Saturn Direct In Capricorn: September 18, 2019 – It’s Time To Progress

Saturn patchSaturn will turn direct at 13 degrees Capricorn on September 18th. What a relief! If you’ve be hoping to get some kind of traction in your life, this is going to help.

We tend to fall back with Saturn retrograde. At the very least we stall out or we may feel we’re at a standstill.  It’s not such a bad idea to slow down and regroup but with Saturn in Capricorn, there’s often fear in involved!  You get to wondering if you’re a loser who will never progress!

If you’re geared to move through things quickly, it can be especially frustrating.  If you tend towards depression or feeling lowly, it does not help to seemingly come up against one barrier after another.

Saturn’s direct motion will allow each of us to move ahead.  You may not fly or skip or twirl to your future but if you’re committed to a goal,  you should see clear signs of progress. Your movement may be slow but if you’re moving in the right direction, that’s good enough.

You can compare this to going on a (serious) diet. You’re losing weight… then you stall out… then you get back on it and start dropping whatever it is that’s weighing you down.

I have to say something else, just because I’m a realist.  Bad things that are stalled will also move at this time. I’m talking about illness, for example.

Point is, with Saturn retrograde, progress is suspended in some way, to some degree. With Saturn direct, the clock moves ahead.

To make the most of this, check your direction at this time. Make sure your feet are pointed towards where you want to be.  Then mid-month, be prepared to put your plan in action.

What are you working on with Saturn in Capricorn? What’s your goal?



Saturn Direct In Capricorn: September 18, 2019 – It’s Time To Progress — 48 Comments

  1. I am a later degree Cancer ascendant, Saturn is just a few months from hitting my descendant.

    I work out of my small house. I started tearing my house apart inside and a bit outside in order to renovate. It is very easy to demolish, but not so easy to rebuild. Looks like a construction zone gone cold around here. Very discouraging. I ran out of money because I stopped working.

    I am so grateful for Elsa’s reading several months ago. She told me that Saturn crossing descendant brings blessings once it hits the 7th house cusp. She explained that Saturn transits to the bottom half of our chart is a building up phase. I needed to hear that so bad. Those words have been my hope, my guiding star during this much deeper and much scarier than I have described state of being.

    I am ready to start a new. Get back to work.

    • She told me that Saturn crossing descendant brings blessings once it hits the 7th house cusp. She explained that Saturn transits to the bottom half of our chart is a building up phase. I needed to hear that so bad
      I too have a later degree Cancer asc.
      Me too…because the demolition has been brutal. Please, let’s just move forward with what is left. I am ready.

  2. Exactly. I thought ‘How do I get over this problem with girls and also enjoy my life’ problem was incredible anxiety, even panic around flirtation. So started going to dancing, went to yoga although I felt I had to for real anxiety symptoms, other events; and there’s no turning back now. Soft positivity and warm reaction to the involuntary lust in my eyes, has calmed me down and now, well now it’s a different place. There isn’t any turning back.

  3. Divorcing after 32 years of marriage, moving from my home of 29 years to a cute rental on 9/14, and adopting 2 kittens who will arrive on 9/18. I grew up with cats as pets, but had to give up as an adult as my ex is allergic. I wasn’t planning on getting any more pets at this time, but animal friends have a funny way of finding us when we most need them. A friend is fostering these little cuties, sent me a text picture, and my first thought was “those are my kittens!”

  4. I am in the process of starting a new career after 22 years on my job my fears and anxiety are at an all time high. Just seeking relief and success.

  5. Thank you, thank you,thank you. This information is music to my ears.I was wondering why I was feeling so out of it. Time to move forward.

  6. Good news,then. I’ve been preparing with a lot of consistent hard work and struggle. (Cap moon/2nd Hs, Aries sun & Saturn/4th)
    Completely alone and unsupported except for my psychotherapist.
    Chronically ill, needing a divorce, needing an income to support myself, needing to go through and get rid piles of material possessions, finally beginning the *hardcore* mental plunge into working on reparenting because of a severely abused and neglected childhood.
    The major barriar to my selfgrowth has been a dark core of insecurity and low self worth my entire life (I’m 51)
    In order to break free of that layers thick shell, all of this needs to be dealt with.
    The past 2 years I’ve been ‘working’ on all of this. I feel stronger but facing the terrified inner child (the most important step) that has stood btwn me and liberation, is scary.
    I see potential but I have to rise above 16 years of Illness and disability, and many more years of trauma, a poor marriage, no money(!) — to move out, earn an income, and be with a partner and lover who will honor and respect my presence.
    It’s immense.
    I hope I will finally be able to step fully into the power and strength of my Aries sun, learning to integrate the background darkness.
    The conjunction next year will be on my moon and trine my Midheaven too.
    Maintaining high moral ground has been my rule.
    Good luck, everyone. I adore Jupiter.

      • Good Luck Holly. Youre post wasnt that long. No worries.
        Its a hard road. I started that journey at 51 too. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.
        I hope your journey ends well. Be good to yourself and come out stronger.

    • You are going to come into your own and you will look back and wonder what that was all about.

      Don’t worry about finding “love” or a “partner”, find a stable patch of ground you can stand on. The rest will come, or not and if it doesn’t you literally won’t care because what you have will be you.

