Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus: 2021-2022 – Dates & Degrees

bull fightSaturn in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus beginning in January of 2021. This is the next big thing. Clearly, structures will be upended. So will lives.

I have a number of clients with planets in the early degrees of Fixed signs, facing major upheaval on multiple fronts. I’ve had so many clients asking about this, I had to look ahead.

I was surprised to see these planets would be tightly square at the end of 2022.  Oh boy!  Here’s the info you’re probably looking for:

Saturn square Uranus, exact dates and degree:

@ 7 degrees on February 15, 2021.
@ 13 degrees on June 14, 2021.

Midsummer, 2020, Saturn will turn retrograde and go all the way back to 6 degrees. With Uranus around 14 degrees, we’ll see a gap or a reprieve around September through early November, 2021

The planets will square off again in December, 2021.  This clash will be maintained at varying intensity into October, 2022.

While there is not an “exact to the minute” square, Saturn and Uranus will be square off @ 18 degrees, October 1st through the 12th of 2022. Once that clears, things will resolve or settle.  These planets will not square off again until 2043.

Do you have a lot of planets in Fixed signs between 5 – 20 degrees? If so, you can expect to be profoundly impacted.  The idea this won’t affect you won’t is laughable. We’ve got four or five or even six planets in Fixed signs. You tell me how you’re going to stand unmoved through this tornado?

Also, if you were born around 1988; Saturn and Uranus were conjunct at that time. This square will set off your conjunction. I don’t think we’ll be bored!

Originally posted in June, 2020. This is right around the corner now. I thought it needed an update.



Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus: 2021-2022 – Dates & Degrees — 22 Comments

      • Hello, sister. Sorry for you. I went through heartbreak with my son and lover some time ago. Thought I would never make it through this. But I did. I hope, you will, too.

  1. In my progressed chart I have gone from being mutable to fixed. In my natal chart My sun, mercury and saturn in scorpio is going to take a hit..Yep the hits keep coming.

  2. I feel sorry for everyone having Saturn returns now, lemme tell ya. If shit wasn’t crazy at that time enough.

    But I have fixed sign planets, so….I’m also in the shit for three years.

  3. Thnx, Jennifer, good luck, too. My Saturn return comes three times, forth and back and forth. I hope its not like getting under a tank. More like a rollercoaster, freakin out in the middle but with a happy end .

  4. It will be one year pre-saturn return. Also fixed saturn (who calls the shots for my chart) mercury,venus,pluto,mc/ic. Bruh, can I even make it to the return? It seems like it was centuries ago when I read that pluto transiting the moon or the rising happens only in 200 years (because of the signs pluto transited and because they take long years) and fretting about that before any return. Now this. 😐

  5. May you live in interesting times!

    We certainly do. As Saturn sextiles my Uranus in Sag, he will square off Uranus transitting Taurus.
    That will feel … Odd.

    I have a 4 planet stellium in Scorpio with Jupiter in the mix. After Saturn sextiled these while travelling through my 12th house, I am ALMOST relieved to experience some action in my outer life with this square.


    Simultaneously, Tr. Pluto will square itself + my Saturn in Libra from the 12th house of endings during that timme. Just like Saturn will soon do (again) in his Cap detour during Summer. I have suffered from ANXIETY during 20 years! So I am digging into healing for this stress now with therapy.

    Oh, and both him and Pluto will pass my Ascendant. Whatever happens, I will be transformed deeply by it, for good or bad. Textbook Scorpionic life….

  6. Uranus in transit in my third house will square my Aqu Asc/LeoDesc very soon. It approaches natal Saturn in Scor, making a grand fixed cross. The Asc, 3rd, Desc, and 9th. Thank God Saturn’s position in Aqu will last only about 2 years.

  7. I was worried about my sparkly Tauri, but her Sun is out at 24 and the only other fixed planet she has is Neptune at 11 Aquarius. Then I flipped the page over to look at my triple Sag’s and dang if her natal grand square doesn’t run from 7-15 degrees of the fixed signs. Guess she’s going see more from this Saturn Uranus Square.

  8. This will be ‘home’ for me for the foreseeable future (+5yrs).
    Right now the best diversion is transit Neptune and Mars forming a nice lil trine to natal Uranus (Ca) in 10.
    In fact I’m in the midst of one helluva Uranian vibe but it don’t feel allat ‘special’ but I AM energized.

    Transiting Saturn is nicely tuned mt natal Mercury.
    For the greasier, grittier shit there’s the ongoing transit Uranus squaring up natal Moon and Mars in Aq and kissing on the conjunction to my Sun in 8.

    It’s live n errything but not at all as earthshaking as I thought.
    Maybe cause I live with this square between Sun n Moon/Mars the expected exacerbation of it w/Uranus seems a bit muted.
    Then again it’s all kinda just going into round 1 of a long 15 (nunna dat wimpy 12 rd shit for me) rd bout.
    Let’s see how I’m lookin next year bout this time.

  9. i expect i’ll be starting a whole new stage of life, possibly in another country. so, yeah, that hits my uranus mercury saturn t square… sometimes it’ll pull in my moon for a square square. exciting.
    got to get to work clearing the decks now

  10. Yes, 4 fixed planets and 2 fixed points. The saturn square to uranus in october, what a hit. I have saturn exactly at 18 degrees- it’s my first saturn return. Shit blows.

  11. Moon and Mercury in Scorpio at these degrees. Great. Im aware that there’s a possibility that my mother could die. That would be a very messy situation.

  12. Ascendant at 11.31 Scorpio and nodal axis at 14 Scorpio/Taurus. Uranus at nearly 7 Scorpio.

    There are also plenty of positive progressions and transits going on in 2021 for me so I guess unexpected lows and highs next year.

    It’s good to have the heads up. Thanks.

  13. May 2000 Jupiter was conj Saturn in Taurus while both were parting from a square to Uranus in Aquarius. Now it’s the reverse. Will this dredge up issues or provide closure from something 20 years ago?

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