Sagittarius Love To Travel And Give Directions!

If you ever want to know how to get somewhere, ask a Sagittarius. Sagittarius Sun, Moon or rising, a lot of them actually carry little notebooks around for exactly this purpose… here are some stories:


I was new to a city and a Sagittarius Moon I met suggested I check out this specific bar. He thought I’d hit it off with the bartender and to make sure I could get there, he pulled a pad from his shirt pocket and drew me a map. He ripped the page from his notebook and handed it to me, and then drew me a second map.

“If it’s rush hour, use this one,” he said.


Β I had a Sagittarian draw me a map to a fish taco once from the airport in Puerto Vallarta. The part that killed me was that this was on foot.

He had me leaving the airport on foot, walking down alleys, jumping over dogs who were sleeping on sidewalks, and then going up the stairs and past the first two doors, to the third door… doing some other weird hijinks, all so I could get to the best taco in town.

And then there was the Sagittarius I dated for awhile. He showed me a better way to get to my own house. I’d lived there for five years so this was humbling.

Another Sagittarius showed me how to climb up the side of a rock house. You know. He showed me all the good hand holds. He told me there were three ways to go, and he rated them: easy, hard, hardest.

I kept a straight face because I was in love with him.

One more. I was in Phoenix, visiting a Sagittarius friend. We were in the car and I was telling her about this: “Yeah,” I said. “A lot of them even carry a little pad with them. My grandfather did…”

Smiling, she reached down and unzipped the fanny pack she was wearing. “I do that,” she said as she pulled out a slim notebook and a tiny pencil.

“Oh, well I rest my case.”

Have any stories about Sagittarius sharing their travel expertise? Tell ’em!


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  1. I was talking to a sadge friend that I met on the internet. (He’s an engineer. There seem to be lots of Sadgy engies and architects, but maybe that’s because I live in a mining town.)Anyhoo, I said I wanted to travel to Prague and Budapest. He had been there, he said, and sent me some photos. I then said I wanted to go and stay in one of those ice-palaces that they have in the scandinavian countries. He had also been there, stayed in one of those, and sent me more photos. Finally I said I wanted to go cave kayaking, rock climbing etc in N.Z. He had NOT been there, but “My ticket is booked for N.Z. for my next lot of leave, the beginning of 2007.” Lol. I love ’em: The expedition to Mars has uncovered life- A saggio holding a beer and waving at the buggy.

  2. Elsa-I was smiling the whole story! My Saggie Dad does the same thing! If you happen to be at his house and ask a travel or direction question…Oh boy! The maps come flying out, as do the travel books and personal stories of the best Ice cream shop or Pub in that area(usually from 20 years ago!) and of course, the notepad with the directions written for you!

    I do not think this fact about Sags has ever been highlighted like this! Thanks!

  3. I am Sag (sun) and I am not the least bit like that. I may be the exact opposite as far as directions go. When I want to get somewhere, someone has to write down exactly where to go, how many stop signs, landmarks, etc., otherwise I’m a nervous wreck.

    And, it’s not that I’m on the cusp of anything, I’ve had my chart done and I’m a true Sag. However, the travelling part has never been overly big in my life.

  4. Toronto Broad, I have a sag friend like you. She loves to go, but someone has to draw her maps with detailed directions and she still may or may not get there. She’s never stopped trying though!

  5. Uber Saggie here… and I’m very determined to know where every location/place I need or want to reach. I must find it and have every gadget to help me too! LOL… I never really thought of it this way until now…

  6. My Saggi love has a gadget called the GPS (Global Positioning System – it uses satelites to key in on where you are and plot where you need to go) and bless him insists on taking it everywhere with us even when it has no purpose and it would actually take less time to just look at a damn map on paper.

  7. I have lots of Sag in my family. Myself, my dad and my daughter are all Sag rising, I have two Sag sun sisters, my older sister is a moon/rising Sag. So I definitely agree with this travel/direction expertise thing.

    My dad carries around notepads, a Palm (electronic) notebook, maps, the whole nine yards. He isn’t necessarily good at explaining directions, but he is very zealous and thorough about it. He is a teacher, which is sort of funny for this.

