Saturn in Sagittarius – Ambition Returns?

capricorn mountain_goat_2I read through a client’s email this morning. She mentioned her “climb to the top” and it made me smile.

A lot of people have become so disillusioned, they no longer feel it’s possible to get to the top. They’re trying to survive and that’s it.

Others (and I would include myself in this group), have opted to aim lower, because successful people are punished, without mercy.  After awhile, you realize, if you’re number two or three or four, number one will take all the heat. You can still make a living and have a better quality of life.

I wonder now, if people may see their ambition return, when Saturn enters Sagittarius, a visionary and optimistic sign. Perhaps people like me will begin to think big again and work to reach our goals.

What do you think?  Are you as sick of lying low as I am?

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Saturn in Sagittarius – Ambition Returns? — 24 Comments

  1. I really don’t know if Saturn in Scorpio has been the culprit or if life in general has given me an a** kicking of a lifetime, but it has made me very self protective. I have consciously made myself ‘small’ and unobtrusive. Yes, I am sick of it!

  2. Interesting questions; With my Sag Sun and Aries Moon I was a pretty lively child, or started that way. My mom could not abide my ‘showing off’ and I believe she was jealous of me and my sisters and our talents. Which is sad since she herself is amazingly creative. Anyway….once I was out on my own I slowly regained my confidence and let more of my light shine. College (started at 35) really helped me blossom. By the time I was nearly 50 I had become the minister I had dreamed of being when I was only 16, plus I attained my Reiki Masters level. From 1999 to 2003 I was a whirling dervish of being out there. Then I went splat. And I have been hiding my light and toning down my inner show off. I can feel her getting itchy feet….needing something bigger to accomplish again. Want to start up a Reiki Practice and offering ceremonies. Scared….in a good way.

  3. Goals? I’m there. Just tweaking. Can’t think of any other place I’d rather be. Income generation is slow in coming but that’s a maintenance issue. I guess I’m just not very lofty? Or is there some place else I need to be? Or maybe I’m lucky my natal NN and progressed Saturn are in sag.

  4. Well, yes! And I had something that felt very synchronic happening to me just today. I still think the project I learned about has snowflake’s chance in hell to coming through. But if it does, a person who I talked to today knows where to find me, and I think I know where to find him.

  5. i can so relate to this; i love laying low though; i see so many others taking the “heat” and i can’t take the “heat” so i just stay in the shadows. It’s comforting and feel good, protective and so nice. I always feel the “strong” can do it, i sure can’t. i break down and cry.It’s kind of like how the “crab” symbol in astrology stays out of the heat, running out of the cover either straight to the shore/water or under a rock. It’s scary out there in the big bad world. 🙁

  6. I have been like a hermit for months now. Really love the days I don’t have to drive anywhere, stay home, really have to push myself to be in contact with people. I had thought this was connected to Pluto moving into my 12H on transit. I like the fact that it might be Saturn related and change soon because I am sloooowly starting to be tired of the hermit life!

  7. …or it could be Saturn restricting Sag optimism, ambition included, no?
    I really don’t know, Elsa, you’ve got me slowly changing my mind with these Saturn in Sag posts of yours. Because I used to think, “what can be so good about this, Saturn on Jupiter, lovely”! The only thing that can make it seem “better than” is Saturn in Scorpio, which has I think been giving people a really hard time.
    And at the same time, as you say, I’m also thinking about returning to school, this time to actually study something I really can’t live without. And I *have* been feeling ambition returning, in the sense that I want to see my efforts recognised at some point, which I haven’t experienced so far.
    So, it is hard work, long term project (3 years), about a subject I really love and believe I can be good at.
    Oh, Saturn will be in my 6th squaring my Midheaven, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right.
    Anyway, thanks for the perspective on this, I’ve gained so much just by being challenged to think about it.

  8. Oh, I hope Sagittarius comes here soon. Saturn Libra plummeting through my 12th/1st and Saturn in Scorpio destroying everything with no trail left behind my 1st/2nd is too much! I can get back to climbing the mountain I once fell off of when optimistic Sagittarius gets into the mix.

