Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn, January 12, 2020 – Stellium

Saturn conjunct Pluto January 2020I originally posted this in 2015. That’s how long I’ve had my eye on this! The graphic is amazing, isn’t it? Saturn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 22 degrees on January 12th, 2020.

It’s been nearly 30 years since we’ve had a mashup of this magnitude in Capricorn. If you were into astrology (or born) circa 1990-93, you know what I’m talking about (see Mega- Capricorn).  I remember those years like they were yesterday!

Last night, Orisis Wife remarked, its been 735 years since Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto were in Capricorn, simultaneously. I was struck by this so I asked for details. She explained the three planets were in Capricorn in 1285.  They were not conjunct, like what we’ll see in 2020. Crazy, right?

If you have planets in Capricorn, near 22 degrees, this will be a deeply meaningful time for you.  People with planets in the later degrees of the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra and Cancer) will also be impacted.

If you have a stellium in near these degrees, in any of the Cardinal signs, that goes double, triple…exponential.

Where does this stellium fall in your chart? Are you ready for this?



Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn, January 12, 2020 – Stellium — 399 Comments

  1. Looks exciting! My 9th house is 22 degrees Capricorn, so both Saturn and Pluto will have just entered it. Plus Jupiter in this chart is conjunct my natal Saturn to the degree.

  2. Five degrees past my ASC, 1-2 degrees past my North Node and opposing my natal 7th house SN/Uranus , 2 degrees from squaring my Aries Sun and Libra Neptune.
    Actually, 1993 was tumultuous for me, but not really bad, demanding and exciting, very much alive! Think positive!

      • For people who have that in their chart…maybe. But those are not personal planets. If you have a lot of personal planets in the Cardinal signs, this is going to impact you in a powerful way – PERIOD.

        • Hey Elsa, can you be more specific? I have a natal Sun/Venus conjunction at 23 Aries and this Saturn/Pluto conjunction is going to square me. It is still a few years away but my intuition and outer world experience says it is transforming my career and allowing me to finally do what I was born to do/be. Thoughts?

        • ALL my personal planets (except Venus) plus my NN/SN are in cardinal signs.

          I am “ready” (or “preparing”), spiritually.

          All I can say is Thank you Elsa for the heads up. Forewarned is forearmed.

  3. Well, well. GRIN. My 5th House Sun is at 24 Capricorn, Venus at 22 degrees Capricorn in the House of its Joy, and Mercury at 20 degrees Capricorn. Plus this is the year of my Chiron Return – I guess I will get to see exactly what I’ve made of my life. Do I end up with a dog life or a cat life? The expression is, “Dogs have owners; cats have staff.”

  4. Hmmmm…tasty. Just after my Saturn return, too. The stellium will be just a whisker past my own stellium. I’m preparing for this.

  5. oh geez. 😯

    the 90s Cap stellium was great (except for getting hit by a car when uranus and neptune went over my Asc/Mars – literal whiplash/permanently messed up my neck & back).

    …that 2020 chart, though. (shivers) t. Pluto is going to be squaring my Sun/MC/S node & t. Uranus is going to be opposite them (conjunct my IC/North Node/BML).

    Chiron and BML will be conjunct each other then too – on my t square for my Chiron return. Sounds like a real sh*t show.

    t Pluto on my Sun/S Node/MC was the worst transit ever so I’m a bit scared of this. I think I know what is going to happen (at least one thing). ick.

  6. 7th house for me..I will getting pretty old by then. definitely retirement age . mid sixties. no idea how to forcast that! Will be needing Elsa readings for sure.

    • oh wow, just checked…all those planets in my 7th house and uranus will be almost (2 degrees) conjunct my natal venus in taurus.sounds like love and relationship stuff.

  7. My second house, no significant planet transit. 1990-1993 were good times for me. It got challenging after 1996 and never got as good as those times again.

  8. Holy shlamoley. My Sun at 19 Cap is 3 degrees off this gang, all occurring at the end of my 4th House.

    Whatever it is, it’s Major Reality Home Invasion.

  9. 21 Cappy is my DSC, 26 Cappy is my North Node, 26 Cancer is my Mercury & 28 Cancer is my Mars. I’m not ready, but am working hard to get there. I just feel unsure of how to do that some days, but I’m trying.

  10. All this will be in my 3rd house in a t-square with natal Saturn in the 5th & Ceres in the 11 th, but supported by a trine with natal Pluto & Uranus in Virgi in the 10th. Not sure how it will go.

    • Wondering that too Xavier, but maybe in regard to the internet? Will it become patrolled and controlled by governments everywhere, like what happens in China? I’m already seeing that showing up in tv shows, where the police access records of people’s internet use to find evidence.

      • I had the word ‘kick-ass’ in the title to my webinar: “What makes a brand kick-ass? HInt: It’s not your logo.” and Facebook denied my ad because i used the word ‘ass’. So I changed it to ‘a**’ and reran the ad. FB denied that one because it referred back to my website that had the word “ass” on it. Feeling watched, and “checked” and shut down. Will likely change my website (the title of my program) to eliminate the word ‘ass’.

        • And here we are, almost there – look at what is happening with UTube and the policing of material… and more of the big guys to follow int he next months.

          • And China is social profiling with face recognition their 1.5 billion inhabitants. Gotta have a good score if you want a loan, a travel visa, whatever. Freaky but true.

  11. I have Sun and Mercury (chart ruler) conjunct at 22 Cap. So yeah, January 12, 2020 is a big day for me, turning 33 and experiencing the culmination of Saturn-Pluto.

    I had a dream about car brand PLUTO IN CAPRICORN. It’s not a death machine, just a vehicle for self-observation and unfoldment.

    Richard Tarnas writes extensively about the Saturn-Pluto cycle and its correlation with world wars. I want neither an external war nor an internal one – people being at war with themselves, suffering from unresolved neurotic tension, puer battling senex, uninitiated Mars battling everything.

  12. Though, at this point I’m just going to go with the “whatever happens, happens”. I hate not being in control of my fortunes but I have no choice but to float like an amoeba, because Uranus/Pluto has put my Jupiter through the meat grinder. Saturn/Neptune is about to do the same to my Sag moon. Nothing surprises me anymore, because I expect only negatives to happen

    I have this theory that these transits and the upcoming stellium are equivalent to the trials of Job who suffered losses for 40 years, for those of us with the 89-93 stellium…

  13. This stellium is going to trigger off my Venus at 23.23 Capricorn. Mars and Jupiter conjunct Venus shortly after. I have had to deal with Pluto conjunct my Sun plus the Grand Cross and Solar Eclips (conj my Moon)which created my second marriage break up. First marriage broke up in August 1991. Quietly, I am truly dreading this as Venus is in my 4th house of home and family.

    • Hi Elsa, it will be a humdinger of a time. It has been in my sights for the last few months. Also have Ceres at 21.4 of Capricorn. This stellium will sextiles my North Node in Pisces of 22.42. Wonder if the Lunar Eclipse on July 16, 2019 24 degrees of Cap will be a prelude.

    • Uhmm, I have been wondering about that too…I read it heralds the slow and inevitable fall of the patriarchy here in the US, which a scorpion woman president could arguably represent. It’s happening in my third house, and I have been watching with awe the steady transformation happening in education in this country- changes in student populations, curriculum, structures (online, blended learning, charter schools), school shootings.

      • Well, that didn’t work out well for Scorpio Hilary. Won by millions of votes but lost to Trump due to behind the scenes electoral votes. More of this to come in the next election>

      • Oh and HASN’T IT!!! Shootings, sex in school curriculums (some weird stuff like child sex stimulation in child development OH and Jeff Epstein was supposed to be a teacher in his first life, gross), we’re seeing an attempted coop of our government as a group of powerful elites who have controlled all things is being brought to light. We have Weinstein, Me, Too, the collapse of the Roman Catholic Church in Australia due to payouts to victims. US archdioceses are paying millions to sex abuse victims. More of it coming – just cleaning the fish tank:)

  14. I met my husband in early 1990 and married quickly. We were both mid 30’s and wanted family. I had my son in January of 1991 (he is a Cap sun, plus the stellium in his 1st house). Beautiful soul, brilliant but often pained by life’s lessons. First daughter was born in August 1992. Six weeks preemie…rough start but what a fighter, she isn’t heavy Cardinal. My husband and I are both heavy Cardinal, living separately in the same house. Harsh on one end but solid in another. Our family is foremost to both of us – our marriage not so much. Friendship exists though. I have no doubt by 2020 we will be apart. This will all happen in my 5th house and his 7th. It is what it is. Much more concerned about my son, it will be right on his Saturn return, conjoining his Sun.

    • God, this sounds exactly like my family. ‘Living separately in the same house’ – exactly. I hope I can leave much sooner than 2020 as the kids are grown up now, and the youngest has actually moved out.

  15. One thing I’ve noticed about this transit is that Saturn and Pluto will be tribe my Virgo Venus on the dot–0 degree orb. I hope this is for the best. I have terrible fortune concerning love.

  16. Oh goody. Right on top of my Mars @ 21 Cap, all (including Jupiter) in my first house. Quincunx my moon @ 21 Leo, semi-sextile my Saturn @ 20 Aqu, and sextiling my Neptune @ 17 Scorp for added ‘clarity’. LOL! Ah, well, as a Capricorn, Saturn ‘the Planet of Adversity’ is supposed to be my friend. 😛

  17. 90-93 was really hard for me. My entire family (immediate & extended) amped up their abuse- physical, sexual, mental and I was being bullied (beaten, spat on, the whole nine). I had no one.

    I doubt there will be a repeat of that unless people want to be deeply harmed in return.

  18. I’m turning 56 tomorrow, and Pluto has conjuncted every planet in my chart, save Uranus. Saturn was the last to be hit, at 8 Capricorn. By 2020, Pluto will be far enough along to start squaring my natal planets again, starting with my 12th-house moon. More intense, yet slow, torture? Nah. I’ve learned some. I saw this poem to day, and it seems to fit:
    Not only sands and gravels
    Were once more on their travels,
    But gulping muddy gallons
    Great boulders off their balance
    Bumped heads together dully
    And started down the gully.
    Whole capes caked off in slices.
    I felt my standpoint shaken
    In the universal crisis.
    But with one step backward taken
    I saved myself from going.
    A world torn loose went by me.
    Then the rain stopped and the blowing
    And the sun came out to dry me.
    Robert Frost

    • Hard work or possible health problems. Basically, if you have bad (health) habits, you’ve got a few years to get on top them…or face consequences. But it might also be extremely hard work. Um…training to climb Everest would fit this too. I hope you understand.

      • Happy Holidays Elsa!

        Oh boy, I’ve been dealing with health issues for a few years now, but I will talk to you about this at a later date, privately. I’ve been working hard on my personal, and career life very hard during this time, and it is trying.

        Thanks for your time.

  19. Everything falls into my sixth house. …just one more reason to keep working on my eating and exercising habits now.

    I’m worried about my daughter, though. She was born under the cardinal grand cross with her Moon in Capricorn at 15 degrees in the 7th. Pluto/Saturn/Mercury/Sun will be transiting her 8th.

    It looks like her Grand Cross is in the earlier degrees, too far away to form a conjunction…

  20. Elsa, I did the math and lined it up on my chart. I figure I’ll be checking out, if not then, a few years later. I’m intuitive, and I do get it from where IT comes from, most especially if someone close to me is in danger, and it comes to from seemingly out of nowhere! If I’m in trouble, I don’t get the warning, but if it’s going to go down bad for me and I realize in the last moment that I’m in trouble, God and His Universe has ALWAYS pulled me back; it wasn’t my time. Now, about this Stellium, I figure according my calculations that I’ll have about 3 years after that before I check out. It will all be in my 4H, all of it, and natal Chiron is there. I’m not afraid of the clock. In no way do I feel threatened. What information you supplied was already my guess. No fear. You are a dear, and I thank you.

    • My IC is 22 Cap and my north node is at 23. Opposing Venus. I’ve been having a hell of a time with my health the last 3 years (Chiron in 6th) and I’ve wondered the same about this being my time to exit, but I also see the potential of the other side – coming out of it and helping others. The health of the planet and humanity is in incredible decline and i see my role as a healer of some sort coming into play if I do survive this.

  21. Will be opposing natal venus. Have been considering that. But hate to rush ahead too far. It ain’t broke yet.

    1990-1993 brought major change to my life. Bam! Out with the old, in with the new. Nothing I planned on. It just happened. Bam!!!! I pretty much like where I am now. So the possibility of that happening again is not pleasant. But if like then, it will be the right thing to do. Like no stopping it and I’ll be on board. If like then, it will be the right thing to do.

  22. I’ve been watching Pluto approach that natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction for a while now. That is a natal aspect for my son. To boot, it represents the kite point to his Grand Water Trine.

    Historically, he does not tolerate activation of that kite well. The last activation involved the kite being activated through progression. It resulted in jail time, probation, and a change to our family dynamic that has no indication of ever resolving.

    I haven’t looked as far ahead to when this Pluto-Saturn conjunction activates it. My focus and worries are on 2017 when Pluto is within a few degrees of Neptune-Uranus and transiting Uranus will be transiting his Aries Sun.

    • Dear Stacey,
      I was so naive up till now when I was thinking that kite is so good and positive aspect in general. I thought that grand trine holders might be happy in several areas of life… That is so shocking. I have a kite in my natal as well…

      • Alice – a kite CAN be a good thing. Energy is not good or bad until directed. My son has a habit of forcing tough lessons on himself. The Grand Water Trine has results in some of the most amazing opportunities to literally fall into his lap. He sees these as ‘normal’ and then tends to squander them. He had a Uranus transit a few years ago that hit him hard. It should have been an easier lesson, but he didn’t want to learn. As Uranus retrograded moved forward again, the lesson kept going deeper with more permanent consequences.

        I would not expect others with this configuration to make the same decisions my son has.

        • Dear Stacey,
          Thank you for your reply. It s great to learn. My little son has several major oppositions – grand cross in his natal chart, he s somehow forced to transform rough energies right from the beginning. He had to have physiotherapy following troubled birth and he has become extra strong. Grand cross: pluto in first house in Sag opposes Mars in seventh house in Gemini, Mercury in ninth house Libra opposes Juno in third. All square each other.
          But he s loved by everyone, even strangers (Neptune conjunct Chiron and Jupiter in Aqua in 2nd house, Leo Venus trines Aries Juno and sextiles Libra mercury)

  23. That’s interesting. I have my Venus at 29 Cap and my AC is 26 Cap. The stellium will square my Mars in Libra and my husband’s Cancer Mars at exactly 22 degrees. How will the affect him? Mars is in the 5th house.

  24. 1st house. Asc 16 Cap. Squaring my 3rd house Jupiter in Aries at 20. Mercury at 26 Cap. So both my communicative planets are getting hit. It ll be squaring someone’s Saturn in Libra in 1st house. Judgement day?

  25. Hi Elsa,

    Without telling to much personal info, I had to write this.
    1990-1993 brung death in March (91′). A lost (people)at the end of the summer of (92), but a return in summer of (94) and a new birth and a new life in the early spring of March(94). I’ll be turning 50, with trines to my 10th house Sun,Saturn and Mercury, and 3rd house Pluto in the year 2020.

  26. It will be conjunct my natal Saturn and within five degrees of my natal Jupiter, in my fifth house. What a Saturn return! And my saturn is trine my Venus and my midheaven, and generally well placed.

  27. 90-93, was a little kid, friend group had a huge fight so no one was talking, then moved to a new state with higher standards, homework was agony, ended up friendless for about a year, that part of the experience sucked badly haha. But ended up better as I connected with my moms side of the family. Wonder what will happen 2020. Maybe I’ll move again?

    9th house moon & other stellium

  28. Oh Buddha,
    This stellum will be on my son’s natal moon conjunct lilith in second house, at that time he will be 10 years old. Luckily his natal moon is trine natal Virgo Saturn 9H ( some kind of stability and support).
    Just like Elsa I will have whole Cap stellum in 12H. Skin problems like rosacea once again? Deep changes? Investigations? stellum will be opposite to my progressed Sun in sixth house. Like everyone i need to prepare.
    Hugs to all of you

  29. I was born 1/29/92. So, my Pluto is at 21 degrees Scorpio and conjuct my MC, in the 10th, yada yada.
    I’m also Cap rising, Saturn is conjoined my Aqua Sun in the 1st, both at 9 degrees. Then I have Uranus, Neptune, Mars (those three in stellium at 15-16 degrees), Venus, and Mercury ALL in the 12th. That stellium also trines my Jupiter in the 8th. Questions: 1. Does anyone have information about the possibly importance of that Stellium, and 2. Since Mars is also Exalted in Cap, what does it say being conjoined to Uranus, etc. Any response is appreciated. Thanks guys

    • oh, you scorpio stellium, you get a sextile. But the waxing square isn’t far behind. I like the pluto in scorpio generation. The ones I know seem to want to make a difference with the work they do, but yet aren’t over causy (which I appreciate). I wish that generation all the best. I am sure they can power through it. I could be wrong and someone please correct me if I am, but I think the 12th is hidden enemies and I take that as self undoing. But you must have a handle on that with all that activity in the 12th or you would be gone by now. I would think, and I am no astrologer, so I am just feelin it out that neptune in your stellium might ease that uranus mars conjunction. You could be more sensitive (neptune) to your surroundings and the people around you (the collective) and take that into consideration rather than just lashing out or acting out thoughtlessly. Uranus neptune has a spiritual ring to it for me. And to me mars in capricorn is what I call Alexander the Great Commander. I think it works in the military but it can be very hard on us civilians. If you get a chance to do any leadership training, I would take it if I were you. Let me know if I have you totally wrong. I can learn from that.

