Saturn And Grudges

handsSo Mars in Aries just passed its exact square to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. Mars and Saturn are at expert level, each in their own sign. That energy is still ringing from the hit.

Mars will go retrograde in September, then Saturn will station direct. They square once more in these cardinal signs then square next year in the fixed signs.

Mars is action. Mars in Aries is militant, simple, adept action. Mars is independent here, and fiery. Saturn is time, the judge, reputation. In Capricorn it’s upstanding and enduring. It works hard and is structure itself.

In square they symbolize tension. The fact that this is Mars and a strong Mars at that… the tension can be broken.

Saturn makes things brittle here and Mars breaks through. A longstanding battle can be fired up and dispersed, whole or in pieces.

This makes it perfect for breaking through seemingly impenetrable grudges and unworkable situations. Simple force on a brittle joint, ossified by time, will do the trick.

This doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are other aspects that nudge things along or create a perfect moment of clarity. But NOW is the moment to take a look at the grudges you carry. Can you lay them on the block and break them? Can you access the amazing aspects of insight that Mercury in a sign it rules is offering up?

For now, identify the sticky grudges. Fire and earth, earth with Pluto in it. Heat the bond and wrest yourself free, or power through and destroy the joint. Break the brittle fusion.

Violence is the language of Mars, but so is gentle, direct, but strong movement. Sometimes it takes both, but consider your options.

Mercury (mind, senses, communications), Venus (love, money, values), and Neptune (connection, divinity, magic) all converge in aspect to the Capricorn stellium of which Saturn is a key member. This first presentation of Mars square Saturn serves to show us where we’re bound up, and the sky stands ready to expand our options.

It’s not just how to break a grudge. It’s turning it into something that has nothing to do with grudges. This thing may be messy and ugly, but it holds the components to create a SKILL of lasting power and value. Mars-Saturn is also SKILL. And mastery.

Look for the spots where you’re stuck. That’s it. You’ll know what to do when it hits your chart right.


Saturn And Grudges — 18 Comments

    • Funny and flattening insightful, that Mars-Saturn blunt object. I have this conjunct natally in dramatic Leo. The square is definitely highlighting the tension between who I am with Saturn (1st House) and who/what/where I’m at home with Aries (4th House). A tiny moveable home is still so much on the edges of welcomed “structure.” I am definitely in a grudge match that feels “brittle.” Scorpio Moon has passed, wheww … that was intense!! And we have just begun the first steps of dismantling and moving ourselves. Good to have this Saturn and Grudges mini-drama to understand why my dreams are frick’n nighmares.

    • I think you should do comedy around this thing about you. Even this testing thing, it could be very funny.

      Some years ago, I read a short article in Tricycle zine or a zine like that written by a guy who got into Budhism looking for enlightenment. He went through this whole thing and then ended up laying on the couch, eating chips and watching TV. I found it interesting. And he seemed at peace with it.

      • You think so, notch? I was thinking trying essays and shit.. but most of my stories I keep to myself. I certainly don’t want to quest and end up eating chips. But who knows.

  1. Not sure where ive been hit, but Bam, been working
    For youngest sons girlfriend( every freaking afternoon till 10:30 pm) a Virgo with a bite,who does not notice how supportive I am
    Can take the constant advise to change my hair clothes add makeup advise,mind you I look like the buffalo nickel grand daughter, used to want to change my looks till one day I realized how much I loved parents, flaws included
    That I would need different parents for a different look
    Nope, my mother the fineness kind of woman strong and loving without ultimatums father strong silent and provided the best food,a hunter of great skills
    Whether it frog legs rabbit quail deer or large fish, we all fed better than most,I am who I am,thanks God for my
    Parents,back to the Virgo girl,thanks God for mask that keeps my omg face covered need to unclench jaw ,life
    Shouldn’t be so serious,should it?

  2. Moki,keep seeing little white fence, think it is related to new home search,kisses to your journey, been a repeat for weeks in my dreams,Elsa hope you are good and power napping

    • Raerae, kisses back and forth!! Thank you for the dream message. I love your kind of mojo and appreciation for the gifts have made such a LIFE with. BAM. BAM. BADDAH BAM!!!

    • So timely! I retired from a very abusive work situation and the first 2 years since, I grieved deeply over the repeated mindless abuse I endured. Lately I have been hoping that I get to see some of these abusive people get their divine comeuppance. Then I’m shocked by my own, unfamiliar thoughts of revenge. I was wondering what made the switch in my reaction, lol. I have transit Neptune directly on my Pisces Mars in the 12 th house. opposing my natal Jupiter and Pluto in the 6th house. Current Mars is in my 1st house. I still don’t get the how and why of forgiving abusive people. Staying away and going no contact, yes. Forgiving sociopaths, no!

      • Neptune might expose some desires for revenge when it opposes Pluto.. or things you’ve been hiding might float to the surface.. or any repressed anger

  3. The last paragraph of your post truly resonated with me, Satori. “This thing may be messy and ugly, but it holds the components to create a SKILL of lasting power and value. Mars-Saturn is also SKILL. And mastery.”

    The Cap stellium in my 12H has been trining my natal 7H Virgo Venus and 8H Virgo Mercury for many months. I’ve studied my chart intensely during this time. A tipping point only occurred two days ago, when Tr Mars in my Aries 2H squared Tr Saturn in my Cap 12H. I experienced a significant paradigm shift with regard to a particular set of values. I felt clobbered over the head with my sudden awakening.

  4. I did break it. The point was pretty brittle and ripe for breaking.

    Out poured the grudges and in came new understanding. Out of that will hopefully be carved a way to walk on a new adventure.

  5. Mars is natal empty 6th house ruler (work). Saturn is natal empty 3rd house ruler (day to day activity). I told the department manager this week to step up on getting the new hire to replace me. They made someone an offer today. Fingers crossed. 2nd squaring of mars saturn will be right on time for me to head to part time definitely impacting my 3rd house. Mundane stuff but it makes me insanely happy. The old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be. It’s a good thing.

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