Saturn In Scorpio Is A Gut-Wrenching Transit

wrecking ballFrom

involving great distress or anguish; agonizing: a gut-wrenching decision.

I felt prepared for Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, but I still feel it’s a gut-wrenching transit. I don’t think I’m the only one!  I don’t know anyone who is not having to do what they don’t want to do, accept what they don’t want to accept, deal with things they don’t want to deal with, etc.

People are cutting off and getting cut off, left and right.  Long-standing patterns in ways people have related are breaking down, if not being completely demolished in what seems to be a blink of an eye.

It’s not all destructive. If you can relate to others with integrity, you’re going to be able to maintain strong alliances, but this is not a realm where a lot of people hang out.

There are a lot of secrets involved here, which unnerves people. You want to know who you can trust and when you witness betrayal everywhere you look, it becomes easiest to trust no one!  That’s not the best solution though. It’s isolating and will lead a person into depression over time. The fact is, we do need each other.

How’s your gut these days?



Saturn In Scorpio Is A Gut-Wrenching Transit — 43 Comments

  1. Oh boy, Elsa, you’ve just touched the Achilles’s heel of human relations!
    In my life i feel like cutting ties with friends who are not as committed to friendship as i am. The scariest thing is, it even applies to my best friend, who wasn’t there when i really needed her support. I used to be forgiving and patient, but i feel i had enough now. No wonder its my saturn return! Though pluto transit on the cusp of 10/11th also plays a role in my situation i believe.

  2. The gut is improving with all the things coming out in the open. I like Scorp and Cappy, so it’s fine, but busy.

    What is difficult is when to keep it under wraps, and when to do something about it. It’s like seeing a ghost, but whether to tell anyone or do anything about it.

    Yes, it’s an integrity/selfishness/reality question, but also a loyalty one when changes are happening fast.

  3. I considered myself prepared and Scorpio energy is friendly to my chart. But I’m amazed, amazed by how stark the difference is from Saturn in Libra.

    I agree with gut-wrenching. I am being called to change certain (3rd house) patterns and there’s no choice for me at all. Either I transform or I will suffer immensely. So, there’s some freedom there (no choice) but change ain’t a pretty process.

  4. “it becomes easiest to trust no one! That’s not the best solution though. It’s isolating and will lead a person into depression over time. ”

    Wow, way to sum up the life of this native Saturn-in-Scorpio! I am learning how to trust in an uncertain world, so in a weird way the gut-wrenching has slowed down a lot. I realize, the antidote to depression is not joy and excitement, it’s actually the solid mindfulness to always make sure your expectations are realistic.

  5. The scandals seem to be coming fast and furious in news. It’s truly amazing what’s going on out there. Seems a new one almost daily.

    My gut isn’t great on a good day 🙂 but there has been one major thing i’ve struggled with since early-mid October. Accepting a delay in something beyond my control from someone who hasn’t been like this in the 16 years i’ve known them. So that’s been nerve wracking.

    Integrity is really important to me. Expect I’ll be okay but can see others doing what you describe. My personal relationships seem to be solidifying better than in years so I have hope. Mostly i’m just trying to stand calm and still, meditate, breathe and remain strong in myself.

    I still like this much better than Saturn in Libra.

  6. @Cherry, both of mine(Achilles Tendons) are worn and lumpy … great descriptor!
    @Starkttn, This happens to me a lot. “What is difficult is when to keep it under wraps, and when to do something about it. It’s like seeing a ghost, but whether to tell anyone or do anything about it.” What I have come up with is to create fiction … blend myth with story’s true and know what calms my gut.

    Thanks for the post, Elsa we do need others.

  7. My sun is still in h12 after a recent solar return… its like I just want to crawl under a rock and not make important decisions, but Saturn in Scorpio won’t let me. In my ltr, issues which I suspected were actually substantial but had never been addressed have now come to a head and are demanding resolution in a big way. Thankfully we are both working from places of personal integrity, and we respect that in each other even if we don’t agree in the issue (he’s Aquarius). Glad to see him speak up, finally, even if it means I have to deal with making big changes.

  8. My gut’s good. After years of a wider circle, it’s small again. I don’t mind. Most of my closest friends have very young families and are busy , so the social pressure isn’t there. On either side.

    Saturn in Scorpio transiting my 11th House (coming up on natal Uranus) so quiet is what I need right now.

    I do agree, that trusting no one isn’t a good way forward. I’m lucky I have the partner I do, and the people close to my heart.

  9. Lately I think my gut is telling me stuff…and I don’t like some of what it’s telling me.

    For instance, this week they’re renovating my workplace, and as I saw them bringing new furniture in–I felt as if they were just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. O_O Is that my gut trying to give me a warning?

