Saturn in Sagittarius Survival Games

sagittarius adSo much has been said about Saturn in Sagittarius regarding prayer, faith, religion and philosophy.  We need to broaden our horizons – literally.  We all watch, or at least, know of games such as: Survivor; Naked and Afraid; Survivorman; Man, Woman, Wild; Man vs. Wild.  There’s a good many listing of shows on the television.  Games are to Sagittarius as surviving is to Saturn.  Put the two together and you are forced to deal with life, not only with your intellect, but, with your instincts.  No easy task, especially, if your life is on the line.   If you watch these shows, is there a correlation with your navigation, strategy and maneuvering of your own personal life?  Are there situations that you utilize in your life that have come from one of these shows?  Would you use different strategies?

I’m a Sagittarius Sun/Asc with four planets in Capricorn.  Jupiter in Capricorn, as well.  I, truly, enjoy having a clean body at all times.  So, for me, these shows and this lifestyle would take some getting used to.  Psychologically, I would have to treat this situation as if it were a job.  You know, a real 9 to 5 type job.

If, overnight, you had to actually survive in this manner, could you?  What planetary positions or aspects would you draw from?  Or, do you have actual experience without the need for the astrology?



Saturn in Sagittarius Survival Games — 33 Comments

  1. Uh, Chad, surviving without modern conveniences is neither a TV show nor a 9-5 job. It is a 24-7 scenario that very few Americans would survive. The very fact that you are worried about dirt shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. Astrologically, you would want a strong 8th House for a long life. But your concerns would be wound healing, night blindness, and effects of malnutrition, not lack of TV, access to junk food, and showers.

    • This makes me laugh. 12 years of landscaping and 4 in the concrete biz doesn’t a worry of dirt make. I was speaking of a type of mentality. I do realize that these are nothing more than t.v. shows. I’m looking for the astrology not personal attacks of an assumed disposition. But, thanks, for the personal reveal. THAT I found comforting.

      • GRIN. I like u and your posts. I think you’re a little weird, but at least your honest about it. In all seriousness, however, there is a lot of concern about disruption to the electrical grid with Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius in 2023. Plus, there is the idea that prepping will help you survive a year or more without modernity. In reality, most Americans would be facing catastrophic human dieback or die out, even preppers, due to the three things that Americans seem completely oblivious to – lack of iodized salt, inability to absorb Vitamin A once borderline malnourishment sets in, and extremely delayed wound healing.

  2. I’ve never really heard of these shows except people at work talking. I don’t think I could bear to watch them, my r. I would say that any farm kid would survive without too many bumps in the road. So that’s my life experience that doesn’t relate to astrology. But I also have mars/saturn having a nice close dance in my chart and that seems to get me through most everything. Between that and the Moo-ing sun I’m often more than willing to put in the physical work as well as mental that keeps one going.

    I should note, I also cannot stand horror movies because the females in the movies do not do the most basic sensible responses except to run/scream/cry/die as some sort of object instead of a thinking and intelligent human. Being from the farm as it were really makes me annoyed at the vast majority of people who eat meat but do not want to have any knowledge of how or where that meat came from. Even verbal descriptions freak them out. It’s like ignoring reality instead of savoring and valuing the meat that came from another animal.

    I obviously have awful conversations at work and at parties 😀

    • Ditto on the meat thing. People are appalled and disgusted and teary-eyed hearing a hunter tell how he got a deer…as they eat their steak and chicken.

      • I’m only appalled and disgusted when people shoot deer…and then leave them to rot. 😛 Some a**hole did that last week up in Old Crow – more than 20 caribou dead and left to rot, for no reason. And it’s not like the locals wouldn’t have welcomed the meat.

        • Oh man, that would piss my husband off, too. ST has been begging his dad for deer meat!! It’s free, it’s good for you, and there’s plenty of it. (His dad might know a hunter or two who can get us some venison.)

  3. I don’t watch teevee, but I have one sitting in my closet that someone gave to me when I moved back here a year ago. I tried to watch it for a few weeks, but was mostly disgusted with the stupidity of what is broadcast to the general public. Having said that, those “survival” shows are scripted, unlike real life and are just another way to dumb down a hypnotized public.