    My daughter is really too young to express this (5 mos), but I will be highly amused to see what happens (since she is a double Sag (Sun, Rising, Mercury, etc).

    I love going on little trips, excursions, making lists of what I’m doing to get there and what I’ll do when I get there. I’m not as technical, but I like to be thorough. I think the short trip thing is also related to my several planets in the 3rd house (short trips).

    My little sisters (Sun sign Sag) are both pretty good with directions, despite just being teens and having limited or no experience driving. A great story is when my sister (now 17) was about 12 or so, could describe how to get to the hotel she’d never been to but once from our apartment complex (in Denver (waves at Elsa…we’ll have to get together one of these years)). Actually I’m in Loveland now, but anyway, I am getting off track. I think another thing to note about my younger sisters is that they were uprooted travel-wise a few times when my grandpa was dying, and they took it very well, wheras I know lots of other teens might have taken it badly.

    My older sister (moon/rising Sag) is even more mental about it because she has Aquarius. I know this isn’t directions per se, but she has these really involved journals. She says she has to stop herself from filling her daytimer out for months in advance and says sometimes she spends hours and hours just planning things. She is always going on hiking/outdoorsy trips (Sag), and she tends to change her mind a lot about where she wants to go or what plans she wants to make.

    Anyway, I hope this is somewhat interesting and not just rambling…


  8. Sun, moon, mercury, mars and neptune sadge here and although I like to plan and have the exact directions, I’m not that great at giving them unless it’s a place I’d been to many times before. I have no ‘sense’ of direction but do plot and plan. Maybe it’s because I’m not that much of a driver at all, I do it all on foot and with public transport, so maybe that’s where my direction deal lays.

    I do notice that I am asked for directions ALL THE TIME! And I always feel guilty, because I mostly don’t know ’em.

  9. My mother’s boyfriend is a Sadge, and couldn’t direct his way out of a paper bag.
    My dad, who is a Cancer, can tell you how to get to any city on the East Coast (with route numbers), and which one is the most direct, the fastest, the least turn-offs, etc. I’ve never did his chart, though, so he may have Sadge influence.
    The only planet I have in Sadge is Neptune, and I’m a very competant navigator – at five I could tell you how to get from my house to all of my relatives’ houses, even the ones who lived more than an hour away. Who knows?

  10. More Sadges than not love to give directions. One of my sisters is Sadge and loves to tell everyone where to go and how to get there… sometimes not always in the nicest of ways, lol. But she’s a sweetie. One brother-in-law who’s a Sadge is absolutely like this. He’ll give directions, grab maps, plot routes, etc.

    What’s interesting is that I’m a Leo with my North Node in Sagittarius. I LOVE to travel and can read a map upside down and backwards. I’m also great at plotting courses and giving directions (yes, I know… if I DO say so myself, lol…).

    The one thing that I’ve noticed about Sadges, however, is that while they do love to give directions, they also love to TRAVEL and sightsee and they’ll generally send you by the most circuitous routes rather than the quickest way to get whereever you need to go.

    Lol, so… be careful of asking a Sadge for directions… unless you want to get to point B by way of point Z. πŸ™‚

  11. Nothing to do with travel, just some advice for the ladies from a reliable lady (I’m not a lady): Sadgies will importune you shamelessly, and the most important thing in turning them down is to leave them feeling you’re up for them. “Honestly, I really would love to go to bed with you, it’s just that I’ve got a plane to catch.” That’ll leave them feeling happy.

  12. Ha ha! I have Merc/Mars/Sat all in Sag. People stop me in foreign countries where I do not know the language and ask me directions in their own language. Usually they are tourists themselves from yet another country. This has happened to me all my adult life.

  13. Everytime I move I spend a lot of my downtime cruising the area to get the lay of the land and see the sights, it’s fun and it comes in handy if later I have to get somewhere. Sun in Sadge.

  14. I am have Sagittarius Ascendant and I love traveling. When I go to a new place I pack a map and wander off for hours, then check to see where I am and how to get home.