      • Oh and I don’t mean you have to be the leader if it’s not for you, but it will expand the understanding of what that really means.

  30. I was thinking about this last night after seeing it on this site. I looked at it from Pluto represents money, and Saturn is confusion/delusion and generally getting it wrong – financial crash anyone – could this finally be the date.
    BTW in a months time Saturn will be semi-sextiling Pluto – extreme financial tension.
    Personally the good thing about this will be that Pluto and Saturn will have passed squaring my Jupiter/Venus in Aries, and therefore will not make this angle simultaneously as what they will do with each other. The bad news is that they will both (particularly Saturn) make an angle with the aforementioned before passing. I suppose for myself the badness is before they conjunct.

      • If Venus represents money then that Jupiter/Venus should have produced a lot. Not the case though. I believe it (pluto) represents money. I believe this as in my later life I have got into Magi-astrol. They have been pretty damned accurate about everything in my studies of astrology. Much, much and much more accurate than Linda Goodmans Sun Sign type astrology thats popular in the western world. Also following the magi principle when looking at that jupiter/venus the planet venus has passed Jupiter and even though its only in the next degree there is no angle – its passed. Also figures – yes. I spent years trying to work with the aforementioned sun signed astrology and got no where. Its to vague and loose – anything goes, anything can be linked, there are no rules etc…

        • Someone once referred to astrology as art science. I like the flex. We get to understand the energies and create the life we want. Find our truth. Use what works.

          • Someone?? Who was this someone? What qualifications did this someone have? In particular how much studying had been put into astrology? Did this someone only use the typical sun sign western astrology?
            Trouble is we can make anything work – you ask any medium standing up fishing for a reply – I see a man in black with a tall hat. His name is frank or francis – here, a hand goes up. Joseph Goebbels knew this – if I can repeat a lie enough times eventually it will be believed. I have altered it a little – If I here anything enough times eventually I will believe it, even the truth.
            For something to work it has to undergo rigorous scrutiny. Check the record, check the record then check the record again.
            Dispel vagueness – remember, if you meet the buddha on the road kill him.

            • Gosh, you are more serious than I am. Which by the way I am trying to quit. I don’t follow gospel anything. I don’t believe much of anything. While often naive about people and their motives, I am not an easy sell. If I come off that way, you got the wrong number. I would rather be happy than right. I see astrology as a tool. A system. If it helps a person deal with their existence it’s a good thing. I like experiencing life. I like listening to other’s experience of life. Believe it or not I find it interesting. The different takes. And most of all I like learning from others.

              Oh and it was a review in a newspaper that fell under the category art science. No one was professing anything. I saw it and it rang true for me. That’s all.

              I hope this does not offend you, but is magi astrology your buddha? Records and facts, facts and records, construct makers, that’s all they are. Walls go up and walls go down. It’s a cycle.

              So what makes us so different from each other. You like it nailed down nice and neat and I? I don’t mind your take but we would drive each other nuts, eh? I could never get it right enough. Such is my fate??? 😀

              • I realise how vague astrology is, and how vague astrologers are as a consequence.

                For astrology to work it has to prove that when a certain angle happens then a certain thing happens. Not easy with normal western astrology as the orbs are so big that everything plus the kitchen sink could be used, and always is used. Which would make make any interpretation inaccurate. 3 degree orb and only applying cuts down on the clutter. You get to see what is really happening. For instance, and you are quite right, I am quite serious, this is because of a mercury saturn conjunction (its also parallel so a double conjunction). I am fine with it, but others may not be. I am not serious about everything – I like silliness.

                About two days ago a rocker named Lemmy died – lead of Motorhead. His birth chart has Pluto at 11 degrees retrograde. Where Saturn by transit is at 10 degrees of Sagg. Its within 3 degrees – I think it likely this is why he kicked the bucket.

                I am like everyone else – lost in this world. Its not my buddha – I am just trying to find a more accurate astrology, and magi seems to be it, although like you and seriousness, I am, or at least have though of dropping it as it will never be precise.

                You may have caught the blast from that aforementioned mercury/saturn conjunction being aspected by mercury ans mars, which thankfully is over.

                All the best.

        • I recently came to the same conclusion. I mean that Pluto and not Venus rules money. But I was probably also influenced by the Magi system. It makes some good points. Especially the interpretation of Chiron is tested, confirmed and finally adopted by many non-Magi astrologers meanwhile. But most of the Magi system was simply taken from traditional astrology and then renamed, but never discovered by Magi astrologers as they claim it. Everybody, who gave traditional astrology a chance, knows that. So you’re judging both sides really unfair!

          Jupiter transiting my Pluto has also never given me money or increased my financial power. So obviously certain transits don’t mean that certain things happen.

          With other things, especially the interpretation of asteroids, where Magi astrologers would have the chance to do pioneer work, the Magi system fails even more seriously.

          By the way, the Sun sign is rather irrelevant in traditional astrology.

  31. my progressed sun will be 21 capricorn in jan. 2020. By then i will have experienced 9 conjunctions between pluto and progressed sun, starting march 2016, ending oct 2019. i just counted them. 7th house. i guess saturn and jupiter will also join the party in 2019. i have a new therapist and i think we’re going to do some really good work. i’m accepting this as a great opportunity. by 2020 i’ll be ready for chiron return in 10th and who knows what else. a new life that can’t be imagined from this vantage point.

  32. Oh my poor vesta at 21 aries in 12th house! She will be crushed. My natal moon / saturn conjunction at 17/18 aries also 12th house will be hammered as well. The conjunction is currently under pressure from uranus and soon pluto. This stellium in 2020 definitely means something.

  33. Sounds somewhat dramatic to me. I have Stellium in Libra (with three of my personal planets plus Uranus); all involved in a T-square with Saturn and Chiron. This will make up a nice little Grand cross. Uagh!

  34. Wow, I hope it means “777” I am born 1/9/59 at 11:11 am, lucky or unlucky I think it’s hard to call I am trying hourly to keep my positive energy as a force field . I am one of 9 children mama born on 8/13 daddy 11/02, I have a boatload of stories, it’s surprising to me I am alive and sane,trauma and drama just surviving an ongoing divorce but determined to find real peace and love the struggle with having enough$$ and calm is always an” ah really, now , that’s what you think?” But I am determined to find strength courage peace and I’ll take prayers for some real love, it is my turn, right?

  35. All I’m really getting on this is that I am never really ready for much of anything, but I do have a sense of clearing the way for something to come. I really am vague. :DDDDD

  36. Hi Elsa and everyone,
    New here!
    It will fall into my 5th House, not sure what this will mean as believe this is the enjoy yourself and passion house! Will Trine my Sun & Venus in 10th House at this time also.
    Wishing you all a nice week!
    John Henry

  37. It’s going to be different. You’re different and the planets are different.

    Hard to say, thumbs up or down without seeing the whole chart.

  38. This lands on my 21 degree Capricorn ascendant. I’m really quite concerned about what all of this will do to me. Pluto first crosses the ascendant in March of 2018 and then appears to skate back and forth across it. Should I be terrified?

    • Yes you should,but then go beyond terror into the land of impetus and preparation for catastrophe,the stoic philosophers understood this.Should you survive,you will be transformed from this crucible of pain to rebuild from the remnants of your psyche.This period will reveal what you are as opposed to what you think you are.I hope you survive this extremely difficult time.When Pluto first crosses your ascendant in 2018 this will be a precursor as to what to expect in Jan 2020.Astrology points to a meaning for existence,incarnation for purpose,a truth worth remembering during shitty episodes of our life.Best wishes,Astromancer

    • I made it through, and so will you! Just do your best to slow (your thinking) down and think things through. You will feel under tremendous pressure, and your character will be tested over and over again.

    • Your ascendant is who you are and Pluto will show yourself what you are hiding, Pluto does 4 runs at 21 Capricorn, how do I know, its opposite my Sun.!!! I think Pluto is about money, wills, and insurances (life). Maybe you should think in those ways.Its opposite your partnership house, protect yourself as much as possible. 2020 will be about money and power,(BANKING)like an actual war, with Uranus in Taurus in trine (bless) watch the weather for growing foods like 1930s/1940s, for me Uranus will mean weird bartering of money and food stuffs being rationed, governments telling us all what to do and we all need to think of how to shore up our recources now. The good news is that we all have to realise we are in it together. I am sure my husband will die, its the worse feeling in the universe. and, yes, he is ill longterm. No pensions, benefits might be the world governments hold over us all. Keep in touch.

  39. Back in 1990s I got this stellium hitting my 12th and I was a child. I was very shy, escapism into a world of my own, and at that period suffered some health problems at that time. When Uranus and Neptune entered my first around 2000, it was a liberation and an awakening.

    In 2020, the conjunction will again hit my 12th before all those planets move to the ascendant. As Uranus enters my 4th, I foresee emotional events ahead, changes in family and a deep introspective inwards period.

    More difficult is currently the T-square of Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter hitting directly my Moon and my MC. Many relationship changes.

  40. Wow, the Sun/Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020 at 22 degrees Capricorn will conjunct my natal Saturn (which is at 22 degrees Capricorn also) so it will be my first Saturn return at the same time! Sounds pretty scary! ??

    • Sounds like your maturity will be heavily tested, and how you relate to power/power abuse (yours and others). I wonder what the issues are…what house?

    • I had my 1st Saturn return in 1986.(1st house) The first Saturn return is about RESPONSIBILITY, getting married, getting divorced, having your first child, starting up a business. I divorced my violent first husband, the things he did afterwards well I lived through them with literally no money and 2 small children to bring up. Its about maturing and all I can say is that the 2nd Saturn return is a lot better, been there, done that. Capricorn is about maturity, Saturn often a father figure, Pluto makes you look inside yourself (men) and Scorpions. Its not all about just men, women can be worse! Start now particulary from this winter or before, try to look through events and people who you live and work with. It will help, but, you probably won’t like what you find out. Use that power. Empower yourself. LOVE YOURSELF. I wish someone had told me!! Only just realising who I am at 60. Finally, like I tell myself, try not to worry too much. Pluto is a great healer and enabler.

  41. Stellium (in 4th house) will conjunct natal Chiron which opposes natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and quincunx natal Pluto, and square natal Neptune; however, it will trine natal Sun. That date tr Jupiter will be conjunct natal Mars/NN. All aspects less than 2 degrees :O

  42. Stellium (in 4th house) will conjunct natal Chiron which opposes natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, and will quincunx natal Pluto, and square natal Neptune; however, it will trine natal Sun. That date tr Jupiter will be conjunct natal Mars/NN, which trine natal Moon. All aspects less than 2 degrees :O

  43. Hi Everyone, hi Elsa. This 2020 conjunction will happen on my birthday, Jan 10th, with an eclipse on that day as well. Pluto will have already crossed my 3rd house sun by 2 degrees when Saturn catches up to him, and then Mars will join them a few weeks later. As these 3 planets are the power brokers of our cosmos, and they are merging together, this is going to be quite a show. Uranus will be entering my 7th house DC in that same period. Do you think we will all get a hint of what is to come when Mars rolls over these planets this fall(2016), even if Saturn is still in Sag?

    • Welcome, freeyourgenie. We might get a preview, but it’s not something I’d be paying mind too. Not because this is not valid, but because it’s so far out. Mars will cross this degree again, before the conjunction. Even at that point, I’d think it premature.
      But I want to stress, this is just one person’s view. 🙂

      • Thank you Elsa. So, 3rd house; paying mind too, personal point of views: maybe I will need to be more mindful of other people’s points of view (or read their minds)? That’s more upbeat than what I was thinking in regard to 3rd house issues. Thank you for that!

        • Last time Pluto and Saturn were conjunct, it was on my ascendent. My brother died in a motorcycle accident, followed by other painful and private incidences during the year.

          • It will be on my ascendant this time. Did you have anything going on with your third house? Or do you have some sort of planet there? I’m looking at my chart and worrying. I know there isn’t much I can do about it but I wondered if you could see anything that this stellium hit?

            • Hi amh,
              My Capricorn sun in the 3rd house was getting squared by the Saturn & Pluto conjunction, which was also trining Saturn in my 4th. The moon was entering my 8th house. He was a Gemini, which is my 8th house. My Pluto/Uranus/Mars stellium in the 11th house was opposite transiting Mercury (sibling) and sun(male) in the 5th. Even if I knew astrology back then, I would not have seen it coming, as Venus was just entering my 7th house and was sitting on the DC, though of course that means she was in opposition to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on the ascendent, and trining transiting Neptune at the end of the 2nd house (which was conjunct my venus/mercury). He was a really nice guy, the kind everybody likes- maybe a Libra ascendent? I don’t know. Worrying won’t help, but remembering to love the people in your life everyday will make everyone feel better:)

      • Hi everyone,
        I’m new at this so please bear with me. The stellum in Cap in 2020 will be conjuncting my own Saturn and pretty darn close to my Jupiter in Cap (2deg). My birthday is in Aries (March) and my Asc is in Sag. So this stellum is happening in my 2nd and 10th houses respectively. I plan to retire in April, 2020. The stellum is 90 deg to my sun in Aries and 120 deg to my moon in Taurus. Will the eclipse of DEc. 26 2019 affect this? Your thoughts and ideas are welcome. I enjoy reading all your thoughts on the subject. It is quite educational. Thanks everyone and Thanks Elsa for letting us add to your original posting.

        • Important steps in life, like retirement, will of course be shown somehow by transits.

          Eclipses have a long term effect. The longer they can be seen, the longer the effect.

          • There will be a full moon lunar eclipse on Jan. 10, 2020 in Cancer 20 deg., just before the stellium – you could practically call this Lunar eclipses part of the stellium as it is so close( and perhaps it is!). Lunar eclipses are so emotional….part of the Saros series 144 (not sure if that is relevant). The first one occurred on May 25, 2013. I’ll have to do some more research to understand what this could mean to my retirement date or anything else that it may bring. I have the feelings that whatever choice I make it will be for the long run as my Saturn and my Jupiter are being “touched” by the stellium… Eclipses bring so many new changes…..Thanks. Love the expertise and ideas that you all bring forward.

            • Well Francine, I believe it signals an ending. An ending of a career or life style would be a positive way to move through that energy- Maybe they will have an amazing party for you 2 days after you retire! My birthday is Jan 10, and this looks like a funeral for me, or someone I love. Accident or death on the 10th, funeral or death 2 days later. I only say this because it will be squaring what happened to me in 1983, the last time Pluto and Saturn were in close alignment, and I lost my dear brother. Maybe you should look back at what was happening in 1983 for you, to see what may be coming to an end, or repeating.

              • Well, if I go ahead with my retirement plan, it will be an ending for sure. (BD is March 30th, Sun at 10 deg. Aries and Sag. Asc. at 2 deg.) As for 1983, my first son was born in May, 1983. We were married in Dec. 1981, moved into our house in Feb. 1982 and then the birth a year later. You’re right, I should check what happened in those years and see where the transit of the planets influenced or may again influence what happened then and how it compares to my coming retirement.
                As for a party, that would be great! I would love that! But we will see… it is after all 4 years in the future. I am sorry if you feel you will have a death or an accident to a dear one in your life. I hope this won’t happen….Hard to predict, isn’t it? All the best! Thanks.

              • I downloaded my firstborn son’s chart and the eclipse/Saturn Stellium of Jan. 2020 will be opposite his Venus in Gemini (Venus conjuncts his ascendant). Wow. Lots of changes there for him as well.

            • Are you counting on social security for a part of your retirement? Since this will be hitting the collective USA in the 2nd house, maybe you will need your son’s support? Just an idea…

      • Here’s some new data Elsa- transiting pluto conjuncting my natal sun at 19 degrees in the third house, trining transiting mars conjunct natal jupiter in the 7th: today at 1 o’clock in the afternoon a rabid raccoon charged me in my driveway. He came out of nowhere (Uranus transiting end of my 6th). My little Westie (dog) came to the rescue to protect me fiercely, and locked into mortal combat with the raccoon. Then, I had to save my little dog before the raccoon killed him. Love that dog!

    • Hi, freeyourgenie, I’m watching this b’cuz my birthday is Jan 10 too. I’m more than watching, I’m working it. In my 6H. We had Pluto & Venus on our sun this solar return so embracing beauty & harmony while sorting thru & releasing old psychological baggage. Letting go of all kinds of ‘corpses’ that weigh me down. Looking toward Cancer new moon eclipse at 20 degrees for clues & more as Cancer/Cap eclipses build. Look at progressed chart too.

      • Thank you, Suzanne. Interesting you said that, as the abuse of power directed at me this year came from Libras doing dirty deeds behind the curtain.

  44. This conjunction exactly over my 9th house mars indicates my physical death.This is not so bad as I have had a shitty life anyway.I only hope that it’s not a violent ending, which it implies.On a more global level this is the next great war.Tensions will escalate in 2019 and the chance of nuclear weapons being used are high.It will be of some small solace that millions of others will also die during this period and many more millions will wish that they had never been born due to the anguish and devastation they will have to endure,both on a personal and collective level.Sun,Saturn,Pluto = vitality obliterated by misery and death! Have a nice day.

    • If this is a parody on sulking teenagers/ botched attempt at trolling, then I must admit it’s mildly funny, more so if read in Werner Herzog’s gloomy voice.

