Saturn In Sagittarius: New England Patriots, Deflated Footballs

logoThe Patriots have been accused of deflating their footballs to have an advantage in the AFC Championship game. (CBS Sports)  Do you know that Sagittarius is associated with outdoor sports?

They mention the team may be fined or lose a draft pick. Personally, I would like to Saturn come down a lot harder then that.

If found guilty, and if I were making the decision I would make them forfeit their win.  If you can’t win fair and square, then I guess you can’t win at all!

What would you if you were to make this call?  Where’s your Saturn?

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Saturn In Sagittarius: New England Patriots, Deflated Footballs — 35 Comments

  1. I am SO not a sports fan, but my husband is a diehard Eagles fan, and he is angry about this because this is the second time this same coach got caught cheating. The first time was with his team (Eagles) in 2004 when the Eagles played them in the Superbowl; nothing ever came of it. He has hated this guy like only an Eagles fan could for years now, and he is also hoping something more serious comes of this.

    Like I said, I am not a sports fan, could care less, but when I heard last night that each team is responsible for supplying 12 balls each for every game, even I thought that was stupid; shouldn’t the NFL, the neutral party in this, supply the balls and not each team? It seems like that leaves so much room for problems like this to occur, that if a non-caring person like myself sees it, it must be bad.

    • I’m from Philly, too and I remember that game oh so well. Those fans don’t and shouldn’t forget. Donovan McNabb and the rest of the Eagles were the best team on the field that day and the Patriots stole the Eagles signals. This game needs to be brought up in the current situation. The Patriots and their coach have been cheating for years.

      Natal Saturn in 10th house Virgo but right now, it just passed over my Ascendant. At least in Sag, it seems a bit “deflated”.

    • You might guess from the information below that I am a double Capricorn.

      I have tried to let this go because there are those telling me that it doesn’t matter but I think it does. I love football, I really do and I know that there are elements of some cheating in most games but this appears to have been wholesale cheating. As a rule the NE Pats are a very good team and would have beaten the Colts regardless. This is not the point…

      Since this is an Astrology site, I would like to point out Brady’s chart especially his T-square of 2nd house Neptune in Sag opposing Mars in his 8th squaring Mercury. Also his Pluto opposing his Moon which rules his MC. It screamed liar to me and I haven’t even looked at his Transits.

      I was not aware of the cheating allegations regarding the Eagles in 2004.

      I was able to pull together several articles which highlight Deflate Gate and why I think NE did cheat (again) and that it matters.

      Bellachick was fined the most any team could be fined for spying on the Jets. “New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was fined the NFL maximum of $500,000 Thursday and the Patriots were ordered to pay $250,000 for spying on an opponent’s defensive signals…” (Source: It is strongly believed that Bellachick spied on many other teams as well.

      In 2006, Brady and Peyton Manning petitioned the NFL to allow Away teams to bring their own balls. (Various sources)

      It turns out that in 2011, Tom Brady admitted during a radio interview that he likes using deflated footballs. (Source:

      Now the article that really got my attention was regarding betting and the New England Patriots. I have to paste the paragraph from the NY Times because I have a hard time understanding betting.

      “Over the past 12 seasons, the New England Patriots have played so well in wet conditions that their margin of victory in those games has exceeded the betting spread — set by a global market that tries to take all known advantages into account — 80 percent of the time, according to an analysis by Covers, a sports betting information website.

      The analysis suggests that the Patriots have an edge in wet weather that neither the general public nor professional bettors have taken into account. But the analysis sheds no light on what that advantage, or those advantages, might be. The Patriots exceeded the spread 56 percent of the time in their other games during that period, the analysis shows…” (Source: NYT, 23 Jan 2015)

      “…Taking air out of the ball makes it softer, and thus easier to grip, throw, and catch. NFL teams each bring 12 balls to the game and use their own on offense, so only the Patriots would have benefitted from the deflated balls…”

      I apologize for all the sources but I was a News Researcher and just can’t help myself. After seeing Brady’s Natal chart, I am going to take a look at his transits. Thank you very much for allowing me to vent.

  2. When there are interceptions, the opposing team will be using that ball. So…

    Also, there’s science, humidity, air pressure, temperature, etc.

    It’s funny. Maybe the Colts would have gotten 14 points instead.

