Saturn In Libra And Compromise

I just told a client that compromise was going to necessary.  With Saturn in Libra, this is true for all of us in one way or the other. That’s what all the weighing is about.  Is it worth it? Should I give up this to have that?  Should I make this decision, considering I am this other age? Etc.

Compromise is not the end of the world. Matter of fact, it is often a neat way to get around a logjam. This is not at all wimpy or stupid when it allows you to put distance between yourself and your competition who remains standing there in denial, or bickering, in affect trading quarter after quarter after quarter in an attempt to make a nickle. 

There is a lot to be said for coming to an agreement, even if it means leaving a person who can’t come to an agreement behind.

How willing are you to compromise?


Saturn In Libra And Compromise — 22 Comments

  1. I have Aries rising and Saturn is in my 7th house. I am VERY willing to compromise, especially since I was extremely stubborn in my teen years!

  2. The graphics for this post are too ripe!

    I am more willing to compromise now and know what I need with more clarity so the compromises less victimizing of me or the others. My Saturn-Mars natal conj has learned a little over the decades and my practical philosophy balances me while Saturn is in Libra my 9th H.

  3. I’ve been compromising every time I’ve had fun/creative experiences saturn in libra in the fifth, and I’ve had to basically compromise my hopes dreams and wishes…but i’ve found a balance.

  4. Always willing, and in fact, I like to treat my relationships as one big act of negotiation. No kidding. I think the Taurus is starting to “get” this. 🙂

  5. Despite my libra, I am bad at this. I will compromise eventually, but I am stubborn sometimes. My willingness is not very consistent, and at times I have compromised to my detriment. Oh well. *apathetic shrug* my thoughts are too scattered at the moment.

  6. There are a few things I am absolutely NOT willing to compromise on (and, mostly, those things are about expressing myself or patterns I worked hard to banish and don’t want to revert to).

    Barring that, though, I’m pretty willing to compromise. I have Libra, man! Compromise is “nice.” 😉

  7. At this point in my life no, I am not willing to compromise anymore. Been there, extinguished my very being for that, now I am healing myself.

    Later, after I am finished swinging way over to the other side (from total compromise to no compromise) I will eventually satiate my poor starving self and be able to fairly, reasonably and healthily compromise.

    That’s the plan, and I’m sticking with it:)

  8. I compromise all the time! It’s really no biggie to me, especially if we can come up with a win-win compromise. I’ve got a lot of cardinal & mutable in my chart, so as long as we can keep the boat moving 😉

  9. depends on how essential something is. some (few) things are non-negotiable. sorta’ ties in with ethics and sense of responsibility to myself and others.
    if things don’t come under that classification… there’s room for compromise… sometimes a lot. i try not to get too wrapped up over things i really don’t care about.

  10. Actually this is interesting because Saturn in Libra for me anyway has mostly been learning to set boundaries. Was WAY too accommodating- got tired of it and never getting any of that in return. If anything I’m learning how not to compromise because I’m sick of people taking advantage of my ‘Libra’ niceness.

  11. @ vahcombusta thanks for the reality check:)
    Not sure how realistic it is either. I have come to a point where I can no longer give in. I’m trying to balance out a situation I’ve lived through for decades which took too much from me. I remember last summer I kept catching myself saying “I can no longer adapt”. And it was true, on so many levels.

    Yes, shades of Virgo and Libra and the ever present struggle to maintain healthy boundaries.

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