Saturn In Capricorn Transits Venus & Mars In Cancer

Saturn in Capricorn is coming in like a cold front.Β  We can all feel it, even if we can’t define it.

“…He is aware that he is failing and doing wrong (Saturn) in how he acts (Mars) in relationships (Venus). He’s already feeling pressure to “do the right thing”.

However, he’ll have to learn what “the right thing” is and this will take time. A person cannot change their behavior in a day. They have to work at it…”

That’s from a consultation.Β  The person in question has Venus and Mars in Cancer.Β 

All this knee-jerk stuff and/or immaturity in relationships is going to have to be overridden if you care to sustain your relationship. And you’ll need patience as well. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Is Saturn transiting your Venus or Mars? Tell us about it!



Saturn In Capricorn Transits Venus & Mars In Cancer — 21 Comments

  1. Not my mars nor venus but he will be transiting into my 8th house (the intimate zone!) and conjuncting my sun. Will he throw bricks into my intimate life or nicely seal up the cracks from outsiders in order to get the boundaries in place, just where they should be in order for 8th house stuff to progress as the sea-goat demands?

    • When Saturn transited my 8th house it was a harsh one.
      I have moon in 8th house, square Mars.
      Pressure points all over!

      I developed a depression, and it was during the financial crisis where there was no employment. I had some really hard years during this time. But in the end I learned how to work it, to get emotional satisfaction from my work (my moon is connected to my 6th house where Cancer resides in my horoscope). So, in order to be fulfilled in life, I have to be employed and have an intimate relationship. I was so busy working on the employment-thing though. I tried to balance things, but it was hard with the square to Mars also being hit, even if my Mars is in Cap, his exalted place, and Saturn rules Cap. Something slipped from me (Mars is on the cusp of the 12th house) and it was the intimate relationship stuff that suffered, grew colder, in my relationship.

      Then Saturn had his own Return and my whole life fell apart. My relationship during 8 years broke, I lost all my friends, I lost my home. The only things left were a small room I rented and my job. I had only 2 friends left and worked my butt off.
      The event was probably due to the fact that my natal Saturn is conjunct Pluto in the 8th. Death.
      And rebirth is not funny at all! But you’re changed forever – typical Pluto style.

      When Saturn afterwards transited my sun, Venus and JUpiter stellium (conjunct) I had to learn hard stuff the hard way about why my relationships had failed. Leo – the sun’s house – is on the cusp of my 7th house. Look to where Leo falls in your chart to see where you’ll be impacted as well. That’s where the lessons will play out. Also check where Aquarius is located as Aq is ruled by Saturn before Uranus came along.

  2. After so many years dealing with aspects seeing they do exist the mystery and mastery is working with delays and upheavals matched with positive progress…balance is how one should observe and work on excepting and releasing delays and losses.

  3. Right now Saturn is trining my Venus/IC, next month Uranus will conjunct the same spot.

    I am working hard (Saturn) to improve/understand relationships and how I relate to others (Venus) before Uranus conjuncts and I can make real (Saturn) change (Uranus).

  4. Saturn comes in my house 4 (and later in 5) It will conjunct my Mars, sextile natal Saturn in Scorpio (Aries on house 8) and it will trine my Virgo Sun and Mercury in house 12. (Gemini on house 10. Pices on house 7). Neptune in house 2, conjunct Venus.
    When Saturn was here + – 28 years ago, I moved to the village where I live now. I never regret that. I also devorce my husband at that time. And I lived alone since then. (Have very good friends!! :-)).
    I don’t know what to expect yet. It will be the last time I will have Saturn here….the next time I will be 90 years old. I may not reach that age! πŸ™‚

  5. I had both of these in the last few years. When Saturn in Scorpio opposed my Mars, my will was thwarted and everything just went contrary to how I wanted it to go. Just one deadly mishap after another. Then later when Saturn in Sag opposed my Venus in Gemini (along with Neptune squaring both!!) I felt like my own old view of self-value (Venus) disappeared (Neptune) then became redefined (Saturn) by new standards that fit my current life. Venus in Gemini wants to be eternally youthful but as transiting Saturn in my 5th house is reminding me, such things are, as they have always been, fleeting. My age is starting to show but I am giving less and less f***s about it. It’s liberating in a sense.

    I almost got divorced like 12 times during all this time but we held it together somehow. (Freaking Saturn bonds, I guess ??‍♀️) I think we’re okay now but Uranus keeps moving back and forth over his DC and my MC. Uranus rules my 7th house. Who knows? The love is real. I try to hold onto that as much as I can. ?

  6. It’s been trine my Venus for a while. I had to learn about humility within my relationship. I learned to quit over-expecting and to really appreciate what is already being offered, which i couldnt see of course, because I was always expecting more. I realized it was necessary to first fully appreciate what I already have before I could expect for anything to be different.

    • I must add I have natal Neptune @ 5 degree Capricorn so Saturn will conjunct Neptune and then opposite Venus. More dream shattering I guess

  7. Saturn transited my natal Venus and Jupiter during the summer of 2016. My relationships with old friends was tested; what I thought were friendships to build upon weren’t (Saturn in Sag 11th House). I was ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’ and while Saturn transited he also squared my natal Saturn-Mars-Pluto conjunct in the 7th and 8th Houses (relationships and shared resources). In retrospect, I see how my actions with relationships THIS SUMMER were tuned up with more honest, humility and transparency. Continuing to grow at 70 years old I have a late bloom of self-esteem that prepares me for Saturn’s transit from Capricorn in second half of my 12th House. It’s the long-term climb and evolving nature of my place in community that is feeling more ‘ripe/mature.’ I rather like it.

    • I see Primrose write about self value (Venus and Neptune) and Mokihana write about self esteem (Saturn tr. house 12)! Interesting
      to think about!

  8. yup. hitting my mars/saturn/cancer mashup. Huge decisions and major life changes sitting in front of me. So far nothing I like – pretty much it is a question of how much loss am I willing to take and how do I rebuild.

  9. Saturn is conjunct my 12th house Mars/Asc: Saturn will be exact on my Mars in December and stationing exact on Asc next year.

    Saturn has been in my 12th house since 2015…

  10. Saturn in Capricorn is about to conjunct my Venus and MC at 5 degrees Capricorn. Not really looking forward to it but hopefully I might lose a bit weight. πŸ˜‰

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