      If this is a true statement of a misanthropic and attention-seeking individual, then you, dear Astromancer, should indeed read Stoics, also Cioran (your soulmate), German curmudgeons a la Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, and everything that reveals the hidden patterns of our lives. So, whether you are a young troll or premature curmudgeon, educate yourself (9th house) on how the world really works (Capricorn) and fight (Mars) against meaninglessness (Sagittarian shadow). 2020 is the perfect time to read about the roots of Nazism (Saturn and Pluto being prominent in Nazis’ charts) and maybe about clinical depression as descent to the Underworld, although I’m not sure you are depressed, dear A., depressed people are unable to write such long blog comments. And, dear troll, do you believe that physical death is THE end? Rhetorical question, I’ve no time for discussions, just got curious about the real meaning of Astromancer’s wacky comment.

      • Well,to answer the question of trolldom,no I am not a troll and I don’t seek attention any more than the average person.My point is that some people try to put on rose tinted spectacles when looking at a devastating astrological conjunction including;Mercury,Sun,Saturn and Pluto.Any competent astrologer should recognise this when a client has a natal planet or critical point at 22′ Capricorn.And because the two most karmic planets are involved,with Pluto being a generational one also,humanity as a collective is going to suffer terribly.What would you say to someone who has moon conjunct ascendant at 22’Capricorn? Not a good day to put the washing out ? Might I suggest you educate yourself more fully in western astrology.You seem to be spending too much time reading the modernist philosophers.

    • Dear Elsa, I don’t think these are attacks, and they do seem quite impersonal to me, but I apologize anyway.

      Dear Astromancer, do bother searching my comment from December 23 (just ctrl+F my nickname) where I speak of wars and personal transits. As my Sun-Mercury conjuncts your Mars in Capricorn, I can’t help thinking we’re in a battle for the right to comment on reality. Who owns reality, whose sight is clearer, who is free of delusions? No one is. Is such thing as reality check even possible? Very objective things, such as wars, have very subjective meaning for different people. Moreover, if it’s not a war for oil and drugs, no one is going to annihilate you in your cozy American (?) home. Wars are sneaky these days, I think the proper term is hybrid war.

      Have you ever heard of Caroline C. Casey? She’s my favourite human, her Jungian stand-up routines are the best. One of her sayings is very pertinent to our discussion. “As prophecies and predictions rise, remember to vote for reality with your imagination.” If you don’t like, don’t vote. Why on God’s green earth would I vote for doom, death, Third World War, Trump presidency, Putin and ISIS destroying the world, etc, etc.

      Why do you cast your vote on doom? Because your life is shitty? You can’t be serious.

      • Yes,I do predict doom from this rare and catastrophic convergence.I base this on 32 years studying astrology and several years practising on a semi-professional basis.Are you fully aware that just within the last century 150 million deaths occurred due to war and countless others were blighted by its effects.Are you naive enough to think this will never occur again ? Do you consider cruise missiles with atomic warheads ‘sneaky’? The best outcome I can envisage comes from the sabian symbol for 22 degrees Cap; a general accepts defeat gracefully,possibly echoing the Cuban missile crisis of 62.This I feel also has relevance for people who have personal planets and points at that degree.Accepting defeat with grace.I think you are just as afraid as numerous other people who have commented on this blog site,but you lack the candour and humility of maturity to admit it- ‘my favourite human’shows all too clearly your level of maturity.Have you ever lived with this woman for a week ? Just keep applying the sun cream as the thunder clouds gather.

      • Anastasia,I am sorry for my part in the slanging match that our conversation turned into.The thought that my Mars conjunct your Sun/Mercury did cross my mind.Also my Aquarian’ know all’ stellium can often prompt me to descend into point scoring debate.If you were hurt by my comments I am truly sorry.I hope you continue to develop your astrological skills.We are fellow astrologers living in a time when empirical proof is still a God, so we need to stick together,yes? Best Wishes,Astromancer.

        • Oh no, I’m hugely disappointed in astrology, have been for some time. It’s of no help in pattern-tracing, depths-probing and character-gazing. It does not cure sarcasm, or help reduce neurotic tension, nor does it seem to prevent middle-age bitterness. Astrology still has uses, but they are not to be discussed here.

          Our online bickering brought a lot of resentment to the surface, so I guess I should thank you, Astromancer. I live in a very poor and corrupt country currently at war with another country (not in my city, yet still) and I often wonder whether a truly disruptive and violent war, like in Syria, is possible in Europe. It’s not that I put (often trashy) Europe over (highly cultured) Syria in a bizarre bout of Euro entitlement, I just think… Well, who cares what I think. Let’s all just stop prophesizing doom, okay?

          • Anastasia,re your huge disappointment with astrology,could this be that you expect too much from it?.Astrology only points to the causes of neurosis,bitterness etc.I have come to the opposite conclusion,that astrology is the best tool for mapping the psyche.Lastly,it is only me,not everyone here that is predicting doom,for me personally and mankind generally,and I do consider that I am entitled to express this belief/opinion, as you are to refute or disregard it.I do not see the point in continuing any further dialogue as we seem to highly antagonistic to each other in temperament and maturity.

  45. Thank you ‘free your genie’for the comment.I can see where you are coming from re;power and education system in the U.S.A. However,having looked at this more closely over the last few days I conclude that the actual ‘event’ will occur at the beginning of April 2019 when Pluto passes over the moon’s south node( what we have accumulated to date) From this time until Jan 12th 2020 much of western civilisation will deteriorate rapidly until that date when the civilised mind and communication(mercury) will begin to fully comprehend what has occurred.The sabian symbols I have found to be very accurate when constructing someone’s natal chart and I have found the symbols either side of the main degree highly significant,in this instance,21 degrees Cap- a relay race( passing on the baton to the emerging civilisation,and 23 degrees Cap;a soldier receiving two medals for heroic combat, another military omen,possibly indicating honor bestowed upon those who tried to diffuse or ameliorate the damage from this global event.Jupiter conjunct the south node during Jan 2020 I would interpret as the first green shoots of growth of this new,transformed(pluto) civilisation.I consider myself fortunate to have lived so far in a country and era when I have not been affected by any major wars but this will unfortunately change during the period mentioned and I would predict you also living in the U.S.A.( a cancerian country)opposing this stellium in capricorn will also be affected.Hope for the best but prepare for the worst is,I think,is all we can do.

  46. Thank you for sharing those interesting thoughts Astromancer. I agree, it is possible that the military will be involved, but would it be needed for a man-made or natural disaster? How about the failing of the European Union? That could fit the Sabian symbol you mentioned in a post about a general admitting defeat with grace, no? Heads of state, and their brilliant plan didn’t work out. Can it dissolve without physical conflict? The UK and Germany, big players in the world’s global economy, are both reported to be either Capricorn or Aries nations, and Mars (the God of War) will be joining Pluto and Saturn, along with (international) Jupiter, in 2020.

    I do wonder about China though, a reported Libran country, being squared by this…there are over 1 million international students studying in America at the post-secondary level (, paying full tuition, and 31% of them are Chinese. At the secondary level, in private boarding schools, it is common to have a student population that is between 30% to 50% Chinese, paying full tuition. If something happens in/with China, or to China’s economy, many private schools wouldn’t be able to keep their doors open for long. If the students didn’t or couldn’t come back to the States from Spring Break in April 2019 (message to Mercury you mentioned), would these schools be able to open for the 2019/2020 school year? What would that do to their local communities? It would really hurt mine (this conjunction will happen in my 3rd house), with all the private schools with international (Jupiter/south node conjunction with eclipse, Jan 2020) students in the area.

    Many post-secondary schools (Jupiter again) are already struggling with declining enrollments and retention rates. One last thing to consider in regard to higher education – The enormous black hole of student debt our native students have racked up, the inability of many of them to pay it back, and how that could mirror the Savings & Loan crisis of the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

    All that being said, an internet review of events from that last conjunction in 1982/3 shows no major world conflicts (just lots of assignations/assignation attempts and small turf wars), but there was “one major structural change of huge future global significance – the repositioning of Islam into the geopolitical arena and the seeding of fundamentalist terrorism” (, and then we got 9/11 at the opposition phase of this pluto/saturn cycle. We will be finishing that cycle up, and beginning a new one: “May you live in interesting times”, is actually a Chinese curse.

    • Thanks for your response.Yes,you could well be right that it could be a ‘natural’ disaster needing the military but I am still sticking with a major war,between whom, I don’t know.I base this on the reasons previously mentioned as well as Chiron( wounded/healer) entering Aries as Pluto conjuncts the Moon’s south node in April 2019 then Chiron retrogrades later that year until Jan 2020 when it returns to direct motion at 1 and a half degrees Aries.This retrograde over the beginning few degrees of Aries really bothers me with the Aries association
      with war and a( collective?) wounding. Albert Einstein’s quote of,”It is appallingly obvious that our technology exceeds our humanity” made a strong impact upon me when I read it,and I foresee that this point in human history 2019/20 will be a time when the result of this discrepancy will be painfully obvious to all.

      • That’s great that you brought up Chiron…with everything else going on in the sky, I have neglected to pay attention to Chiron, and need to check that out. What I find most dense and hard to figure about these super powerful transits is the way they can hit one on a personal and/or collective level. The cycle starting from 82/83 touched me personally, with the loss of my brother, and terrorism has touched me on a collective level. But, it hasn’t impacted my personal life, though many others have not been so fortunate. For them, it is the opposite, and life was just fine until terrorism impacted their life. Then there are those who get hit both ways.

        • For America, it looks like voting fraud from other countries, through technology, might be a serious issue in 2020- What a crazy idea that the leader of another country can determine who rules America, but then again, Uranus has been very active these past few years.

  47. Thankyou ‘free your genie’ and I am sorry to hear of your brother’s death in 82/83 and I hope that this has not led to any long term damage for you. As I understand that transit it involves the transformation(pluto) of communism(structure-saturn) in Russia.Lenoid Brezshnev died in 1982 and with him died the belief that a planned economy could work and when Gorbachov took over a few years later he realised drastic restructuring was needed- perastroika etc- of the whole soviet economy,if total economic collapse was to be avoided.That conjunction in Libra (balance) pertained to a rebalancing of Russia to embrace a socialist/capitalist dynamic as the best way to proceed. On the subject of Chiron,I have found it highly significant in people who consult me for a chart reading,indeed approx 50% of people have a difficultly placed natal Chiron and a further 20% ask for a consultation during a difficult Chiron transit.Of course people generally ask questions when they are suffering or unsure of the path their life is taking.I have yet to be consulted by someone stating that they are blissfully happy and wanting to know why that is so.Does happiness dull our curiosity? or do we feel that we deserve happiness and don’t deserve its opposite ?-ha ha! But the position of Chiron proceeding and during this conjunction and its retrograde motion only reinforces my belief that this is war,and a major one! Einstein also said,” I don’t know about a 3rd world war but the 4th will be fought with sticks and stones” The more I look at this time period from an astrological perspective the more I am fearful for myself and human beings collectively.I am not coming from a Nostradamus point of view because I hope to God that I am proved wrong ! but with the ( collective?) Sun involved in this I think a great many people will be thrown back to the level of instinctual survival- Saturn in Capricorn. Re your question on personal versus collective impact, this surely depends on where you live.If I lived in London rather than Cornwall I would be more concerned about the effects of terrorist attacks on a purely personal level and I guess this must be the same for you,particularly as 9/11 dramatically showed that no country,however powerful is immune from well organised and well funded terrorists who are willing to die for their misguided beliefs.

    • I hadn’t thought of the old USSR, and how it transformed into Russia over that time period, with the loss of territory and beliefs that brought with it. That is an excellent observation. Thank you for sharing! If that is the case, maybe this next cycle will be about China (Libra sun getting squared). They still profess communism, but practice a thriving capitalistic society, on an individual level. I saw a documentary/expose’ filmed in China about 10 years ago where the farmers (with their shovels and sickles) where fighting the business (land) developers (with their guns) to the death, on a nightly basis, for their survival (the land they need to produce a living/live); an informal civil war bubbling under the surface (Pluto).

      There has been talk about how the US will be experiencing its Pluto return, and that it will be in the same place it was when the American Revolution against England was fought. You stated one of the Sabian Symbols involved is the handing over of the baton to the next runner (super power). Perhaps the US will hand over the baton, and another nation (China?) will become the new super power? On the other hand, all the petty disrespectful chatter/criticism coming from Asia, including China, over Obama’s last visit there is unprecedented. Perhaps this next Pluto/Saturn cycle will bring back the US manufacturing base in Asia to American soil.

      • Looking at China’s chart (October 1, 1949, 3:01:36 pm), the conjunction in Jan 2020, will be on their Jupiter in the 12th house, and mars will be conjunct their Chiron, in the 10th. It’s going to hurt, and that hurt will be public.

        • Oh, and their Libra sun getting all those squares is in their 8th house, right next to Mercury & Neptune (Monopoly money? House of cards? nuclear attack?)

            • thank you for bringing China to my attention.I have not looked into it’s chart but from what you have described astrologically it could well involve them.They have,however, been very clever over the past 20 years in taking a neutral or low key involvement in international disputes,concentrating on building up their own economy.The only way I could forsee them getting involved would be their claim over Taiwan or some major incident on their border with Russia or in Tibet.Unfortunately I cannot see any manufacturing base returning to the U.S or western Europe from Asia as the bottom line seems to be; how can you compete when workers in those countries will accept 50p an hour instead of our minimum wage of £6 plus per hour ? I think the American economy will fare better than ours as there seems to be a strong emphasis on buying goods produced in the U.S.A. although I’m sure you are ‘feeling the pinch’ also.As for the Pluto revolution,please don’t try to get one back on us by invasion,we are Americanised enough with Hollywood films etc. ha ha !

              • Ha ha- no worries, Bollywood is eclipsing Hollywood. I can’t find any American-made goods to buy in this country, except for food and sport balls. Yes, the Chinese have been very clever to conceal (or at least not publicize) the extent of their octopus-like expansion, especially in Africa, and the 8% of America they own (

                China has North Korea as a land bordering, next-door neighbor (mercury). If American factories get destroyed and/or contaminated by a (nuclear) attack from North Korea, or between North Korea and Japan (where tension is being reported in the news), American businesses might not have a choice about taking a hit in profits, and bringing those factories back home.

      • Did anyone else see that news article about the billionaire Chinese glass-maker who is moving his manufacturing base out of China to the US because it is cheaper for him to manufacture in the US now?

    • If we tie those 2 theories of the last pluto/saturn conjunction together, we get the cold war seeding terrorism. I wonder what seeds will be planted this time around.

  48. This will hit the USA in the 2nd house, or collectively, our GNP. Our ability to make money (manufacturing) may be transformed, and our values too.

    • Thanks for the update.I forgot about North Korea !You seem well versed in modern geo-political expansionism.I am not.At the moment I seem to be going through an intense astrological reading binge.Then I will leave off it for a while,until the interest returns.I have several times doubted astrology in the past,then I guess someone’s sun sign correctly,or an aspect of their birth chart is so obvious in a behaviour/ character trait or lifestyle,then I’m hooked again.Maybe it’s just my Aquarius stellium needing something logical to hang their metaphysical/spiritual hat on.Anyway,I think we have exhausted this topic of the forthcoming stellium of DOOM ! nice to chat with you and I wish you well.

    • Online shopping takeover – the end of (most?) shopping malls. I just don’t want to buy shoes and clothes I can’t try on first:(

  49. All this activity will hit my DC at 23 Capricorn. Last time Pluto hit an angle I was 13 and it crossed my IC a few times. My entire family and personal life hit an all time low. I can’t say I’m really looking forward to 2020. Also, it hits my business partner (and good friend) who has a stellium at 22-23 Capricorn. Guess it will be “interesting times”.

  50. Cancer asc/Cap Des – I have so many planets on the angles. (stellium in Scorpio in the 4th)
    Husbands cap moon
    This will probably kill me.

    • I don’t think it will kill you unless you have personal planets on 21,22 or 23 degrees Cap,but it most certainly won’t be a time to rejoice in the gift of life ! I have mars at 22 cap and I am thinking about forming a little ‘survivors group’ for those of us who have personal planets there,however,I don’t expect a great deal of communication on Jan 14th 2020.Most of us will be in prison,psychiactric wards or dead.And I’m only half joking when I say this.

  51. Well, if I’m still alive, this will hit about a third of the way into my 12th house…as Cardinal as my chart is, I have no personal planets that late in degrees (closest is Uranus @ 16 Libra). Doesn’t seem to aspect anything either. I’m sure I’ll still be affected. I just don’t know how. Guess I’ll be too occupied with Pluto in my 12th to notice. ?

    What I find funny is that all of my transiting planets are in the Eastern hemisphere of my chart (they are spread out in my natal chart), with only the True Node hanging out in the West (bucket style). I can’t imagine myself being even MORE independent. ? Self-reliant? Yes.

    Anyway, I have my seatbelt on & my tray table has been secured for landing. Bracing myself for Pluto in my 12th. In my 11th, I’ve just had zero desire to be around anyone, talk to anyone, etc. ?

  52. I noticed one of the older comments about the possible inauguration of a new president. And then freeyourgeenie replied: “Uhmm, I have been wondering about that too…I read it heralds the slow and inevitable fall of the patriarchy here in the US, which a scorpion woman president could arguably represent.”

    Will be interesting to see what happens given the current sh*t-show happening in US politics currently.

    My daughter will be 7 at that time, all of her angles are 22/24 Cardinal, with her n.Saturn conj at 22 Libra,
    so her first Saturn square. Her biological father’s Moon (Cancer/12th) will be affected and I have a feeling he may try to come back into her life at this time.
    His n.Moon squares n.Pluto in the 4th (family) and trines n.Saturn in the 5th(children). Also, my daughter’s Sun (father) is natally in her 8th house (Pluto), which also trines the n.Saturn.