  10. Right now I’m in the midst of an exact Neptune square…..I really don’t know which end is up. Lol. Add in a nice healthy dose of refreshing soul cleansing angst aspecting my sun, sure feels nice. (sarcasm). Heh. And my computer mouse hates me. lol. 🙂

  11. I am in favor of cutting off (in general) all of the relatives in the same state as me. If they don’t like me and can’t stand my mom, why should we keep pretending any more?

    Of course, this is uh…a mutual decision thing between me and my mom, and she’s not in favor of a cutoff AT ALL (what’s going to replace the family without those people, nobody), so it won’t happen. But I wonder.

  12. Yep lots of “gut wrenching” stuff being presented here, but choosing to see them as ghosts of past and my own inner fears manifesting, which used to rule what I had to be do say etc, nope not any more, using them as a spring board to thrust myself as far away from all that as I can.

  13. I didn’t feel prepared at all. As a matter of fact, I was scared to death. There were events that occured the last time Saturn was in Scorpio that were not kind to me and, as a matter of fact, flipped my entire world and the way I thought about things completely on it’s head. So. No, I wasn’t looking forward to it.
    Surprisingly, I’m doing ok. I’m stronger. My contacts are solidified. I’m happy acting with integrity and willing to admit my faults and mistakes.
    I’m highly sympathetic (due to my experiences with Saturn through Scorpio the first time and the recent trek of Saturn through my 8th house) to others I see suffering AND to others I see falling in light of “scandals” and the public airing of their own “laundry”.
    It’s not my place to judge any of that. It is my place to navigate through my own life the best way I can and help others as I can along the way.
    It’s not easy. It’s not like this Saturn in Scorpio thing doesn’t present it’s fair share of temptations and it’s not like I’m not human. But, I try really hard to keep my eye on the bigger picture and continually ask myself “Is this who you want to be?” and that usually makes my decisions easy.
    Saturn is right now trining my Pisces moon and frankly, the grounding is welcomed. I like where I see myself heading. I’m stable. I’m well. I’m loved and able to love.
    I’m doing ok.

  14. I thought Saturn in Scorpio would screw up my relationships (friends, family, etc). But it actually has had more of an effect on my work/finances, which isn’t too surprising in and of itself, though for me personally it is.

    I feel compelled at this moment to do an “amputation” on a client who clearly undervalues me. I think she does this because she thinks I’m desperate. The thing is, I kind of am, but I’m also tired of it all. Really bloody tired. Just now I think I’ve reached the point where I can go through anything but put up with her one more second.

  15. I’m feeling like my boundaries are being invaded, just ’cause. No rhyme or reason, since I haven’t done anything particularly wrong. I am being attacked out of the blue by my parents, unprovoked. Yes, this transit is now gutwrenching for me (I didn’t feel it at 1st even when it squared my sun). Your last paragraph says it all.

  16. This post speaks to me.. Loud and Clear.. Everyday is like a new mine field. I’ve been in 2 fender benders in the past 2 weeks… and my ex has been stalking my life and trying to put me out of business… for his own thirst for revenge… just being a true snake… I even found posts of him trolling over here… and he messaged me over here … Insane. On another note, many great things are going on due to all the hard work I put in with Saturn in Libra. As much as I want to see the good in people, I can’t ignore it when I see the bad… this is based on professional and personal relationships. Do people realize they lose trust when their actions NEVER match their words.. or they do not even care?

  17. The past few months have been wild and wooly, and the intensity is ratcheting up fast. Maybe it has peaked, but I doubt it.

    The worst of it: my high-school best friends’ baby great-nephew, age 2, was killed by the mom’s boyfriend in Dubuque this weekend. Incredibly tragic event, which I sailed through because I was so sick in bed that I didn’t look at the phone from Friday through Monday. I had never seen the baby, and last saw the young mother at her own grandma’s funeral a few years ago. Still can’t believe it. Talk about the best and the worst coming out in people. Poor family!

  18. “…not the best solution though. It’s isolating and will lead a person into depression over time. The fact is, we do need each other.”

    Going to lose my s*** with this and let me tell why – took a hiatus from everyone for a week recalibrating and reevaluating (except for meeting mr. proposal man w/ four hour lunches discussing my fears of losing my “freedom” the day after Thanksgiving). Just today earlier reconnected w/ ppl at the office, then now jumped onto laptop and fired up the “Together we will live forever” track of the film The Fountain. Decided to jump on no other site but this one. And then read the phrase above.

    The reason I am “going to lose my…” is because I, right before hopping on here, felt this self-fulfilling, prophetic ‘depression’ – the same depression that hits after the ‘manic high’ of having my freedom. The same pattern of “no man is an island. we can have freedom and partnership.” We do need each other. This Saturn/Scorp transit is almost making some of us evolve. Scorp is my first house. Saturn is in my 8th, in 0deg. Maybe this is “truth/evolution” personified for some of us? *gets a large glass of wine

  19. I haven’t worried whether I see the people that drug me through the mud during Sat/Lib… I cried for two years. I hardly notice if they are still amongst the living these days….

