Saturn In Sagittarius 2017 – Love for Gemini, Virgo, Pisces…

saturn girlI just finished up with client who has Venus and Saturn in the later degrees of Mutable signs.  She’s under pressure as you imagine.  Among other things, I wound up referring her to this thread on in the forum – Nobody Gives A Crap About You.

The person who started that thread is in a similar situation as far as having planets in the later degrees of the Mutable signs and a Venus component.  She’s got a lot of company, as you see.  

I wanted the client to see she was not alone, but also to read what I contributed to the thread. You don’t want to get stuck in negativity. See the big picture.

I also sent the client a link to this post:

Saturn’s Transit Later Degrees Of Sagittarius – 2017 – Harsh!

As it turns out, she only this one transit to deal with. In a way, this is good. It’s a heavy transit. I want her to know this so she can steel herself. But Saturn is grounding her and there are no significant distractions. It’s like she’s being given one puzzle to solve. It may be grueling but there is always an opportunity, when Sagittarius is involved. Get it right and your effort will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

How are you investments at this time. I’m talking about your investments of time and money in people and things?

If you need help with a Venus Saturn problem – check out this workshop – Finding Your True Love & Soulmate.
f you’re just dealing with Saturn in Sagittarius, this workshop will really help you make it pay – A Real Education.

Relationships factor when considering Saturn in Sagittarius for the other mutable signs. This is because it’s not a conjunction, which brings it home. It comes to you via others. Interesting, huh?

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Saturn In Sagittarius 2017 – Love for Gemini, Virgo, Pisces… — 11 Comments

  1. Saturn’s been making a T-square with my Venus and Saturn. (With Saturn opposing Venus for a year now ?) I’ve learned the hard way that very few people care. And with it transiting my 5th, I’ve taken a big hit in my attractiveness and creativity factor. It’s been good in a way though. I’ve learned more about my substantive qualities as those other qualities fade.

    • I agree with you on this, Primrose! I feel like, even though you think your creativity and attractiveness has taken a hit, Saturn is showing you what really matters…telling you that you don’t need all the “flash” and anyone in your life that needs the “flash” is not worth your time. It’s like learning to have fun with a cardboard box as a kid, right? You make your own magic with meager tools.

  2. “How are you investments at this time. I’m talking about your investments of time and money in people and things?”

    Ah, your questions are so good! They make me look at things in a different light.

    My investments of time and money at this time (which I didn’t totally realize!!) are being invested in my daughter. It’s really amazing what she can inspire me to do, what she has inspired me to do. There are a million and one times when I would have rather stayed home for whatever reason but because I know she needs to get out, socialize and be active (she’s a tripple Gem!) I never say no to a meet up with other kiddos. She is down for whatever, I love that about her. Her Venus is conjunct my Chiron in Aquarius the 11th house. When she was in my belly, I intuitively knew that I would feel more a part of a community when she came into this world.

    But yeah, most of my time and money is spent socializing and getting out into the world with her – we live in a foreign country so I’m really working on bringing together two cultures and languages. This has been an almost 4 year “project”, starting from when she entered school. Oh man have I had to work every part of myself. BUT we’ve built a community of really special people. Saturn in the 5th in Sadge is definitely representative of this.

    You know, I’ve felt kind of useless lately… or that I have all this energy and I’m just wasting away with out investing in or building anything… but this questions has really given me another point of view. I’m going to reflect on this a bit more.

  3. “…Saturn is grounding her and there are no significant distractions. It’s like she’s being given one puzzle to solve.” So true. My 11H Sag Saturn squares my 7H Virgo Venus. My second Saturn Return happens in a few weeks. Tr Saturn has suspended dating opportunities as I focus on my solo passions and spiritual development in a singles’ group at my church. I am very content.

  4. Thank you! Ive been very worried about love. i am heavily mutable, including my angles, so everything has been transited thus far. I finally feel like I am ok with knowing I’m in training, and ok knowing that I can focus on one thing at a time with the expectation that in the long run I am strengthening myself for partnership. Saturn has been through my moon and venus, now on my ascendant and mercury, soon my midheaven then later my mars and on into my actual saturn conjunct saturn (the return). I do sincerely pray for love, but I do realize that it may take time or it could come out of the blue. I’m just disciplining myself daily and trying to stay focused without succumbing to negative thoughts and anxieties (saturn on my mercury).

  5. Not getting what you mean by the headline about love for mutable signs even though I get it for the example who has venus and saturn in mutable. Looking ahead I notice in 2017 venus retrograde and this time in same degrees as saturn by a square. That should be a reality check. Maybe not bad since venus goes direct in those degrees. I also see that venus and mars together will be in Pisces in Jan. We Pisces may be feeling attractive, right?

  6. When Saturn hits 22 Degrees Sag, it will conjunct (exact) my natal Neptune in the 12th, opposing my natal Venus in Gemini and square my natal Moon in Pisces, which also happens to be conjunct Chiron at present. My natal Saturn is also square my natal Neptune. This is a huge face-off between reality and illusion. Although, I feel like Saturn is doing a lot of good housekeeping in my “House of Self-Undoing” and transit Jupiter is passing over my natal Pluto (conjunct my midheaven). Any advice (or just your sympathies) would be appreciated.

  7. I have my Asc 23° in Sag, and both Mercury & my North Node 26° in Virgo. Me thinks communications can be a great medium for growth in the coming period/year. It’s likely that efforts in increasing mental discipline would be particularly beneficial in my life, as well as efforts made to bringing things down to the essential…

    It’s going to be an interesting period if that’s the case because these are all aspects in my life where I do see *a lot* of room for improvement! I have already noticed that I went from wallflower to making particular efforts to ‘engage’ people more and be less passive in my communications while not going the other way (not letting others speak).

    I’m always amazed that a Libra like me can struggle with the middle ground so much.

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