    I’m going to need to be extra supportive at this time I think ?

    • If you look at the history timelines of the Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycles, you will see that hints start to show up a few years prior, and we will be getting our first hint in 2017, when the new president will assume office. Then, this cycle will culminate during the next election, in 2020, and a new cycle will begin. I will be watching the inauguration speech of 2017 with great interest, since Mrs. Clinton closed the 2nd debate with the warning that this was an especially important election, nationally and internationally, due to long-term policy decisions coming up. Maybe the changes will be brought about leading up to 2020, when they will then be enforced.

      • On a personal level for you, maybe the ex will start to come back into your daughter’s life as you suggested, and by 2020 demand partial or full custody?

        • He has been out of the picture since I was pregnant and owes me tens of thousands in child support,etc so if he does show up it would be welcome just for that. He’s very manipulative and delusional though so it’s very doubtful he will ever have any kind of relationship with her (that I would allow anyway). I’m just nervous to have to explain all of the negative stuff with her about him. I mean I obviously don’t need to tell her everything, but I believe in being honest with her and I know she will start asking at some point anyway, so I guess I’ll have to figure out what to say now so I’m prepared.
          Thank you for your insight ?

  53. The ones that I have the most sympathy for are souls incarnating on 12/01/2020.They must have accrued some very heavy karma ! I would certainly be reluctant to emerge from the womb with that energy around,but I suppose if anyone could survive it a Capricorn could.

  54. Hello Elsa, To be honest I am scared with this article, since a conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn at 22 degrees on January 12th, 2020 will affect me (my Sun is in Capricorn at 19 degrees, in my 10th house, conjuncts MC, squares Saturn in Aries, in my 12th house, trines Pluto in Virgo, in my 6th house). Somehow it will be connected with my work (Saturn and Pluto in my 10th house trine my natal Pluto in my 6th house) and my career (Saturn and Pluto in my 10th house conjunct my Sun in my 10th house and MC). Should I rely on help of Jupiter in Capricorn at 9 degrees, which will conjunct my MC?

    • Hi Nikki, my advice would be to build as strong as you can within yourself.Capricorn is mentally a very strong sign anyway, but you have been warned in advance of this conjunction so please take steps to consolidate your position in life.This will probably be the most difficult time of your life( the tenth house also has a strong emphasis on a parent) Quite frankly,if your career crumbles to dust,then you will have got away quite lightly with this conjunction.Don’t forget this conjunction also includes Sun and Mercury.The stronger you can prepare your psyche the better you can withstand this onslaught.Have faith in your ability to survive.I am quietly shitting myself,but you have youth and a Capricorn soul on your side.

      • Hi Astromancer, thank you for your advice. My Capricorn soul has helped me several times when I worked as an interpreter in a conflict zone. I have survived revolutions and wars. Another war? Another revolution? As you said the tenth house has a strong emphasis on a parent. This will probably be the most difficult time of my life. I would be less concerned about my career. I have a feeling that it already crumbles to dust, since I am unemployed right now.

  55. I would not rely on Jupiter – sorry. Jupiter is in the sign of it’s Fall (Capricorn). It’s also separated by degree. Just looking at the picture, you’re going to have to reach to Jupiter.

    I’m not saying that’s impossible. There is some grace our there, but it will be limited. Therefore, again, I would not RELY on it. You just don’t see a stellium in Capricorn like that and expect gifts to float down from the sky…unless of course, you have seriously paid some dues.

    • Reaching out to Jupiter at the right time? Like the Jews that escaped Nazi Germany before the extermination began kind of luck?

      • Oh, that’s interesting. Have you seen the movie, Defiance? You can search it on this blog.

        That group was free, but worked hard for it, faced their fears.

        Rather than luck, it’s luck you paid you dues for. They took a difficult path.

  56. Hmm that will conjunct my natal mars in capricorn, that is already opposed Uranus in Cancer and both squaring natal saturn in Libra. The squares can be more difficult I believe…I will be 68 in 2020, so hopefully have enough life lessons under my belt by then to deal with it.

  57. It won’t be exactly conjunct anything of mine, but I do have Neptune, Uranus, and NN in Capricorn all in the 1st house. It will however be squaring my Midhaven. I don’t have any Capricorn house cusps so it won’t be transiting any of my houses…

    My partner has Saturn in Capricorn at 21 degrees in the 1st house. I hope it isn’t so incredibly hard on him. He has suffered enough in this life.

  58. This will oppose my natal Sun at 22 Cancer. The stellium will go through my 2nd house. Either I will be dead broke or wealthy beyond means. My progressed Moon is in the 1st quarter phase, so I plan on keeping the losses at bay by working my buns off. But since Jupiter is my chart ruler, I have faith that I shall get through this. Around that time my progressed Sun is also conjuncting my natal Pluto. I have gone through hell already, so I am used to difficulty. It will be what it’ll be. No fear, just trust that I’ll be ready for whatever comes!

  59. I have not only this conjunction bang on my natal mars at 22 cap[ninth house] but at the same time my progressed moon enters scorpio{death] and progressed sun enters aries[combat/war] conjunct chiron[the terminally wounded,Basically I am trying to resign myself to being murdered on the 12th Jan 2020, two weeks before my 55th birthday.This sounds melodramatic but I am quite certain of this.What I am less sure of is weather to do as the sabian symbol for 22 cap suggests and die gracefully or take up arms and put up a heroic fight,but either way I’m screwed as if I take someone else’s life in self defence I am still going to spend several years in prison which I am mentally unequipped for and spiritually there are going to be dire karmic repercussions for me,Then again,is this my karma I am reaping from a previous life? I certainly have a very pronounced and debilitating saturn[I am currently on enough antidepressants to drop a small elephant] in my natal chart.Is all this shit courtesy of a wondrous and kind deity,or indeed, a deity of any description?.If it is, then I wish to confront Him/Her/Them/It and lay charges of incompetence,cruelty and neglect.But I could be waiting quite some time as the queue to confront this deity is predictably longer than the circumference of the Earth!

  60. This stellium will fall in the second house of the USA opposite her Mercury in the eighth. I wonder if censorship and secrets will become an issue around the time of the next election? Perhaps the internet will become infested with government ‘spies’ (Mercury in the eighth) Also our ‘inheritance’ i.e., national identity and maybe social security?

    It passes over my ascendant so I am preparing for possibly not having the retirement funds I’ve counted on my entire life. Perhaps being afraid to express my opinions online? Worrying….

    • Those are interesting thoughts amh. Mercury also represents neighbors, and ours are Mexico and Canada. Maybe Trump will build that wall.

    • Now that there is a Gemini US president (mercury) I wonder if this applies to him personally, and to Americans collectively…Trump’s secrets, maybe, or his demise, politically or otherwise.

      • Trump (mercury) tried to release all the JFK assassination files (secrets/pluto) at the end of October, 2017, but he got blocked at the last minute from achieving full disclosure. The people/agencies that blocked him have until the end of April 2018 to explain in detail why the American people can’t see the full account of events leading to the death of a beloved president. What is the “serious threat” to national security that lays hidden in the papers that were not released in Oct?

  61. I am really scared and excited at the same time.
    I have a 1st house cap stellium. Pluto has already been conjuncting my 1st house sun 11degree.
    But in 2020 when the conjunction is happening at 22degree cap. It will also conjunct my moon,mercury,neptune witch all are in degree 22. After that in degree 25 where I have uranus.
    It’s so wierd that it’s happening on the same degree as my stellium is happening.
    I know i’m gonna be okay, because i’m survivor. But I really don’t know what to expect.

  62. 2020 onwards is going to be a year to remember…
    natal Jupiter 3deg Libra 11th House – Squared by transit Jupiter
    natal Saturn 4deg libra 11th House (1 Deg from end of house 11) squared by Transit Jupiter
    Natal Pluto 21deg Libra 12th house Squared by Transit Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto around those deg
    Natal Ascendant 25deg Libra … Squared also by transit jupiter, saturn and pluto within 2deg (pluto bieng much later)

  63. I agree with you, 2020 will be a year to remember, but historically, it’s the squares and oppositions to the pluto/saturn conjunction cycles that are the most difficult to deal with, on a global level.

  64. With the yanks voting Donald Trump into the White house.A man with no political experience and with the mental and verbal capacity of a reality tv contestant I think it is only a matter of time before he makes a colossal blunder.That blunder could well occur around December 2019-January 2020.God help us all !

  65. Interesting, and kinda scary! This Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be exact on my Descendant and squaring my natal Libra Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 4th house on and off. Since I am currently experiencing the transiting Uranus opposing these natal planets I could catch a “glimpse“ of what it is that could , and possibly, should happen. Some kind of inward, as well as the outward cleansing, which I have already began, reviewing old beliefs and facing some deep rooted fears. Hope that there will be no more deaths in my family in the near future, since the year 2016 was rather tough.

    After all, transiting North Node will be conjuncting my natal Sun/Mars in the 12th house and Jupiter opposing these,so it could be some transformation but it could bring about some positive results and events if the“ cleansing“ is done.

    Now in 2017, still single and without a proper job,I hope this will mean some kind of transformation through partnership, marriage maybe,and some new job opportunities and changes . Being into astrology myself, I have noticed that for some people only “challenging“ transits can bring about something, even good things! For example,when transiting Uranus squared my Sun/Mars and was on my MC,together with Pluto opposing these, I decided to completely change my career and became a student again in order to have the chance to do sth more interesting and satisfying to me when I finish my studies. That period was difficult at times, ( and even before that,from 2008 onwards! ) but it was a once in a lifetime chance to make sth out of my life.

    So I guess these transits really CAN be challenging, but they don’t always bring bad things! The REAL PROBLEM IS that many people DON’T WANT CHANGES, they want status quo, but these aspects REALLY, I mean really-DEMAND PROFOUND CHANGES in someone’s life. The trick is to realise what it is that should be changed and let go of.

  66. This Pluto Saturn conjunction occurs in 2020 in my 12th house AND squares bout my natal pluto (24° libra) and natal saturn (19° libra)… yikes, at least I’ve been warned ! 🙂 ♡ Jen 4/4/82 03:20am st Charles mo

  67. In Capricorn (9th house) I have Neptune at 20 degrees, Uranus at 22 and the MC at 28. Also around that time Uranus will be transiting my moon in 28 degrees Aries and my rising in 2 degrees Taurus.

    Will I die?

    • Probably not. Seems like you were born in the middle of the 1990s. So if you die, then because of violence or a really serious disease. Any signs for that?

      Of course Neptun and Uranus will feel Saturn and Pluto. When Uranus is over Moon and rising, then people in your environment will probably (at least when you ask them) tell you that you’ve changed a lot.

  68. On the other hand, has someone of you read the books of Johannes Vehlow, a german astrologer…he proposed a new house system…find it very interesting

    • Descendant 23 cap here, with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction on it, square to Uranus. We’ll have to compare notes after the event!

  69. I think that main question,for me,is will this conjunction have a wider,possibly global impact.It certainly has the power to do so.Perhaps this could be ascertained by an understanding of what is happening with the fixed stars.I am not very conversant with this aspect of astrology and would like to hear the views of someone who is. thank you.

    • It’s called Mundane astrology, Martin. You can research the Synodic Periods of Pluto and Saturn conjunctions to get an understanding of their global impact. If the conjunction strikes a planet in your natal chart, you get to feel it personally, too. Hopefully, someone else can fill us in on the fixed stars.

  70. I’m glad that the conjunction will take place some degrees behind my North Node, so that it is a seperative transit for me. I’m glad because the Uranus square Pluto of the last years had hit me and tried to kill me. Good luck for your turn!

  71. That day’s transit on my chart will only form sextiles, trines and conjunctions. Except the opposition of Neptune to natal Mercury, which is already active. I don’t know if the absence of challenging aspects is going to make this transit easier or will it mean a lack of initiative to overcome any difficulty it may bring…

  72. Well what do ya know…this exact conjunction sextiles my natal Pluto/ASC, 3-degree squares my natal Mars, and 5-degree trines my natal Sun. Cap Pluto hammering my 11th house stellium has not been the easiest thing to deal with, and I’m just bracing myself for Saturn to come through.

  73. It hits my 6th. IC/MC in 27 Libra/Aries, Mercury 22 Cancer. Sun 0 Cancer. Pluto Libra 16

    The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction upended my life. The one in the early 80’s hit my IC exact and split my parents up and left my mother and I homeless. The Capricorn super stellium in the 90’s destabilized my home life again and I spent my teenage years largely unguided by parents because they were either in another country or mentally ill. And given my home life was awful –I ran away and became your cliche self-destructive youth of the 90’s. It took a lot of growing up to move past that.

    When Pluto opposed my Sun as an adult, I reinvented my life again. This was a much more positive change–one I’m very happy to have made.

    But ALL of these events still have ramifications on my life even now. Permanent decisions, emotional breaks, regrets, and losses that can’t be undone.

    What will Saturn-Pluto do now? 6th house opposite Mercury in 12th. Oy. I’ve already had like 3 health scares this past year… And Pluto has already quite literally sent one of my siblings (Mercury) to jail (12th) ?

    I’ll just try not to think of it. ?

    • Hi Primrose, this was a scary experience!I was just wandering about our daughter who will be impacted as her IC is on 23 degrees Capricorn. She will be 13. Would aspects like this have equal intensity on a child (because their lives are still impacted by the parents decisions and the charts of parents)? Anything else you can share would be great to prepare for this transit. If anyone else has had experience on IC would be most helpful. Thank you.
      P.S: her natal Pluto is at 24 degrees Sag, so I expect this will be triggered too.

  74. As a Cardinal(Libra), I have been tested for about 7 years. While at times difficult and others, extremely unhappy, I persevered, did what I had to do and put one foot in front of the other. This stellium will hit my 2nd house and I have natal Jupiter at 23 degrees. I will take what comes and go from there but I hope it will be positive because as you say, “I’ve paid my dues”.

  75. squares my sun
    that might explain why I’m preparing for war.
    in abstract. but there’s a strong sense of urgency to train up, finish up, get rid of the BS and reduce my footprint so i can be mobile and adaptive when the shoe drops. i can feel it coming.

  76. Pats, South node/Saturn being hit like that reminds me of the song “she’s a beast, I call her Karma”, though she might look like a Venus to you.

  77. Now that just gave me a real fright. 1990 – 1993 was when I had my 2 sons. My now ex-husband had walked out of the family when our daughter was diagnosed as deaf in Sept 1990, then foolishly I let him back into the marital home in early 1991 as I was pregnant with child #2 also born in 1991. This conjunction in 2020 is wide in # 2’s chart but in the youngest son’s chart, it is exact & partile to multiple points.
    His IC 22*17′ Capricorn in H3/MC 22*17′ Cancer in H9 both square Mars 21*55 Libra in H12 & trine/sextile Sun 22*10′ Virgo in H11. He also has Uranus 18*17′ Rx conjunct Neptune 18*26′ Rx in H3.
    At present he is estranged from myself & his 2 older siblings. He works fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) & lives with his father in a house he has apparently just purchased. Something is definitely going to happen here; home/travel/father/siblings.

    • I just had another look at my own chart. This photo snip posted by Elsa shows this will conjunct my Saturn in H2 & is opposite my Sun in H8 so, is it me or my shadow? Better still, will I be jumping at shadows ((giggles)).

      Using profections, I will be in H11 for that year making my Lord of the Year, Venus placed in natal H7 (profected H9) & by then just into H7 (Aries) for that month. Where is Mars? Natal H10/profected H12! Gulp!

  78. I have an 8th house stellium of Mars 8° Libra, Saturn 19° Libra, Pluto 25° Libra, Jupiter 8° Scorpio… sun sitting in opposition at 14° aries…. 12th house cusp is 17° Capricorn with my SN right on top at 18°…. oh and did I mention ALL of my natal outer planets are retrograde??? 14+ years of intensive astrology self-education and I am stumped… personal insights are the hardest though, eh? I’d love to hear any of yours, friends! ?

    • Ok, how about you are deeply concerned with money in 2020, when you come up with an ingenius idea that rakes in the big bucks? It is just a guess- you didn’t mention where revolutionary Uranus is in your natal/transiting chart, and you are an Aquarius rising, yes? Perhaps you could look at where and how all this action will be affecting your rising sign’s planet.

  79. What I find interesting about this stellium is just two days before there is a Lunar Eclipse (1/10/2020) in Cancer at 20 degrees trine transiting Neptune in Pisces 16 degrees (albeit four degrees wide). This feels eerily unsettling; especially with Saturn conjunct Pluto squaring the dwarf planet Eris (in Aries) which has gone stationary.

    Interesting fact: Around the time Eris was discovered, just before Eris was about to be honored by the status of being the 10 planet, the astronomers called an end to the madness of the numerous discoveries in the solar system and decided to demote Pluto and promote Ceres.

    Be that as it may, Eris expresses her energy very strongly. She exposes hypocrisy and takes an eye for an eye! So how will she deal with squaring Pluto conjunct Saturn? The empty leg of this cardinal cross is Libra (unless you consider the asteroid Juno as relevant to this eclipse). Equality and fairness seem to be themes of this Capricorn stellium and Lunar Eclipse.

    What do you think Elsa?