  9. For the past 5 years I feel I’ve been struggling to stay afloat. In the past year, things have stabilized tremendously, but I’m bored. I’m dying to change my career, get back to the passion my younger self had, but I have no idea where to begin. I just keep waiting, looking into things, but nothing has presented itself so far in terms of direction. Feel like I’m treading water and I hate it!

  10. I’ve started to wonder lately if my life and my best friend’s life have been so challenging the past few years because of the difficult transits (cardinal cross on personal planets for both, plus the Pluto squares at age 38, plus for me saturn running rampant over most of my personal planets)…or if it’s just because we are getting older and tired of fighting the good fight. We’ve both been through A LOT, worked our butts off to heal our lives and achieve our dreams. But dammit if we aren’t both running on empty. The hope we had when we were younger was sincere; now it feels more like a habit, and one that may not stand up to close scrutiny.
    I’ve got a ways to go still, the cardinal cross is still on my mars Pluto Venus t-square at 13 deg; now Saturn is approaching my 0 sag moon, where it will hang out for a year or so with retrogrades, mars still squaring Uranus till march (two head injuries later), and next up Pluto square mars. (I made it through Pluto sq Venus and Pluto sq Pluto but this one can be dangerous and makes me nervous.)

    It’s been intense and transformative, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of channeling it all well…but I am really wondering if I’ll ever get back to my normal self, or if these 5 years have just taken it out of me permanently. I really am looking forward to some relief, and 2016 is looking easier…it will feel like a miracle if things finally shift back into easy peasy! Fingers crossed. I’m truly grateful for the powerful transformations I’ve been through, but I suspect I could have learned my lessons without quite so much drama! Let’s hope Saturn in sadge shifts things in a positive, lighthearted direction for a change. 😉

  11. The last few years have been kind of dreadful, smacking my life hard until I too felt safer being almost a hermit in a way, which is not like me. So happy when I can just curl up at home and avoid the shelling for a day, so to speak. I feel as battered as the boat on Gilligan’s Island. But my “grrrrr” seems to be bubbling again. I have uttered a few expletives at SAturn in Scorpio as have a few other battered Virgo pals. I can see stepping back out but in a new way. I have Saturn in Sadge so we’ll see when the transit plops on my head but I feel sort of like I will be making a bold dash forward even if this transit presents another beat-down.

  12. Ambition?
    Why yes. I’ve felt invigorated for a bit now.
    Went to an open mic poetry reading and returned to the same place 2 weeks later to have been told that I motivated someone during my reading.

    And Sag is to bring education to the fold correct?
    My current job just offered me a college grant. I can’t wait. SOOO much potential out in the world for those who are willing to work for it it seems.

  13. To the top? Hell, I’d just be happy to get OFF the bottom.

    Had to laugh about the ‘hard to be on top’ spiel. Most of the number ones I’ve seen will channel the blame to number two, three, and four. You don’t get to number one without a CYA plan.

  14. I’m hoping to be valedictorian of my CGA (CPA accounting) graduating class in Nov 2015. To get that, I have to have the highest overall marks out of approximately 1,500 students. From what I’ve achieved so far over the past 5 years in the program, it’s a possibility.

    Astrologically, it looks good, too. Saturn will be in the early degrees of my 10th house (conjunct my natal Neptune on my midheaven), transiting Pluto will be conjunct my Part of Fortune, my progressed sun will be in the early degrees of Gemini, and transiting Uranus conjunct my natal sun. And on two separate occasions I asked the tarot if I would be valedictorian and I got the “Success” card (6 of Disks).

    I want to give a valedictorian speech about the importance of ethics in our economic system, and how we as accountants can do our part to encourage social justice, economic equality, environmental protection, a healthier balance and holistic thinking underlying our actions. Not many accountants care about these kind of issues, so I think I have a unique perspective to share.

