during Saturn in Scorpio. We met when the sun was in scorpio. Our wedding date is packed full of scorpio: 10-31-86 Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto were all in Scorpio. Currently Saturn is conj with my natal jupiter and neptune. So I guess Scorpio is lucky for me.

  8. I am surprised at the behavior of someone I thought to be special. Now I see a Jekyll/Hyde, disappointing but not painful. I am Saturn’s daughter, with Sun/Jupiter/Mercury/Mars in Capricorn. I am experiencing a sense of relief, a sort of social freedom.

  9. I have 2 Planets in Virgo including sun and 3 planets in Libra. Things are already bitter for me. I have 2 planets in Scorpio including moon. My experience is Saturn in Scorpio is painful and emotional but not bitter like Saturn in Virgo and Libra.

  10. Second go around here also, I am finding that the things I did right are paying off in spades and the things I did wrong are coming back as a karmic debt to be paid with interest. Before Saturn leaves Scorpio I will have my second Saturn return also, working hard on this debt now so when this happens I will have integrity vs. despair.

  11. Saturn in Scorpio is difficult but I wouldn’t say he’s ‘hard’. Saturn was conjunct my Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo from 2005-2007. THAT was f’ing hard, this is a cakewalk is comparison.

  12. I can relate.

    I have a couple of pals who think they can use people, even for the smallest of things. We went to watch a basketball game at a local joint and I paid for everything, however I did owe him $5 for something dumb. Even after paying for our bill, he still gripped about the five bucks. He’s not rich monetary wise so I can understand to a degree, but his relationship with money and friends is horrible. Plus he constantly uses people.
    Another pal of mine is a conundrum:
    He’s a mix of Asian, Caucasian, and Mexican, and he can’t stand Mexicans at all. His Aunt (who’s full Fillipino) pays for all his bills and expenses. He constantly signs up for classes, and then drops them. He invests his time in WOW and other games. This cycle has been ongoing since 2006. I think Saturn has been waiting for him for too long now.

  13. Uh, yes… Saturn Scorpio has been about as intense as you could expect for me. I have never been one to cut people off completely, especially ex-boyfriend types. But have found myself in this situation for the first time ever, as of the beginning of this year.

    Person in question has been Jekyll & Hyde since the summer…. I kept hoping the uber-negative, toxic side would go away… since ostensibly he’s on a ‘spiritual’ path. But no. This person treated me like shit, essentially, at the beginning of the year… to the point of total clarity where I’m like — I do NOT deserve to be treated like this, & I have NO confidence this person is going to turn around & be a genuinely good friend to me all of a sudden. I have NO confidence this person is genuinely able to care, or forge a 2 way connection.

    So — for the first time in my life, I find myself cutting someone off.

    Also, have been confronting some of the darkest topics of my life…. essentially, confronting the barely-speakable “evil” that exists in this world. Some of it is truly horrible, ladies & gentleman. But it has felt necessary to go there. To confront *what we’re really up against* in this lifetime.

    And to confront the dark side of money, power, influence, ambition (some of which is truly dark, once you take a look at it… i had no idea. think, people who will do ANYTHING to hold onto power, money, influence, good looks, youthful vigor….) – as someone who, myself, moved to a big city with at least some modicum of ambition.

    Taking a look *out there* as well as taking a look *in here*… !!

    And that, my friends, could be a harsh positive of Saturn in Scorpio. To take a good, hard, super-unsettling look at what is… & then, not dwell there… move on, back into positivity… but let the knowledge of what you have glimpsed & known, inform your future decisions & opinions.

    I see this Saturn in Scorpio as stripping away any (willful) naiveitee.

    Not a fun process, but… perhaps a necessary one. And in that sense, a good, worthwhile one.


  14. Hi All, Elsa, Saturn is conjunct my natal Ascendant and almost conjunct my natal Sun/Venus… but I feel very open-hearted and pretty strong in self-esteem, compared to two years or even one year ago. Maybe this is due to the sextile with Pluto at the end of my 2nd house… supporting a core belief that whatever ways I may be inadequate in handling life’s challenges, I am still worth my own love and respect and the love and respect of others.

  15. and this is the BIG heart day. i equate hard with intensity and work
    love for me has been mostly a unattached form would it make my life more enjoyable if there was some kind of attachment? all in all take steps at authenticating yourself and take pride in those lessons make good choices!

  16. No, not so far. It’s now conjunct the first body in my stellium, Mercury, while simultaneously squaring my natal Saturn. I’m pressuring myself to keep my ass in check. And I’m doing this because I feel I must, the universe needn’t be involved yet.

    However I don’t have to deal with crazy coworkers and bosses. And even my family is playing nice.

  17. I have weathered this and it’s very crisp. It has made things clear and defined. Hasn’t been hard to sort through the junk like Saturn in Libra. Direct with upheaval, no need for fluff.