  3. No call. Jupiter conjuncts sun in the 10th,saturn’s domain so well, uh, I just enjoyed the jimmy fallon humor around the deflated balls. 😀

  4. My husband has always been a football nut, so football is always on TV at my house. I will never understand how he can be glued to the TV when football is on.

    My understanding is that there is an NFL ball checker that’s supposed to make sure each ball is the proper pressure (PSI). The balls are supposed to be 12.5 to 13.5 PSI. The Patriot’s balls, 11 out of 12 of them, were 2 pounds under that.

    I agree that they should forfeit the win if found guilty. I don’t think that will happen though. There is too much money involved. Maybe public outcry will make a difference in the punishment, who knows.

  5. This isn’t the first time they have cheated. They are my least favorite team in the NFL. Even though it didn’t help them win the game I would fine the team and the coach. Saturn in the 10th house.

  6. I am not a sports fan. Football being the least of them. Am in advertising though, so I will watch the Superbowl strictly for the commercials. But, my cup runneth over regarding the NFL. So far, they’ve gotten away with spousal abuse, child abuse and now this cheating scandal comes up. Am not surprised. Ironically, my brother was a professional athlete. A big star. And I attended a lot of parties with his athlete friends, that the regular public would never be allowed inside. And the things I heard they would do to win, reminded me of how lawyers twist things to keep mafioso’s from jail. So are they guilty? Absolutely. Should they be reprimanded? Definitely. They’re setting an example for our nation’s youth. So far, it seems like abusing your wife/girlfriend/fiance is okay. This just gives a bad taste in my mouth about the entire franchise. But, I’d like to see the team’s chart before I say anymore. The previous blog about lying is so apropos here. I agree with the statement above, about public outcry. We have so much power as the paying public, that if we use it collectively, now that almost every planet is in Aquarius, we might actually teach the NFL a thing or two about justice. That would bring Saturn in Sadge into the picture too, Because isn’t Sadge about telling the truth, even when it hurts? Sigh.

  7. 🙂 Yeah, I’m feel pretty intense about my teams, Venus trine Pluto, I guess. Third house Scorpio Neptune sextiles Pluto, though and maybe that’s blind loyalty or something. It’s that weird feeling I have, if I really really like you, yeah I see your faults but it’s all foggy.

  8. I’ve got some Saturn, so my thinking is this: you know that the good majority of teams are ‘cheating’ (use that term loosely) in one way or another (think illegal hits, illegal blocks, illegal recruiting or illegal practice time, etc, etc, etc-the list is extensive). That being said, until you start to make the penalties strong enough to discourage this, it’s just going to continue and keep morphing to stay one step ahead of the rest/game.

  9. I’m a sports fan and I remember when Shaq and Kobe were playing for the Lakers and they complained to Magic Johnson that other teams were holding and grabbing them ie cheating. And Magic Johnson basically said, no shit, that’s what it takes to win. Magic has 5 championships.

    • lol

      The fact that any of this comes to light at all means it’s not never been heard of before, from PeeWee on up.

      Also, EVERY profession/sports has good and bad people involved. Hell, if people saw what they do to compete in dogs shows, they’d flip out. We might not hear about all the salacious activities all over because face it, it’s just not sexy enough for the media.

  10. Oh, I feel they are going to be in trouble! Big trouble. And not just them, the whole sport, if this isn’t dealt with accordingly

    I used to be a big soccer fan. My favorite Team, Internazionale, lost Championship at the last round in 2002. It was later discovered several other teams, and especially Juventus, had paid referees and other teams for years to get results they needed. Juventus lost two titles, those of 2005 and 2006, and the 2006 was given to “Inter”. They went win win 4 consequetive Championships, and one European Club Championship. Juventus was demoted and stripped 30 points to start with.

    That said, I eventually lost much of my interest in soccer, after realizing how much I had suffered for those rigged games. Also, I’m not happy hearing the current CEO of Juventus telling the CEO who essentially “bought” people got punished too hard. We are talking about not just a sport, but a billion dollar business here. Juventus has been a listed since 2001.

