Saturn In Capricorn Online Workshop – Get Ready To Get Real!

Please Note – This class has ended. You can purchase a transcript of the workshop here – Saturn in Capricorn – Let’s Get Real!

Saturn will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn on December 20th, 2017. Generally, when Saturn changes signs, he retrogrades back into the previous sign for a time. This eases the transition!

That won’t be the case this time. Once Saturn enters Capricorn, that’s it! Once he hits Capricorn, he’ll be in the sign for the duration of the transit. How’s that for commitment?

Saturn will leave Capricorn for Aquarius at the tail end of 2020, in the same fashion. Once he ingresses into Aquarius, that’s it! There is no blurring retrograde period. He won’t revisit Capricorn until 2047. How’s that for boundaries?

Saturn is associated with Father Time. This makes me think of the ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. When that happens, the shift is palpable. Saturn and Capricorn are concerned with planning. This workshop will help you prepare for the arduous time ahead.

I don’t say that to scare you. I say it because I am sure it’s true.

First, we’re talking about Saturn and Capricorn which are associated with delay, hardship and deprivation.

Second, Saturn will conjunct Pluto early in 2020 as part of a large stellium in the sign. This is hard core!

Third, there is a large group of people born with a large stellium in Capricorn between 1990 and 1993. I call them the “Mega-Capricorns”. They will be having their Saturn Return at this time. We’re talking make it or break it. We’re going to see some spectacular rises and falls, that’s for sure.

I also want to mention the previous generation of people with Saturn in Capricorn born roughly between 1959-1962. This will be their second Saturn Return. It’s important for them to reorient themselves at this time. This class will help with that.

Last, anyone who has significant planets in the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer or Libra) is sure to be pressured if not downright oppressed as they encounter obstacles and various problems that don’t have easy solutions.

I hate to put it this way, but I mean it quite seriously: There are many out there for whom this course should be compulsory!

As this transit gets closer, you’ll start hearing about “karma” and “chickens coming home to roost”. Karma used to be seen as something you earned, be it good or bad. Currently, the term is often used in a punitive way. If something bad happens to someone you don’t like, you say it’s their karma!

Well let’s just say that YOU, yourself have BAD karma, Guess what? That’s okay! Saturn’s transit through Capricorn will provide you with the opportunity to make it right.

I’ll write an introduction, and then I’ll use charts of volunteers from the the class to go into this transit in depth. We’ll look at how Saturn in Capricorn will impact individuals on a personal level, but we’ll also cover the impact on the whole of society.

Because I was of age during Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, I’ll be able to be able to draw from my personal experience and observations made during that era. This will allow me to offer a mature (Saturn) perspective on this transit which is quite fitting.

Satori will be helping me with this workshop. She’ll write a rundown of Saturn in Capricorn through each of the signs so you can see where you’re at personally, as well as check the status of the people around you.


How much does the workshop cost?


When does the class start? How long does it last?

The class will be five weeks long. October 9th – November 12th. The content will be available for a week beyond that to accommodate anyone who might take vacation during this period.

Where does the class take place?

The class will be held in a private forum on this blog. If you’re not registered in the forum, please sign up here by clicking “Register” on the top right. When you pay for the class, you’ll send me your username. I’ll set up your access and send you an email to confirm.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes. Participation is voluntary and lurkers are welcome. A lot of content is expected, perhaps more than you can read. The official class posts will be isolated and pinned to the top of the board so they’re easy to find.

How do I submit my chart?

Once you have paid for the class, you can email me ( Please include your birth data and some idea of what you’d like me to focus on. Your copy can be long or short; but it is best if you offer something besides plain birth data as this is what engages people. What are you worried about? What is going on in your life..?

There is no rush to do this because I choose charts intuitively as the class unfolds. This is because at heart I’m a storyteller, and I let the story tell itself through me. Please send all the information in one email. This helps me stay organized.

You can submit another person’s chart in tandem with your own, but if you send me ten charts, you will be diluting something I want to keep focused. So I would avoid that. We’ll want to keep this tight. What are you up against? What questions do you have? What kind of help do you need? If your chart and your story are chosen to be featured in any way, your anonymity will be protected so you’re free to be candid.

How will you pick which charts to feature?

There are no favors owed or favorites in my classes. I choose the charts based strictly on what will be most compelling for the group. My goal is to cover as broad a range as possible on every level. I want to deliver a meaty, satisfying class. I work to make sure that everything I post is engaging and of obvious value.