    I suppose that’s part of Neptune’s idealism natally on my midheaven. But you can’t be a flake to get a professional accounting designation – it takes a lot of hard work, focus and perseverance. Saturn transiting my 9th and Pluto transiting my 12th house is how I’m getting through this really challenging 5 years of nothing but accounting schoolwork combined with jobwork 65 hours a week. I hope Saturn in Sag helps all my hard work pay off!

    • Good luck with the ethics. The degreed accountants I worked with (I worked my way into it. Believe it or not I really dug it.) got accounting degrees because they wanted a degree and figured accounting would get them a job. Frustrating, because some of them really didn’t even get accounting. They just wanted a paycheck.

      May the force be with you.

      • notch,

        For sure, I agree, most accountants seem to be in it for the stable career and paycheque, and they actually don’t like the work or even ‘get’ it as you say, which drives me nuts.

        In my CGA program (in British Columbia, Canada), 97% are southeast Asian, and most of them are not native English speakers. The remaining 3% are Eastern European, once again, not native English speakers. Out of the graduating class of 1,500, I bet there will be only 3 students who are caucasian and Canadian born. It’s interesting. I wonder how much parental influence is a factor in driving the students to become professional accountants. I bet a lot. As for me, I’ve been estranged from my parents for a decade, and they couldn’t care less what I do with my life. Maybe that’s a driving factor for me – I need to be self-reliant.

        I love accounting work and theory. I think it’s because I’m also a very creative person, involved in my community, interested in the wider world and esoteric stuff like astrology. I need to use both sides of my brain, and I guess accountants who you worked with, notch, are unsatisfied because they’re only using their left brain and haven’t achieved a better balance in their life.

        BTW notch, if you liked accounting, maybe you could consider it as a career, if you’re not doing it now and are looking for a change?

        • I could end up there again. But am not really seeking it. The experience I gained as far as operations and cash flow management was good. I think accounting is a stepping stone. I know accounting majors who moved into compliance auditing, IT, and one into environmental compliance ( a tough sell because in order for businesses to change in this present climate [no pun intended] they have to see a financial advantage).

          I never really want a career but sometimes I get sucked into it. So went accounting. Being a work beast I can get real distant from my personal life. It was great when I was younger. Took me to alot of places and people. Now my major focus is stewarting the couple of acres I live on. Amazing how much there is to do here. I could really use some woodworking and small engine repair training. 😀

  15. Success was a rough meditation for me because of the canned perception of what success is. I am supposed to be success driven with sun in the 10th. But I’d rather be in it than on a rung in the hierarchy. I think it has to do with my 10th house sun Jupiter in virgo intercepted by leo on the midheaven. Good insight.

    On the upside I tend to see the success in everyone. The numbering system exists in the imposed hierarchy, but mainly it is just a headache for me. On the top rung of the hierarchy the person gets to make all the judgement calls and say what’s what. But when someone makes a judgement on them, it’s oh so tragic. It’s all just people to me.

  16. Rubbish – its firing from the hip that returns, and worse still, is that your shot will be either too high or too low, but never spot on – unless other factors in the chart balance or overwhelm saturn.

  17. This is good. I think my 10th sun jupiter is not an upward thing but a forward drive. I have to moving forward (so I can relate to the sag who gets bored). I have to have direction. And when I do, I guess with pluto on that midheaven of mine I can be frightening. That must be why ladder status people see me as a threat even though I am not interested in the ladder just the work. Okay then. But I would be cheating myself to be less so they can feel like more. And besides, that would be boooooring. Forward, ho.

    And here I am, finally looking at my sun. And with a solar eclipse on the way. Don’t look at the sun!!!! 😀

  18. Hi
    In my natal chart I have Saturn in Scorpio at 13.11 degrees. Scorpio is in my Midheaven. I then have Uranus in Sag at 9.58 Mars in Sag at 19.16 and Neptune at 28.41. Sag is my 11th house. Which Saturn transit will be harder the one I just finished or the one coming? I am very scared of the one coming. Is there anything I can do to manage it better?

  19. I would like to accomplish something again. 10th house is getting unhappy.
    Saturn’s in my 12th house now, so my sun may have to content itself with surviving day to day for the next few years…. :/

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