Saturn In Scorpio For Leo Sun, Moon or Venus In Their 40’s

brood-by-leon“Think of a child star, who becomes the hot young women …who then hits her 40’s and beyond that, her 50’s and then oh no – menopause…”

I wrote that for a client, to describe what middle-aged people with Leo in their charts are experiencing with Saturn transiting Scorpio.  It’s quite harsh.

If you’re struggling with this, here’s some insight – Outgrowing the role of the Ingenue

I remember making this transition myself. I did it successfully, and you can do it too.

Do you have personal planets in Leo? Can you relate to this? How are you dealing with Saturn in Scorpio?



Saturn In Scorpio For Leo Sun, Moon or Venus In Their 40’s — 10 Comments

  1. Uranus in Leo / 2ND House ~ “transitioning” quite well!
    For whatever reason I am feeling more “guided” than ever before.
    Or I am just more attuned to it…….

    Scorpio Sun 5H ~ Taurus Moon 11H ~ Cancer Asc

  2. I have Venus in Leo but I’m still in my 30s and my Venus is in later degrees. Even though I’m not quite there, this pretending-not-to-age-and-then-seeming-much-older-and-slightly-ridiculous phenomenon is something I’ve always watched out for because my mother and her sisters have always been too girlish, well into middle age and now in their old age and it’s always made me really uncomfortable.

    I’m half-American, half-European and I think this transition is much much harder for women in America because aging gracefully is not supported by the culture at large and we don’t respect older people.

  3. Asc, sun and mercury in leo. Turning 40 in five weeks. It’s difficult feeling old and invisible, but I think I’ve been keenly aware of it happening over the past couple of years and trying to embrace it as gracefully as I can.

  4. I have a lot of Virgo in my chart too, but venus in Leo. I’m not handling this very well. I’m still trying to pull off skinnies and funny looking gladiator shoes and trendy tops. I am starting to look my age (40) and it’s tough to have a new baby at this time also. I feel frumpy and heavy. I hope I can grow into my new Mom role. I don’t know where I fit into my career anymore as I am no longer the cute “up and comer” neither have I the desire (or the time) to go for the brass ring so to speak, which is apparently what I am supposed to do at this point. I wasted my 20’s drinking, shopping clubbing and in a number of (self inflicted)big non commital flirtations and I feel frustrated tbat (1) those days are over and (2)i spent no time cultivating creative pursuits that I was good at such as acting and singing. It’s definitely an unconscious Mars thing. I am not comfortable in my own skin, I am still involved with people from that period who leave me tired and drained. Saturn transit is killing me.I think it is time for a consult! 🙂

  5. Sun in Leo, but not middle-aged. Hasn’t affected me in that way, to be honest (though I get the occasional inquiry about not having s/os and kids – think that’s more a function of the age group and the questioner). Anyway, Saturn makes a bunch of hard aspects in my chart, so I’ve never thought of myself as being a hot young thing.

  6. Venus in Leo 16 deg. Mid 40’s .. all my friends are 5 to 10 years younger then me !! Shhhh …. my doctor told me she didn’t see my any change since last 8 years 🙂

  7. 48 year old Venus in Leo struggling with her body!

    I was never an ingenue – when I was in my 20s, I was a shy, nerdy smart girl but thin, in my thirties, I put on a lot of weight. Ten years ago, I had a midlife crisis and lost 60 lbs. and left a bad marriage. But I put 18 lbs. of it back on (enough to push me from a medium to a large) in the past couple of years. Saturn crossed into my first house fall 2011. I went on a special diet and took it all off. But since last fall, I put 13 lbs. back on. I don’t over eat by any stretch of the imagination – I eat about half what my thin friends eat and I don’t eat any junk food. But my life has changed – I’m on the go all the time now so I can’t do the things I’ve done in the past to lose weight like vigorous, consistent exercise or eat according to special diet plans, try as I might.

    Part of me is beating myself up about not taking this weight off. Part of me is asking myself why do I feel that I need to be thin? What did I get when I was thinner that I’m not getting now? Nothing. So shouldn’t I accept myself as I am with the limitations I currently face? But I look in the mirror and I see fat and ugly. Sigh……..yes Saturn will be squaring my Venus this year.

  8. Somewhere I read “Venus in Leo at 4th house” at later age has tendence of gaining weight but will get peace in life !!
    I’m looking for that peace too in my life even I gain weight, I don’t mind !!
    But yea, none of other Astrologers supported this statement ha ha ha …

  9. Moon at 14 Leo, and almost 50 – but as a quadruple Capricorn with an extremely strong Saturn placement, I NEVER had a time where I felt like the Ingenue. In fact, I rather like that my age will finally match my spirit. The cool thing is now people actually listen to me, thinking only NOW I am so “wise” haha!

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