Saturn And Pluto Changing Signs, The Natural Zodiac vs The Personal Experience

StephB writes on Saturn Leaves Libra… 7 years:

You mentioned reflecting on what’s happened in the 4th, 5th, and 6th houses (from the natural chart, right?). But would it be more important to reflect on the last three houses that Saturn has transited in our own chart? In other words, are we still climbing the (natural chart) mountain even if Saturn is actually descending on our natal chart?

StephB – no, it doesn’t translate. The quadrants are defined as shown in the diagram. In other words, houses 5, 6 and 7 so not represent a quadrant.

The situation outlined in the post applies to everyone. It affects the collective. When you use your own chart, it is more personal.

For example, I have Saturn transiting my 9th now and have to watch what I publish, etc. But I am still part of the collective. I am sorry if this is hard to understand. It’s advanced astrology I guess, but here’s another example:

When Saturn transited Virgo we all watched our mouths and paid mind our diet – the govenrment got involved in health care, and cars etc. and these things affected us all.

But personally Saturn was transiting my 8th house and I have dealt with very heavy loss during this period. I have also combined resources with the soldier, learned to manage my intense energy and dealt with the shadow side of almost everything… and communicated it to an extent.

So that’s that. Quadrants (7 years chunks) don’t apply to me personally a this time as nothing is crossing an angle however I am part of the collective (and sensitive to it) so I am well aware of the cracks in the foundation.

As another example, when Pluto hit Capricorn, it crossed an angle in the natural chart. We are seeing the shadow side of government, big business and parenting and this effects us all.

Personally, Pluto is transiting my 12th house and the result is extreme sensitivity (no boundaries) between me and collective. I also see that I have to serve (12th) with Pluto energy or I will suffer.

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Saturn And Pluto Changing Signs, The Natural Zodiac vs The Personal Experience — 8 Comments

  1. I was thinking about this exact topic today. Combining these levels of reality for myself and others around me. great topic to address.

  2. Thanks, Elsa. That’s neat.
    I just love how complicated this is. Makes it all very REAL.

    As for me, I’m still trying to figure out which planet’s transits I feel the most. It’s definitely not Saturn (though I’ll be jumping for joy when it moves out of my sun sign Virgo). I guess it’s my chart ruler, but it’s been hard for me to verify that lately, since Jupiter (my ruler) has been tangled up with Chiron and Neptune, so it’s been hard for me to assess its personal effects.

    Anyway, thanks for helping me to understand!

  3. I have Saturn and Pluto going over my angles, although Pluto won’t be close for a few years yet. As a matter of fact, Saturn just crossed my IC over the weekend. 🙂 Of course, the DOB is gonna be back for another swing, so… we’ll see what pops up and what I’ve learned then, I suppose. So I suppose I’ve got the collective quadrant goin’ on, plus my personal crud from those quads. Yay.

  4. OK, just to get this clear (another virgo here :-)). What if saturn does cross an angle in the birthchart, but a different one from the natural chart. For example if it crosses from the 3rd to the 4th house in the natal chart, while moving from the 6th to 7th in the natural chart? Can you think in terms of chunks of seven years then? And if yes, which one: the movement in the birthchart or the collective is more powerful?

    Trying to get this…interesting!

  5. I have saturn in 3 heading towards conj moon and pluto, and the ic then the fth house, and pluto transiting my 7th house

  6. Elsa,
    Thanks for this clarifying post about the shift between quadrant. I spent most of the day and then much of the night reviewing the 7 yr cycles passed. I figured that the natural and natal charts would play differently; so that just added to the homework.

    Saturn transits my natal 9th house too, so yes, I too will need to watch what I publish (personal communications as well as public). The 7 cycle work left me dealing with the area of communication where I have been self-serving rather than of service. Deal with that part of my energy or continue to suffer looks like it for me.

    Your work is great collective service, and a model I appreciate very much.

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