Astrology Quotes: Sagittarius In Their Own Words

Sagittarius are focused on the “truth” and are known to be candid. They are bawdy and confident and there is an innate interest in religion, spirituality and philosophy. They are the travelers and storytellers of the zodiac, always on a quest to expand their horizons. Some feel with the Sun in Sagittarius, the ego is expanded. Sagittarius rules outdoor sports.

I’m one of those people you hate because of genetics. It is the truth.
Brad Pitt




I’m not really religious but very spiritual. I give money to this company that manufactures hearing aids on a regular basis. More people should really hear me sing. I have a gift from God.
Christina Aguilera



Dictionaries are like watches; the worst is better than none, and the best cannot be expected to be quite true.
Samuel L Jackson



You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you’re a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen.”
Joe DiMaggio



I heard stories from my mother’s mother who was an American Indian. She was spiritual, although she did not go to church, but she had the hum. She used to tell me stories of the rivers.
Tina Turner

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Astrology Quotes: Sagittarius In Their Own Words — 42 Comments

  1. I understand His Holiness the 14th Dalai lama
    is a Sagitarian (could Elsa confirm this?)

    “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”

    He has transcended the expanded ego of the Sagitarian and probably highly evolved person. Also whenever I see him interviewed on TV he has bright shiny eyes and enjoys a laugh and jokes alot. He remains Jovial despite the oppession of his people – the Tibetans.

  2. I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.
    Walt Disney
    Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards – the things we live by and teach our children – are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.
    Walt Disney

    Walt is one of my favorite fellow Sadges.

  3. I like what Jennifer Aniston said re: her ex when he posed as husband-wife team with Angelina before their divorce was final: ‘Somehow he’s missing a sensitivity chip.’

    Am I the only one to think Brad Pitt isn’t good-looking? Give me a Colin Farrell any day, move Brad to the Ken & Barbie mansion. =)

  4. christina and brad giving Leo people a real run here far as admiring themselves goes, maybe they have a little shot of Leo each also. who knows.

  5. I mean really it is Extremely narcissistic, in my opinion, even for a Sag, hence Leo and/or Aries. But the ‘generosity’ of buying the gift so that others can hear her sing…sounds like Leo to me…and some Jupiter thrown in, maybe Jupiter in Leo/Aries, I don’t know. If she was actually serious when she said it, it’s definitely an Extreme comment.

  6. a few quotes by jim morrison:

    “I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments.”

    “Where’s your will to be weird?”

    “Actually I don’t remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs.”

    “Drugs are a bet with your mind.”

  7. quotes by jimi hendrix (i love those fellow sadge rockstars):

    “I have this one little saying, when things get too heavy just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man.”

    “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

    “White collar conservative flashin down the street, pointing that plastic finger at me, they all assume my kind will drop and die, but I’m gonna wave my freak flag high.”

  8. “Only those who are ready to become nobodies are able to love”


    “If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.”


    “Nobody is here to fulfill your dream. Everybody is here to fulfill his own destiny, his own reality.”


    “Fools laugh at others, wisdom laughs at itself.”


    “Seriousness is a sickness. Your sense of humor makes you more human, more humble. the sense of humor — according to me –is one of the most essential parts of religiousness.”

    Osho (Bhagwan shree Rajneesh) ….
    11 December 1931 – 19 January 1990.

  9. ….

    “This pain is not to make you sad, remember.

    That’s where people go on missing…this pain is just to make you more alert — because people become alert only when the arrow goes deep into their heart and wounds them. Otherwise they don’t become alert.

    When life is easy, comfortable, convenient, who cares? Who bothers to become alert?

    When a friend dies, there is a possibility.

    When your woman leaves you alone .. those dark nights, you are lonely. You have loved that woman so much and you have shared all and then suddenly one day she is gone.

    Crying in your lonliness, those are occasions when, if you use them, you can become aware. The arrow is hurting: it can be used.

    The pain is not to make you miserable, the pain it to make you aware.

    And when you are aware, misery disappears.”

    ~11 Dec 1931.

  10. “Life is not a tragedy, it’s a comedy. To be alive means to have a sense of humor, to have a deep, loving quality, to have playfulness.”


  11. “I look forward to working with the NAACP in bringing immediate and ongoing aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was a heart attack that revealed a long history of social illnesses. You can’t be human and watch all these different things go down and not do anything, … People from all over the world are looking at these images and saying, wow; we just really want to help. So at the end of the day it’s all of us. ” – The incredibly gorgeous and talented Jamie Foxx! Sag Sun square Pluto/Uranus:)

  12. I feel like tonight is New Years Eve and that in just a little more than two hours the ball will drop at Times Square and Pluto will leave Sagittarius. Here, from the ElsaElsa blog, I give my most huge goodbye to that era, and a most respectful hello to the next.

  13. Here my sadge quotes:
    “When I reached wisdom, she looked at me and said: Anyone reaches me”
    (Roberto Fontanarrosa, Argentine cartoonist and humorist)

    “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work… I want to achieve it through not dying…”
    (Woody Allen)

  14. Christina Aguilera’s and Brad Pitt’s quotes remind me of something my Sagitarrian brother would say -_-…

    Charlotte: LOVE the Sinead O’Connor quote!

  15. Anyone one ever read the “immortal beloved” letters written by Sag Ludwig Van Beethoven? Opening with “My angel, my all, my other self,”… Or the way he signed one of them: “Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.”

    Enough to move even the hardest of hearts.

  16. some Emily Dickinson:

    “Hope” is the thing with feathers —
    That perches in the soul —
    And sings the tune without the words —
    And never stops — at all —

    And sweetest — in the Gale — is heard —
    And sore must be the storm —
    That could abash the little Bird
    That kept so many warm —

    I’ve heard it in the chillest land —
    And on the strangest Sea —
    Yet, never, in Extremity,
    It asked a crumb — of Me.


