Sagittarius Woman Infatuated With Scorpio Man: Venus, Mercury, Pluto Conjunct In Scorpio

sagnudesmDear Elsa,

About a year ago I met a Scorpio man and it was love at first sight. As I walked into work we couldn’t stop staring at each other, there was an instant attraction that I just can’t explain. Little did I know that my Pisces friend was also falling head over heels for him and since she was the first to admit it, I kept my feelings hidden.

It wasn’t long before I found out that the guy liked me and not my friend, and he did everything possible to let me know. As much as I tried not to fall for him, I couldn’t resist. He did everything for me to talk to him and get to know him. Finally I agreed to go out with him one day and practically ended up in bed. When he kissed me I just couldn’t resist.

After that night we were still very much into each other but emotionally I closed up for I was extremely scared. We continued to go out but never did he ask me to be his girlfriend and this concerned me. Although I did begin to act different he stopped calling. We still talked but not long after, I left my job where we both worked and left to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, for a family vacation that was long planned. For a year I neither spoke to him or saw him… until recently where I saw him at a music show where his band performed.

He saw me first and couldn’t stop staring and smiling, the biggest smile I had ever seen. But he was with his band carrying equipment so we didn’t even speak; nevertheless we were both speechless. The rest of the night he looked rather confused shy and nervous. I couldn’t take it and left once again running away. There has not been a single day where I haven’t thought of him, he’s somewhat of an obsession. He currently has a girlfriend though I know they have problems and have broken up before. Should I pursue this or is this hopeless?

Sagittarius Girl
United States
Dear Sagittarius,

I looked at this man’s chart and I think you are dealing with a free agent here. He is so young I am not going to label him a “player”, but I think it would be wise for you to try to detach and think about who you are dealing rather than how you feel.

This man has obvious charisma. We see it in your story and we see it in his chart, with his stellium in Scorpio, part of a grand trine with his Moon in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces.

And although he is only 21, I think he has figured this out at least to some extent. He plays in a band and if you keep your mouth shut, girls will dream you up… fantasize about you… and you will get all kinds of sex and various other sundries.

Now I don’t want to call him manipulative but he is putting that Scorpio tractor beam on you (and others no doubt) and then taking it off (withholding) – and next thing you know, he’s got you eating out of his hand. Are you getting pissed yet?

I think you will get pissed when you see he’s feeding off you and that’s cool because guess what? You have Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio yourself and you need to learn about these kinds of games. Don’t play them!

Well, you’re 19 so go ahead and experiment, who wouldn’t. But I think if you pay attention, you’ll find this method of operation ultimately leads you to nothing worth having.

I would say you met this man so you could learn about your own power… discover yourself. So use him right back, see? X-ray vision him because you are surely capable. Time to forget about him and see what you can do.

Good luck.


Sagittarius Woman Infatuated With Scorpio Man: Venus, Mercury, Pluto Conjunct In Scorpio — 6 Comments

  1. This was interesting post. I can understand the obsession this girl has and with Venus, Mercury and Pluto all in scorpio your prone to fixate and obsess about someone you have happened to fall for. I have a similar theme in my chart and I can say that happens to me too. Elsa has given you some wonderful advice, and I believe too that you have met this man to discover your own power and boy girl do you have some power. Once you embrace this, and learn how to use it with care you’ll be attracting a boy worth what you are. Good luck finding out about your own sexy charisma 🙂

  2. obviously I don’t know the full story, but from what was in the post it sounds like you kept running away till he finally let go and moved on. why would he ask you to be his girlfriend if you closed up emotionally? and since you cooled off on him and started acting different…well he stopped calling. then you don’t talk to him or see him for a year and of course now he’s all shy confused and nervous! then when you two finally see each other, he looks at you and gives you a huge smile and….you run away, again?! how do you think that makes him feel? like i said, i don’t know the full story, but it sounds to me like you rejected him! and of course he finally got himself another girlfriend, since you cooled off and ran away. and as far as him being ‘manipulative’ i don’t know…it looks like you inadvertantly did the same to him by withholding your emotions and refusing to connect even though you cared for him. i don’t know about the tractor beam thing…i’m not scorpio (pluto in libra in 5th trine gemini rising) and i tend to do that too when i’m interested in someone. i stare/gaze a lot and give the other person many opportunities to know me, and when it’s mutual the same energy exchange happens like you described, with intensity. i think this guy was really interested in you and attracted to you too. but the emotional withholding and running away on your part may have hurt him and caused him to back off. i went through this with someone…and finally just dropped it and found someone else. take some responsibility for your own fear! stop running away and withholding, unless you want it reciprocated. i hope things work out for you…good luck!!

  3. coz even i am with one now am a taurus and am with a sag, we are so into each other she is hardworkin i am too nt much time to our selves but we still work things out, most of the astrology says taurus is nt the best 4 sag but datz nt true, all am sayin a taurus man wud chage everything

  4. I am a sagittarius woman with a taurus man. I like change, but he doesnt. That is ok,though, because we both change various things to suite eachother. In other words, we love eachother enough to think about what is going to benefit us both at the same time. He is EXTREMELY loyal, dependable, trustworthy and passionate. When he tries to get in a serious mood, I laugh, thinking he is just playing around. I trust him completely, and for every desicion there must be a good reason. He jsut seems shady a lot lately, and I was wondering what is the best way to get him to trust me more? I noticed that he likes to be reasurred, but what do I tell him to keep him from worrying?

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