    • Although I’m not Elsa, thanks Mara for adding the missing parts. Don’t overlook that also Ceres and the planetary nodes of Saturn and Pluto will take part in the conjunction. The degree will also be activated again later in the year, noteworthy should be Jupiter’s direct transit over it.
      I agree with you that Eris is underestimated. She’s somehow the actual cause of Pluto’s demotion. But I’m not convinced that she’s there for vengeance and for exposing hypocrisy. Mythological Eris caused arguments, astronomical Eris caused an argument about the status of Pluto. So until something different is proved, I rather see (astrological) Eris as there in order to cause arguments. With a square this can still become bloody.
      Because you mentioned Pluto’s demotion and Ceres’ promotion, so I feel the need to add the most important supplement to this. As Ceres was discovered in 1801 she also was immediately accepted as a planet! Already a long time before many people found the gap between Mars and Jupiter quite suspicious. A planet there was a much smaller surprise than the discovery of Uranus. But then were even more planets discovered between Mars and Jupiter. Palles, Juno, Vesta, Astraea, and there seemed to be no reason anymore why there shouldn’t be expected more. But many in one orbit and you can see them only with a telescope, could these really be planets? So all five were demoted and the term asteroid invented for them. An important point here is: If you see Pluto as important because Pluto is an ex-planet, then it would be mere hypocrisy seeing Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Astraea not as important on the same level. So yes, Juno matters if Pluto matters, so Juno is important in the constellation of 2020.
      Ceres was the only celestial object, which status was changed already twice! There is certainly some astrological meaning hidden in this. Pluto wasn’t the first celestial object, which was demoted from the status of a planet. The debate resembled very much the debate one and a half century before and came to the almost same results. What short memories astronomers have! At least they also decided that Pluto and Eris aren’t asteroids. Instead the category of plutoids was invented. So if Pluto is important, then Eris must be important too. Asteroids resonate with the orbit of Jupiter, plutoids resonate with the orbit of Neptune, Pluto does this with 3:2 (an orbit with a period of 240 yrs versus an orbit with a period of 160 yrs), plutoids with this ratio are called plutinos. This is true for Ixion and Orcus. So if Pluto matters, then Ixion and Orcus must matter too! Obviously there is a tendency to the need to watch also all of the plutoids.
      This was much lengthier than I wanted, but these are points, which people mustn’t forget for the sake of astrology!

        • Some see Ixion rather as the principle of wish for power, narcism, narcistic insult, anger, rebelion against authorities. I’d rather say Ixion represents everything, which astrological wannabes wish to attribute to Nessus mistakenly like rape and abuse. But enlightening is how Ixion’s criminal career began in mythology: he didn’t want to pay the agreed price for his wife. So Ixion is the Homo oeconomicus, hence very important in our time. But is Ixion part of the conjunction somehow?
          Ixion makes three conjunctions with Saturn this year (2017). One still left, occuring October, the 29th and thus beginning the next Saturn-Ixion-cycle. Pholus is currently conjunct the Galactic Center, so additionally magnifying Saturn and Ixion, that are only two degrees in front of the Galactic Center, when they’ll be performing their conjunction. So Ixion rather shows things, which already begin in 2017.
          Like always it depends on your natal chart what Ixion can do to you. In mine Ixion is conjunct Mars, part of a planetoid stellium.

  80. This conjunction will fall on my IC and square my Mars in Libra, which is exactly on my ASC :((( And soon comes Saturn return. I guess things can always go worse than we thought…

  81. Hallo@FriendFalkor (sounds kind of medieval:)
    I agree with you, the infrastructure in question is not just about the USA, but “western” civilization, wherever that is to be found. And it’s not that we don’t want to take care of it, but that it is very expensive, which could refer back to your post on Ixion not paying his father-in-law: the Homo oeconomicus you mentioned.

    The metaphor of red vs. blue states is in regard to the Cain & Abel stories you shared with us. If you look at the political map of the US, color is how the democratic and republican ideologies are represented. Red states are conservative farmer states, and blue is/was the liberal two developed coastlines, for the most part. Also, cities are mostly blue, rural is mostly red, hence farmers/hunters (the Wolf of Wall street). If we fold Ixion into the mix, we get greed running the show, on a never ending quest (wheel of fire Ixion was strapped to) for more more more. Fundamentally (!!), the two political parties are deeply divided on two main issues that raise questions of life and death (blood-letting): abortion and guns. Many of the people I spoke with about the last election voted based on one of these two issues. It was deeply divisive, in some cases splitting families, neighbors, and colleagues, with anger. It seems feasible to imagine things will only get worse, if we can’t deal with the underlying pain/fear.

    Here is the link to the Sabian Symbols I referred to. In regard to their accuracy, I too have wondered who could possibly acquire the authority, knowledge, and experience to decide such things, especially on a global level in a modern world – an enormous task! A review of other authors’ view points would indeed be interesting:

    • I think that we achieved some progress here. My new keywords for Ixion: ‘Not paying what you owe, facing the consequences, a long chain of consequences’
      While Ixion is in Sagittarius investments must be made for Sagittarius-related fields. This means maintenance of the infrastructure for distant travels like streets and bridges as well as for education. (At least in Germany not only streets and bridges, but also schools are known to be in a very bad condition.) If this won’t be done, then we’ll have to face consequences when Ixion leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. While Ixion moves through Capricorn necessary investments for Capricorn-related fields should be done or there will also be consequences when Ixion will leave Capricorn. The current condition of streets, bridges, and so on is known, so the necessary investments for the Capricorn-related fields will also be known. This is my current interpretation for Ixion’s sign change.
      The visa thing is a Sagittarius-related field. Restrictions there are a bad idea in general, but even worse when Ixion is in Sagittarius and thus shows that they will have bad consequences. Although the matter is actually only the US administration hating on five member states of the EU. As long as president Trump changes his mind into any direction at any time, there are no really severe things to fear. More attention deserve the Philippines, Katar, Turkey, and especially Spain. If there’ll be a referendum, which Catalonia has anounced for around November and Spain has declared as illegal because it’s about the independence of Catalonia, then it could be followed by a civil war, which would spread to other countries (Belgium most likely) with similar issues.
      A thought about Ixion in the natal chart: In my natal chart Ixion is conjunct Mars. I was severely bullied during the time in school, which I survived only with the help of martial arts. So I’d say that I owe a lot to the martial principle. Although it could also be that Mars in Seven did bring bullies to me. Then it would be my natal Mars, that has some debts. However, nothing was ever paid back. That’s not because I wouldn’t have wanted, but because I never got the chance. I currently neither have the time nor a sufficient physical condition for practicing martial arts, where I actually should give something back meanwhile. But if I’m right with this personal part of Ixion’s interpretation, then I should give something not specifically to the or a specific martial art, but to or through Mars in general. This part needs to be confirmed or falsified by Ixion in the natal charts of other people.
      So far about Ixion. What we’re doing next?

  82. @Falker
    So you meant the celebrity Noah Cyrus. Nope, I am not a celebrity.

    “I know only the free software Riyal”
    Is that the same as They offer charts, with many additional objects, and interpretations in 11 languages, including German.

    You must have some strong Virgo energy to notice those fine details in the keyboarding.

    The Taming of the Shrew is a play by Shakespeare, hence, perhaps a pathos of England for 2020. Is their shrew the EU? England has the same political red & blue pattern seen in the US, in regard to rural vs. city support (or lack of support) for the Brexit vote. This pattern seems closely tied to levels of education, and supports the us vs. them mentality. In regard to the UK, Liz Greene from Astrodienst says “It is possible that a renewed sense of independent identity may require changes in existing bonds and treaties with other nations” which could infer the EU or the 4 countries that make up the UK. The UK sun is in the 4th house at 10 degrees Capricorn, where the conjunction is being hosted, and Uranus will be moving into their 8th house.

    Because Pluto is a slow mover, I think it is possible to look for clues for 2020; lipstick on the collar, footprints, shoes sticking out from behind a curtain kind of clues- subtle. That is why I think Ixion is important in this regard, and perhaps the full solar eclipse of the US on August 21st is also (literally) foreshadowing for 2020. I read it will hit Trump’s chart hard, as you have already mentioned, also several of his cabinet members, and Putin’s chart as well. For the US, it is occurring opposite our natal moon, activating the 3rd and 9th houses. This solar eclipse will fall in the UK’s 11th house, near their natal Saturn. What’s going on in Germany, the holder of all those EU debts (loans)?

    • “So you meant the celebrity Noah Cyrus.”

      The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and little (half-)sister of Miley Ray Cyrus. Do you know any other Noah Cyrus?

      “Nope, I am not a celebrity.”

      Did I never say or suggest or presume. But you never check your synastry with any? Perhaps you simply have enough friends… (I mean for checking their charts; eventually there can never be enough friends.)

      “They offer charts, with many additional objects, and interpretations in 11 languages, including German.”

      Not very surprising because the service is located in Switzerland. But the additional objects are limited. Riyal makes a huge list with all planetoids, that were known when Riyal was published.

      “You must have some strong Virgo energy to notice those fine details in the keyboarding.”

      I doubt that DC and Vertex constitute strong Virgo energy. I simply can’t ignore when a software swallows the characters, which I’m typing.

      “The Taming of the Shrew is a play by Shakespeare, hence, perhaps a pathos of England for 2020.”

      So there are still Shakespeare plays, which I don’t know, although my history teacher used them as a source. (Something that I found out years later!)

      “England has the same political red & blue pattern seen in the US, in regard to rural vs. city support (or lack of support) for the Brexit vote. This pattern seems closely tied to levels of education, and supports the us vs. them mentality.”

      What? Most people simply ignored the Brexit referendum because they took for granted that the Brexit won’t happen. It is still likely that it won’t happen. Only regions, which really worried because they have more to lose, voted against the Brexit. North Ireland fears to get terror and civil war back, the Scotish feel treated unfair already since they involuntarily ‘joined’ the United Kingdom, London fears the exodus of international institutions, which has indeed already begun, and Gibraltar could become Spanish, what would be still a good option for the people there, but this could even mean war against England.
      Liz Greene is at Astrodienst now? Aren’t they rather only quoting her?

      “That is why I think Ixion is important in this regard, and perhaps the full solar eclipse of the US on August 21st is also (literally) foreshadowing for 2020.”

      I think Ixion is important because it makes a sign change and has two conjunctions in 2020 and it’s obvious that financial planets must have something to say in the economic situation, which is obvious already now. The so-called Great American Eclipse is certainly important, hence such a name for it. But where’s the connection to the conjunction of 2020?
      The next solar eclipse, which can be seen in the USA, will cross the path of the Great American Eclipse in Carbondale. I wonder whether there is something special about this town? But both eclipses are years apart, perhaps there’s no connection.
      Putin may perhaps not run for presidency again. He has at most one more period of office left. He also won’t pull a new trick for getting more periods of office because he loses popularity this way. He did last time. He’s also quite old for such a difficult job as it is to be Russia’s president. But Russia has the problem that there’s nobody better to do the job than Putin. The next likely one to be elected, Shirinovski, is the Russian equivalent of Killary. Both want war.

      “What’s going on in Germany, the holder of all those EU debts (loans)?”

      That’s something about which the media here don’t like to speak. They speak about how great we still do in exports, but the money, which should have come in this way, is definitely and obviously not here. It’s all lend out. And lost because it disappeared because of the corruption in the countries, which received the loans. That’s why also Germany can’t make necessary investments.
      Germany’s economy has now to struggle with a new hardship because the newest sanctions against Russia are in reality directed against the EU. We shall no longer get natural gas through the many and big pipelines here. Would our politicians only not be much dumber than Donald Trump! We’ll also have elections this year, but most German voters are very dumb too. So our economy will decline.

  83. @Falkor
    The eclipse, putting a spotlight on the USA’s natal moon, could indicate a new female presidential candidate for 2020. If symbolic, it could be Lady Liberty (the symbol of our Cancer country). In our third house, that would be communications, which is the (unregulated/free) internet nowadays, including Russian cyber attacks to manipulate the last election, and how the US responds/prepares as the 2020 election approaches. Also, because of the statue’s symbolism, immigration.

    “Most people simply ignored the Brexit referendum”

    Why would the will of the majority be ignored? That certainly hints at pluto/saturn, and abuse of power, especially for a democracy. At the root of the Brexit vote, is the current conflict of city vs. rural the modern rendition of the historical hunter/farmer conflict?

    “That’s something about which the media here don’t like to speak”

    That’s interesting, why not? Hearing a German point of view sheds new light. From when I lived in Europe, 2001- 2012, non- German Europeans often spoke with bitterness and resentment about who (countries) made good deals with Germany to enter the EU, and who didn’t. Also, they discussed how corrupt they considered the formation process/entry into the EU was, specifically the loans (with interest), which many countries had to make (with Germany) to meet new EU regulations. They felt forced to pay for something (Brussels’s regulations, the figurehead, but Germany, the Fatherland, and economic powerhouse, driving the bus) they didn’t believe in/want, in order to comply with new EU regulations. Perhaps Germany finds their EU partners an ungrateful lot?


      But complaining about a Russian attempt, that probably never happened…

      “Why would the will of the majority be ignored?”

      I meant that the majority didn’t vote. Of course that’s also a way to get ignored.

      “At the root of the Brexit vote, is the current conflict of city vs. rural the modern rendition of the historical hunter/farmer conflict?”

      At the root of the Brexit vote there is young versus old. There were quite many dictatorships in European countries during the twentieth century, so older people don’t take democracy for granted. They never miss an opportunity to vote. But it’s different with younger people, especially in England, where they had no dictatorship on the own ground. Additionally they know that everybody profits from the EU, so why would anybody vote against it? The polls before told them too that nobody needed to fear the pro Brexit side winning. So why vote? Ask modern people to vote and you’re already asking too much.

      “That’s interesting, why not?”

      Since at least two decades the government asks Germans to tighten the belt. So Germans lower and lower their living standard and take cuts in their wages. The ‘minimum wage’, which was introduced meanwhile, has many exceptions and so isn’t a minimum wage and doesn’t deserve this name. Many jobs are meanwhile only done by people from eastern Europe because in Germany you won’t feed a family with it anymore. Although Germany belongs already to the cheaper places in Europe. The French are completely puzzled because they would already have an uprising under such conditions. While the common German tightens his belt, he also has to hear about the many millions made by managers of Deutsche Bank and other banks and similar companies. The managers get even boni when they make losses. Our patience is tested, but nobody has more patience, it’s beyond imaginable for most people in the world. Although also some people here believe that there is somewhere an end of German patience. Under such conditions additionally tell Germans to where all the money went?

      “From when I lived in Europe, 2001- 2012, non- German Europeans often spoke with bitterness and resentment about who (countries) made good deals with Germany to enter the EU, and who didn’t.”

      Let me guess: Romania?

      “Also, they discussed how corrupt they considered the formation process/entry into the EU was, specifically the loans (with interest), which many countries had to make (with Germany) to meet new EU regulations.”

      Not having too much debts forces to get more loans??? I’m afraid they were not honest with you. Some countries cheated in order to get into the EU. Greece most.

      “They felt forced to pay for something (Brussels’s regulations, the figurehead, but Germany, the Fatherland, and economic powerhouse, driving the bus) they didn’t believe in/want, in order to comply with new EU regulations.”

      Nobody forced them. If they didn’t want to enter, then not anybody did or would have forced them. It was completely up to them and they knew all conditions perfectly.
      England could be an exception because there are rumours that the USA forced England to enter the EU.
      It is true that Germany has a major responsibility for the rules, which are made in Brussel, but this doesn’t keep our government from pretending that Germany would always be dominated: »We have to do this. Not our fault, but EU regulations from Brussel!«
      Sadly, only the more woke people know that a politician lies as soon as her/his lips move.

      “Perhaps Germany finds their EU partners an ungrateful lot?”

      Germany as such does eventually everything to please its EU partners and even to please the US east coast. The German government works towards a soft Brexit (only the British seem not to want this) and hesitated to retreat the troops from Turkey. Germans on the other hand see other EU citizens more and more as ungrateful. They shouldn’t take money from us if they don’t like us. But we would appreciate it even more if all people learned to distinguish between the people and a government.

    • This is very interesting you mentioned about USA! Last year astrologer Smiljana posted an article about Caroline Kennedy. “Caroline Kennedy: One to watch? Smiljana Gavrančić”. You can find it on google. It would be great to hear your thoughts about it! Happy New 2018 to all and greetings from Cambridge!!

  84. I don’t know, it just sounds like the 2020 Capricorn stellium, is a stock market crash.

    The bull market has lasted since 2009. By 2020, it will be 11 years. Sounds like a ripe time for a stock market crash. But then again, I may be waaay wrong!

  85. All are in the 11th house opposing 5th house Mercury (Ruler of my Sun)and square Jupiter(Asc Ruler) in Scorpio in the 8th. I don’t get a very good feeling about this as Capricorn is always punitive in my case. Loss of my social tribe, loss of self-employed earnings or internet problems? Yuck.

  86. I think the key to unlocking how this conjunction will effect you on a purely personal level is to plot the progressions of your chart and any aspects progressed planets will make to this tsunami of a conjunction.This,I feel,is equally as important as aspects from planets natal positions.

    • I’m taking your workshop. Hoping to first get through my 2nd Saturn Return in Capricorn, which is also squaring my core stellium in Libra.

      Then, yes, I’ll be facing the Saturn-Pluto transition EXACTLY opposing my Moon in Cancer. I have parents in their 80s, so some event on that front wouldn’t surprise me.

      • *transit, not transition

        Am I ready for this, you ask? As ready as can be, which is ‘imperfectly ready’. One thing that will help is that I have moved and am now living in my parents’ town. When the time comes, I will at least be on the ground and ready to ‘deploy’.