    By the way, my pockets are always FULL of random bits of paper that I’ve written on and it is high time I started carrying a notebook, so thanks for the tip!

  15. Sag sun, moon and other planets here and I have no sense of direction at all. I love to give directions but rarely can because I barely know where I am. I can only give directions in places I am very familiar with and even then I have a hard time explaining them, maybe because I walk and bus and don’t drive.

    I do always have pens and paper/books/pads, etc. with me at all times and like to jot stuff down because I forget if I don’t.

  16. p.s. have you ever tried wikipedia travel? it’s blocked here but you can still get it through proxy, and it’s excellent.

  17. Heydie ho, I am a Sag rising, and I can relate. I used to brag, say, 10 years ago, that I could show people around all but a few of the major cities of Asia and Europe. Alas, time changes everything. But I also believe that I CAN give far better (verbal) directions than most people (i.e. when a pencil and pad aren’t handy). Sometimes I’ll overhear someone giving some other person, a stranger, directions, and I’ll stop the advice seeker afterwards to make some clarifications and additions to the advice I’d overheard. The expression, having been “around the block” has always had a special resonance for me, I think.

    The one thing that I’ve noticed about Sadges, however, is that while they do love to give directions, they also love to TRAVEL and sightsee and they’ll generally send you by the most circuitous routes rather than the quickest way to get whereever you need to go.

    Lol, yes this is so true! It ends up that certain people complain bitterly later about what a strange and circuitous route I’d sent them on. But then, that person didn’t know what the alternative routes were, so who were they to complain?

    Lastly, I have to admit to feeling exasperation with people who just can’t get a handle on the compass points. I mean, “the sun sets in the west,” don’tcha know.

  18. last night I asked the sadge rising: which way do you do you want to take to the restaurant– I point… he points… “that way” I turn and start driving, “it’s quicker,” he says. I say, “yes, but the other way is more scenic.” “OH,” he says, “we could turn around!” he also has libra.

  19. Moon and Jupiter in Saggitarius
    Sun in Pisces

    Sometimes I interrupt aimless passersby when I think they look like they might want directions and I try to save them the embarrassment of asking.

  20. Deirdre! The cafe is called ‘Don’t tell Mama’ and it is opening in St Pauli on the 22 of August! I really hope you enjoy it…she is one inspiring Gemini (with a Moon in Cancer).

  21. Kashmiri! Thanks! St. Pauli is the cool and groovy part of town. I will crash the opening 4 sure. What’s the street address? Can you give me some Sagittarian directions? πŸ™‚

  22. ooh I dunno! I’ll find out in the next week and will post it in this thread, k? I wish I could be there to eat a slice with you and my lovely friend! You both are so inspiring. Life keeps blessing me with meeting interesting creative folk.

  23. I’m a Sag woman, with Sag rising (the entertainment never stops) … with a Sag man with Capricorn rising. He is the most wonderful thing ever.. Between his I phone (which has a notebook-esque function) and GPS we are never lost… although I do prefer asking directions.. its how adventure happens πŸ˜‰

  24. This is so funny, I didn’t realise. It’s true than when I’m asked for directions I try to explain it really well and then for hours I may worry and wonder if the person got there right. Sagittarius guilty.

  25. Oh yes, this is me *guffaw*…mind you I don’t carry a notebook – it might get in the way of a good adventure!

    I do have an amazing sense of direction and always have a multitude of alternate routes to destinations figured out.

    Saggie Sun, Jupiter in the 9th πŸ™‚

  26. lol…this is SOOOO true. I abolutely pride myself in knowing my way around major cities and all the nooks and crannies. The only thing I love more than knowing the ins and outs of a place is sharing the info with someone. I love to know that people are comfortable, enjoy themselves, and have a good time wherever they are. I suppose it’s how I nurture.

  27. pssh. I have a Sagittarius Moon in the 2nd, but Sag rules my 3rd house and that is where I have Neptune. Don’t ask me how to get anywhere!!!!