  18. No, I don’t relate. We do have a tough choice to make in regards to where we want to ‘settle’ for now. But I did a lot of the “hard” work, the sortin’ & weighin’ while saturn was in libra & squaring my sun, moon/jupiter, venus, merc/mars & my asc/dsc axis and my nodal axis. Compared ton that, this doesn’t seem so hard to me. I do like the responsible energy & weight the decision is holding, makes the right answer more valuable 🙂

  19. I don’t have anything in the line of fire, unlike when Saturn was in Libra, so in that sense it is easier.

    I just need to dodge shrapnel from those who ARE in Saturn’s path, and refusing to submit. Not pretty, y’all.

  20. Just had the esthetician who has been workingwith my salon leave, abruptly, after nineyears. I was just feeling like I was getting on track and getting comfortable with the flow of things.. them boom, out of no where, she gives me this news. Now I’m scurrying to find someone to replace her. Not mad, just miss her and hope her new venture works out well. And possibly this might be something better for my business in the longterm. On a different spectrum f life, my boyfriend and I recently moved in together and find our relationship really deepening . Life couldn’t be any more unpredictably ,imbalancely sweet.

  21. There is definitely an unceasing hard edge to the serious matters of life right now. But I’ve noticed something especially at work, if I throw myself head on into a “distasteful” problem and work very very hard, I get back immediate results. And these results are usually quite good, problems solved, good feedback, solutions I haven’t considered before, etc. I may fear the problem up front but I’m learning not too.

  22. It’ll be better when it’s off my Sun and Moon. In short, I anticipate the 2nd half to be better once I settle in to my new life.

  23. “For example, I see some couples – young couples – being knitted together for life. It’s daunting in a way. It’s deep.”

    that’s true for me!

  24. I have had to get honest about things that drain me and do things that I would really rather not do. But strangely, it doesn’t feel…devastating. I don’t know why. It feels uncomfortable and messy, but I seem to thrive on it a little bit, too.

  25. I can relate. The man I love went back to his ex. I don’t think it was the right thing to do. He’s settling. We’re both young, him 24, me 25. I think it’s too intimidating for him to take a risk with me, and it’s comfortable with her. He’s said he wasn’t happy with her and he’s said he was ready to meet someone like me. Maybe it’s just the typical bullshit me sprout. All the same, I tried. And now I have to keep the forward momentum I my own life with or without him.

  26. I’m having to use a lot of energy to not throw lots of people away. It’s like the energy is causing me to want to have a major purge-a-thon of people from my life.

    I’m not even spending time with the people I really enjoy.

  27. I am seriously questioning marriage and about ready to call it off. Can an indigo marry? He and I are too different, and this is the damn truth. And this level of mental/emotional energy just damn flowing in to me early morning/middle of night (not a morning person and have always had rock solid sleeps). I’m doubling up on relax/sleepy teas and nothing is helping. Really about ready to put in for a leave of absence at the office due to this heavy duty shit. Fking feel like I need a solid 3 months to process/work with this energy. Just messed up and with you guys ugh

  28. The hard work for me happened during Saturn in Libra – LOTS of amputating happened. Now, those people are self-destructing. I will come around if they want to prove to me that they did wrong. But until then, I watch the flames from a distance.

  29. I feel no difference. My life must be one big Saturn Pluto festival because things are as they always were as far as I can tell. I guess I feel comfortably at home and content right now. Much better than I felt with Saturn in Libra. I LOVE the feeling of finality in the air. My decisions have always been final as I tend to be a hard ass anyway. I don’t know any other way. Never have. so when I drop a sledgehammer decision on people, they aren’t flinching. I appreciate that. Nothing irks me more than people not taking things like an adult. When drops some real heavy bullshit in my lap, I just take it on the chin. I have been this way since I was born. I don’t believe in bleeding on others. With saturn in Scorpio, people are less bleedy and I love it.

  30. Hell yes, I can relate. Now I know why my 15-year old has been hell on wheels…OMG…what a mouth she has on her. She has not been in a good mood at all. Don’t ask me how I feel…I’m having a RA flare and am on Prednisone….I’m out of my Fucking mind. My sweetheart hides from me..he says I’m crazy when I have to take it…LOL! Hey, at least I know he loves me…last night I got a dozen white roses and a great dinner he made for us!

  31. Saturn in Libra was a cakewalk compared to this. Saturn is squaring my Leo stellium, and has Rxed to square my Mars last spring, and very soon, Venus.

    Transiting Saturn is in my 7th, so it’s around relationships (Libra rules my DC). To say it’s sobering is putting it mildly. My Venus in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio can be a little unrealistic and idealistic. The rose coloured glasses have not just been taken off, they’ve been smashed to pieces.

    I was just graduating high school the last Saturn in Scorpio. However, it was also conjunct Pluto for a while, too. While I learned one important lesson (glad I didn’t marry my first boyfriend), a few others I missed the boat on.

  32. Going through my 4th house. I am not at my 100%, and I’m moving slower than my normal Aries mode, but like you said, I am being sewn together with my significant other, and this is a profound thing that still blows my mind. We are pretty young, and I never thought I would be so committed to someone at this point.

    There are a lot of changes, but Saturn has been good to me, from my perspective. Can’t complain, I’m just working at it like everyone else.

