Saturn in Sagittarius – Let Your Character Be Revealed

jupiterI like to watch sports dramas and documentaries. Athletes and the people who coach them inspire me. I like the stories more than the sports themselves. It’s the Jupiter aspect I seek rather than Mars (competition).

Boxing, football, hockey, mountain climbing, biking, martial arts…the sport doesn’t matter.  If you search around the blog you’ll find quite a bit on this topic (movies, sports, boxing…)

I recently watched every episode of Friday Night Lights, which I loved. Tonight I was watching, Undefeated, on Netflix. It’s about a horrible football team in Memphis, TN. I guess they hadn’t won a game in years…and then they got this volunteer coach.

He seemed an unlikely hero at first glance, but his energy is apparent the minute he opens his mouth.  You can just tell he’s there to do a job and he’s not backing down.

At some point he said this: that football does not build character, it reveals it. I’d never heard anyone say that before.  You’re supposed to BUILD character, right?  It’s hard.  But this sounds more like an opportunity.

I thought it was a perfect message for Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter is in Virgo – perfect.

If you’re having a hard time right now – good! Let your character be revealed!


Saturn in Sagittarius – Let Your Character Be Revealed — 15 Comments

  1. I live in an old house. Almost 70 years old now and it needs repairs and preparation for winter, so I’ve been managing multiple projects – a new storm door, garage door, tree work, etc. Some of these have been on the back-burner for awhile, but now I am trudging through them.

    With Saturn in Scorpio, I was in an emotional knot, but now I see a mountain of things I’ve neglected. I’m taking it all on now that I’m out of the swamp.

    • That is perfect JoFrance! Houses do have long memories, and endure the seasons in their unique fashion. Trudge on with your dear old house!

  2. Encouraged here too, and thanks Elsa – I can feel this, but have been a bit nervous to “out” it. Reveal it is. . . .

  3. I love this! Sort of like the refining fire. I watch a lot of sports movies as well, but am not a sports fan. My kids have always asked me why and now I know. Hope what is revealed in me sides with light and not my dark side 🙂

  4. This made me think about when I moved here. Boy did we land HARD. Then my son balked…I was sick. And I don’t think anyone thought I could deal with this property alone…I wondered myself. But I was committed to doing my best and most definitely, my character was revealed in this process.

    I kept every promise I made to everyone. I did everything I said I was going to do. This stuff counts. I don’t know that there is anything more important, when you get right down to it.

  5. Timely. I have been dealing with some issues with a client. It’s been crap for a long time. It feels like an abusive relationship. Recently they are attempting to sign a contract on my behalf, when we don’t have a contract. I’m not there ho to be pumped out. I’m figuring out how to exit gracefully..because that’s who I am. Libra peace keeper. But they have crossed a line, judgement day is coming and justice will be served quickly.

  6. Saturn has been hitting me hard in general for the past–between being in my 4th the, squares to my AC/DC and oppositions to personal planets (half of which have only begun!!!) It has definitely revealed my character –which has been ugghmm, verrrry humbling to say the least ? But the flip side of this has been interesting –it has forced me to not only take a full-frontal inventory of my weaknesses (too many to count! ?) but to also transmute those same weaknesses into strengths. It has been an uphill battle but I think I’m finally getting somewhere. I hope ?

    • Yeah, I’ve seen most of those too. I’m still watching, “Undefeated”. It’s gritty.

      We watched, “Forgotten Four”, last night. These are the four black men who broke the color barrier in the NFL in the 40’s. They paved the way for, Jackie Robinson. These were some kind of classy men.

      The bodies were so different back then – no steroids. Anyway, it’s pretty interesting. And no one does remember them…not that this is unusual. People are all about their image in the mirror, it seems. No time for history! 🙂

      • Before I got sick I had season tickets to the local AAA minor league baseball team – the comparison between the minor league player bodies and the major leaguers makes steroid use so obvious. Even allowing for youth, more coaching etc.

  7. I have my natal Saturn in Sag conjunct the MC and also Mars in Cap conjunct Moon in Sag. Just love sports movies especially “Remember the Titans” and “The Rookie”. Enjoyed watching “Friday Night Lights” also Elsa.
    Recently someone recommended “The Natural” which was released in 1984. “Undefeated” sounds good ?
    Being Pisces I like to shed a few sentimental tears and a happy ending.
    In reality it takes a lot of hard work, training, focus, planning, innovation,
    talent, the right personnel and support for teams to win games and finals.

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