  7. Thanks!! ??
    Can I ask, what would it indicate if this was stationing direct exactly on a persons south node in the 5th house?? ?

  8. Have been working hard to get my #LifeGoals in check.

    The other day I had to stop myself from a long time of feeling bad about needing to cut off on my social life to work on these goals. I realized these are important things and issues, which you cannot skimp on, you need to stay focused and dedicated. Sort of like a laser beam, eyes on the prize, baby… So yeah, I’m all set, I am hoping things begin to fall in place.

    Also, my Libra Moon is located in the 8th house, squaring Saturn now, almost exact (12’55). This creates massive tension, and all sorts of anxiety goes up these days, but in the start of the year, this was the case too, and I have started to really promote my boundaries now!

    During the past 3 weeks I have
    1: Told my boss how I felt about her behavior
    2: Told my coworker that he needed to use a nicer tone when speaking to me
    3: Talking to HR department about coworker in #2

    This is the 2nd pass of Saturn to my Moon in a square, and he is transitting my 12th house. At least I can look forward to Saturn sextiling my Sun, Venus and Jupiter when him and Pluto hits off in January 2020. I suspect I will be stronger than before – ready for him hitting my Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra next year, on the verge of my Ascendant as well.

  9. Can’t wait. It matters to me — it’s third pass of 2d natal return at 13 Cap so exact station and 2deg from descendant. I think I’ve handled this return relatively ok — moved to a new city better suited for life balance, career shift, etc. — but the stalling is still in play, seems much is a little extra hard to get through or get done. I’m ready to get going. Looking forward to this shift.

  10. Saturn at 14′ Cap is opp my natal Cancer Mercury in the 5th. I’m not sure how this has affected my life (with no kids) but it has dampened my creativity and things have been kind of stagnant socially. No vacation this year either. I’ll be happy when Saturn goes direct but the travelling north node in Cancer will conjunct very soon.

  11. Just signed into more classes in October been working on real estate appraisal there are a slim 60,000 in the US, hoping to add me to that number just 2 more tests to pass
    Then planning to attend some of the yearly meet and greets to solicit
    Me !love to work with a group on mainland ,be a commuter, been in transportation awhile now, baby steps.

    • Tr Saturn and Tr Pluto have been passing my teenage daughter’s chart ruler Venus and IC ruler, Mercury. In her chart Venus and Merc are about 22 degrees CAP opposite Saturn and squaring Jupiter.

      She received a solar eclipse to the opposition in July of 2018 and that started a period of “extreme teenage rebellion”. I should point out that the eclipse in August of 2018 hit my Moon. It was a shocking, alarming and highly distressing time for me.

      This July she received a Lunar eclipse to the same opposition and by extension T square formation. How does this relate to this post on Saturn going direct? Tr Saturn and Tr Pluto have been hovering on her chart ruler, which is caught up on that formation.

      I decided to pull out all stops in getting her mental health help. This involved arguing with her father to be on board with her eventual diagnosis, deferring some expenditure, revisiting previous expectations I had of her and our relationship. I laid down new ground rules with her. It’s been productive and with Tr Saturn going direct to join Tr Pluto, I believe we will get on top of this!

      So it has to be said that Saturn always delivers what it promises, as does Pluto. No matter the pain, trust in the process!

  12. In the retrograde I had shifted to the city I had always desired to be in ,god panick attacks and anxiety disorder and had to leave the same city in about 20 days. I’m shattered now . I regret wasting my father’s hard earned money on all that stuff. I have lost my goal. I’m clueless about my future.

    • You arent alone. I bet alot of us lashed out during this retrograde in a frustrated attempt at moving forward.
      Trust me, your decision to fullfill what you thought you wanted(moving to that desired city) had to be done.
      It was something you accomplished in your bucket list. Imagine if you never took the leap. It would have haunted you in your old days as the shoulda-coulda thing.
      Now its off your bucket list.
      Maybe you just werent ready.
      And trust me, Im sure your dad has a shoulda-coulda list. If he does he would understand.
      You only got two feet. Use them to carry you on not spending time using them to kick yourself in the pants. There are plenty of people in the world to do that already. ;-D

  13. My Saturn is in Scorpio in the 8th house, I’ve been trying to move and looking for a apartment or house and get my life in order yet feel like I’m at a stand still now. Was hoping once Saturn goes direct there will be a push in my favor..I’m an Aries Sun Aries Moon and Aries rising

  14. I am early degree ascendant in Capricorn 1’50, and currently Saturn and Pluto are in my 1st house, where I also have Venus and Mercury in natal. I don’t have to tell you that last 12 years have been hell for me, constant turbulence at work and periods of no work, a relationship that has no prospect but no power to break it, no friends, no support, as the whole world has turned its back on me. On January 12th there will be a Saturn conjunction with Pluto at 22 degrees, which happens to me in the 1st house, which degree coincides with the degree to which my sun in Aquarius is in. What impact will this have on me, and whether after Saturn and Pluto move into Aquarius in a few years will I have to go through the same difficulties again. I am in a panic and unable to continue because my life is over and I am in a status quo all the time..Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?!?

  15. Saturn turned direct in an exact square to natal Pluto. The square involves the 1st and 10th houses. I can’t make heads or tails of it yet.

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