Sagittarius & Capricorn – Teacher Or Student?

jupiter card 2I wrote this for a client this morning. He’s worldly and highly educated, in my opinion. I don’t know that he’d agree.  And while he’s young, he’s mature. He’s employed as a teacher, in a big way.

He’s trying to shake off his youth and be a full blown authority figure.This is not how it works for anyone with Jupiter/Saturn, 9th/10th house, Sagittarius/Capricorn.

I wrote….

“…You are both a teacher and a student and you always will be. You can’t have a packed 9th house and not be a seeker of knowledge. A learner.

But you also have strong Capricorn which is a natural authority. One this is conscious, you should be able to go between the two, with ease.

For example, I know quite a bit about astrology. But when I go to a class I take, I know very little.  In one arena, I am the master. In the other, I’m the learner.  My chart is set up like this and so is yours. It’s a gift and I’ll tell you how I know.

There’s another woman in the class who is a a pro in her field. She’s used to wearing this hat. She doesn’t have another hat in her closet, so she comes into the class, knowing it all and taking control.  She doesn’t learn much.

Quit trying to graduate into this other realm, because it will never happen.  When you role is to teach, then teach. When you’re in another role (husband, student, whatever), then you are not the authority!”

Can you relate to this? Do you have a Jupiter/Saturn mash-up in your chart?


Sagittarius & Capricorn – Teacher Or Student? — 19 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa, yes! I’m sun sag, Mars in the 9th at apex of T Square and 4 planets in Capricorn. Currently with progressed sun on natal Jupiter. It’s nice to be comfortable learning and a non-threatening teacher!

  2. Hi Elsa –

    I have Jupiter in Pisces (12 house) opposite Saturn in Virgo (6th house) and I have always struggled between pursuing my spirituality and holding down a responsible job which I did. Now retired I wonder what I should be doing now. It is in. T-sq with my
    Sun in Gemini (3 house)

  3. Cap Sun/Merc in 1st house and Sag rising. 😛 But natal Jupiter(3rd or 4th) and Saturn(2nd) aren’t talking to each other LOL! (in Aries and Aqu respectively, but too wide for a sextile). Right now Saturn is soon to back up over my asc. Time will tell how this plays out. 🙂

  4. I can relate. Jupiter in Capricorn. Saturn in the tenth. I’ve only recently come to terms with the fact that I am a seeker and always will be. I do not accept easy answers. With authority I proclaim: I am here.

  5. Sag Sun with Capricorn Rising,I can relate. Currently I have a job as teacher librarian and will be signing up for courses to get the school library media certification. Yup I need to teach as well as be a student. I just do not like to pay lots of $$$ to be a student 🙁

  6. I have strong Capricorn/Saturn and Say/Jupiter/9th

    Cap asc
    Saturn/Neptune/Uranus capricorn, resulting in a packed 1st house
    Asteroid Lilith and Pluto in 10th.
    Uranus on the ASC opposite Jupiter exact

    Exalted Jupiter in Cancer
    Venus in 9th
    Sagittarius moon

    For me, teaching is a chore, learning is fun. If I’m forced to teach, I get pretty angry at incompetence fast, whereas if I’m forced to learn, I accept the challenge as a chance to boost my pride in my skills and ability to do work. I tend to get bored very easily.

  7. I don’t have a Jupiter/Saturn mash-up, but this subject reminds me a girfriend with Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars in Cap. She “knows everything”, and does not hesitate to “share”, usually by way of insisting that you do this or that, and repeatedly, to the point where you want to kick her.
    Yesterday she was telling me about a neighbor/friend who is a teacher. Apparently she’d been doing her usual forceful ways on this lady who had rebelled.
    Her comment : “She’s so used to being a teacher that she can’t stand not being the authority.”
    I’m thinking there “real” teacher was just pissed off at the control freak!!!
    Not sure this is related to the thread… I think my girlfriend is trying to be a Saturn to everyone, but possibly lacking in Sagittarius live-and-let-live.
    She is the authority, people who don’t go according her way are considered bad/stupid/ungrateful students!!!

  8. Retro Capricorn Jupiter in the 5th house.
    Saturn in Gemini in 10th house
    Jupiter fuels the Saturn dominance. I am a teacher with unorthrodox ways of teaching.
    I am all for experimenting in the education field. Trying new ways of simplifying course structures.

  9. Wow, this is interesting. I have Mars and Mercury in my 9th, and Sun in my 10th, as well as Jupiter trining Saturn. And planets in Cap and Sag. I’ve never really taken a close look at this specific dichotomy in my chart before. I’ve also had ambitions of being some sort of authority figure, but it is often tempered, or even obstructed, by the idea that I will never know enough. I guess it is possible to have it both ways, with some planning and maneuvering.

  10. This theme is strong in my chart. I am Sun, Moon and Merc in Sag, 11th house with Mars, Jupiter in Cap, 12th house and Cap rising. I’d say I find both roles natural. I do have to remember to ‘be a student’ when I am playing that role.

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