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elsa on tvI started making 1 minute astrology videos that averaged about 2 minutes in 2006.  I can’t tell you exactly why I quit but it’s Neptune / 12th house related.

I first started blogging more than twenty years ago, having no clue what I was doing. I’d post a picture of myself now and then. I was surprised when a reader observed that all of my photos were blurry or I was obscured in some way. Once this was revealed to me, the truth of it could not be denied. This is just a point in this story.

When I started making videos, I went and got a bunch of t-shirts, same shirt, different colors. This was so I could hide. I did not want to deal with people making remarks about my clothing choices… I wanted to be very plain.  I did this unconsciously by the way. I just realized my motive after awhile.

When high definition video became mainstream, I was working on my Love Video Class. The man who was helping me insisted I get a HD camera. I followed his instruction and I finished the class but it about killed me to do it. That and it killed my videos, completely.

I have Venus square Neptune in my chart, but also, Pluto was entering my 12th house at that time. That transit is a son-of-a-bitch. If you doubt me – I chronicled it for 12 years – tag: Pluto Transit 12th.  In whatever case, the camera was more than I could bear… and then I sunk to the bottom of the abyss to live like a submarine for a decade.

I talked to, Satori, the other day. It’s her idea that I start making videos again. I honestly don’t know if I can do it. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say!  Are you kidding? I’ve been mining the deep all these years. It’s a matter of trying deal with the light.  I feel exactly like this:

I think I’s have a better shot at coming out of video retirement if I had some help and encouragement. If you would like to see me making videos again, you can subscribe to my channel – ElsaElsacom. Maybe like some videos so I know I have some support?

But also, can you let me know what you might be interested in hearing about from me. Yes. Me, personally. I just need a place to start.  Like I am crawling out of a cave.

Last, if you have never seen my videos, there are a lot of them. tag – One Minute Videos
Also on the channel, of course. Your choice.

Thanks for any input and I also thank, Satori, for encouraging me.


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  1. Even though I don’t have Pluto in the 12th or aspecting the ASC, I’m always very interested in reading your posts on this transit and seeing the videos.

    I’ve had Pluto transiting the fourth and also didn’t realize I have a dotted line from Venus Taurus (20) in the 8th…..Neptune in Capricorn (7) 4th. <—I don't know astrology well enough, but I really relate to your posts, just a part of being human I suppose.

    I also have a moon in 12th and many cancer planets and aspects, so I like to hide myself. I'm kinda shy about leaving comments because either I feel like I get ignored or have had been trolled, not intensely, but that's like a fear of mine.

    Totally looking forward if you decide to make videos!

  2. I’m already a subscriber Elsa and I really like your videos. The messages and the duration of the videos always worked for me. I say, go for it!

  3. Yay! Just do it!

    Think of this as a new language to learn rather than a technological challenge or an assault on your person.

    See….isn’t that easier?

    Engage your brain and share your wisdom……please?!?!?!

    • I agree! Being in front of the camera is just like learning a new language! It’s a skill to be out there, loud and proud and seen!

  4. Please start the videos again, they are great!
    PS I have Venus square Neptune in my chart. I had no idea until I started learning astrology that I was that blind to reality.

          • so funny, I have Moon Venus sq Neptune and I always hide in videos.. every single one of them is a blur or my head cut out, blocked hidden you name it

            I thought it was my Scorp Pluto Rising from the 12th… haha

            I enjoy your videos, but I’ll have to think of some ideas. They always come to me, but I always feel like a freeloader trying to ask stuff even though I know as a creator its helpful for content.

            • oh, or most of all — I am always seen wearing dark sunglasses. People of course hate that… but I hate filming videos, I’ve almost become phobic to the camera, its bizarre for someone that grew up on stage.

    • Do you have planets in the 12th natally? Or perhaps a lot of RX planets? The reason I ask is if the energy is turned inward or hidden, it can be very hard to express. Eg. My husband is Virgo rising with Merc RX in Leo in 12th. Being seen used to be painful and next to impossible for him. To compound matters, his Merc RX is conjunct Mars and sextile Venus and Saturn. Really, for a long time, he could only communicate at work, about work.

      Fortunately my Moon conjuncts his chart ruler and I have a packed 10th in Leo. I see it as my duty to be his “mouth piece.” I edit all his communication. I arrange social stuff. I arrange work stuff. If there are problems, I will sort it out. It’s my Moon conjunct his chart ruler. I feel like his mother. His own mother, well, he was short-changed in that department.

      Anyway, the point of this ramble is that a) I love your videos so you need to get them out there b) you just gotta get out there again. Venus opposite Neptune loves to help and you would be helping heaps of people! ❤️?

      • It used to be very easy for me to make videos. I’m talking about 12-14 years ago. I loved it. But then Pluto entered my 12th house and this is one hell of a transit! I pretty much became a submarine, sunken way deep down, foraging in the deep, but also looking up everyone’s skirt!