    Like the others whose comments are above, I agree that most anyone who has lived in a rural situation is probably in good shape to survive hard times, but don’t discount city dwellers either. Since moving back into a city, I have watched as people in my neighborhood go to the park to get food and herbs which naturally go there. I have watched men cut branches from trees to make fishing poles. And I have watched my neighbors share food with one another merely by putting out boxes of food marked “free.” (that goes for furniture and clothing as well)

    I am weary with a certain mindset that says we are stupid and selfish. This attitude seems to be viral on the internet and perhaps on teevee as well. But looking around in real life, I see people surviving all the time, and it is no game.

    • I love everything what Fritzy Ritz has said. Compliments, Fritzy! I was about to place the comment,scrolled…have read the comment…and have nothing to say just to repeat after you. I am not watching TV, do not care at all…People are in need of entertainment all the time! Question is – do they survive without being in constant need to escape from reality?
      I am genuinely curious, – may be i should start a topic ones myself with the themes: 1. Are there any party, celebration without people talking what is on TV, without discussing problems (discussing problems i mean,- just complain without searching for solutions)?
      Are we capable to sing, dance, play instrument together, cook, play cards, sew, paint instead of talking, talking, talking…For the sake of talking…
      2. Yep, what Fritzi says, we are hypnotized by TV. Do people realize that all we do daily, the only thing, the biggest amount of energy we spend on every day – is to Survive! We are all in the survival mode. If we do not go to work, do as we told, we will die! If will not have those numbers on our bank account, we will die! We live in Slavery and Domination society. We all have created this Survival game together in some certain point in space and time, everyone of us. I will shake the hand of everyone and send my love to everyone who managed to be alive right now, right here, especially if they are in the “sane” condition. And i want to congratulate everyone and hug everybody, who lives in conscious awareness of refusing to be the Slave or the Dominator in their thoughts, speech and deeds. That – refusing to be slave or a slave driver – would be just the beginning of the End of the Survival game.

  4. I’ve watched survivor for many years. It’s one if my favorite shows. Never correlated it with my astrology. I have a Sag Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 4th house, trine Mars, and square Mercury in the 8th house. I also have a 9th house Venus opp Pluto/Saturn in the 3rd. Every year, I think to myself: I need to sign up for it. I think I would have a good shot at winning.

  5. Ilove the survivor themes..not the reality shows themselves, but the whole prepper mentality. I love to think about and write lists of what items would be needed, how to grow food and where to get water and how to protect myself. It’s not a game though. It will be survival.

  6. Lol yes. I didn’t think of Saturn in Sagittarius in the survival sense but yes survival does force you to expand your mind and knowledge. After leaving my spouse and selling my home, I definitely had to stretch my mind to extents I’ve never been to before in order to survive a new way of life. I had to figure what to do with the limited resources I had just like the survivor shows. Saturn reflects that scarcity in resources. My income is reduced from my full time job changing to a part time job in order for me to take full time courses in college. I cannot live off of part time income while raising two kids. Survival mode is at its peak for me right now with so little income but I manage ?

  7. I love Les Stroud and Survivorman. He is the only legit one with sage practical advice. The others will get ya killed as it is for entertainment. I’ve been in wilderness situations many times and you’d be amazed at how little you can survive on and stretch resources if it becomes critical.

    I have a knack for survival. with a keen 8th house and a mars in fiery 12th. both augmented by pluto

  8. ST’s been addicted to Shark Tank lately. Definitely a cutthroat world on that show, where even the fittest have to sweat about whether or not they’ll get an offer.

  9. I have never watched one of those shows, but have seen promos. If I were alone in the wilderness, I would try to Neptune myself, but within 24 hours, I would hope that death came quickly. I just don’t think I have the skills…having been just recently lost on a TRAIL. I hate that. Plus the wilderness is creepy to me. Let’s just say I’m not at home with nature!

    However, if I were not alone, but with a strong, skilled leader, I would probably not only survive but be a significant asset.

