Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn – Instant Pot of Life

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce. It’s a combination of things.

First, I’ve had a lot of consultations. These take priority over everything else. It’s the core way I make the money that pays my bills and maintains the site.  Many people feel Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn coming.  It’s heavy and in some cases scary, scarier than it need be! 

Yesterday, I told a gal she did not need to be walking around waiting for an anvil to fall on her head. She laughed out loud…this was so satisfying.  This is important work!  So I’ve been booked, professionally, but also sorting things in my personal life.  I need to make things easier around here.

It sounds stupid, but I bought an Instant Pot. I would not have bought one had I not seen one for sale, new in the box for $45. I guess some gal got it for a gift and didn’t want to mess with it. Out of the blue sky, I wanted that thing so bad. I had no idea why. I was not familiar with these things at all. But I drove over there and got it, with such a weird feeling.

I brought the thing home; found the facebook group which has 700,000 fans or some such thing. I started cooking with it. I have cooked something in it, nearly every day since.

You can’t just cook with one of these. You have to take the time to learn how to use it. It’s an investment. Saturn.  In the long run, it saves time but it does a lot more than that. This is thing is SAFE. You can set it and walk away.  It’s so simple to use and to clean and be done!

I have a lot of distractions these days. I’ve got to manage these things. The KISS principle comes to mind. Keep it simple, stupid!  If there is a straight path, that’s the one I want to take.  I have more than enough “dark and twisty” stuff in my life!

But things are really good. They are amazingly good, except for the things that are horribly grim and soul crushing.  Extremes.

Pluto in Capricorn spells, “extreme hardship”, among other things. Saturn in Capricorn will add to the burden for many of us. However…so what?

It all comes back to all that card-playing I did as a kid. You’re dealt some cards and you play ’em. I just can’t imagine whining at the table; especially the table of life. I’m not made that way.

Back to the Instant Pot, I think it’s a good symbol for these times.  Extreme pressure. Extreme containment. It works the way it’s supposed to and I intend to do the same.

How are you feeling (and faring) as Saturn heads into Capricorn?


Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn – Instant Pot of Life — 17 Comments

  1. feeling encouraged;for me, any other attitude would tank me.I feel very strong at this time in my life; as I look what has been part of my life ,there is a tiny and I mean tiny, longing for my youth[could of, should ofs]
    however ;I believe, I can check a lot of boxes and know in my heart, they are o.k. not to be considered
    “still required,or desired”

  2. Haha, my mom was a new housewife back in the early 50’s and she used one of those old fashioned pressure cookers all the time.
    By the time I came around in the 60’s, I was terrified of that old pressure cooker. So terrified that I purposely avoided being in the kitchen whenever she used it. It was this huge silver colored pot that heated up on a stove burner. It had a pressure gauge and I remember my mom would have to really strain to make sure the lid was screwed on tight enough. I remember she always told me that if the lid was not tight enough, that the whole thing could explode. So I always shuddered in fear hoping we would not have a bomb go off, spraying stew and carnage upon us. That gauge always reminded me of some kind of a nuclear dial. Technology sure has come a long way. I grew up eating super healthy stews made in that thing.

    • I have a pressure cooker (which I use) and a pressure canner (which I use). But this thing…you don’t have to sit there and watch it rock for 30-40 min which is a giant time waster.

      It’s like a pressure crock pot! In that a crock pot can be left on it’s own. So this is a fast crock pot – yay! 🙂

  3. I’m about to make some chili in my Instant Pot for the week. So easy! The flavors really blend, it’s like having two day old chili (the high point for flavor in my opinion) the first night. Plus I love that I can saute in it too. Fewer dirty pans. KISS for sure.

  4. Glad for the feedback. I’ve used slow cookers (which consume prohibitively expensive electricity where I live) but never pressure cookers, out of fear of them. I had heard about the new, modern version. Now I will keep an eye out for a bargain. Thanks!

  5. “It works the way it’s supposed to and I intend to do the same”…..
    Well, this is exactly what I am planning. And that cart-playing…
    that’s a good story. It reminds me that I played cards with my father when I was a kid. “Whining at the table” … its not me.
    I will remember when things are not easy… the cards. It is a good one.

  6. As a fellow IP lover, that’s a terrific analogy. ??

    Do I feel the pressure? Yes. The pressure to work more and more and more and be as productive as possible while I’m the youngest at this point in time. This Saturn ingress at solstice will immediately oppose my Sun. This is serious (Saturn) life-changing (Pluto) business (Capricorn) that I’m doing right now. I’m shifting the whole course of my financial (Pluto) destiny as we speak. This is no small thing. In 7 years time when Saturn comes to square my Sun and 14 years time when Saturn comes to conjunct my Sun after having gone through my 10th house and into my 11th is when I’ll see the real results of what I’m doing now (if not sooner!!).

  7. So funny Elsa! I was going to purchase an instapot this week but decided against it because merc retro…was going to wait for the new year and get it, hopefully marked down!?

  8. Missed ya elsa! But totally understandable. Glad you were busy with supporting yourself and not something else. Also, glad you found something to make your life a bit easier. God knows you deserve it.

  9. Personally I m kinda happy saturn is leaving my first house say and going on my 2 nd house. Dealing with Saturn in my first house was nerve wrecking…. so much responsibilities. I think the only drawback of having Saturn in 2nd house will be opposition to my 8th house Venus in cancer but then I had my heart broken in bits and pieces this year.. no more heartache anymore for meee

  10. The agenda is on the table, it’s BIG but holds the promise of all I’ve been dreaming of and working and battling for, for the last eight years. It’s prep time, trim-the-fat time, make commitment clear and genuine. I’m planning, getting fit, disicplined and primed for the obvious battles that lie ahead and rewards that are ripe for reaping.

  11. I actually went into Walmart today and it seems your instant pot is taking over crockpots. I couldn’t believe how many brands and types there were. I had never seen one before. Definitely going to look into it as it’s a great thing to have to feed a 16 year old young man who is constantly hungry.

  12. Today I delved into mapping out a few potted gardening ideas I had brewing on the brain. I became hyper focused. I feel like the aspect of “gathering “ has me influenced.

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