  11. Gawd, that is such bs. This is the same team, same coach Bill Belichick, that was caught taping opposing teams to learn their defensive signals. During the span of time it is believed they were cheating like this, they won 3 Super Bowls; they’ve won zero since they were caught. Just sayin’… This is like The Empire Strikes Back, and Belichick seems like Darth Vader, or even the Emperor. Hoping Seattle stomps them.

    If any referees were complicit, fire them. Let the Patriots play in the Super Bowl (I don’t see replaying the game sensible), but suspend any complicit couches/staff for the Super Bowl and next season. On top of big fines and loss of draft picks.

  12. According to various sports analyst, the most severe punishment will be a fine and maybe lost draft picks and a suspension for the coach. I am not surprised that this may not be dealt with until AFTER the Super Bowl. I expect the “football gods” will see to it that the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

  13. My Saturn is in Sag, third house. I’m supposed to come off as cool and woman of few words, but I’m the opposite of that, LOL! So here I blab:

    I say — toss the bums! I know “everyone cheats” but hey, when you get caught, you get tossed, or the rules mean nothing. Particularly on this team that apparently likes to cheat (thinking of the video nonsense a few years ago). There are complaints by QBs like Rodgers about refs deflating some balls, but this 11 out of 12 things smells like fish.

  14. Just looking at Tom Brady’s astro chart (Aug 3 ’77, 11:48 am San Mateo), I don’t see this story bringing him down particularly. It is interesting that Jupiter is transiting his Saturn at 19 Leo, certainly magnifying any insecurity. Also interesting that, for an athlete (physical), he’s nearly devoid of earth planets – just Mercury in Virgo, square both Mars and Neptune. Is that a recipe for deception (Neptune) in service of Mars’ competitiveness? Curious.

  15. Saturn in the4th, Pisces opposite Uranus , Pluto conjunct. I am bloody mad about this . They should have to forfeit the game but there is no justice in sports as we have repeatedly seen. I wish there could be honesty and fairness in sports and in the world in general. Cheating to win just sucks so much!

  16. My Jupiter is in capricorn. I take the playing of, preparation for and rules of the game very seriously. Thankfullyvmy saturn is in Gemini in the 12th opposite my neptune in Sag in the 7th. I think this helps me to have just enough of a child(gemini) in me to let it go(neptune) It doesn’t mean I dont think its important I DO. I believe work hard(saturn) See every practice and play through to the end(saturn) Play hard(jupiter) and consequences for actions are a requirement!

    If any of you watched the Seahawks game last weekend you know most people couldn’t believe this wasn’t the end of their season. But not me. They work hard as a team, they believe in each other, trust each other, support one another. Its this that made me believe that they could still do it. That game to me was Saturn/jupiter/neptune in action.

    I don’t follow the Patriots. I didn’t know, or forgot about(neptune), previous allegations. I want consequences but will not worry about what those will or should be. That would be a waste of my energy and time since I have not control over the situation. Instead I will get my personal and professional stuff done so my gemini can come out to play on Super bowl sunday and take the next morning off from work because neptune wants to come out for a couple beers after the game. Saturn Neptune much?(planing so I can have a couple drinks)

  17. I’m a Leo Sun with Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo in my 12th house. To me its obvious that Brady did it…and its not the first time he’s done something like this.

    In 2007 the Patriots were fined for secretly videotaping other teams practice. Brady, the coach and the entire team’s administration will do whatever they feel they have to in order to get a win.

    They should deduct 6 points (a touchdown) from the Patriots at the upcoming Super Bowl. I know that’s hardcore, but that would send a stronger message than a fine or taking away a draft pick.

  18. I’m glad I didn’t see this before the game.

    This sordid saga is a cautionary tale, all right, but not about the Patriots. It exposed how, in the internet/Twitter era, rumors, lies, and distortions can get all the way around the world in seconds, while actual evidence is still putting on its shoes. And a nation ready to believe anything that would confirm its own sorry biases.

    Right before this post was made, the information we had was this:

    1. Per an unnamed “league source,” 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots prepared were found at halftime to be 2 psi below the 12.5 to 13.5 psi range mandated by league rules.
    2. Per the NFL, the officials “inspected and approved” the balls before the game.

    Ergo, the Patriots deliberately let air out of the balls after the inspection. The dirty cheaters. Problem is, neither of the two predicate statements was true.