    The Brain — is wider than the Sky —
    For — put them side by side —
    The one the other will contain
    With ease — and You — beside —

    The Brain is deeper than the sea —
    For — hold them — Blue to Blue —
    The one the other will absorb —
    As Sponges — Buckets — do —

    The Brain is just the weight of God —
    For — Heft them — Pound for Pound —
    And they will differ — if they do —
    As Syllable from Sound —

  17. I am soooo thankful to be a sag…

    A friend sent me a poem with a little quotes for each sign from GOD. For Sagittarius it was:

    “To you Sagittarius I ask you to make men laugh for amidst their misunderstanding of My Idea they become bitter. Through laughter you are to give man hope, and through hope turn his eyes back to Me. You will touch many lives if but only for a moment, and you will know the restlessness in every life you touch. To you Sagittarius I give the gift of Infinite Abundance, that you may spread wide enough to reach into every corner of darkness and bring it light.” And Sagittarius stepped back into place.

    I am always the one laughing and turning sad situations into comedies. I mean…at a close friend’s funeral I announced my realization to the people in mourning that “HEY! There’s “FUN” in Funeral! WHOA!”

    Of course people know I have a wide curiousity for life and meant it in the most innocent way possible. My friend was probably chuckling from above:).

  18. “Dress cool. Live conscious.”

    My twenty-something Saggi son, when asked for his personal philosophy on life, after which he galloped away to check out some horses in the pasture next to my house. 🙂

  19. A friend sent me a poem about what gift God gave to each sign:

    “To you Sagittarius I ask you to make men laugh for amidst their misunderstanding of My Idea they become bitter. Through laughter you are to give man hope, and through hope turn his eyes back to Me. You will touch many lives if but only for a moment, and you will know the restlessness in every life you touch. To you Sagittarius I give the gift of Infinite Abundance, that you may spread wide enough to reach into every corner of darkness and bring it light.” And Sagittarius stepped back into place.

    I feel very grateful to be a sagittarius. I love to remind people not to take life too seriously….laughter can heal just about anything!

  20. My grandmother who raised 8 children alone (working in a bakery) after her husband died, “You can laugh, or you can cry. I usually find something to laugh about”. Happy Birthday Gramma.

  21. ASTRONOMY An admirable science. Useful only to sailors. In speaking of it, poke fun at astrology.
    Flaubert, Dictionary of Received Ideas

    Flaubert: “We are privileged! Our minds are lit by gas!”

    Adventure most unto itself
    The Soul condemned to be;
    Attended by a Single Hound —
    Its own Identity. Emily Dickinson

    If I love you, is it any business of yours?

    Actress Fanny Kemble b. November 27, 1809
    “The death I should prefer would be to break my neck off the back of a good horse at full gallop on a fine day.”

  22. Yes, you can’t put your finger on them, because they are always leaving. Departure is their favorite mode. They are the opposite of intimate. For them, a perfect relationship is one that requires no maintenance, no holding or staying. As Rilke says, “Staying is nowhere.”

  23. Quotes like these remind me how great it is to be a sagittarius. We mean well but sometimes we sound like idiots! 🙂 Keeps up humble

  24. Great topic. “When the love of power becomes the power of love, the world will know peace” – Jimi Hendrix. (Hendrix was an avid peace campaigner during the sixties after his very brief stint in the army). “Sometimes I feel like leaving this place and I just get into my car. But you can travel on for a thousand miles, and still stay where you are” – lyrics from one of Sagittarian musician Harry Chapin’s songs.

  25. “Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.”
    ~ William Blake

    “Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!”
    ~Andrew Carnegie

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    ~Margaret Mead

  26. Sagittarian Frank Zappa had a lot to say. Google Frank Zappa quotes to read more. Here are a few of them.

    On music: “Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny”.

    Others: “Tobacco is my favorite vegetable”.

    “The whole Universe is just a large joke. Everything in the Universe are just subdivisions of this joke. So why take anything too serious”.

    “I never set out to be weird. It was always the other people who called me weird”.

    “Nobody looks good with brown lipstick on”.

  27. From a different Frank. This one is Sinatra. I’m both a Sinatra and Zappa fan.

    Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant. When I sing, I believe. I’m honest.

    If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. It’s one world, pal. We’re all neighbors.

    I’m for anything that gets you through the night, be it prayer, tranquilizers, or a bottle of Jack Daniels. But to me religion is a deeply personal thing in which man and God go it alone together, without the witch doctor in the middle.

  28. Terrell Owens (12/7/73):

         “Get your popcorn ready, ’cause I’m gonna put on a show.”
     Terrell Owens

         “As you get to know me, you kind of figure me out, that I’m not as probably as bad of a guy that I’ve been reported to be. I’m not that jerk.”
     Terrell Owens quote

     This is God’s world this is not the media’s world.


  29. More Frank Zappa quotes: “Interviewer: ‘So Frank, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman? Frank Zappa: ‘You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table?”

    “It has never mattered to me that 30 million people might think I’m wrong. The number of people who thought Hitler was right did not make him right. Why do you necessarily have to be wrong just because a few million people think you are?”

    All the Sagittarians I’ve met don’t care about what other people think. Yet isn’t it amazing how the next sign, Capricorn, cares SO MUCH about what other people think!

  30. ” Twenty years from now,
    You will be more disappointed
    By the things you didn’t do
    Than by the ones you did do.
    So throw off the bowlines.
    Sail away fro the safe harbor.
    Catch the trade winds in your sails.

    Mark Twain.

    I always feel the encouragement, adventure and excitement oozing from this statement.

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