Saturn In Scorpio – After The Transit Has Passed

taking inventoryAwhile back I was writing to a gal about her Saturn return in Scorpio. She was really under the gun, but as I recall, once Saturn cleared 16 degrees, she was going to be through the thick of it.

Once Saturn in Scorpio clears your degrees, it’s time to consolidate your losses (and gains). Move on, or start building one what you have left.

For example, I have Venus @ 14 Fixed. I make my money doing this. I am married to this man. These are my values. All drama takes place outside these things that are well defined, post this transit. This is a big help.

It’s not that I didn’t suffer loss during transit. I most definitely did. But I’ve got the bleeding stopped up at this point and what I’m left with has real and lasting (Saturn) value (Venus).

Basically there comes a point where you stop inventorying what you have lost, and start inventorying what you have left.

Build on that, because it will be solid.

Who can relate?


Saturn In Scorpio – After The Transit Has Passed — 23 Comments

  1. Well, I can relate. I have Sun on my MC and Mars on ASC, so let’s talk about me 😀
    Seriously, I’ve remembered something from my early childhood, which was long forgotten; and it f”””ing represents Saturn in Scorpio! I certainly hope that “oh, trouble’ll soon be over, sorrow will have an end” (appropriate song right now, I feel). But, I will be cautious till it passes 25th degree of Scorpio, where it opposes my Moon…

  2. …and consider it a preview of what you must prepare yourself for when Saturn moves back to 16 degrees for the entire month of July 2014.

    Saturn in Scorpio squares my natal Saturn in Leo at 16 degrees. Saturn is moving through my 4th house, squaring my natal 12th house. I almost didn’t make rent when it was exact. I’m saving up in preparation for another lull when it comes back to that position. I recognized the lack of activity in my work world as an opportunity to focus on my meditation practices. I realize that my goal in this lifetime has more to do with using my resources to gain spiritual knowledge, not make money (Scorpio north node). As much as my Capricorn moon in the 6th trine Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th does not like to hear that success is not about money, my Scorpio stellium insists that my life carve this path and Leo ascendant chimes in with an intrinsic sense of self worth.

  3. Saturn is currently opposing my Sun/Mercury/NN in Taurus and squaring my Pluto/Saturn/Mars in Leo as well as my Moon in Aqu. It’s also conj. my Chiron. And will enter my seventh house soon. Yikes.

  4. I can. It is very refreshing. What I have to work with and what I am working to. It really is a beautiful thing so far. And I’m not quite there yet to my exact 2nd, but saturn is out of natal 12th. So now I will take a moment to reflect on the beautimous time after my 1st return. That was before the next leg of the journey which was a bit hairy to say the least. Wiser now, I think.

  5. I feel the same way. The only way to move on and restore balance is to stop dwelling on all of the negative things that have happened to you. You must not forget about them, simply put them in your back pocket and move on.

    Thanks for the post!

    Virgo Abby

  6. This is really timely for what has been going on with me for the past 12 months or so. I have a Venus Jupiter conj at 10-13 Aqua, and have been having “lesson” around love and money, and this approach to moving on is really empowering.

  7. All of this is so confusing. How do I know where Saturn is right now? Saturn in Scorpio 11th house, 11 degrees. How would I know Saturn is past that or not?

  8. Interesting perspective on Saturn in Scorpio transits to our planets.

    Saturn is conjuncting my moon at 22 Scorpio and has already made the first pass of my venus at 16 leo. Later this year, it will rx back to 16 degrees, stay stationary and then move direct on that exact degree. It’s been a tough few months so far with the loss of a really significant relationship, so I hope that this will be a time of healing and accepting what I dont have anymore. Maybe come out of it more sure of what I need in the future on both an emotional level and in my value system.

  9. I can’t wait until this transit is over. Saturn moved over my Libra Sun, ASC, Venus and Mercury, and now here it is on my 18 degree Scorpio moon.

    Bottom line, there’s a lot of emotional stuff, more responsibility for kids, etc. but what really bothers me, I look awwwwffffullll. Worse than I thought it was possible for me to look. My bones ache, my skin is sagging, it has seriously all gone to hell. I’m 45 but I feel and look much older. Sometimes astrology is so literal.

