Saturn Direct: October 10, 2021

shark vac lift awaySaturn will turn direct in Aquarius, late evening on October 10th at 6 degrees.  We all want to move ahead and this is an important piece. If I think in terms of a tie that binds, it would be Saturn.  At least some of what is holding you back or holding you in place will drop off at this point.

I’d not expect miracles with this because Mercury and Jupiter will remain in retrograde until October 18th.  But think about it. Before you can take off,  you’ve got to lose that which is holding you in place or locking you down?

This is stupid but I was just vacuuming.  The cannister is full.  I had to unclip it before I could do anything else… like move around with it?  Motion. Mercury.

Hopefully you can see the correlation here.  This is stage one.  We all know that things go smoother with Mercury direct. Jupiter represents your vision of your future, travel, openness and the like. Freedom.

You can see how this trio work together.  In ten days, all three planets will be headed in the right direction.  This should be good and may even be great.  Jupiter is Aquarius you know.  Luck and opportunities can show up in an instant.  Saturn is in it’s own sign and Mercury is light in Libra, an Air sign.  All of this is positive.

Saturn square Uranus. Liberate the oppressed.

I know that some think this is impossible but I have seen crazier things in my day.

Are you ready for Saturn to go direct?



Saturn Direct: October 10, 2021 — 22 Comments

  1. I’ve got a mental checklist going, ticking off all the planets as they turn direct! Since Pluto stationed direct on the 6th, I’ve been feeling a little lighter and I can’t wait for the others to follow suit. I want to break free!

  2. Omgodddd. I feel like I’m trying to walk waist deep in mud. 😫😂 It’s been raining so hard where I am that this might literally happen. I really can’t wait for saturn to get moving since it’s sitting right on my mars.

  3. I am winning the war with the vegetables. I think I can hose the kitchen down now. It’s a long warm season so far and I am going to make use of it. Am looking forward to living outside for the next two months. But that was only part of what went on thru the retrograde. I got a peak at getting back out there. Am not there yet though. I don’t feel oppressed, just well stocked for the upcoming year. I am thinking that I am building on what I have now as a bridge to the future.

    I actually had to look up the definition of oppressed. My libra Mercury always has to weigh everything. I suppose It’s an odd concept for me personally because I seem to be able to get around limiting situations. Or adjust (adaptability?). Mercury sextile Uranus. And then Jupiter conj sun (Jupiter was able to escape zeus’s thigh or something like that?).

  4. And your example is great. I had to do it in this last leg of food storage when I had everything going at once snd limited pots and pans and burners. The young home owner was telling me that sometimes she gets dizzy because before they can do ‘that’ ‘this this and this’ has to be done. Methodical. Laying groundwork. It’s something we all do I think without really being aware of it. I will think of you vacuuming (a great image) in the future I am sure. Because it is a simple analogy.

  5. Yaayy !!!
    This is such a Welcome thing , I can barely wait.
    But I have a feeling this is going to be good.
    Infact Awesome!
    I ll go with your hunches Elsa, you are so on the money!

    Love your insights.
    And Thank you for the Update and good news.
    I can wait 10 days easy
    Doing the Happy Dance ,🤗💕🤸🏼‍♀️

  6. been having it on my eight house along with Pluto, horrible pressure, but I´m already feeling a wind of change, like the song

  7. Hell yeah,definitely can take an upgrade, course correction
    Relationship improvement, etc.
    So worn down from last 4-5 months
    It’s time to shake it up

  8. Liberate the oppressed is brilliant! I have natal Saturn retro. Feeling Saturn’s onward closer to my 10th house Chiron. Transiting Mars and Jupiter will trine my Venus next week, 6th, 10th and 2nd. Hopeful.

  9. Yup, ready to move forward.
    Calmed some of those internal arsonists inflaming me.
    Astrology from EE giving me navigational GPSs.
    My 10 month old grandson teaching me how to weight-lift.
    Studying oli (Hawaii life ways) to find my voice.
    Saturn goes direct in the second half of my 1st House of who I am now.
    Pluto is working the first half of that House, now direct.
    Could be good time for ‘making new land’, for this old woman.

  10. Saturn is going direct on my Solar Return on the 10th but technically it may be still Retrograde at the exact moment of it, so I am thinking that although things may lighten up soon, there will still be some form of authoritarian control over me for a while. Still, I have a good feeling about this year coming up!

  11. Our theme tune for this time could be Swing Out Sister’s 1985 hit “Breakout” and I am not only saying this because I am distantly related to the gorgeous Corinne Drewery!!

  12. My natal Descendant is at 6° 25’ Aquarius, I need some breathing room before Saturn opposition – Natal Saturn Rx at 24° Leo. Felt very crummy, extra super weepy for days- Lilith was transiting my moon at 9° Gemini while Juno transited my 5th House Neptune/vertex/Vesta at 18°-19° Sagittarius. Really hoping it gets a little easier now! Start moving already Saturn! (It’s a joke, I know I have a few more days.)

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