Saturn Direct: October 22, 2022 – Off To A Rough Start

aquarius water bearer paintingSaturn will turn direct at 18 degrees Aquarius in the evening on October 22nd.  When Saturn turns direct, it’s time to get going!

I equate this to mountain climbing. It’s possible to meet with some impediment where you have to turn back and take a different trail up the mountain in order to avoid some danger meaning any kind of situation where the risk is not worth the reward.  We’ve backtracked at this point. It’s time to resuming ascending.

This has got to be a positive but there are other significant events taking place in the space of a few days. Consequently, you may be distracted.

Venus and Mercury will be at 29 Libra when Saturn turns direct.  These two will ingress into Scorpio on the 22nd, ahead of the Solar eclipse on the 25th.

This is not a surface thing to be sure, as Pluto in Capricorn will square the Sun, Moon and Venus. Here’s details on that:

Slinking Into “Scorpio Season”, Hitting An Edge

Mash these things together and it’s time to move out but you’re struck by something. It could be a bad feeling.  It could easily be a love of money thing.. not necessarily a loss but something that leaves a mark.  There is no sense being afraid of this. Pluto stuff is outside your control. Just don’t be surprised.  Our current Grand Trine in Air will also evaporate by the end of the month. There is significant shift here.

Mars in Gemini is a gift here in that it has the potential to mastermind a situation. If you need help with this… well, it’s one of my favorite things to do. But my point is, if you are knocked off you feet – your BRAIN is the go-to function that will help the most.

Outside of this, Saturn will arrive in Pisces in March 2023. Once it leaves Aquarius it will not be back in the sign for 28.5 years. You may feel relieved but Saturn is at home in Aquarius. It’s actually helped us.  Saturn in Pisces, like Saturn transiting the 12th house, is very difficult.  With all things Saturn, face your fear and get on with it, one step at a time.

How do you feel about Saturn direct in Aquarius? 



Saturn Direct: October 22, 2022 – Off To A Rough Start — 12 Comments

  1. Well I’m happy it’s getting off my Chiron! Otherwise, I had concerns about Saturn in Pisces, and since it’s my 4th house, it could mean that I will have to be careful when dealing with people about a new home or even people in my home? We’ll just have to see! But at least I can track this and be aware.

  2. Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ was a difficult journey for me. One of my Aquarius friend gave me hard time… made me face embarrassing situation in my office. Yes, Aquarius is my 10th house (solar) and 6th house in Natal. I cried a lot for those embracing events.

  3. It was difficult for me too. I have natal Saturn in the 12th house, so I can say, I’m used to it, it’s a difficult placement, but endurable. Saturn in Pieces, partially will transit my 3rd house, and 4th. According to my current life situation, I don’t expect it will be fun, but I will get through it.

  4. Saturn in Aquarius feels, somehow, safe. Both parents were Aquarians.
    They had their feet on the ground and also advocated for humanitarian decency and needs.
    Saturn rules my chart. It’s my wise council. So unless I’m missing something, things are okay here, for me.

  5. While retro, Saturn opposed by natal Mars @ 20Leo for the 2nd time and will oppose once again for the 3rd time during a few weeks of December this year of 2022. Physically I am feeling very good for being 74 yrs old. Many people don’t believe that I’m as old as I say because I don’t look it, and I don’t act like an old man. And ever since transiting Venus conjuncted Pluto last December my libido has been over the top. Must be why I attract so many younger women. My current girlfriend is only 32!
    Your article did inspire me to check on when Pluto in Aquarius will oppose my natal Pluto at 12 Leo. During April and May of 2030. Hmm, something to ponder.

  6. Saturn is already at its station degree, 18, since 1st October. Tension is building like someone winding the spring in a clock or wristwatch. I think next week will be marked by this increasing tension, predominantly mental in nature. Its something you can catch and pull yourself out of, just watch out for getting caught up in your head, like a hamster on a very complex wheel, like an M. C Escher picture puzzle, but not actually creating or solving anything. Also starting to see some reversals of opinion about previously “great collective ideas” from the last 2 years, now not looking so great.

  7. Mars will turn R on the degree opposite my Sun. It is also in a trine with my Jupiter in Libra (saving grace more than once) and inconjunct my own mars in Scorpio. Everything that hits one of these inpacts the other two…not forgetting Pluto also being semisextile sun, sextile mars and square Jupiter at the same time. And looking at the two times in (personal) history when mars was opposing my sun (3 pass FF/R/FF) it was crap but doable. In hindsight there were blessings and new beginnings in this phase. I am NOT looking forward to Saturn in pisces though… not at all. But nothing I can do than prepare. Thank you for your input Elsa.

  8. My 2nd return in Aquarius Saturn certainly was rocky as far as love. Otherwise not too bad. Maybe being forewarned I was forearmed. I’m NOT looking forward to the Aquarius Pluto transit coming in my 5th house.
    To me, my Saturn Return was like a beating on the backside by a well meaning drill sergeant. I’m worried that Pluto will seem more like death by a thousand paper cuts over 20 years. With the exception, of course, when Pluto drives over my Saturn at 5 degrees like a pick up truck every time it goes retrograde then drives over it again when it goes direct. Lol

  9. Saturn’s move into Pisces brings a trine to my 4th house planets, which include IC/moon/Mercury at 6 degrees of Cancer, natal Saturn at 10 Cancer, and later on, my Sun at 25 Cancer. I have Jupiter in Pisces natally at 17 (rx) so there’s a new Saturn Jupiter cycle starting for me during this transit.

    I am noticing big shifts on a personal level, mostly positive but after the Pluto opposite Sun transit that is just finishing up, my self-confidence has taken a beating and I’m just not sure if was delusional about my life and specifically my independence prior to the transit because it all collapsed.

    I like how you mention that Pluto stuff is outside of our control, but honestly — if I can’t run my own life, then how will I make it post Pluto opposite Sun? I’m afraid that everything will collapse again, and I’m not getting any younger.

    Also, I feel like I understand Saturn now, and I am looking forward to his steadying influence on 4th house issues, which were basically torn down over the last however many years Pluto has been in Capricorn. I can handle Saturn after dealing with Pluto’s death and destruction.

    I feel like I will be more apt to listen to Saturn’s guidance during the rebuilding phase of my life. And honestly, all I want is my own home again, and peace and quiet. I had a lot of insane stuff related to home and I just want stability and normalcy, whatever that looks like going forward.

  10. Saturn will go into my 11th with Pisces. And then I’ll dread the 12th house transit. The last time it was there I was 17 and my whole life fell apart. I hope my age will help this time around, but ugh I am not looking forward to it at all; it feels like I’ve been through way too much lately. I’m sure Pluto sitting right at the tippy top of my chart isn’t helping. 😩

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