“Saturn In Libra Will Straighten This Out…Make It Fair” No It Won’t (How Astrology Really Works)

I hear a lot of people make statements along these lines. They say that Saturn will resolve all these conflicts and astrology just doesn’t work that way. Did Saturn’s transit through Virgo rid of us stupid people? ::laughs::

Here’s the facts: You’re not going to see the results of Saturn’s transit through Libra until Saturn returns to Libra and I’ll give you some examples.

Post Saturn’s transit through Virgo, we see how stupid people are. It’s been shown to us. We all know education is failing…this is defined, not fixed. This is America, I am talking about. Other countries have some up in the world and struggled to do it.

What we saw during this last transit was the result of our effort (or lack of effort) to be thinking human beings. Basically, we reap what we have sown when Saturn returns.

As another example, my husband and I separated when Saturn was in Libra 30 years ago. I had NO IDEA what this cost me until Saturn returned to the sign. Can you see the correlation here?

Maybe you can and maybe you can’t but at least get this much right: Saturn doesn’t fix problems.  Effort fixes problems. If you don’t make an effort, you’ll wind up oppressed (Saturn) and further, it will be exactly what you deserve.

I mean, if we can’t think in this country, I guess we better get someone in here who can think for us. And if you make bad decisions and squander love, you will pay.

can verify that last one for you, firsthand.

Are you waiting for Saturn to do something for you?

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“Saturn In Libra Will Straighten This Out…Make It Fair” No It Won’t (How Astrology Really Works) — 26 Comments

    • Well thanks, egi, I am absolutely right. Had I not got a clue when the option came up on my husband the second time, where would I be right now and where would I be headed. Exactly where I deserve maybe?

      As for Saturn in Virgo, if you’ve been shown to be stupid (and we have via rankings around the world) and can only wring our hands about it, then clearly we are going to get even dumber and you see this all around, on a daily basis.

  1. I’ve learned more about things being unfair under this Saturn Libra than ever before in my life.

    This could have something to do with it being square my Saturn Cap, but this was definitely a learning experience. Not a very pleasant one. But at least, in my personal life, I’ve been able to start overcoming my Moon-Venus opposition little by little. I think I’m starting to recognize that I need to stop trying so hard to get people to like me – especially when those people tend to not give back to that same level.

  2. Somebody retweeted this on twitter… and this has been my experience. I was talking once on here, about Saturn being in Libra when I was a child – about six years old. What happened to me? Things happened early on, letting me know that I wasn’t good enough, not pretty enough, and I noticed all sorts of things that I didn’t trust about what people thought of as “love”. I determined that I wouldn’t be that way, and for a long time, I wasn’t. Anxiety grew, and I’ve been dealing with it ever since (saturn and pluto in my 12th at the time) – and when Saturn came back to Libra two years ago, I realized how wrong I’d been about certain things that had happened during the span in which it had been in other signs. I may not have been perfect, but I’d been attractive enough. I didn’t have to be perfect, and that people would like me anyway – if I had the confidence and was my normal, kind self (the way I’d always been, and Saturn in Libra magnified: I didn’t want to be a problem to others, I would maintain my dignity – and I did for years – I was an artist, and was praised for that.)

    Since Saturn has been in Libra, I’ve also been disgusted once again. somehow, I’d had my hopes up about a relationship, and those were dashed in a disgusting way. my mother said last night, that he really pushed me back, when I’d been doing so well, and feeling so good, but he’s apparently now in a relationship, and I’m not – I’m a mess, one that I wasn’t before I met him. I made an effort with him, and that was a mistake. Feeling so messed up, it’s been tough to get the energy together to make an effort in other ways; it’s like Saturn in the 12th has to punish, despite the fact that you didn’t do anything to another person; they did it to you, but you’re being punished and they’re rewarded. It’s like I’m constantly being beaten up. I don’t know. you can delete this if you want, it got much longer than I wanted it to, but yes – I had these realizations hit me as Saturn moved through both Virgo and Libra, only I’m disgusted once again, mainly with most men. It’s been more about what I was scared to do, than anything I did do, because I shouldn’t have had bad karma where others were concerned, although I may have generated some with someone due to the way he treated me, and I fought back.

  3. I’m prepping for another career change as I head to my second saturn return which is similar to what I was doing moving into my first saturn return. I don’t know nothin for sure about this stuff, but I presently think of saturn as more of a limiter than saviour. But what do I know? Except that effort works. I can put forth effort if I don’t get all whiney and down about what isn’t.