    So I guess at the end, I will have to figure out a way to patch things up the best I can and that will be the consolidation phase. Damn!

  10. I can definitely relate. It appears that I have about a year or so before Saturn hits my Sun at 25 degrees, and I am sure about one thing only at this point: the person I am inside. Hopefully by January 2015 my legal case will have made some progress or even be complete but either way, everything else will be or has been affected by it.

  11. UGH! Feels like being caught knee-deep in mud, and no matter how you try to slog your way out, you’re stuck. But once it passes, the most amazing levity and clarity passes over you. It’s a blessing in disguise. As Nietzsche said…

  12. Hello all Saturn transiting personal planets in Scorpio people… I was wondering when you felt your transit was the strongest? Saturn will conjunct my natal Saturn at 23 degrees and my natal Moon at 28 degrees. However, I feel so much lighter lately then say… a couple of months ago, even the preceding year. Could the actual conjunction experience be… the lighter part of the transit?

    • I would say, yes. If Saturn is well aspected in your chart, and if you are doing what you ought to be doing, it’s certainly possible to experience a lot of support.

      My husband has Saturn T his moon in Scorpio and his family (Moon) loves him to the bone (Saturn).

  13. I have nothing hard for t. Saturn to touch until he gets to 22-27 Scorp (my Taurus Chiron-Scorpio Uranus opposition is in this range). And by then the transit will be almost over. But it will retrograde back into Scorpio from June-September 2015, which should be a final opportunity to integrate the lessons.

  14. Does this transit end?! omg

    Sun an Pluto Scorp (10th)
    Cap ASC

    Last months:
    – Left my studies.
    – Quit antidepressants (cold turkey). Mental and emotional rollercoaster.
    – Moved back in with my parents. Have no friends here. And no job.
    – Now: confused.

    Saturn will hit my Sun (20 degrees) at the end of the month… more to come?

    I’m 26.
    What about my saturn return? More to come???
    My natal Sag saturn (12th) conjunct uranus and venus.

    So, I hope to survive and come here to tell the story!

  15. Yesterday I realized that Saturn will pass 18th degree two more times 🙂
    Since I’m dealing with one of my deepest emotional wounds, I presume it will need a few more “procedures” to endure… Oh, well, I must prepare…

  16. Saturn just crossed over into my 6th where I have natal Mars 17* (opposite 15* Saturn in the 12th), natal 26* Venus, 27* Neptune & 2* Jupiter in Sag. I’m a 7th house 12* Cap sun. The first Saturn transit to this house hit when I was 13. During that time I was competing heavily as a figure skater and Jupiter crossed over my Sun.
    This time I rather suddenly decided to open a shop. Drove by the space on Tuesday, signed the lease on Friday. I’m a hatmaker and a seamstress. (Had another shop that tanked during the Cap/Cancer grand cross in 2010 when Uranus hit my natal Pisces moon/Virgo Pluto opposition. Boy did that time really, really suck on so many levels).
    Anyway, I’m actually looking forward to Saturn on my stellium combined with Pluto on my Sun. I know EXACTLY what I need to do, the path is super clear. Nobody said anything about easy, but so what? For the first time in a looong time if I do ABC, XYZ will manifest! Discipline and obsession will produce results again. Yea!!
    And thank you Saturn, for bringing the Crazy Israeli Gemini boyfriend to me when you left my 5th. What a relief.

  17. I’m a little over a year into my first saturn return. I was dreading it at first, but now I’m grateful for it. I was diagnosed with a personality disorder and began treatment(right around the time Saturn first began transiting Scorpio). Here I am a year later, completely healed from it. I did work my ass off, though. After years of spinning my wheels I realized I wanted to get my masters in psychology/counseling and feel like that’s my true calling. The past year has been deep, heavy, and somewhat scary. But also incredibly healing & transformative. Elsa, does having saturn and pluto in the sixth house usually indicate mental health issues or a possible career in the mental health field?

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