  28. Saturn/Merc in Sage. I don’t like reading maps..I go with my intuition and road signs. But in a new city, I love exploring and just wandering around finding all the cool little places to go. Then the next day, I know where to go and do some cool stuff, eat some good food and see what more I can find! No maps for me. I get very disoriented with them. I remember by heart and good sense of direction.

  29. hahahaha, I carry pens. But my phone does all of that for me! And more!

    I write notes, check my maps on my phone. Can’t read it. But I am really good at giving directions!

  30. I love maps, and exploring, and navigating, and giving directions,and travelling. Mapping routes. It’s all about getting there. Arriving is sometimes the lesser part of it, unless arriving involves more exploring.

  31. I am Moon and Mars Sag and I do this – but I wouldn’t do the on foot jumping thing – that seems to difficult – you want to give them the easiest way to get there – not the hardest! I am always giving people advice on how the best (and more efficient )way to get some where is – the secret parking spots (free ones) and what is there to do around such and such a place. In fact, I just did this an hour ago! lol! I always got the “rock n roll parking” spots in my clubbie days – my friend thought it was so funny how I could nab the good spots! :)I am awesome at parallel parking!

    I like maps too because I like to look at all the weird little towns on there and wonder what kind of people live there, why and what life is like there – not because I want to live there but I just like to dream about that stuff. I too am more about a trip than getting there. I think this is why I like airport – I am not at home but I am not there yet. It is like a limbo. When I get there, I am always planning out how to get to the different places I want to see. πŸ™‚

  32. I always give people routes especially because I commute. I know all these backroads and hidden secrets. I usually give verbal directions because I usually have a pen but no paper with me.

    I enjoy maps. I still keep printed maps in my car and use those in addition to my navigation system and my iPhone navigation.

    I also love researching places I’m traveling or others are traveling and find out historical and fun places to go.

    I have a Moon, Neptune, and Mercury in Sagittarius.

  33. Oh yes, yes, yes, notes, pad, pen, draws maps = Saggi Sun hubbie.

    I’ve got Saturn in Saggi and 3 in 9th H = and I’m the same!!!

    Never lost (for long).

  34. I’d imagine Sagittarius (sun, moon, ascendant) would also be asked for directions all the time. They seem to know where they’re going.

  35. My friend the Sag sun ALWAYS has a pen and notebook. She draws and writes on her commutes. Kept a travel journal when she went to Italy and Malta and it’s filled with little drawings and recounts of what she saw/ ate.

  36. My husband the Sagittarius is the person one would want to meet if they are new in town or visiting. He loves to give directions or point out good places to see.

  37. Jupiter conjunct Leo ASC, 5th house cusp in Sag with North Node and Saturn in the house, Sun and Mercury in 9th house.

    I have worked in various countries as a tourleader and guide for 20+ years and obviously I love directing people where ever they want to go (and even into places they did not know they wanted to go).

    I also love to travel and happily, as we speak, I’m packing to get ready (notepad,pencils,maps and IPad, who cares about clothes)for my trip to the Greek islands, commencing tomorrow.

  38. As a Mars in Sagittarius, I think that GPS is for weaklings, lol.

    Not really, because it is a really nifty and convenient gadget, but I sometimes fear that things like that take all the thinking out of life and we’ll all end up slack-jawed and stupid.

    Plus, tracking. Kinda creepy, yeah?

  39. I’m sag sun and I have several planets in that sign, it’s very difficult for me to get lost, wherever we park the car everyone looks to me to remember where it is. I also have a built in gps for sensing where a grocery store might be even in a place I’ve never been to before.
    You can drop me anywhere in the world with a map and I’d find my way around easily. I love traveling but haven’t had the money to lately. I also like to know where the best coffee shops, restaraunts, theatres etc are and enjoy telling people about it πŸ˜‰

  40. ”And then there was the Sagittarius I dated for awhile. He showed me a better way to get to my own house. I’d lived there for five years so this was humbling”.

    I was dating this Canadian Sag who had never been in my home-town before. So one day we walk towards my house from the station. He said: ”Why do you take this route Gemster? If you walk like that and that it’s much shorter.”
    It was.

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