How many charts will you select?

I will give five charts the major treatment. I also tend to throw up some bonus charts in these sessions, if someone sends something I think the class can benefit from.

Do I have to be somewhere at a certain time?

No, the class is available 24 hours a day. Just sign in to the message board and see what is going on.

Can I post my chart?

Yes. You can post your chart with questions and anything else you want. The forum is a private message board that is not indexed by Google. Once the session ends, the posts are deleted and that’s the end of that. I ask that people stay on topic on the official class posts, but other than that, it’s an open board. Many take advantage of this by posting things they would not post publicly. You are very welcome to do this!

What happens after I pay?

Once I have your payment, you’ll get a mail asking for your screen name. If you don’t have a screen name, I will include simple instructions on how to register. It takes one minute!

If you’re a regular, already registered, you can put your screen name in the “notes” section when you pay. Once I have your screen name, I’ll give you access to the private board. I’ll send you a second email to let you know you’re set up. I usually do this within an hour unless I am asleep or away from the computer.

On the off chance you pay and have not heard from me in ten hours, please email me at I’ll figure out what the problem is.

I’m new. What can I expect once I get to the private forum?

You’ll see a meet and greet thread tacked to the top. You can introduce yourself if you like. It’s not required. Official posts will be up top and numbered. This is to distinguish them but also so those who visit late or infrequently can easily get to the class content, read the posts in order, and enjoy how the story line develops.

Beyond that, you’re likely to see pages of threads people in the session have started, to ask questions or discuss various things. The content is often very personal; because let’s face it, some of us like to talk and we don’t necessarily want to broadcast at large or be recorded by Google. You can visit these threads or ignore them.

I’ve been teaching these classes for almost fifteen years. Without fail, each group has been very positive and supportive.

Thanks, we’ll see you there!



Saturn In Capricorn Online Workshop – Get Ready To Get Real! — 38 Comments

  1. Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this!

    I have natal Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn, square my Sun-Mars-Merc-NN in Libra, and my Moon is in Cancer. Lots of Cardinal! Second Saturn Return coming up! Pluto transit to Moon coming up!

    I’ve gotten so much out of every workshop of yours I’ve ever taken, they’re always worth every penny!

    • With all those squares, how was your first Saturn return like? I ask because it will be almost the same for me, but I’m not excited lol

  2. Altho I won’t be attending your class, I just wanted to contribute my “2 cents”. You may or may not remember me mentioning that I had recently broken up with a woman. Well, actually, she left me. Her Saturn was at 14 Capricorn, inconjunct/quincunx my Saturn at 15 Leo. She stated that the “daily activities of life” were too different between us. Well, yeah! I was having fun, and she was not! Actually, I think she wanted a stronger commitment – like marriage vows – between us. She knew I couldn’t do that because she had no income, and I just live on social security and my pension. There is no way I could have paid for her healthcare, so she had to apply through the state which provides for all of her healthcare. Had we been married, she would have been disqualified from state coverage.

  3. Well, I for one am looking forward to this and all of the great advice and learning that Elsa provides. Really, $45 is A STEAL for all she provides in these ‘classes’. I still get things out of classes that I took years ago, one more reason I love astrology and that Elsa’s worth it!!

    I’m in, with most of my natal chart in cardinal signs, including my cappy moon/jupiter, NN & Dsc, I could all the help I can get. Add in all my other cardinal placements, Sun, Asc, merc, mars, SN, MC/IC, Uranus and sometimes I count Pluto (though he’s a few minutes back in virgo), that leaves three placements that are all mutable ;). Life is about to get REAL and I for one am working my tail off in the hopes that it will be beneficial.

  4. I’m wondering if I should attend.
    Saturn will go over my Mc/Venus conjunction in Capricorn (which is scaring me as my grandmother and mother are both Capricorns and my grandmother is not well) and at the moment my chart is full of Saturn aspects so a Saturn workshop sounds necessary.

  5. I’m thinking about whether I ought to go to.

    Saturn will go over my Mc/Venus conjunction in Capricorn (which is frightening me as my grandma and mom are the two Capricorns and my grandma is not well) and right now my outline is loaded with Saturn angles so a Saturn workshop sounds essential.