        It’s okay but it takes quite an effort to surface.

        A couple years ago (or whenever), I tried to peek out. I made a few videos, stating up front, I felt it was premature. Turns out, I was right. Pluto retrograded back into my 12th and I sunk back down to the ocean floor.

        This new attempt will stick. The shift happened over a single weekend. Uranus!

  5. @Elsa, it’s always great seeing your videos! They are sharp, snappy and super informative, not to mention entertaining. I like hearing about current transits, tough natal aspects, charts and relationship issues. It’s like getting to visit with you in person
    for a brief time! I understand how you feel, being a late degree 12th house Sun, but I bet when you post the first one, your shy jitters will go away! You could always test pilot in a private group in Forums to start?

      • If you ever watch the Anthony Bourdain documentary (about his actual life/career), it shows that he was painfully shy to the point that the producers were scared shitless they made a grave mistake when first filming.. not to mention while already across the globe to do so. Then, clearly after a little ice breaking, he finally got into his groove and his timid Cancer Sun was outshined by his Leo ASC.

        • RIP Anthony Bourdain!

          I have a timid Cancer Sun as well, and this was a problem when I was a child. Fortunately I have responded to kick-ass Pluto transits, Saturn transits etc and my Sun Progressed into Leo, where it has been for about 27 years. I also have 4 Leo planets in a stellium in 10th to get me out there! Hear me roar!!! ?

  6. As a Venus conjunct Mercury 10/9 houses opposite NN I struggle with shyness and appropriateness throughout. You have a natural affability and have provided a very REAL persona in a increasingly reality challenged platform. I’m grateful for the courage to speak your considered opinions and experiences. They have been informative , provocative and funny….all in a minute or two….! BRAVO!!! ENCORE!!
    Plus Libra hair and dimples!

  7. I received a YouTube notice that you made a video. (I put a follow on your channel years ago.)
    I viewed your first two videos. They are good. Thanks for returning to video making. Good on you, Sartori!
    For me, a video is better than reading. It’s the intonation that is non-existent in text.

    • Thanks! When I wrote this, I really wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. But I also thought if I could manage it, I could see my portion of this blog becoming a vlog!

  8. Hi, I know what you mean about the diabolical Pluto transit thro’ the 12th. What a huge relief it is! And I am an astrologer too. I imagine any video you do would be informative and entertaining. But remember you are being reborn now that that transition is over and Pluto is not finished with the new you until it moves out of Capricorn. So of course video again but what else is gestating too?

  9. Pluto is about to conjunct my natal Saturn which itself exactly quincunxes my Sun (to the minute), and I’ve also been experiencing a lot of those unpleasant feelings. Lots of betrayal and weird things going on behind my back, immense isolation and grief over things lost.
    But as Pluto reaches Saturn (it will make the first exact hit in March)I also feel resilience building. I also notice that where I’ve been chronically ill much of my life, I’m stronger now and taking good care of myself.
    I’m very grateful for your posts on this subject as they have helped me personally go through with it. It’s far from over, but I’ve been battered so much, I don’t fear it anymore. It’s become business as usual. You fall apart. You put yourself back together and get back on the horse. Over and over.
    I feel I’ve turned into an older Sarah Connor, you know?
    I really appreciated your 12th house Pluto explanations. It helped not to take it so personally. It’s just part of growing whole that some of us have to experience in this lifetime. And it makes one strong, very strong.
    Enjoy Pluto being in the first and take your place back in the world. I’m sure it’ll be much appreciated by all your followers.

    • “It’s just part of growing whole that some of us have to experience in this lifetime. And it makes one strong, very strong.”

      Amen to that! As a Scorpio rising, whose personal planets aspect Pluto and am the beneficiary of Pluto transits, I agree with the very very strong part. People think being immune to adversity is a bad thing. It most certainly is not.

  10. I like the videos I like the way you sound and look ,someone is talking to me,about something new to think of , I get engaged
    To my feelings on the topic!!reading I am alone listening to one talk I am part of the

  11. Elsa, I really admire you for getting back into doing videos again. You tube is incredibly useful for getting yourself out there, and you will do well. All of us are 10-12 years older as well, so not to worry. I know I am always an expert on my own chart, so you might start doing some aspects of your own chart because of your familiarity with it- it might get you over your nervousness. Or you could go over the Pluto return as it has such deep implications for everyone- Americans and everyone all over the world. I have Pluto in the first natally and I was super shy as a child but learned how to open up so you will get the hang of it very soon.

  12. The shirts!!! I always loved them, still do. You have a beautiful neck and throat and sparkling eyes and I felt the simplicity of the shirts enhanced your videos. Also, you make any topic seem interesting so I cannot choose any special topics to ask you about.

  13. Oh goodness, I don’t know what Venus Neptune has to do with it, but I can relate. And your videos popping up in my notifications (having subscribed a long time ago and forgotten I did) is what brought me back.

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