Remember When You Liked Yourself? A Venus Retro Jam

morningGemini Venus is now retrograde and the Sun is in the last decan of Venus-ruled Taurus. It’s not the best time to forge ahead on beauty and values and earned income, but it’s a great time to get your mojo back.

Signs are divided into three 10-degree sections called decans. Each decan in each sign is influenced by a different planet, a flavor added to the general sign and sign ruler. Everything can be made more complex, yes? But sometimes these things are interesting or helpful.

Venus went retrograde in the beginning of the third decan of Gemini, ruled by Uranus. Soon it heads back into the second decan, ruled by Venus. While the Sun remains in Taurus, Venus is the Sun’s sign ruler. Self esteem and the daily thread of ego-being are taken up in this Venus retro start.

So do you feel good about yourself right now? How good do you feel in relation to other times in your life? Venus moves back into square with Neptune in Pisces and with belief and effort, we can dream it all back up. How about a little Neptune dream travel/flashback side-scene?

Venus square Neptune brings longing or a bittersweet wish for something not quite in our grasp. There’s possible pining. A retro start with Venus in the decan of Uranus (currently in Taurus) gives some kick to a look back at finding something old to reclaim or improve upon in an innovative way. We’re not talking about grabbing an old aesthetic and making it new. As Venus heads back in to the decan of its own rulership, we seek genuine value. In Gemini, there’s more than one way to skin the fur coat.

If you don’t have a past belief in yourself and your value to return to, time travel to a hot spot that relates to something you’d like to improve to enhance your own experience in the present.

Neptune in challenge can bring us an illusion or false start. It could also mean it takes some effort to figure out what part of the dream is real, or can be made real with faith and belief. Mercury the ruler of Gemini is blessedly forward facing in Gemini now, one of the two signs it rules. THAT is exceptionally valuable as we’ve the aid of nimble intellect and quick wit.

Relationships fall under this too. It’s not as intense a vibe as Venus-Pluto where you get zombie relationships rising; but we can get back old relationships to rehab like a cable tv show dream cottage (maybe flip it? Leave them and you at your best?). We get a good start with the Sun in the Saturn decan of Taurus. Saturn is also retrograde (as Jupiter soon will be). Saturn at the beginning of Aquarius gives substance and purchase to the pie in the sky renovations.

Mars is moving through Pisces. It’s the dream warrior, navigator of the hidden inner world.

What you make of everything now can stick, if only you’ll believe it into reality. The only way to do that is to follow the steps you’re meant to take (divinely driven). That means no cheating; follow the signs and do the work.

So astrology aside: Could you value yourself more? Where in your life should you be focusing to do that? Look to where Venus transits your chart by house and aspect, as well as how it relates to your natal placement.


Remember When You Liked Yourself? A Venus Retro Jam — 11 Comments

  1. I do feel intrinsically valuable.

    What’s even better is this transit is right on my Chiron in the 11th house. I’ve been more vulnerable with friends, and it’s being reciprocated. Healing for everyone around me it seems!

    This was prompted by earlier transits, especially Mercury. I’m seeing great results.

    Thanks as always Satori for putting words to the ethereal.

  2. Venus transits my 6th House, just shy of my natal Uranus. In retrograde Venus will backup into her Opposition with my natal Venus in Sag. Once upon a time, I was so in love and in love with the gal who was in love. You know? I believe that’s what’s missing in my health and career house … I kinda love the feel of that. I think my face is trying to tell me what you’re telling me:)

    • And, thanks to one of your (Satori) old Forum posts about the 6th House, my immune system is exactly the ‘health’ boost to my mojo that calls to me now. Perfect timing!

  3. That Venus is transiting my 8th H, trine my n Mars & asc in Libra and n Moon in Aqua. I still don’t like myself very much, but guess I should just get used to myself…
    Changing that would need a complete re-haul of the way I consider myself but years of bad self-image are hard to overcome.
    I’d like to be my real self, whatever that is.
    (and my Boris Johnson hairdo needs a haircut, but that is only a detail)

  4. Natal Venus is Leo 4th house. Transiting Venus is in my 1st house, close to 2nd house cusp, sextiling Mars in 3rd. I have Taurus rising. All these elementary houses and energies of my chart are in focus. However, I am most interested in the Gemini section of my 1st house and what is being worked on there, because I haven’t had any transits in a long time that caused me to pay attention to this area.

    I find that I am working to bring more beauty and love into my “self”…my being. But I’m having to go “back to basics” to do it. I have knots to untangle. And I’m doing so. The efforts I’m making are surface-level, and that’s on purpose. I want to bring back the version of myself that shines outwardly. I’m not just talking about appearance, either. I’m also talking about knowledge and how I express myself. Gemini.

    I’m finding myself able to detach from emotional baggage a lot more than usual, which helps dissolve any blocks on my drive to do this work.

  5. Natal Venus in Scorpio end of 4th. Current transit 11th house. Woke up this morning low, having binge watched Netflix to the wee hours. I seemed to have traction on the self love front until Venus went retro.

    Going to do sun salutations now and see if I can reach Venus’ message.

  6. I’m thinking that the sun in my chart (aspecting Chiron) causes a lot of the problems in my chart, with Neptune waggling it, I think it’s all my cravings for fun and jealousy and looking at the lives of people who almost have nothing to do with me. It stops ambition cause I wonder when will the fun happen? What times will I feel good? It stops ambition before it starts. I have to convince myself that it is steady and will feel good. Understanding and trying things will. I am not mature and can’t pickle my own food or preserve onions or build a shed, but the learning is one step at a time.

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