Astrology & Relationships: Learn About Synastry

Most people who decide to study astrology, start with their own chart. If they continue to study, they eventually become interested in synastry aka the astrology of relationships. This can be daunting.

I made a series of videos that make this stuff easy to get a handle on. The videos are short and accessible.

This first one deals with how a person you meet impacts you from an astrological perspective.

The book I reference is “Planets in Synastry: Astrologic Patterns of Relationships”.

This video starts a series – Does Synastry Work?

I elaborate here – Theory vs Reality


And finish with this – An Abstract But Logical, Effective Approach

If you are studying synastry, I would invest in one or both of my Compatibility Reports. Then get to googling. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll begin to pick this up!

Here’s another lead –

Synastry: The Astrological Study Of Love & Relationships



Astrology & Relationships: Learn About Synastry — 9 Comments

  1. <3 Thank you. That last one is great, I haven't really thought of it like that- looking at the individual charts holistically first, to tell which area/s of life an individual focuses their energy in order to gauge compatibility. Thats a lot to put together. Interesting. My husband and I individually have our suns in each others ruling house. He has scorpio sun in 12 and i have a pisces sun in 8. Both of our suns also fall in each others 4th. Its interesting though because although we have a natural affinity due to this, he has all of his planets in the eastern half of his chart while all of mine are on the western. Sort of opposites in a way. He also has saturn in house 11 in a stellium with pluto and mercury and jupiter, which square his moon in 2nd. I have moon in 8. Opposites indeed.

  2. Great videos – makes me want to find out more about this, which I’ve never really looked at. But I do find the holistic approach very good. If things don’t work in the main lines, I don’t think the specific details can make it work in the long run.

    And also always nice to see Elsa, almost “for real”!

    I love the internet for this, it’s still magic to me, not jaded by overexposure, I guess.

  3. thanks for this…I need everything I can get my hands on (even time) to learn. Too bad I dont live close to your new home-even farther away from me could give classes!wouldnt that be fun.You would be a great teacher and I can imagine what fun those classes would be.

  4. Just love your video’s they are information packed and I don’t care how many times I watch them I learn something new, something I missed the first time around. Thanks always a joy.

  5. Thank you Elsa. This is great. Valuable! But: love your humor as well! I don’t know exactly how: but I sense this….is a great quality. We are all human, and there is always something… but I love to search for the nice things! I have put my pink glasses in a spectacle case for a long time!

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