Retrograde Planets: How Does That Work?

Pull-back CarMercury is currently retrograde and Venus is “fixin’ to go” in October. Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are retrograde now as well. As most of us know, planets don’t actually move backward, they just appear to do so from our fixed perspective here on earth. Explanations of the mechanics of a thing are interesting but insights on the net effect are generally more useful.

I see the energy of a planet’s retrograde motion echoing that of one of those pull-back cars I had when I was a kid. You set it on the table, pull it back and let it go… wheeeee, right up the placemat ramp into your sister’s Wheaties, Evil Knievel style. The retrograde motion is the pull back. When you’ve gone as far back as you can go and it stops, that’s the station. You let it go and it moves slowly, picking up speed; when it hits its top speed that’s the planet moving out of its retrograde shadow.

In a perfect world we’d all take the time to completely devote ourselves to reviewing the planetary matters of that retrograde. But when is that ever entirely possible? It’s not. Life gets in the way. Those planetary affairs take up our concentration and that’s rarely the best time to act. I hate being interrupted when writing but if the house is burning down, please do let me know in a timely fashion.

Here’s my plan for relevant retrograde action: if it can wait, I let it wait. However, if it’s a timely opportunity I’m not going to miss out just because it’s not the best time possible. Most of all, I’m not going to worry about it. To paraphrase Yoda, do or do not, but don’t sweat it.

What is your attitude toward retrograde periods?


Retrograde Planets: How Does That Work? — 7 Comments

  1. The image cracked me up! I have mine right here, it’s even one of the ones that takes pennies!

    I mostly just do everything like normal during Rx periods, though I do like to go through my files during Rx periods – files with stuff like old recipes, pamphlets to tourist attractions, instructions to objects. Good time for doing some cleaning out of old stuff.

    However, I have been noticing if I start anything brand new during a Merc Rx, all hell breaks loose, Murphy’s Law slams down on me and stupid mistakes sabotage the new thing. I’ve had this happen while beginning new jobs during Merc Rx and I wind up looking like I shouldn’t be doing a job harder than cleaning cafeteria trays. It’s awful.

  2. what a great attitude. I need some of that! usually I just damn don’t pay attention. then I figure out– *duh, that could be why things are wonky. (usually after I’ve freaked out, heh heh)

  3. I think a part of why things go wonky is cos we’ve got people concentrating on other stuff and dropping the ball. spread over many people the snowball effect gets noticed.

  4. very true. i always battle between going inwards and reaching out—I rejuvenate by being alone but that, too, can create a headtrip.

  5. Great post:)…
    Hurrying like I usually do (Aries) have really hurt me during merc rx, I tripped and hit my self hard the other day, and now I think the wound has gotten infected.I am surpriced I still have hands really, I am breaking glass everyday at work. I am really going to just try to think a little before I take of, taking advantage of rx.
    But one thing , I have many natal planets rx, including venus , merc, uranus …I though rx was supposed to go better for me..

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