    I give this to Mars in Libra. If there is no “other” or social interaction, I would have a very hard time motivating myself…I mean, if someone told me there was a man, fifty miles, yonder. I would walk to that guy, but absent of that? No way.

    Now my husband is the exact opposite. During his training, they had to survive 2-4 (I forgot) weeks, alone in the woods with nothing but a knife. A lot of men quit over this, my husband was completely comfortable.

    When they came to come get him, tell him it was time to come in, they found him relaxing (lying down) under a lean-to, cooking meat on a fire…right there with his arm outstretched.

    He had fish and two kinds of meat, all cut up to cook…nuts, berries. He no desire to come in, actually. It’s hilarious.

    Really, I’d be scared to death of the noises…however, put me in the city, I could forage for a long time…and yes, I have done this. Not to say I liked it!! 🙂

    Great question. 🙂

  10. If I had to, I could. What other choice would I have if that were the situation. Do or die. I think most people who think ‘no way’ might be surprised what they are capable of when it comes to survival.

  11. If it was hot out, or I had to lift something, or run away from a bear I would die 🙁 but if I got lucky and none of those happened, I could definitely last overnight.

    I can’t watch those shows, I always think they are too fake & can’t watch but a few minutes.

  12. I have never watched the shows but I have hiked on the Appalachian Trail and spent a few nights on it with a friend. A bear tried to get our food in the middle of the night as the bugs ate me. The biggest problem we had was water, finding a clean water supply is your number one task. I can do it but I like room service better! I don’t know the astrology but I do have Pluto square the Ascendant.

  13. When I was a teen, I spent nearly all my time in the mountains. I would just climb a mountain in the Appalachian Mts and hang out all day. And I used to go hunting with my grandfather and my step dad and I used to fish with my step dad. I think I could survive if we get an EMP.

  14. I have Sun-Venus in Sagittarius with Cap Asc. Do not watch the Survivor shows. Do enjoy the outdoors and feel drawn to mountains. They help me to put things in perspective and actually give me a sense of belonging. I presume that you need to be practical and skilled with your hands to cope with being stranded in the wilderness.

  15. I don’t know that Sag is about survival. Thinking about this and all things Sag, I find the Sag factor to be about risk taking. The thrill of the risk. Whatever it takes to feel alive? Suddenly all my Sag contacts make sense to me. Jupiter is in Virgo in my chart and will be for this life time. I feel the need to do probability factoring for my well being: risk assessment. Moon in cancer: am I comfortable with this.

  16. Those would be scenarios I think I’d have to actually go through to really know if I could survive them. I think I could though.

    • I’m good with the local plant community. But drop me down in a foreign plant community with no bookstore and I’d be searching for the shaman.

  17. I saw the Martian tonight…total correlation…could i survive? I don’t know but i tried to take advice from the movie. Solve one problem, then the next, and you might make it home.

    I did not know saturn was about survival. I thought that was Pluto! But ah, anyways

    • I think saturn is about death. Saturn can be over controlling, living in fear, or just plain moderating per Bil Tierney. I still think survival is about being alive. Self preservation is a biological thing. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn more about energies so I can better do life. And experience it on other levels as well. And stay sane.

      • Death-games. I agree, Saturn can be interpreted as death. The classical astrologers thought that of course. But then we realize what death really is. Death can come in many forms. And when we think about how death isn’t even a real ending, then it gets even more complex. Saturn is about survival because of life after the struggle or life after death. Saturn is also about Time, because Saturn’s other name is Kronos. And then we have to think about the complexities of Time…(I always go off on tangents…)

  18. Days later,having a Sagittarius stellium, I was born to group of male survivalist.

    The men in my young life, taught me to, fish, shoot, pitch a tent,make fire, fight, stand up for myself and listening.

    I believe, Sagittarius energy is learning and learning to survive is important, apparently I needed it when I was a child. And I did.

    My Sun, mercury, Uranus and Neptune, will blow the roof off when it hit Saturn, but my Venus-Saturn will keep me grounded and maybe we’ll thought out, but I’m hoping I’ll look pretty as well.

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