        • transition seems like the perfect word to describe what’s ahead…we will probably all remember where we were and what happened during the conjunction, and life will never be the same

  87. Transiting Jupiter will be conjuncting my Natal Cap Sun & Merc & squaring my Libra moon and ascendant & in opposition to Uranus in Cancer.
    All while transiting Pluto and Saturn are conjuncting my natal Venus in Capricorn and squaring mu natal Neptune in Libra.

  88. This is on my IC and I am slightly worried about it It also trines my Saturn and Moon which is nice but widley squares my sun (5 degrees). I am hoping to do a big move next year (big for me as it is moving outside of the city I live in but still only 1hr and half by train) Pluto has been trining my Moon and Pluto has gone into 4th so I’m wondering what else this could be about. I guess hard to predict as so far ahead.

  89. My Sun is 10 Cap. Mercury is 11 Cap. My IC is 13Cap. My Venus is 21 Cap. squares 11 Libra moon & Ascendant, 19 Libra Neptune. All at the bottom of my chart, 3rd and 4th houses. Don’t know how to “be ready” for this.. .. ..

  90. Hi Elsa and everyone here you’re really a lot my finger ached to scroll right to the bottom to add my comment Anyway my moon is exactly there just some minute before 21 56 capricorn. After my chiron return that’s been amazing i am waiting for this and i fear a bit this event that will come right after neptune conjuncting my natal saturn. Being myself an outer planet gal i am just thrilled about what the outcome will be… who will live will see

    • Hi Chariklo,

      From 2012 to 2014, I experienced transiting neptune conjunct natal saturn in the 4th, while at the same time transiting saturn conjuncted natal neptune in the 1st. The result was that my old dreams were swept away while I built up new dreams/structure. Good luck!

  91. Hi everyone, just wanted to share this because I’m kind of worried about this transit haha!
    So I have Saturn (18’46) on my Descendant (18’24) in Capricorn. Pluto will transiting this aspect for the next few years BUT around late 2019/early 2020 I’ll also be having my Saturn Return! This is going to be the biggest test of my life. I can feel it. I’ll be writing up my final PhD thesis around that time too. I’m probably gonna be in solitude a lot getting to the ‘truth’ of my work, and probably of myself. I’m definitely being set up for a transformation!

  92. My birthday is 12 January 1958, natal Sun @ 21′ Capricorn in Australia. The 2020 Capricorn Stellium feels spiritual but any ideas on what this might mean for me personally would be interesting!

    • Tie up any loose ends in Your life between now and 12/1/2020 and strive to do the things that you have always wanted to do,but you delayed doing( a ‘bucket list’ is the modern euphemism)and make a will if you have not already done so.

      • Tying up loose lips is always a good idea, especially when one’s words have the potential to cause damage to others.
        You’re not God’s oracle. Don’t pretend to be one.

  93. So I just found out about this 22° Cap stellium of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn & Pluto. My Imum Coeli (IC) is 22° Cap. I initially had been studying what it meant to have Pluto crossing my IC when I realized January 12, 2020. My 1st House (Natal) is made up of Sun 22° Libra, Mercury 25° Libra, Pluto 1° Scorpio & Saturn 15° Scorpio. Thus, this 22° Cap stellium will be made up of my 1st House Stellium planets… In an EXACT conjunction with my IC. I couldn’t find any major progressions for this day for myself. But when I pulled my husband’s progressions and solar arc for 1/12/2020,his Progressed Mars will be at 23° Cap and his Solar Arc Uranus will be at 25° Cap, all in his 6th house.

    • UPDATE: So far I was laid off (have always been great at my career anx well liked so this is out of the blue!) Then got pregnant. Founs out my past employer is spreading lies about me to potential employers so now I have to get a lawyer. Still unemployed 6 months later.

  94. Wow, my stellium sits in my 11th house in Capricorn and all at 22 degrees! That’s Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees on that day, with Jupiter also in Capricorn at 9 degrees. My natal Juno at 22 degrees on my north-node (2nd) and my natal Vertex at 22 degrees on my DC in Virgo and my natal POF at 22 degrees in the 8th house Scorpio. I haven’t got a clue what any of this means, but I’m ecstatic about it.

  95. This stellium squares my delicate Libra sun at 22 degrees, and also impacts my Libra moon and mercury (at 7 and 8 degrees), all in the third house. This stellium will also square my Jupiter in Aries. And it will all collide in my sixth house. I have experienced major losses through death, divorce and illnesses, upheavals galore on the past 2 years. I can’t even imagine what I have left to lose!

  96. I feel like I am getting a prequel of this stellium right now because Pluto is passing over my Ascendant starting this month. I find myself, to an extraordinarily great degree, rethinking my goals and making some pretty huge decisions about the direction of my life these days. Dreams are CRAZY and constant… which is not like me. Emotionally releasing so much. It all feels very organic and natural just accelerated. I remember when a similar event passed over my midheaven in the eighties, I left Art school and became a BANKER, lol. Hopefully in 2020 we will all experience similar life evolutions and not disasters as some fear.

  97. If Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn in 2018 is a preview year, than I will be empowered if I take the steps right now to make that happen. Also, X marked the spot last week to deeply hidden corruption/deceit in my local sphere, though I also watched its mirror on national news- I grabbed a shovel. Uncovering all of this might take some time….

  98. All this “my Sun, my ascendant, my this and that” it is not a personal transit. It is a global transit and look at yesterday for the clues. Pluto 20* Cap,Mars 15*, Saturn 9* Cap
    Mars triggers as it always does the midpoint of Pluto Cap conjunction in Capricorn when Syria was bombed, square to Sun/Uranus in Aries.
    What few are stating is the south nodes of Pluto and Saturn are 21* Capricorn.
    This will be World War lll with nukes.
    Saturn Cap opposition to Pluto Cap 1932 teed off WWll no nukes.

  99. I think the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction will play out differently for everyone. Things to keep in mind will be how these energies are utilized in individual natal charts and what areas of the lives these energies are expressed. I am also taking into consideration how the energy of Pluto is expressed in individuals lives as well as countries. Those who have had too much power for their souls will have it taken away and those who have not had enough will be given more power.

    Mars is often considered the timer of events. Later this month Mars will transit 20 degrees Capricorn and will oppose the Solar Eclipse in Cancer happening on July 13th and opposing transiting Pluto.

    Will Mars trigger that eclipse later this month? It will be interesting to see what happens.

  100. I have natal Saturn at 23 degrees Capricorn opposite Jupiter and square Mars as well as trine my moon. So I’m not sure how to interpret all that….

    • Fibuceus, it really depends upon how well you work with your planetary aspects. I have noticed that those who have a particular weak planet and/or house tends to highlight that area of his/her chart. I would focus on what house Cancer falls in your natal chart as I believe transiting Mars will (for some people) trigger the Cancer Eclipse happening in July. In addition, I would look at those houses where Libra and Aries fall in your natal chart. Also, take an honest look at those areas of your chart that you are currently struggling with because a planetary transit or eclipse can exasperate that area of your chart. For example: Health, relationships, money, job are areas to take into consideration. Nothing happens in a vacuum; there are always signs that something (an event) is getting ready to happen.

  101. All of this will be in my 5th house with my natal retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn and squaring my natal Chiron @ 22 degrees Aries in the 8th house.

    This Capricorn stellium will be widely trine my natal sun at 18 degrees Taurus in the 9th and my retrograde Virgo Pluto at 29 degrees in my first house so maybe this won’t be too bad for me.

    Politically I think Roe v Wade will be overturned during this transit.

  102. Pluto in Capricorn is bringing to the forefront power, the lack of it for some, as well as for others the abuse of having had too much power. So politically speaking it will be interesting to see who falls and who rises (individuals as well as countries). People who have NOT taken accountability for their involvements in various aspects of their own lives, but also within the global communities, will also find themselves at this time in the spotlight. I believe there is no escaping, no hiding from, Pluto in Capricorn especially when Saturn conjuncts Pluto. The saying, Karma is a bitch, will be echoed throughout the world. 🙂

    Then there is the transit of Neptune in Pisces to contend with because Neptune in Pisces is the magician wherein truth is hidden within illusions and/or lies. Those illusions and/or lies are either perpetuated by us (as individuals) or by others based upon whether or not we step into our power or give our power (our energy) away to others. Whether someone is the receiver or perpetrator of those illusions and/or lies, it is said that Neptune is about dissolving those illusions and lies.

    This all goes to the Piscean age (the last 2000 years) wherein spirituality (and to some degree the energy of the soul) was taken hostage by the tangible outer world in the way of power (money and sex being the two most utilized tools among Homo Sapiens). BUT, we are on the precipice of some very exciting times wherein the Homo Noeticus is emerging and therefore shifting the power from what is tangible to the mastery of energy; which also includes the world of empath and telepathic abilities.

  103. it conjuncts Natal Saturn and Natal Jupiter in my chart. I guess i’m a gonner. Will return to chat then if not – hopefully with more wisdom.

  104. oh holy moly no wonder you’ve been warning about this.
    should have my degree done about then. should have a lot more options at that point…

    • This will be conjunct N moon and progressed sun, 6th house. All within just tini minutes apart. Today marks 15 months exactly since a motorcycle accident that has completely changed my life. I have described it as my stop card…stop, look, and listen. Feeling old and broken but knowing Im not through yet because I died that day and still survived. Just wondering what type of lesson or learning experiences this transit will bring as I have been forced to move back home with my aging parents and rely on their graciousness to keep from being homeless on the streets…I really wish I knew birth times for my parents at this point;)

  105. Me too! DSC 22 degrees Cap, which also opposes my Uranus/Jupiter conjunction on Ascendant. I can’t imagine what the stars have in store for me! Better buy an old bomber shelter!

  106. Astromancer said we will all be in prison, in psychiatric wards or dead when this conjunction happens.

    He said he was half-joking, BUUUUUT……

    Do you think he could be right? ??

    I know at least one Capricorn who will likely be dead by then, due to chronic illness.

  107. Forgot to note 22* Capricorn holds the South Nodes of both Pluto and Saturn.
    Never been a time like this that we can see, closest is 47AD where Pluto/Saturn were in Cap and Neptune in Pisces, but Jupiter was absent.
    Jesus is coming back, it’s obvious the old order ends a new world begins.

    • When Mars conjuncted Pluto in April I had to deal with others abuse of power, aimed directly at me (transiting pluto on my sun). They didn’t seem to give one wit whether what they were doing was right, or reasonable, they just wanted their way. We’ve been seeing a lot of that in the US news, as well.

    • Saturn/pluto/mars is more like Hitler than Jesus, don’t you think? Who is finding who intolerable? If it’s you, just run.

  108. This will be my mom’s 75th birthday. Her natal moon opposes this stellium, too. I’m thinking this is when the chickens come home to roost. She’s been spending her late husband’s estate money like there’s no tomorrow… Well, tomorrow is here. And she’s obese and not taking care of herself, and she’s been (Moon in Cancer) VERY generous with family members who never gave a shit about her until she got control of the money. Something’s going down in January. I’d best prepare.

  109. Here”s the bottom line; if you have a personal planet on or close to this degree it is going to hit HARD !!! But it won’t be a sudden ( Uranus is not involved) eruption. Look for a steadily increasing energy like pressure building in a pressure cooker.But this won’t just blow the lid off, it will blow the house to pieces !! Those who have squares or oppositions to this will feel it, but to a lesser extent.Forwarned is forarmed usually, but the might and nature of this conjunction renders this statement about as useful as the warning to hide behind the sofa in the event of a nuclear attack.My last line of defense has been to become a Christian some eight months ago.I had no choice with a natal mars at 22 degrees Cap,but to appeal to the maker of the planets.My case is still pending; He’s a busy Guy.

    • You mentioned the squares and oppositions, but didn’t mention the conjunctions. I think the conjunction is just as important. The conjunctions are about changes the individual initiates, for better or for worse, whereas the opposition is clearly a person and/or event coming at the individual. The square is by far more challenging in that the friction of this aspect requires action. The type of action taken – reaction versus taking action – will impact the outcome of the event(s).

      Of course this is my opinion, but other astrologers share my view point on these three aspects.

      • I am a little perplex ed by your reply.Firstly,a conjunction can only be a group of planets close to 22 degrees Cap which was stated by me as “personal planets on or near 22 Cap” in my post.Secondly, I don’t agree that a conjunction always equates to an individual taking action.It depends on the nature of the planets involved.An example would be Moon conjunct Neptune.I had a friend with this aspect-almost exact!- and he spent most of his adult life playing fantasy board games and slowly drinking himself to death.He was also the laziest and kindest man I have ever known.J.K.-RIP

        • A conjunction is about free will as to how an individual handles the aspect. My husband has Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces and he has to be mindful of his temper. When he knows he is getting angry he has to consciously back away from whatever is igniting him. My husband also has Venus/Sun/Mercury conjunct in Capricorn and is currently being affected by Pluto’s transit.

          As for the conjunction aspect, I regret that I did not explain my interest in it that more accurately and concisely. It was more if a general remark and not specific to your chart; I apologize for any confusion.

          • Thank you for your response.Free will,in my opinion, is a very dubious concept.It seems initially a straightforward proposition but the more I have looked into it, it appears our will is anything but free.Motivating impulses seem to be the key and these are often subconscious in origin and as such often unrecognised by our consciousness.There is quite a famous case of a man who suffered a brain injury from a car accident.The injury affected the part of his brain dealing with his emotional responses rendering emotionless.A byproduct of this was his inability to make even the most rudimentary decisions such as if he should make a cup of tea or not.Astrologically, there are several main planets involved in “the will” and some astrologers make a convincing case for the inclusion of all the planets as well as sun and moon in a Web of interactions that we generally call ‘free’ will.

              • No,I don’t believe in pure or total ‘free’ will, but I do think we can recondition our mind through attending a church,reading the Word and making a concerted effort to live in the spirit rather than the flesh.This will cause us to refrain from taking action that is against God’s will.Some people call this ‘brain washing’ to which I would agree- my mind was like a sewer.

            • As Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist, I know a thing or two about the subconscious mind and how it often operates making decisions that are not always good for us; or letting misguided beliefs rule our lives. In fact, one of my first clients had a head injury from a car accident which was extremely challenging for me being fresh out of the starting gate. So I do understand what you are saying and the point you are getting at.

              However, it is my opinion that most people (regardless of astrological aspects) are generally lazy co-creators. Many people have no awareness of how they are feeling until what they are feeling has gained so much momentum that it is like a runaway train and stopping the momentum is impossible. The feeling has to run out of energy or somehow derail. It is a harder way to live than if people learned how to manage the world behind their eyes versus being caught up in the world outside of them. As eternal beings, there is greater power in the world behind our eyes versus being guided or directed by the world in front of us. Most people do not manage the world behind their eyes very well. We are taught that our wellbeing is found outside of us via other people, places, and things.

              If God created light with a thought/word like “Let there be light” and made us in his image, then it makes sense that our inner world of thoughts and feelings/beliefs creates the world around us. Our Will is everything and it starts with the world behind our eyes and those beliefs that drives how we feel.

      • Mara, thank you for sharing that enlightening information. Makes so much sense. This S&P conjunction has been sitting on my natal sun for over a year now, and yes, I am the one making/initiating the tough decisions in response to others’moves; due to a strong need to confront and then create distance from the disturbances.

  110. I have 7 planets and points in Capricorn, and Saturn and Pluto have been rolling over them for some time and more of the joy (sigh) to come. My 8th house Sun is at 23 degrees Capricorn, so I expect this is going to mean something big, whether for good or ill.

    • OK. You got me beat. I have 4 planets that are square to the capricorn pluto and saturn and it has been hellish for the past two years. I didn’t know I could ever be so slain with loss. Mother, father, sister, brother. Husband. Now I am just saying “Bring it!” as the planets roll toward squaring my 22 degree libra sun. But I will be keeping you in my thoughts with your 7 planet / 8th house conjunction you’ve got going. Trust it is all for good. We are just agents of light, shining in so many different ways, to illuminate all, and I know your light is a strong one. It shines into the darkest corners, where mysteries are solved. You will be doing your greatest work as this transit continues. And it will be helpful and useful to many.

      • Transiting Pluto moves so slow. It is interesting because as a Libra Sun, I too lost my mother, sister, brother, and a major relationship. It has been a psychological hell for me for the past nine years. That is just transiting Pluto squaring my natal sun. Pluto is currently forming a tighter square to my natal moon and then to my Mercury.

        • I am sorry to hear of all your losses Mar. It says a lot about you that you are still standing.Pluto does seem to have a merciless quality.It reminds me of the Hindu God Shiva the destroyer who destroys all things but the bare essentials and seems to say,” There, now let’s see you survive with only this.” Along with Saturn these two can leave you feeling like those poor children in India scavenging for food daily on rubbish tips. That’s why myself and many others are dreading this upcoming conjunction and with Pluto there is an inexorable quality about it.You could lock yourself away in a fallout shelter with enough food,water and power for 6 months but it is still going to live up to its Shiva archetype,leaving us wondering what we have done to so enrage the gods.

          • Thank you Astromancer. Your analogy of Shiva definitely feels accurate. I should have paid homage to Shiva when I was traveling in India.

        • So, you have a sun, moon and mercury in Libra, too? And have lost family members, too? It crossed my moon and mercury in square several yeas ago, and is just about to square my 22 degree sun, twice, actually. I hope the worst is over for you!

      • Wow, Katherine, you are a very strong human to have endured all of that. I have found, after 5 Pluto transits to planets in my natal chart, that each and every time he has brought me closer to God/spirit/something greater than me. As he is currently conjuncting my sun, I pray a lot, and I am grateful for all the beauty in my life, but mostly I work a lot. I love that you mentioned this could be a period of our greatest work. I am doing some innovative work that seems to be helping others in a profound way, which brings me bliss.

