Rough Week For Lovers

venusVenus in Libra gets wrapped up with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter this week, as the planets from a Cardinal grand cross.

The key phrase for Uranus are “expect the unexpected”. Fair enough, but I expect painful (Pluto) shocks (Uranus). In fact, I have already been hit by a surprise (Uranus) betrayal (Pluto).

To fare well, maintain a tight bond with those who matter to you. And be aware that if you gamble (Jupiter) with love or money (Venus) at this time, your losses may be dramatic.

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Rough Week For Lovers — 20 Comments

  1. I did not want to read this one. Praying this is not a residual ripple of my Mars in Cancer issue last month. I’m still feeling this.

    I’m sorry you’ve been betrayed Elsa, it’s the one emotion I never quite recover from.

    Uranus in House 2 (never gamble money) and Pluto in House 3. Let me go check my transits.

    *prays for peace*

  2. tansiting sun is conjunct my pluto today..and on the full moon mercury will conjunct jupiter and then pluto the nxt day….lot happening this week. I will hold tight to what I cherish.

  3. Uh oh. I just noted Pluto AND the Moon are transiting House 7 with Uranus squaring the Moon.

    This doesn’t sound good.

    Odd, last time I checked Pluto was still in 6.

  4. Uh oh. Is this a bad week to ask for a raise at work? I have my yearly review and I was preparing an ultimatum of sorts in order to increase my salary. Sounds like I should hold off for a little while. I’m not a gambler!

  5. ooo some more giddy up go for the cardinals. I will have to watch my mercury in libra mouth. Although venus is supposed to be receptive, so perhaps I will be practicing not taking it personally, or hiding out in my big ol cancer moon shell. Careful with the claws woman. Progressed moon in leo. How funny, I’ve been shinin up my home.

  6. Grrrr, I HATE this energy. Best get used to it, I guess.

    My coworkers seem to be in tattly mode right now. Shift wars, this shift writing down every little thing the previous shift left undone (even nitpicky stuff) and leaving those notes for the boss. I am having to watch my back now–never know when someone will stick a knife in it.

  7. (((Elsa)))

    In my case, I had my breakdown-to-breakthrough moment, so I’m doing all right for now (and in fact, I figured out how I can maintain emotional serenity, and make sure I have my act together), but I’ll keep watch of any situations unfolding. And yes, I have been in touch with close friends lately.

    However, I am concerned about my mother. She has a lot of Leo and Libra in her chart, and she is being negatively affected by all those transits…I’m doing what I can to help her out.

  8. What I am choosing to see this as, is that if I have faith in my personal philosophy (Jupiter) and its heart felt values (Venus) an unexpected surprise (uranus) rebirth (pluto) is the good possibl outcome at the other end of the energy scale, plus of course varying degrees of it from one extreme to the other. I do note and respect the not good possibilities that I am not deluded or airy fairy in my ideals, yet I choose to redirect my power towards a brilliant idea 🙂

  9. Speaking of betrayals… I’m actually happy about these transits because someone who crossed me has Venus 7* Aries, Pluto 7* Libra, Moon 9* Libra and Saturn 10* Cancer. I hope they are getting tossed around by the energy and getting a severe wake-up call that you can’t go through life running over people. This is how I handle betrayals, let the Universe do the heavy lifting. Get’em, Pluto!!! heehee

  10. feeling it.

    I told my partner last night, that lately (& for the past 3 years) i feel extremely undervalued, misunderstood, & under appreciated..not just by himself, but by others that i care about also.

    I have Sun, Mercury & Mars in Cancer (3rd house) i am not surprised i feel this way. But knowing i have Sun/Mars/Merc in Cancer 3rd, is usually whats been holding me back from expressing my concerns of not being treated fairly. Because i know its a very undesirable trait of us crabs to be so whiny & moody about feeling under appreciated or unloved etc..

    But transiting Uranus square Pluto over my ascendant in Aries just had to let the cat out of the bag!
    Not enjoying these transits at all. I’m still waiting for Jupiter to work some charm..
    But im not under any illusion. Cause i know Jupiter ain’t Santa Clause :-/

  11. Two days ago I went through a little re-awakening and re-birth to the artistic side of me I tried to quelch. Been feeling I’ve been expending too much energy on others and not on myself.

    Love and hugs your way, Elsa!

  12. I prefer to immerse myself in my legend of the cryptids app 🙂 it doesnt fail me this ven in libra 😉

    add me for referral: Bellflower

  13. This week was one of High and Lows. High was closing on my first home purchase! Yay Me! Walked into work an hour later and hearing the news the office was closing next spring and we were all transferring to the big city. Everyone was crying! Took the wind right out of my sails 🙁 Took me two days to find my Happy Place back, with the decision to ENJOY what I have going on in front of me and worry about the rest next year. Who knows? Pluto tr 10h, Uranus tr 1h, Saturn tr conj. Sun, Mercury & NN, tr Sun 5h and now Venus tr 7 –

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