    I have found it has affected me in the wallet. The dog got sick…cost a fortune only to lose him.

    Got hit hard on property taxes and insurance…Ouch

    The car had to go into the shop twice…1st time it cost $1700 bucks…I was livid…two weeks later the engine light was on again. Back I went with an attitude this time though…cost…zero

    My furnace went out (brand new) at my shop…guy charges $110 dollars every time he just pulls up in front…..oh lord….and its still not fixed.

    We are not going to be able to take many more hits like this. While we are earning…its flying out the window fast.

    Might be closer to my husband than I ever have been if thats possible…the boys too. I have no family complaints to date…I amputated the meanies…they are out! And I am better for it.

    I have no idea what is next but so far…Saturn in Libra hurt me emotionally ….bad, so bad. Right now I am just pissed off all the time at incompetent people and broken crap I have to keep fixing. Ugggggggggg

  20. Personally, I hated Saturn in Libra. Felt like I had to be nice ALL the time to everybody and sit on a crossroads of whether to continue certain relationships or not and be a people pleaser Saturn in Scorpio has been very liberating for me. I don’t take $hit anymore. Yes, there’s some subterfuge with Scorpio but I love the intensity. And my relationship with my DH? Oh my…better than ever. 😀

  21. As a Libra sun I feel like Saturn wrenched all the tough stuff outta my gut already: relationships & relating hardships that were ongoing for a long while…but Im sure there’s more to come, perhaps of the “internal” persuasion aka me noticing gut-wrenching stuff about myself that Ive been blind to (Sun in 8th?).

    I also have natal Saturn in Scorp so maybe Im just comfortable here. This energy is interesting to me, and Im actually happy that harsh secrets are being revealed (such as the Patreus scandal mentioned above), in due time. I am tired of deception.

  22. Thanks, Elsa. I think in some families, like the Patreus thing, you know icky things that large and smelly don’t go unnoticed by everybody. It’s just that there is such a large fabric that supports some pretty sad stuff. I’m with Lola; tired of it but I also know what happens to the whistle blowers and people who stand up. They are complainers and outcasts and martyrs right up until the day things happen just right and they become heroes. Maybe.

  23. Culling insincere relationships, establishing boundaries, over the last three months, drastically quietened the diary. Like battening down hatches of my life as my feelings lead me towards a quieter more contemplative one for now. Didn’t question it, but got positive confirmation anyway. Just coming out of a Saturn in Libra broken relationship tunnel…blinking in the light…at the crossroads…

  24. My heart goes out to everyone feeling this transit so profoundly difficult… I almost feel guilty that my gut feels great!

    Saturn going through my 12th has prepared me so much for its entrance into Scorpio. I’ve learned to let go without resisting, to accept change without clinging, to not be afraid.

    As it inches towards my 1st house, I’m feeling as if I know myself on a much deeper level and I’m liking myself more because I’m no longer defined by outdated limiting beliefs.

    I feel like celebrating because the isolation of my 12th house transit is nearing its end. I’ve aligned myself and created solid friendships that I trust, because you’re right Elsa, we need each other!

  25. I think my gut’s okay, but a sag gal pal was raving about probiotics so me and her fluffiness the queen are both doin them now.

    I really don’t know about trust anymore. It only seems to lead to expectations and then disappointment. It is funny not ha ha funny to hear this related to saturn in scorpio. I thought this had more to due with my pluto square to saturn in scorpio. Oh right, double dose that had to work itself out. When I enter shared space with someone(s) I always take a temperature reading. If I get a grump or cut from the external, the message is simply to go away. I can’t take it personally. So I really don’t get surprising disappointment too much anymore, and feelings of rejection, well those definitely had to be dealt with. The thing that still freaks me out sometimes is when people come gunning for me. I mean what is the purpose of that? I started stepping out of their way and then noticed bad things happening to those who were gunning for me. I went through a freak out thinkin I had the “carrie effect” until I realized that the time someone comes gunnin for me they are scrapin the bottom of the barrel and close to crashin.

    About Petraeus, you never know in politics. When they pull the mata haris out, it is never as simple as it looks. I felt bad that Rice got set up to take a fall. And I felt really really bad when they set Collin Powell up with that faulty info on the weapons of mass destruction thing. But who knows in politics and money? They may have been willing accomplices for whatever reason. Money and power. Power and money.

  26. Firmer and trimmer than usual thanks to a new workout routine 😉

    I’m flowing with the new ways and habits of interacting with others. It’s like surviving a whitewater raft capsize–feet first, bouncing from rock to rock but otherwise not fighting the shifting currents. Just going with it.

    Not so much with the mutual distrust, though. I take everyone with a grain of salt, but I don’t outright mistrust them. More like looking at their actions, in addition to their words.

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