      • Katherine and Mara, I’m so sorry for all your loss. I’ve been through similar times, when you think life just can’t hurt you any more, and yet it does. The worst time in my life to date was when Pluto squared my Sun, when I was relatively young and it was like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer coming down over and over again. I can’t help but dread the coming transits. I’m already going through something of a nervous crisis. I have my Saturn return coming up at Christmas, then Saturn rolls off to join with Pluto over my Sun. I have my Jupiter return next year too, but I’ve never found it to be a good thing, rather the contrary; the last time around, my mother died. I do feel like my life is coming to a critical point. It’s not a good feeling.

        • Interesting comment, Gilly, sounds like we are in the same astrological boat. My father died at my last Jupiter return, in the 7th. Kind of gave me a whole new perspective on our relationship.I benefited materially from his death, and I felt more at peace: That person, who it seemed I could just never please, had left my life(for good).

          • Freeyourgenie, My mother died in the middle of my last Jupiter return (6th) with transiting saturn on my Pluto. My father died 7 years later, when transiting Jupiter was in opposition to my natal Jupiter, and transiting Pluto was on my natal Saturn in Capricorn in the 7th. Astrologically, it was very neat, but they’ve been hard, hard times ever since. I have had a particularly bad time with my sister – our parent’s deaths seems to have raised a lot of demons for her and she blames me for all her problems. I miss my parents very much. I’ve never really got past their deaths. Unlike you, nothing about it seems positive to me. I cling to the hope that having so much action this year – Saturn return, Jupiter and Venus return, Pluto on my Sun (is just the tip of the iceberg) – sees the final end to it all, which is all I want now.

            • Hi Gilly,
              I agree, there have been hard times since the death of both my parents. I didn’t mean to imply that I was happy my father died. It’s just that an exact Jupiter return in my 7th as he died is difficult to see as a bad omen. I think it was simply time, and it opened the door to a whole other life for me. Had the same problem with a sister who felt completely entitled after his death. That was a shocker to see all that stored up nastiness I had no idea about. Last time we had spoken, before this all went down, I was ‘the best sister in the world’, and Pluto was already in my 3rd house, doing his thing.

  111. Oh jeez… natal Sun 18 and Mercury 25 in Cap 12H. I remember 1990-93 and I discovered how deep and dark I could go… not real proud of it but very aware of that since then. Once this sh*tshow is over, I’m gonna have one helluva party!

  112. Ugh. Almost exactly opposite my 23 degree Cancer moon. I keep thinking it will mean the death of my mother (which, well, she’s 94 and was *quite* abusive so that would be the best case scenario, if I may) but – Pluto and Saturn opposing the moon? Don’t know if I can take it. Anyone had this before? (Moon’s in the 10th.) Been through the freaking wringer for the last 7 years. Enough already!

    • Transiting Pluto through any angular house will be life changing. In the 4th house, transiting Pluto challenges your emotional stability in the way of relationships at home, or others (7th house), as well as people at work and authority figures such as bosses. It can some times, with an eclipse, indicate the death of someone close.

  113. So far, Pluto through the 4th has meant the sale of the old family home with my reptilian “mother” using all the proceeds to lay like a larva in a Taj Mahal nursing home, the death of my loved eldest brother and a complete and permanent break with the rest of the “family”, all 3 of whom are the most self-absorbed people you can imagine. Eldest brother was the last kind one. So I have basically lost my entire family. If there’s another body slam in store, I believe I’m done.

    • Naaahhh PaleBlue! You can handle anything! I loved your description of your family. Lol I have one like that too and had to do the same thing and am all alone right now too!
      Death shatters families, especially early, unexpected ones. This is all happening for a reason. Take heart and don’t give up- you are stronger than them.
      Ever think that you are being protected by being removed from them? Don’t fight it- flow with it. The stars/universe want you to evolve, not devolve. Stay positive! Hugs.

    • Well, past Karma, for good or bad, is the obvious. What house? I suppose you won’t be able to get to that south node comfort zone. On the plus side, it could indicate some serious clearing of old karma, or the making of a new karmic wheel for you.

  114. My IC is 22 Cap EXACT. My NN is at 23 Cap. Venus is conjunct the MC at 23, along with Orcus and Echo. Orcus has transited my 11th house stellium of Sun, Pallas and Mars the last two years and my career, health and identity has been pulverized. I am finally coming back to life and feel grateful to be regaining my health after two long nightmarish years, but my husband and I currently live in NYC and we are GTFO of dodge no later than August of 2019, currently making a plan to move west. I am taking no chances with this stellium, we feel like sitting ducks in the middle of Manhattan. Planning to buy property and hunker down. Anyone want to comment on my placements, would love extra insight. Doesn’t seem it will be pretty and I fear for my dad’s health as well. Maybe I’ll die. Given what I’ve been through, that seems almost too simple.

  115. I just looked to see if this stellium will affect my late husband’s parents. His death has already hit them HARD.

    His poor momma—this will hammer her Cancer planets and Aries sun. His dad’s Neptune and Uranus will be involved, and his north Node gets a direct hit. I do wonder these days how long they will able to keep going without their son here. Here’s hoping the shit show doesn’t destroy them both. ☹️

    My chart will be affected too, but the stellium will trine my planets and bypass my Libra and Cancer planets, thank God. At the same time, my Uranus opposition will be in effect. Hurray! ?

  116. This will conjunct my neptune conjunct uranus in 4th house. I’m a libra rising at 14 degrees and neptune rules 6th house and uranus rules 5th house. What will happen to me? I’m 23 btw.

  117. My experience with Saturn/Neptune conjunctions is that they are needed to either add structure to/build a dream or tear down an old dream so that you can begin fresh. As I had a double reception of these planets in 2012, I watched as old dreams were stripped away(Trans. Saturn conjunct natal Neptune in the first) and new dreams were built up simultaneously(Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn in the 4th/cusp of 5th).Good luck!

  118. I think I’ve got this sussed.We tell D.Trump that there are aliens on Saturn and it’s heading for the USA and that the easiest way to repel them is a 5 kilo ton warhead to deflect this gloomy bunch of probable( communist) invaders far out into the solar system.Now some purists may whine about interfering with God’s natural orbit of the spheres, but I say to hell with that ringed planet of gloom,misery and constriction! Let’s nuke it with a 20 kilo ton warhead,blow it to pieces and let the jupiterian good times roll as I for one have had 50 odd years of it’s baleful influence upon my life.If we can create designer babies why not designer solar systems?

  119. Hi,I have natal mars at 22 cap. With Pluto currently hovering over it and Saturn coming up to join in,I just thought I would relay some recent effects.Just prior to Christmas a family friend committed suicide.I have been troubled by an increase of both physical and mental problems,most notably depression and I was close to hospitalization for it.Physical problems;minor heart attack,diabetes flared up,ear infection.I’m just sooo looking forward to next January. PS one other thing I have noticed is due to my natal mars being in my ninth house and Pluto now intensifying it is a compulsive drive to investigate many aspects of spirituality.I have always searched and researched spiritual doctrines but at the moment it’s become obsessions.

    • Pluto rules obsessions and Saturn can often be the cause of depression. Saturn rules lessons and Pluto rules transformation. Carolyn Myss has a YouTube video called Choices. She is a medical intuitive and really is worth listening to.

      I hope you feel better, Martin.

  120. What a bunch of babies! Me me me. This will happen to ME and then oh no! this other thing is going to happen to ME because I have Pluto in my chart too! Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn is a dark gate thru which the underworld visceral urges to liberated life and sex are going to come focused by the Great Disciplinarian, Saturn. This brings into contention the boundaries of nations (Ukraine/ Russia) (The US and China over Taiwan) and the corrupt banking system (Capricorn) penetrated by the intrusive Pluto/Scorpio to execute, overthrow crooked bankers and politicians. The possibility of war is strong as this is all about power and change. With Mars in retrograde at 90 degrees a couple months after, the idea of cleansing through violence is strong. That the South Lunar Node is also in the conjunction challenges the systemic self centered selfishness of individuals who only think about themselves and the collective well being in the face of danger and corruption – (Climate Change and War.)

    • Interesting – I wonder if anyone has some insights into the charts of the various nations – I know the US is looking at its Pluto return soon but I’m not sure what degree. France too I believe

    • Dagaan, I see all this as well but the question to nudge others toward is how do we fit into this greater narrative when we have a personal planet or angle involved? I am looking at this for my selfish self so I can get down to how I am involved in this larger picture – my IC is 22cap and my north node is at 23. I know I am being called to something greater in regard to the civilizational changes that are coming (war, environment, surveillance etc) but what and how precisely? Thanks for your insights, they are very succinct and resonant.

      • Hi Eterna, In your case I would say that this actually is going to impact you quite directly as the conjunction is for Saturn, Pluto and the south node of the moon. So that your south node (that’s what IC is right?) which has to do with self preservation, selfishness, young ego, will be impacted by what it is that Saturn and Pluto are going to do. Visceral impulses from the collective unconscious disciplined by Capricorn and assigned as a karmic imperative – by THe Father. You can’t talk about Pluto without mentioning sex. The ultimate aspect of sex is conjoining of all 44 chromosomes and then half getting edited out – rejected. That’s sex! So Pluto/Scorpio has something to do with an initiation (Cap -cardinal) in a proper use of sexual power from a very personal aspect (South Node). I suspect there could be a rebellion by heterosexuality to make gender relations more honest and deeper and spiritual – on the physical plane and particularly within large institutions, government, banking, corporations. Pluto is in a sense the face of the Dark beyond it – and that could mean the collective intent of humans from before we were human – from deep in the ancient past. Political Correctness which is homogenizing human relations in the West is tactical and strategic. But GOd is spontaneous. An assertion of this spontaneity, made into a karmic imperative by Capricorn is coming. Honest gender relations and collective initiation into authenticity. For you personally it means your hair will grow longer than Rapunzel’s
        and be bright red and you will become so alluring to the opposite sex that you’ll have to beat them off with a stick. But just when it gets really crazy, the Prince will arrive in a golden carriage and whisk you safety in hisNo, seriously, because your south note matches the degree of the conjunction and it’s a master number it actually could have to do with love as 22 is the number of Venus.

        • Hey Daagan, Not sure how I missed your rich reply but here I am 4 months later reading this with a smirk. My hair is already naturally red and right now is longer than it’s ever been 🙂 All you’re saying rings with some crystal clear truths. Let me clarify, it’s my North Node that’s at 23 Cap conjunct my IC at 22. Another twist is Venus/Cancer MC at 21 degrees, sitting with the SN at 23, and Orcus exactly at 23 as well. This is rebirth/transformation/initiation to the max. 23 is a number that shows up in my chart repeatedly, and the 23/DNA connection is not lost on me. As a Sun/Mars in Virgo, my experience centers very much around the physical experience, what it means to be in a body, sex, etc. Pluto roosts at 0 Libra in my 12th house and let me tell you something about being in touch with the undercurrents of the times, mmmkkay? Kundalini is rising, this is very obvious, and I’m also clearing a lot of dark inheritances from both sides of my family. I grew up very repressed, sheltered from anything that went outside tradition, I was so frustrated, knowing there was more and I had no access to it. Mixed ancestors on one side of my family, the other side KKK. Repressed homosexuality. And all of this kept hidden, secret. I know now I’m here to contend with some ancient forces from my own lineage, linked to the larger whole. And it’s certainly not been some holy, beautiful experience guided by the light of heaven and the angels, quite the opposite. More of a Hadean descent to the space below the underworld, into the void – which I can tell you is what hell actually is. The physical shedding of the old densities has also been tangible, all too real. I’m more awake now than ever, ready to confront this serpent energy and do some reclamation of THE TRUTH. I’ve never understood the silencing traditional constructs of family and marriage. Libra/Juno/Uranus rising. As you so beautifully pointed out, creation/God/sex is spontaneous.

          So does that Venus opposition, and the nodes also being opposite, affect your interpretation? I see there’s a mirror trick behind it as well, ancient stories of of projection and rejection, which is already my life narrative. I’m thinking it’s what you already stated, but multiplied by infinity and divided by 2. Or maybe 22?

  121. Yes, that would be interesting. I know that England and India are Capricorn and one astrologer sees England coming to an end and India a beginning as a new global economy. There is just the chance though that this conjunction being so dark and authoritative, that it could mean the final usurpation of global economic power by the Rothchilds/Crown combination of England, who never ever gives up control. But England has some 30 mosque communities that practice Sharia law and have established their own courts. This sounds like the end of England to me.

    • The chart for the Event: atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima at 8:16 AM, 6 August 1945 shows Pluto conjunct the Sun in Leo. Saturn was conjunct the Moon in Cancer.

  122. My Saturn is at 22 degrees Capricorn. This is happening the day before my Saturn return in my 6th house. Should I be worried??! Because I am lol

    • Jessica – How do you go about using a site like say Cafe Astrology to see where this event lands in your natal chart? Thanks, Dagaan

  123. That is pretty dramatic and unusually perceptive of such a youngster as yourself to pick up on. I associate grace and beauty with the number 22. THis happening on your Saturn return I see as a gate for you having to do with this phenomenon that already has been at play for years and will continue to be in effect for years. The slow outer planets bring change like a big ship turning – it’s slow but massive. Saturn return is more of a completion than a beginning. At 28 we achieve the standard of spiritual capacity that we will live with for the rest of life. The work leading up to the return is when one makes the good and bad choices that will effect the turning of the ship. I advise you to set high standards for yourself leading up to that point because you’ll never be able to live these months over again. Avoid petty interactions, arguments, superficial love affairs, frivolous escapades. Capricorn is self discipline and Pluto/ Scorpio are sex and death. There is a rare but real phenomenon of people dying on their 28th birthday. But this is like being chosen by the angels. Only the good die young. There are different kinds of death, personality death, romantic death, sexual death, and of course your good old basic death. But sex is regeneration too. Have no fear. Read the bios of great persons who have achieved things that you admire and set a high course for your heart and you’ll land where you’re supposed to.

    • Dagaan, could you clarify what you mean when you wrote: “At 28 we achieve the standard of spiritual capacity that we will live with for the rest of life.”

      I personally do not equate Saturn with spirituality unless it is in Pisces, in the 12th house or is in aspect to Neptune. I certainly would not place a cap on spiritual growth. There might be lessons the soul has to learn, but the growth of the soul is timeless and eternal.


  124. Hi Mara –
    I’m 68. I was aware at my Saturn return that that was taking place. And I remained aware of it’s passing as the next few years went by. I’m a quadruple Capricorn sun/venus ascendant/cap ascendant/ Merc.
    I sensed that up to the return – which I celebrated by inviting two warrior friends to a sweat bath ceremony – I took it all very seriously, being a Cap! – up to the return, my psyche had been unconsciously straining to achieve a level of clarity – like a purity of a flame – and this had been driving all aspects of my personality to aspire, strain, reach for the highest level of a sort of intensity of one’s personal flame. But after the return this dwindled. I felt I had reached for and achieved the capacity I had been able to achieve and some sort of work was done. I noticed this over the next few years. Some critical drive in me to be the best me I could shifted – I no longer felt this uncontrollable aspiration to match some conceived standard. This was all mostly on the unconscious level. I was initiated into Siddha yoga about a year later and it was very effective and I gained access to Shakti which I cultivate daily now – engaging it is the great adventure of my life. There is no end to how far I can go into this – but the level of intensity by which I could approach this had levelled off after the return. So, I sensed that the return is the end of an inherent human aspirational drive to achieve a capacity for spiritual identification. But maybe it’s just me. Do you know how to superimpose the Sat/Pluto conjunction on one’s chart? Thanks, Dagaan

  125. Hi all,
    It will occur in my 5th House and Trine my Taurus MidHeaven/Sun and Taurus Venus in my 10th House.
    Will be a very interesting time I believe/think and hope good!
    Best wishes,

  126. Dagaan, I have always found Capricorn Ascendants to be interesting. Earth Ascendants in general seem methodical and deliberate in their approach to life, which belies the instinctive nature of the first house (Aries). The 1st is the new beginning of life and having had Sagittarius in or on your 12th house cusp tells me that spirituality was a natural expression of one’s soul, a personal truth versus a man made one.

    I have a software that allows me to do bi-wheels and tri-wheels.


    • Hi Mara – Phew, what a relief that you have the software, I thought you’d hacked my computer. Kidding. So then, did my description of the saturn return resonate with you? The image I tried to relay was so clear at the time and I’ve held to it all this time. Perhaps a better image is that at 28 the size of the wire carrying one’s spiritual sight is set, the amount of electricity that one can process is set. Having bi-wheels and tri- wheels can you tell me where the Sat/Pluto conjunction falls in my chart? If it’s not too much to ask. 1/5/51 7:42 AM Long Beach To now my fascination with the conjuction has been geo politically which I see happening very clearly – all the priests getting busted, the executives getting fired for sexual misconduct, the colors black and purple in fashion over the last ten years and all the skulls people tattoo on themselves and that are a fad in art. I think all this is that conjunction. Truth as a global collective karmic imperative applied to the sexual expression of love is how I see it. One astrologer saw Pluto as the base chakra of the spine with the Sun as the head – so that these aligning was an activation of global kundalini. Yikes!

      • Dagaan, I ran your natal chart. I see that Saturn has been transiting through your 12th house along with Pluto. You have been going through some deep and intense soulful transformations. Pluto is currently sitting on your Ascendant (24 degrees 47′ Capricorn) within 1 degree of completely crossing over. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be roughly within 2 degrees of your Ascendant (which I consider significantly tight). The Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer highlights your 7th house cusp. Are you currently married or in a significant relationship?

