Saturn and Delayed Consequences: Al Capone

capone jail

Perfectly lovely accommodations, except for the ghost.

We know, of course, that Saturn rules consequences. Saturn also rules delay. And what we find is that sometimes, even though we may get away with something in the moment, consequences have a way of finding us. To avoid straying into politics or current events, let’s look at an historical example.

Al Capone was nothing special. He was a hood in New York who had been expelled from school at the age of 14. But, in his work for a few local gangs, he attracted the attention of senior mob bosses. And when he was invited to Chicago in 1918 by none other than Johnny Torrio, who essentially ran Chicago, he jumped at the chance. He was on his way to the big time. Capone was such a model student, working his way through the ranks, that when Torrio decided to retire in 1925 following a near fatal shooting, he handed the reins to his entire crime syndicate to Capone. Capone performed admirably for a number of years before, as most of us are aware, being taken down for something as mundane as tax evasion. He went prison in 1932, where he spent the remainder of his life.

al caponeWhat’s fascinating here is the timing. Saturn travels around the zodiac roughly every 28 ½ years. And the timing of important Saturn-related events usually falls in increments of 7 years, representing a quarter of Saturn’s transit around the zodiac. And look at Capone:

Moves to Chicago and starts his gang career in earnest – 1918

Placed in charge of Chicago operations – 1925

Imprisoned for tax evasion – 1932

Each of those major events took place 7 years apart. We see a career begin, peak, and end all within half a Saturn cycle. For 14 years he was untouchable, invincible, king of the world. And suddenly, for seemingly the most minute of offenses, it was over. He had a great run, but in the end Saturn caught up with him, as it does all of us.

And here’s the other interesting thing. In 1929, Saturn was moving out of conjunction with his natal Saturn and into conjunction with his natal Mercury. Shortly after the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Capone was briefly imprisoned for carrying a concealed weapon. During his time behind bars, he began to have horrible visions. He would be heard screaming as if he was being attacked, but when guards ran to check on him, he was always alone. He told the guards that “Jimmy” was after him, trying to seek revenge. He would repeat , over and over,“I just want Jimmy to leave me alone.” The Jimmy he was referring to was Jimmy Clark, one of the victims of the massacre. These visions that would plague him for the rest of his life were, for him, the worst punishment he ever received.

I don’t claim to know whether the visions were really ghostly revenge, guilt-induced nightmares, or simply the ravings of a syphilis-addled mind. What I do know is that Capone isn’t all that different from the rest of us. Whenever we do something wrong, most of us know it. Oh sure, we can usually justify or rationalize it, building walls in our minds to keep the guilt in check. But deep down, we always know.

So what happens down the line? You may be able to keep your guilt locked safely away for a while, but think about this: What if your mind is not always as strong as it is now? What if those walls (Saturn) begin to crumble? What if you can’t keep the guilt hidden any longer? What if you find yourself in a prison in your own mind?

Saturn can’t be stopped. He halts his march around the zodiac for no man. And while you may be able to escape his judgment for a while, even for years, he will always come to collect his due. So as Saturn is highlighted in the coming months, keep this in mind.  Make very, very sure that what you’re doing is right. Because even if no consequences come right away, that doesn’t mean they won’t. Far better to make the extra effort to do the right thing now than to answer Saturn’s call in 7 years.

Have you seen examples Saturn’s delayed consequences? How did it play out?

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Saturn and Delayed Consequences: Al Capone — 13 Comments

  1. Absolutely, and great article, Midera!

    These days I know I am innocent but still, I am riddled with fear regarding my work situation, because of the upcoming Cancer opposition in June. I am feeling particular eerie regarding my boss who is having these anger issues with me, not saying she is angry, and then being angry yet.
    She is acting very manipulative and I am very stressed. She wants to control, and I am not gonna take it. But it also puts me in a difficult situation, and so Saturn dish me some good ol’ fear for a possible layoff, even though even I don’t know what should be wrong. I have tried to do all bidding, and still, I am writing down all possible issues she could find to criticise me for. I feel very unsafe these days!


    • Maybe she plain just fears YOU! Chin up! When god closes a door he’ll open a window. Or several doors. Im in the same dark spot as you are. This opp is taking place right on top of my mc (saturn/sn/pluto) /ic axis. Let go of the pleasing need if thats the case. It only serves her! I read somewhere “be happy. It drives people crazy” – using this as motto these days to shield me rrom energy suckers ^_^

  2. I have yet to read the full article, but as i most always do i just checked today’s transits aga8bst his natal chart. Todays’s opposition between jupiter and mercury is touching his mc (conj Saturn, no less) / ic, respectively… this is one of the wonders of astrology… people die and transits still apply to their chart! Cheers

  3. Nice info, I think there are patterns , maybe reflective of planets patterned paths we ultimately are in the effects of, so stuff catches up even when thought of as past. I like to believe that reward comes to those with good intentions(Saturn) or effort for good results just as there is payment (Saturn)for Evil intentions ;so keep your heart in it, wish you the best

  4. You know, Midara, you touched one interesting thing that I think of fairly frequently. Im sure you are aware of the conotations with number 7 in numerology. But i wonder beyond that. Last year, whilst researching on a different number of subjects, i came across transcriptions of the dead sea scrolls. One of the things that those people of Qumram had was a very well defined calendar for their year and how to know when the festivals to the lord should be held. They should, for instance, add a whole extra week (7 days) every 7 years (instead of adding an extra day every 4yrs like we now do). They thus had a 364-days year (exactly 52 weeks) and every 7 years an extra week to sort of “catch up”. Of course there’s many many more references to 7’s I wont even elaborate on that… bottom line… I came to believe, truly, that God speaks in 7s. Im just not sure if it’s purely about Saturn’s cycle though. Look at Uranus: 7yrs×12signs… I cant see clearly if uranus sign affects deeply the Saturn quarter of cycle, but judging by my own experience… I think it’s one potential correlation to watch. I know i will. 🙂 great article. I thought of Charles Manson also. Will check the transits and important dates about him later.

  5. I am going through a very trying time. Office closed (chiropractors)and reopened in a smaller place and they told me my services weren’t needed. No space. I am without job. Condo assessments keep going up and added on. They want payment I don’t have. Had a meeting about filing chapter 7 to include cc bills and maybe condo. So confused if this is wrong. Don’t know what to do. Need to make a decision.

    • It’s not wrong, Tamera, bankruptcy was created precisely to help people in your situation….I am an attorney.

  6. Very interesting. Thinking back on the wrongest (is that a word?) thing I have ever done, it did, in fact, come to bite be in the ass approx. 7 years later.

  7. This is something I will have to start tracking! Never had thought about it. Great post!

    Right now though, I am feeling the fear of Saturn transit. We were told our place is being sold and we can’t afford rents in my area (where I need to live to work) unless I start syphoning off my retirement savings. Other factors are keeping us caught in a spiderweb of dilemma. A very trying time. Trying to just keep doing the right thing and have wait (Saturn) on what will be.

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