  4. Thanks for this, Elsa.

    “Saturn doesn’t fix problems. Effort fixes problems.”

    what if there is just no way to fix a problem? What if saturn is somehow restricting your ability to fix the problems?

  5. “what if there is just no way to fix a problem? What if saturn is somehow restricting your ability to fix the problems?”

    Then you have to face reality, forget about what you can’t do or can’t have and work with what you’ve got.

  6. If I have to wait to reap until next Saturn in Libra I’ll probably be dead. I guess I’ll have to work with what I have. Time to face the reality that I suck at relationships. I either don’t engage or get too deep and carry all the weight. Either way, I come out the loser at the end.

  7. I’m just at a loss right now, not sure what to do. The Pluto transit has had me make BIG changes in my life. I’ve come so far in the last three years actually but at the same time (in the context of career and finances) I feel like I’m right back at that start.
    I’m usually the type of person to wait for a sign or usually opportunities fall in my lap in regards to career and finances but I’ve been waiting for a very long time and still not sure which way to go.

  8. kiriecat – I don’t interpret your situation like that, just for the record. I guess this is the danger or writing something like this. It gets interpreted in ways I don’t intend.

  9. I’m so getting: “effort fixes problems …. and if there is no fix there’s reality.” I was talking with a pal who didn’t know me thirty years ago when my career was as different as she could imagine.

    “A what?” she asked.
    “A corporate ..”
    “So did you have to wear suits, and stuff.”
    “Yeah, there were suit years. Then, I went to clown college (I can see that she said) and everything changed.”

    We were talking about what happened to trigger a chronic illness we both have; and the issue of ‘fair or not’ came up. Whether it’s fair or not it’s the making the most of where we are, now. I’m neither in a suit or a clown outfit, with my 2nd Saturn Return passed by more than 4 yrs.

    Saturn is teaching me to value love, lose the suit and clown around more. It’s a goofy comment, but perfect for the moment.

  10. Bringing it back to Saturn in Virgo..

    Would that also deal with health too?

    Food and Animal documentaries were popular for the past 3 years.

    But it makes me wonder (Since I am significantly overweight) if I’m going to deal with the reality of having health issues caused by having been overweight most of my life. I have been making improvements for the past 5 years, but I’m still no where near healthy. I also do not want to have children till I can get down to a proper weight and then get check out for cancer. I’m worried that it might be too late…

    Not to be a downer.

    But whould that also be a possiblity by the next saturn in Virgo, everyone seeing across the board how we failed in our own health.

    Or do we have 29 years to make improvements?

  11. @Beloved Moon you are aware the overweight is a burden. If you do something about this at any point, you will progress over the next decades. If you do nothing, you will surely have consequences but totally due your personal choices made over time.

  12. This is something I’ve learned over the course of the last year (and am still learning, one tiny step a time), you are responsible for your changes. And ever so slowly, effort seems to be paying off.

    On the other hand … when I made the decision to change myself, Saturn did send me the right people along, I have to say.

    Now, I have to get a Thank you/Apology out and convince someone that I am not as ungrateful/rude as the last impression might suggest, that I really don’t hate/dislike … hmmm when to do it? How to do it? Is there any good day for positive vibes sometime soon?

  13. @kiriecat
    “I either don’t engage or get too deep and carry all the weight. Either way, I come out the loser at the end.” It looks like Saturn in Libra just defined your problem right there. I don’t think you suck, I think you just need to work (Saturn)on balancing (Libra) yourself–as in your needs, your boundaries, your goals against those of the other.
    That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to fix it before the next Saturn cycle. That just means, in my opinion, if you don’t acknowledge and start to make adjustments now that by the next Saturn cycle those problems will be recognized again and all that resulted because of them. Does that make sense? Imagine if you disregard what you are seeing now and keep making the same mistakes? The situation will exacerbate.

    • Yeah, I don’t think that’s true either. I have seen many (myself include) make dramatic investments of time, money and energy and have it come to nothing or even less. Fact is, you don’t get everything you want or everything you work for.

  14. i just think this is an excellent posting and something everyone needs to be reminded of from time to time. its akin to the saying about astrology that i love best: like the anology of a clock on the wall, astrology doesnt MAKE the time, it TELLS the time. its a reflection of all the possibilities, not the outcomes.
    *its a guidance tool*

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