        The Solar Eclipse in December will hit your natal Mercury in your 12th house which will highlight your 5th and 8th houses as Mercury is the ruler of those houses. You speak of Pluto being Kundalini energy and that could very well be that these eclipses trigger some sort of energy. Jeffrey Green always saw Pluto as being in the lower chakras of the body, so it is interesting that another astrologer pointed this out too.

        Next month, shortly after the new moon at 15 degrees Aries, Mercury will move into 19 degrees Pisces, transiting Saturn will be at 20 degrees Capricorn, and they will form a yod to your Pluto at 19 degrees Leo. Again your 7th house is being emphasized. Relationships with others seems to be a heavy theme in your chart. The 7th house also rules the 3rd sibling, if you had/have a 3rd sibling. The 7th house also rules the 2nd child, if you had/have children.

        I could drone on and on about your chart. LOL…

        • Hi Mara – Wow. This Pluto/SAturn thing really is going on personally with me isn’t it. Pluto on the ascendant! So, I’m projecting Plutonic energy to others. Sinificant as I’m deeply enmeshed in a newly forming tiny housing co-op with virtual strangers and we’re deep in conflict. I do have an eerie sense of the power this conjunction represents – for everyone. A deep level of personal, sensory truth is about to be/ is being activated. No relationship. My strongest relationship energy may be being on the threshold of giving up all desire for a relationship and going all the way into internal practices. Pluto ‘within one degree of crossing over’ from the unconscious to a conscious Pluto. Showtime for the underworld! LOL. I do have a 3rd sibling and a second child. Thank you so much for all this info! I do the I Ching daily and recently got ‘ A dry poplar sprouts at the root. An older man takes a young wife. Everything furthers’ (I’m 68) so, love may not be done with me yet! Good God, I AM the Pluto/Saturn conjunction! There has been so much talk about Ascension since ’12 – this could be it’s activation. I’ve always loved the name Mara. I can’t return the astrological favor so can only wish you well. Dagaan

    • Hi Mara – You said that in my case Pluto got to within one degree of my ascendant. Does it actually cross the ascendant? It must do so as it just keeps going round? Thx. Dagaan

  127. Hello Dagaan, Pluto will/is going back and forth over your ascendant. As an outer planet it takes time to actually move forward. As transiting Pluto touches your ascendant, it changes the way you approach life. It gives you a new strength and in many cases makes you appear formidable to others. Pluto is power, and while Pluto transited your 12th house it transformed aspects of your soul, removing those aspects that have not served your well-being. As Saturn joins up with Pluto, Saturn will slow down and solidify and fortify those transformations you’ve made.

    I meant to respond to your earlier message, but I got busy. My new boss is 72. He is a remarkable man. He recently got married a few months ago and just had his honeymoon in Austria. He is one of the few men who truly has integrity. He spent 28 years as a pilot in the Air Force. He flew in Vietnam and flew into outer space. He is a cool cucumber and not much ever rattles him. I figure if he can find love and get married at 72, then certainly both you and I can find love. Just saying…

    It is funny to me that you love the name Mara. In Slavic mythology, Mara is the Slavic Goddess of Death. LOL… In Africa there is a river called Mara and it is infested with crocodiles. Mara is a name that conjures all sorts of interesting images. 😀 Best,
    Slavic Goddess of Death, Mara

  128. Hi Mara Goddess of Death – I wouldn’t have thought Mara meant something dark – it sounds like an early form of Mary – which I think means sea. I’m fascinated with the dark side and have actually lived it more than most. I’ve had an extraordinary experience of the Raven. The way I got introduced to astrology was that, having had a traumatic childhood, in my early 20’s I began loosing my personality on certain days, widely spaced apart. I would loose the ability to speak or relate. After a while I knew when this was coming on and would avoid people for 24 hours or so until it passed. I discovered that this was happening at the dark of the moon. I’m Capricorn rising and sun with an old crescent Sagge moon, only one sign away from Cap – my theory is that when the dark of the moon happened, it was so close to my nearly dark moon that it eclipsed me. It became and still is my conviction that men, all men, have their period on the dark of the moon – a death/rebirth, when the feminine is removed from the equation. No reflected light. Because if happens to all men and the earth at the same time, it’s not so noticeable. I used to feel full moons and ‘black moons’ so intensely that my whole life was built around anticipating their passage. The Winter Solstice is still very powerful to me. I go into complete withdrawl from the world for the six weeks until St Bridgit’s day (Groundhog Day) if I can pull it off. I’ve read that this is a practice of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (a Cap) and other Hindu spiritualists. By the end of Cap the intense peace and experience of Shakti has ended for me but a meditative vibe is still in the air until February 2. My whole year revolves around this experience. Anyway, learning that this phenomenon was happening on dark moons caused me to study the moon and then look into astrology. I developed an entire religious practice based on lunar cycles in the birthing and dying of the personality – flavored by the revolving God – sun – Goddess- Moon pairings through the signs and have had mystical experiences with the moon, but then who hasn’t! I went to a lecture by a very well known astrologer/composer who was quite old at that time but whose name is not Googling. But he was too far over my head. I’ve written songs about the moon cycle and learned that this was a Druid practice. I love chatting about the mythical dramas of astrology if you’d like to correspond some. bluestarwheel@gmail. I’m surprised to learn from you that Pluto is getting so close to me. I wrote a novel, up on Amazon Books, entitled In Pluto’s Shadow. How dark is that!

    • Taken as a whole, I do not find Pluto the least bit dark. I think we all find ourselves transitioning into who we will next be. We are eternal beings unfolding and evolving.

      Your moon’s nodes fall in your 2nd/8th houses. The N.N. in your 2nd house in Pisces is about your path to what you value. Because your Pluto is in the 7th house, you are learning about how you value yourself within being in a relationship with others. Neptune in Libra in the 9th house again (to me) reinforces the spiritual need to understand your relationship to others. Venus in Capricorn in the 1st house (opposite the 7th house) is about you looking at fulfilling your needs and what you value in the traditional sense (Capricorn). I so love the earthiness of Capricorn and in the 1st house it is so…solid, stable, sure footed, etc… Which is a sharp contrast to my Gemini first house. I’m easily distracted with a curious mind, a need to explore, and to understand how my thoughts create things (for better or for worse). 😀

      Any who…I would love to read your book. I will have to make a point of purchasing it in the near future.

  129. Capricorn is predominantly in my 4th house but rules my 5th house by a few degrees All my cardinal planets are earlier degrees except my Libra Mercury at 19 degrees in 1st house. Cancer Mars in my 10th.
    Im expecting a BANG as it leaves Capricorn in 5th and enters Aquarius in the 5th house where my Saturn sits at 5 degrees. Does it signify endings or beginnings? Will it resonate in my entire 5th house even if Capricorn constitutes only. I wish you had a report that can outline what each of us could expect. Is it the deluxe transit report?

  130. btw i’m Taurus ascending , so this transit is happening in my 9th house (whole sign house system, in other house systems it’s my 10th house)

  131. This conjunction will happen inside my 4th house. All these three “guys” will aspect my Sun and Moon… To add to the mix, Uranus is transiting my 8 house and of course hitting Sun and Moon on the other side. This energies are very intense for me already… and it will come more. I really don’t like such a concentration of these 3 big guys inside my 4 house… I don’t even dare to think about it! I prefer not to… cause I really don’t know how to prepare for this.

    • Distilling the advice from some of the best astrological tarot readers on You tube,of which there are many for the month of January and throwing that into the 4th house pot might prove useful.Leave to simmer in your psyche and hey presto ! Your personal recipe for home and hearth catastrophe should gain a little clarity.Personally, your tactic of sticking your head in the sand seems a smart one, and one that I have adopted,along with doing my upmost to enjoy this summer-it certainly being my last- and arming myself to the teeth-this hellish duo converging upon my natal Mars.The Autumn will bringconstriction(illness, prison ?) as Saturn closes in until my ‘Winter of Discontent’ turns thermonuclear with Pluto’s arrival ! On the bright side at 57, at least I will be spared my Saturn return which,given it’s position in my natal chart and my experience of my life to date would be like experiencing a karmic crucifixion !! Probaby played out on the Earth plane by me having one,or possibly both legs amputated below the knees due to my worsening diabetes(my left foot is mostly numb now.Right foot is rapidly numbing in sympathy despite meds,exercise and diet.Was I a camp guard at Auschwitz in a previous incarnation ? It would seem a distinct possibility !

      • Thank you, I’ll definitely do some search on youtube to see what the astro tarot readers have to say… I’m still a beginner in this territory and there is much to learn. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best! I’ll for one try my best to focus on the present moment and what needs to be done here and now! Wish you all the best!

  132. sun and south node at 22 degrees capricorn (9th house)
    saturn at 22 degrees libra (6th house)

    still learning about it all… such a long intense transit.

  133. Im scared. My world is falling a part around me i have zero support from friends or family. My IC is exactly 22 cappy. The ruler of 4th is getting hit by uranus in the 7th.. i have natal venus n chiron conjunct that transiting chiron keeps going back n forth over and I keep looking for ways to kill myself. Last time saturn crossed my 4th house i placed my daughter for adoption and lost my home.

    • Dear Ava! Please go and reach out to someone for help! The planets can’t make us do things – that is our choice. So please be kind enough to go see a Counsellor who can get you through this difficult time. There is a reason why you are alone. It’s because you can do this! I am rooting for you dear!

    • Ava, I understand the feeling of your world falling apart. I have undergone some very deep psychological changes in which I would like to share with you.

      My mother passed away, then my sister, then my brother. An 11 year relationship ended, my house foreclosed on, and I couldn’t seem to land a job. I pulled away from my remaining family and even my friends. I felt unbelievably alone.

      I want to say that while things feel hopeless, nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes. There is a positive lunar eclipse happening in January. The north node is attending and I do believe that things will turn around for you.

      I just want to say that life is worth living. Find the beauty in where you are at and realize that you are an eternal being (we all are eternal beings). Look to appreciate things around you like a sunrise, a flower, a lizard, a rabbit. Find the beauty that is around you and you will see that the reason you see beauty is because you are beauty…wonderful, eternal beauty.

      Breath in and breath out and tell self that this is not forever. Tell yourself that nothing stays the same, everything always changes. Know that you are amazingly wonderful and stronger than you know; you’re an amazing eternal being and you are loved beyond measure.

      • Thank you both for your caring comments. It feels like I’m doggy paddling in a stormy ocean and I am asked to carry bricks then another brick is added then another .. my arms n legs grow tired. I get we have to do things alone. But even elephants and other animals gather around and help when one is struggling. I can’t get thru this on my own. If someone doesnt take the bricks soon I’m afraid I’ll go under. I do have a therapist as post appt made it’s just getting myself there.. its finding something or someone to care enough about to motivate me to keep doggy paddling.

        • Dear Ava- I know exactly what it feels like. And I hear you. I was in the same boat as you- actually I still am in regards to family. It’s the greatest wound inside and I don’t think it’ll ever go away. I totally get it.
          What I did instead was to create another family of close friends who support me, love me and are there for me. Being alone is very difficult and stressful, but look at it as an opportunity to show yourself what you are made of. That’s what this to me is all about- I am being asked to be strong.
          But I do not want to invalidate your experience. You sound like someone who is totally overwhelmed. But please – have faith. You are bright, full of insight and understanding of what’s happening! Trust that there is a hand that guides and in our darkest hours we get a reprieve. You are so worth it – don’t ever give up! You will find someone, but not out of need, but from strength born out of having survived the hardest thing ever. I am holding you in my heart. Just take it one minute at a time- and I am glad you have a therapist. The rest will come. Have faith. You’ll be able to breathe again. Ditch all those bricks too. Then you can swim upstream again! Lots of love!

          • Suri – I have had a similar thing…My mother, father, and sister died, then my brother almost died (still waiting to get a kidney), and broke up an 11 year marriage! Life is totally overwhelming for me right now, too, just as Ava says. My nervous system feels like it has been punished to its limit, and everything exhausts me. My faith comes and goes. Some days are actually starting to feel normal, but I know the stellium will hit my Sun, moon and mercury (Sun at 22 degrees libra, and the others at 7 and 8 degrees). I wonder what is in store for me, and if I will even survive it! If I do survive, I hope to be so much stronger

          • Thank you Suri for your kind words. For all of you sharing your pain and that you made it thru. Maybe for those that do take their own lives we came into this world knowing we agreed to it maybe thru it others grow from it. Or maybe my pisces moon would like to see altruism in taking my life when really I feel like a coward. Saturn n Pluto make me feel like I’m in a rock and a hard spot and the rock is squashing me. Not sure if its chiron dancing back forth over my venus n chiron conjunction or that for awhile I had Saturn squaring my venus .. I just feel so alone. Naked with scars standing in front of the world being judged and no place to hide. My pisces moon Libra rising and Neptune oppose sun wants everything to be pleasant.. sweet .. kind. Beautiful.. and everything is dark.. ugly.. painful .. too real .. too too painful.. cruel

    • Ava
      Theres no way I can top what Suri and Mara gave to you. All I can say is that things will fall together at the end.
      I cant begin to imagine the pain you are going through. I lost my mom and best friend. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope this all passes soon for you. ((Hugs))

      • Seems to be a theme when the exact conjunction of Saturn n Pluto hit my IC will be the anniversary of the sudden death of my mother. Everyone keeps speaking of the loss of their mother and last time Saturn hit my IC I placed my daughter for adoption. I recently had that wound reopen by hackers pretending to be her. Made the hole in my heart hurt even worse. I think how sad it is when someone like Robin William’s dies or Lee Thompson and I think if they couldnt make it thru how can I. Listen to everyone open up about their pain loss and struggles helps me not to feel so alone. And if you kind people can make it I can find a way. Thank you

  134. Dec 20, 1284. a cap Stellium with to close conjunctions. Huge earth energy! with Virgo and Taurus involved.

    Sat & Pluto @ 26 degree Capricorn, opposing Uranus rx @ 27 degree Cancer.

    Sun @ 6 Cap
    Jup @ 8 Cap
    Mars @ 12 Cap

    Venus rx @ 20 Cap
    Merc @ 21 Cap

    Moon was @ 12 degree Taurus that day.

    Neptune rx @ 25 Virgo



    By area

    Mansa Sakura usurps the throne of the Mali Empire.

    April 25 – Mamluk sultan Al Mansur Qalawun begins a siege of the Crusader fortress of Margat (in modern-day Syria), a major stronghold of the Knights Hospitaller thought to be impregnable; he captures the fortress a month later.
    June 14 – Trần Hưng Đạo leads Vietnamese forces in victory over an invading Mongol fleet of the Yuan Dynasty, at Chuong Duong.

    January 6 – Archbishop Jakub Świnka orders all priests subject to his bishopry in Poland to deliver sermons in Polish rather than German, thus further unifying the Catholic Church in Poland, and fostering a national identity.
    April – Chios is captured by Venetian raiders from its Genoese lords; it is later retaken.
    Easter – The Second Statute of Westminster is passed in England, reforming various laws; it includes the clause de donis conditionalibus, considered one of the fundamental institutes of medieval law in England.
    September 4 – Roger of Lauria defeats King Philip III of France, in a naval battle off Barcelona.
    The writ Circumspecte Agatis, issued by King Edward I of England, defines the jurisdictions of church and state in England, thereby limiting the church’s judicial powers to ecclesiastical cases only.

    By topic


    The first record is made of an emission of life annuities, by the city of Lübeck. It is the first instance of issue of public debt in Germany, and it confirms a trend of consolidation of local public debt over north-western Europe (see 1228).[1]

    The county of Champagne is integrated into the kingdom of France; the region loses its haven characteristics for foreign merchants, and the fairs of Troyes quickly dwindle into economic insignificance.[2]

  136. My progressed Sun right now is 22 degrees Capricorn and will be all year. In fact, it will be conjunct Pluto (moving with it) for the next 2-3 years. Also, my Progressed Sun is on my progressed MC.

    Man, this is so built up, I wonder what I will wake up to on Jan12-13.

  137. Sun at 21 degrees Crab, Midheaven at 19 Capricorn, North Node at 26 Capricorn. It’s been quite a time so far, and I do believe I’ll notice the conjunction.

  138. My birthday coincides with this conjunction, which will hit my natal Cap stellium of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. At present, I plan to channel the energy of the day by attending an academic (Jupiter) conference about the preservation (Saturn) of a dead (Pluto) language (Mercury). And then go out to dinner! Happy Birthday to me–and to all whose birthdays fall on January 12th. The message is: Take heart! (Sun)

  139. I got sober in 1992.I was 29 and it was the beginning of the rest of my life. Very difficult time but with long term good consequences. I’m a Capricorn sun and Cancer moon, not sure the degrees.

  140. My ac/dc is 15Can/15Cap, 7 degrees off the conjunction. I’ll be grazed I suppose. My brother though has 22Cap Moon in 7th, so it’ll be a direct hit as it were. I see it affecting our relationship, which makes sense. I see him getting more emotionally cold in a way and I worry for him, he is my little brother after all. Pluto and then Saturn each ran over my moon in early Cap a few years ago, and it was tough, and I can’t imagine the two at once exactly conjunct.

    • I hope he swims with the stream or ocean in this case, and makes it thru the other side. I have 22 Libra rising and chiron going back n forth over my venus chiron conjunction with uranus tap dancing all over my saturn in the 7th .. n capricorn is my 4th house soooooo I’ve lost all my relationships. My living situation changed greatly.. creating new n different friends… all while I feel like I’m being ripped in two. My venus is 12 aries

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