Responsible Astrology: Gossip and Grisly Murder

The Angry Mobβ€œWe become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions.”

Last year in my town a high school girl attending beauty school disappeared and was found presumably murdered. Details were murky and gossip was rampant. Yesterday a young man was arrested in connection to the crime. Details are scarce yet, again, gossip is rampant, complete with vitriol and rancor. The crime is horrible and people are waving their figurative pitchforks and torches.

I’m acquainted with the parents. I’m in the same business as the mother; our salons are a block apart. The dad is a sweetheart who talked my ear off for the better part of an hour last month. Everyone talks highly of the mom, who just happens to be lovely and well-spoken. They look so in love. Until yesterday they were the golden couple. Today, not so much. They didn’t change. Perspective changed.

I looked at the forensic astrology site that has pored over the victim’s chart all year and many of the interpretations make me sick, gossipy speculation posed as astrologically fueled analysis. Someone is speculating about her financial particulars, suggests her wages may have been garnished at the salon (she wasn’t working in a salon; she was in beauty school) and poses the question, “Was she living above her means?” Are you kidding me? Vomitrocious.

Much can be learned from astrology but you cannot look at a chart cold and know the facts. Energy can be expressed in so many ways. In interpreting a chart one should take this into account and be responsible about the information they parse. Is this helpful or is it speculative gossip? Telling someone possibilities and likelihoods is responsible. Assisting them in utilizing the energies in their chart is responsible. Telling someone their husband is going to die is irresponsible and disgusting as well as unsustainable as fact. There is no one way something in a chart manifests.

Now I see a “stay tuned” message for the arrested young man’s chart. I’m going to have to look away. In our legal system one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If only that were so in our hearts and on our tongues.

Have you ever been hurt or frightened by a negative interpretation of an element in your chart or an impending transit?



Responsible Astrology: Gossip and Grisly Murder — 14 Comments

  1. Yes I have. There was a Sabian interpretation of my Gemini Mars at 9 degrees which said it something along the lines that I’d be a murder victom. I was upset about that for a couple of days.

  2. m m m ……might matter and magic
    never use any !!!!
    might your own will basically never let that be a motivating factor when looking at chart
    magic….never present as such!!!

  3. I think I went to that forensic site once when I was looking for info about Mia Zapata & I couldn’t take reading on there for very long. πŸ™

    I don’t think I’ve been hurt by anything as far as people’s interpretation of my chart – however some have been plenty wrong. (No astrologers here on this blog.)

    I had to quit reading about my enneagram type (3) though. Sheesh.

    Sorry about the couple and their daughter. πŸ™ Very tragic. Glad they caught someone though – hope it is the right guy.

  4. I personally have never been frightened by an element or prediction in my own chart or in any card or palm reading I have ever gotten but then I don’t scare all that easily either. I have known lots of people on the other hand that have had that experience although for the life of me I can’t figure out why. It always amazes me when someone is freaked out or frightened by a prediction. I nearly always look at negative aspects as a forewarning if I can’t prevent the event altogether at least I can prepare and hopefully lessen the effect to some degree. To date it has worked out pretty well.

  5. Oh good lord, all the time. I’m surprised I still read this stuff considering the welcome I was given by these people. When I was fifteen this busdriver/astrologer told me not to have bondage fantasies while I masturbated because people would be able to tell.

    I was *fifteen* years old. I paid him 35 dollars I have no idea where I got because I rode his bus in the morning and he said he was very interested in my destiny.


  6. oh gosh πŸ™

    yeah, most of the stuff i read about my venus aspects left me rather hopeless for awhile. as a teenager. but, then again, i hadn’t grown into them as a teenager either….

  7. I know a couple who knows some astrology and by reading my chart pointed out more than once at my mercur pluto conjunction, as if that could have made me have “bad intention”
    Also they suggested as a virgo jupiter I’d better forget about my own businness, they said I’d had better fortune as employee
    and my answer “how about I’ll have many happy(jupiter) employee (virgo)?”

    Venus square Chiron started in September..

    And now Venus is retrograde..

    So yes,
    Great timing on the question!

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