  6. I’m definitely taking this class because having so much Cap and Saturn aspects I think it’s so important it’s compulsory! 🙂 The more I understand about this, the better. People I know are entering their first or second Saturn returns, so I might get to see how Saturn in Cap plays for them. They will also be having their Saturn returns with a stellium in Capricorn in the sky, which must be some kind of joke.

  7. I will register in these days. That is for sure. However, it will be nice for me to get some hints about your planning, Elsa. Okay you wrote already that
    The class will be five weeks long. October 9th – November 12th. The content will be available for a week beyond …………….The class is available 24 hours a day. Just sign in to the message board and see what is going on.
    On the other hand, this implies that I should log in practically every day and see if there is anything new added by you. Is that right? That is the reason I would like to get an idea about your planning. Will you put the whole workshop material at once at the beginning, or gradually built up, for example weekly basis? As you guess this will be my first workshop.

    • Hi, out. These are good questions. 🙂

      Nothing is written ahead, because I need the charts from people to get going. I start the class on the first day with an introduction. It is generally lengthy. MEAT. It’s nothing dry…we’re going on a trip together, I will be telling you where we’re going, why, how, etc. Generally (I have not written this yet), it reads like a promise…a long and large promise, which is what it is.

      After that, I have to deliver! Which I will do.

      I usually post the first chart within a few days…and then I post the others as fast as I can…one a week at least. These are not short things. These workshops wind up being 50-70 pages long…I need to write and edit and such.

      Meantime, satori will be posting her content. Saturn through the houses. There will be discussion on the official threads so there will be a lot to read, if you want.

      Some people only want to read the official posts. Others start tons of threads…which you can interact on or ignore.

      If you don’t like things in process, you can sign in November first and we’ll mostly likely be done with the content. You can read it all at once. It’s really up to you.

      If you consider threads people in the class post and the discussion that takes place…well the last class had 700 posts so there can be a lot to read. This is why I keep the official content, clean. All comments must be on topic.

      That’s not to say, you won’t find anything interesting in the independent threads. No doubt you will!

      This is just like going to an astro workshop offline. There is a presentation…but you talk to people around you. You do not NEED to do anything…outside of pay to get in, lol. 🙂

      Because I have to make a living, as does satori!

      Thanks for the question! 🙂

  8. Hi Elsa, will you be selling the workshop transcript on its own after class ends? Is the transcript provided automatically for those who join the workshop? I’m deciding whether to join the workshop forums, but I’d like to have a “forever copy” of the class content. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi,sun. A transcript is not included. The workshop is about interaction. I do have people who prefer an organized document. I keep a list of people who want that and contact them when I have that put together.

      This us the same situation as attending a conference offline. If you miss a workshop, you can buy a CD, even years after the fact.

  9. Elsa, I am in the middle of purchasing this but you also recommended I order a copy of the Saturn in Sag workshop. I can’t seem to find the report to purchase it. Help!

  10. Ummmm, apparently I can’t remember my username or password. I tried to send you an email but it probably thinks I’m a hacker from the message I got. lol so sorry! Help! 🙂

  11. I am going to have to get the transcript this time as I am swamped with work in the next 2 months so I will not be able to dedicate myself as much as I would like to (8th house planets, scorpio rising -> I prefer to do things fully full-on with the private forums, thinking about people’s charts to contribute with something, and reflecting on Elsa’s insights and teachings…than do things half-way.)

    For those wondering if it is worth taking the class, Elsa’s classes are really something special!

  12. Saturn In Capricorn, I know I have no choice I have to take your class. I have been unemployed for 8 months but it doesn’t matter, you see I have saturn at the 29th degree of cappy and its part of a t-square. I have always know that Saturn has played a huge roll in my life, not in a concrete manner but in a unconscious hidden way. Yet, the energy is distorted an even though I may try to understand what Saturn wants from me I have never come close to realizing what is being asked of me. I look forward to your class broke or not its call me.

    ps failure and lack have been a major theme in my life… again I believe Saturn is involved. I would love some insight and direction 🙂

  13. I have Saturn in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Capricorn all in the Eighth house. I think this class might help enlighten me. What do you think? Lost ball in tall weeds?

  14. I have natal Capricorn ascending, Venus in Capricorn, and moon in Capricorn. Sun sign Scorpio. Would this be a worthwhile workshop for me?

  15. This is going to be very interesting, especially Jan 2020, Saturn /Pluto
    opposite my AC and natal Saturn . Trine my Moon and Sextile my MC . What more could a man want Ha Ha ! Life is full of cosmic jokes

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