  33. @ LisLioness,

    Libra sun here so I know how difficult Saturn can be. Your post about amputation was the same for me. However, these “friends” can flame out but will never admit they were wrong. I will watch from afar but they are all in the past. Those who supported me through these past 4 trying years have my eternal love and friendship. I would and will do anything for them. The rest can go pound sand.

  34. BurnedBridge
    I feel no difference. My life must be one big Saturn Pluto festival because things are as they always were as far as I can tell. I guess I feel comfortably at home and content right now. Much better than I felt with Saturn in Libra. I LOVE the feeling of finality in the air. My decisions have always been final as I tend to be a hard ass anyway. I don’t know any other way. Never have. so when I drop a sledgehammer decision on people, they aren’t flinching. I appreciate that. Nothing irks me more than people not taking things like an adult. When drops some real heavy bullshit in my lap, I just take it on the chin. I have been this way since I was born. I don’t believe in bleeding on others. With saturn in Scorpio, people are less bleedy and I love it.

    This is beautiful. In a very weird and very bloody way. 😉 But, on the serious though… this is the way I like it, too. So you understand need for cutthroat honesty on the sleeve. No BS. Saturn in Lib was a pansy nightmare for me as well! 😉

  35. It is brutal. I thought I did well during Saturn in Libra (also my first SR), I thought I’d learned my lessons well and passed the tests. I was doing it right. It wasn’t easy but I was doing it right! Now it seems just useless. Saturn transiting my 12th is bringing up all sorts of issues I never thought existed. A Scorpio Moon is pretty damn intense at the best of times, but now that Saturn is almost on it, it’s just too much to handle. And Saturn opposing my DC and then my Venus isn’t exactly helpful in the matter.

  36. @Murdock

    Went through something similar. I still think about that ¨ex¨ from time to time. Mainly how duped I was by him. He´s got so many issues that he hasn´t dealt with that they leak out into his relationships. Finally had to leave realizing that he´d never change or treat me how I deserve. Totally understand and miss the person I ¨thought¨ he was, not the person he is. Blessings on your journey and always go with your gut when the red flags first start appearing.

  37. A lot of previously hidden, intended and unintended, illness for myself and those around me. Some very close friends of mine that have been married for 25 years are suffering from this and from recently exposed infidelity. Its so very hard to watch. 🙁

    Yes, Saturn in Scorpio is VERY hard.

  38. It feels like I’m strapped to a very slowly-moving conveyor belt… being pulled through a series tormenting machines. As soon as I come out of one, I am relieved very briefly, but then realize that I come out of one tortue session just to be pulled into another. This conjunction is occurring in my second house, waking me up to a such a stark reality… Stephen King couldn’t write a novel half this horrifying.

    It could also be because I just got through the exact conjunctions of Pluto conjunct nep in the 4th house, which took years to brew before the pot exploded, and I am still the aftermath of it, just for this aspect to begin RIGHT after Saturn opposed my Jupiter, which was like sticking a stake deep into a floor of hot coals and keeping me stuck to it by a short chain.

    And I am waiting for Pluto to conjunct my sun in 2 years, feel that energy already. Ouch is a good description. All I have time to do is work way too hard for very little pay, go hone, exercise so that my body and mind can handle the I tense work, on not enough sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And I don’t even drink or do drugs at all. I just suffer. No breaks.

  39. Sorry to go on, but I am also doing everything right at work, putting up with so much, doing at least an hour of TVA every single day, to make myself a warrior, and I work so much harder than I’ve ever worked and my boss still won’t back me up, he keeps asking me to keep myself available, but then he cuts my hours, no matter how hard I work and I just want to save up some money so that I can see my family this year maybe, and Saturn and Pluto have already ended ALL of my friendships and relationships and I’ve been single for over a year and I don’t even have time for a relationsship or even a decent friendship and I just want to see my family maybe, that’s all I need to feel human. And I want to find another job, but things are just out of my control. If I get another job, it’s not going to make Saturn nor this conjunction go anywhere, so I figure what’s the use?

  40. rereading stuff. and getting more knowledge as the transits occur. still feeling the insecurities and inadequacies but sensing a revelation will come though and the energies have potential but still dont know what doors will open

  41. Hard yet so necessary! Try having it right on your moon 😛 once that is done it will cross over the rest of my 3rd house stellium- ouch! Saturn in Scorpio has been like an extended Saturn return for me (natal Saturn 28 degrees Libra conjunct pluto) but really I’m not complaining.. I feel stronger then I have ever been and despite the BS (mostly with my parents) amazing things are finally happening in my life.. The way I’m communicating with others is undergoing a dramatic change and there is truly no turning back.. This energy really feels like sink or swim and sadly I see a lot of people stuck, drowning and at times expressing that nasty dark side of Scorpio- jealousy, manipulations, vindictiveness and just plain evil tactics.. My best advice for Saturn in Scorpio is to amputate those types once and for all.. I know once Saturn moves into Sagittarius we will all feel more freedom and continue to grow in wisdom, that is if we learned the lessons and underwent some sort of powerful transformation in our lives..

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