Retrogrades Are Important!

Sometimes when we think we’re making the least progress, we’re actually making the most.

How have you made the most of this retrograde period?



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Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.


Retrogrades Are Important! — 15 Comments

  1. I agree that retrogrades are important. With Saturn and Pluto squaring my moon, I got fed up and made an appointment with a psychologist to get help with childhood trauma that now also flares up while I’m a grown up.
    I want to move forward and my goal
    Is to be free of it and to be actually free. Never had the courage to stand up for myself in that department. The responsibility I thought I had , I am done with that. Time to be a whole new me! Don’t know what the future brings , but I’m going forward no matter what!

  2. Midara, thank you for this video to remind us the importance of retrogrades and that things are progressing even though our ego tells us that we’re lagging behind. BTW, Iove your no-makeup and crazy hair look – it’s quite sexy actually :).

    • I disagree! You are always sharing unique thoughts and interesting insights. Maybe having so many planets retrograde gives you the quiet, inward focus to be able to produce those ideas.

      • Thanks, Midara. I feel like I’ve been going backwards or learning insights very slowly. I just released a lot of familial anger while meditating. I was spoiled and hit without being actually hit but dominated. As a kid it was a lot of rage, I felt pressed down by the man but the family pillars became figures of stability because of the hatred and love of sorts that held them in place (Venus Mars opposition). Throughout this mars transit I haven’t touched on this or resolved this anger. There isn’t a lot of documentation I’ve found on the anger of a safe, spoiled child. I believe children will do and say close to anything to get what they want in the moment. And in bad situations, the mind will create defense mechanisms to desperately seek the safety and attention they crave.

        Anyway, with my mars in the 12th stationary retrograde, I’ve struggled to do anything and have had organization and executive function and self starting skills my entire life. And non existent drive and ambition. Was I born to be a jellyfish? Who knows. The question remains. I haven’t broken through it. I listen to driven successful people talk on podcast, even the sweet Ron Funches and they think so differently than me. His mindset is ‘Im invisible unless I am achieving.’ or is that BJ Novak. I have moon mercury so I do a lot of ‘inward’ self focus and overanalysis of trivial things such as my emotions and how people treat me. I am off the charts subjective and have trouble with logic. I’m not convinced that some of this can’t be used to a positive benefit, but I don’t have wide ranging insight on the world situation like I want and am closeminded and myopic.

        There’s something about your posts that make me think and open the floodgates of free association. I’m confident it’s some chart interaction thing I don’t know about 😉 but I often get embarrassed about how much I post and how long it is

        This Neptune transit is accompanied by serious transits and I don’t know which one is telling me that I don’t wanna do anything. Just find a guy and put a bun in the oven because that’s what ‘adulthood’ is and I was afraid of being this person, as ambitionless as I’ve shown myself to be. With Neptune my intuition is fucked and broken. But I thought today, what am I without my repressed anger? What do I look like? Is it a driving darkness in me? Something told me that I am a doer but I need privacy.. but I don’t know.. it’s another mood.. but children can have repressed rage. I don’t know what to think. Sorry about the long comment. These days with the Neptune transit I’m alienated from all the treasures of my Venus Pluto transit and am alone in my head

  3. Just what I needed to hear!!!
    Although I’m accomplishing nearly nothing, I still feel my mind needs a break. To float peacefully just for a little while before facing the next step.
    Thank you Midara.
    That was a very calming video (much better than Valium, and much prettier too!).

  4. Yup, retros are great. Everybody back off so I can get my work done. 😀 And in the world of biz and job, it is both good that people back down off their ‘get ahead’ mindset and also not so good that their work falls off. But I am good at cleaning up messes and forging forward goading them on. So my star burns bright now on that front. There will be time to rest later when they return to large and in charge. And I will gladly pass the torch back.

    My natal mars rx is a godsend. Has kept me out of alot of trouble. Think before acting. Don’t go along with the criminal action and unhatched strategies when I am being goaded to do so.

  5. Thank you Midara! Rx Mars is currently transiting my Midheaven, exactly square my N Sun & Asc. I am normally an energetic person and I thought Mars might give me a boost, but the air has been let out of my balloon…the wind has left my sails. Thanks to your beautiful message, I am appreciating being in the moment. Catching up on quiet pursuits. Thank you.

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