    A more recent report says only one of the balls was a full 2 psi below the minimum, and that was the one the Colts intercepted and had on their sideline for 20 minutes. The others were “a few ticks” below the minimum, easily accounted for by the fact that they were checked indoors at 70+ degrees, and the temperature at halftime was 42. Not to mention the driving rain that causes leather to expand.

    How did this happen? Like this. Mike Kensil, the NFL’s Director of Game Day Operations, is the source of the “11 of 12” leak. He was also the guy who gave the initial story to a known provacateur columnist from Indianapolis hours after that city’s team had been stomped in the AFC title game. And Mike Kensil just happens to be a former longtime executive of the New York Jets, the Patriots’ most bitter rival. And a guy whose own friends say he spends an inordinate amount of time promising to “get” the Patriots and “destroy” coach Bill Belichick.

    More despicable, on Monday 1/26 Kensil leaked that a “Patriots employee” took the Pats’ and Colts’ balls from the officials’ locker room “to another area on the way to field” just before the game. Some folks at the NFL must have had enough, because it soon came out that (1) the person in question was “elderly;” (2) that the “other area” was a tiny bathroom with one toilet and one sink; (3) that he was there a grand total of 90 seconds; and (4) that this was not new information for the NFL. The Patriots themselves provided the video showing him, on the very first day of the investigation.

    Then, two days before the Super Bowl, it comes out that the officials never “logged” the pre-game PSI in the balls. That jives with the statements by ballboys from the Chicago Bears and other teams that officials don’t actually measure the PSI during inspection, they just eyeball or squeeze them. This is also something the NFL knew from Day 1, but didn’t bother to share because it would show there was nothing to see here.

    Not that there was anything to see here anyway. The Pats won 45-7. And Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers said in November he likes it overinflated, beyond the maximum allowed, and is annoyed when officials take air out during inspection. No uproar when he made that comment.

    The NY Times reported that Giants QB Eli Manning likes to put some kind of substance on the balls and scuff them up. Brad Johnson, Tampa’s QB, said that he paid someone $7,500 to get the balls the way he likes them before a Super Bowl win in early 2003. The losing QB in that game, Rich Gannon of Oakland, said that he was OK with it because he and Johnson had talked before the Super Bowl about their concerns the balls wouldn’t be to their liking.

    A ton of former QBs and coaches said they never knew the first thing about NFL rules on PSI, or how inspections were conducted. Plenty of QB’s said they couldn’t tell the difference in PSI anyway. People even failed “taste tests” with balls inflated to different levels. A complete non-issue in the NFL until the Colts didn’t like getting blown out.

    But, I heard for two weeks, the Patriots don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. They have a proven “pattern” or “culture” of cheating. Actually, the ONLY prior incident was when the Patriots videotaped the Jets’ sideline in 2007, which was standard practice in the NFL for decades, but did it from outside the area designated for such activity under a new rule. The Jets had done the same the year before, and were asked to stop, league not even notified. In other words, the most overblown “scandal” in sports history until this one.

    None of which stopped the nation, and much of the media (including, shamefully, some Boston media) from eating this up before any facts were in. It’s painfully obvious this hysteria would not have have happened with any other team. It truly was a modern-era witch hunt.

    Hey, I get it. The Patriots have made mince meat of the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins in their division for 15 years. In the playoffs they’ve ended the season of the Colts, Ravens, Steelers, Broncos, Chargers, Texans, Titans, and Raiders time and time again. They’ve beaten the Rams, Panthers, Eagles, and now Seahawks in the Super Bowl. That’s a lot of hate out there. And a look at the talking heads pointing their fingers shows that virtually all of them lost a key game to the Patriots during their careers, or are about to see their records matched or surpassed by the Patriots. For shame.

    But of course it’s easier to say the Patriots cheated than to admit you got beat. No offense, but the Eagles? Please. The Patriots controlled that game for the whole second half. It didn’t occur to the Eagles to cry “cheaters” until three years later, when the videotaping silliness happened.

    People say the Patriots will “never win the barroom argument” about which team is best in history. Well, I go to bars in Massachusetts, so I couldn’t care less what they say elsewhere. We’ve had 7 1/2 years to get used to the rest of the nation saying nonsensical things about us. We know what we have, and we have four Super Bowl trophies, and the best coach and the best QB in NFL history.

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