Reincarnation, Storytelling And The Art Of War

Some months ago, I was talking to satori. Saturn (reality) and Neptune (dissolve) were opposite each other. Saturn was transiting my 7th house (learn via relationships).

“I don’t really want to tell you this but eventually I am going to have to or nothing is going to make sense.”

“Go ahead.”

˜Well the soldier has a story… a past life story and its wild. It’s as wild a story as you could get except I think it’s true. For one thing it’s the same story he told me thirty years ago and it’s not the kind of story people run around telling. Oh, you might when you’re young. People do make all kinds of claims when they’re 18 or 19 or whatever. But this is the kind of story if it weren’t true, you’d outgrow it. Um… people try things when they are young. Hairstyles… they try different personas or whatever.”

“Yeah they do.”

“But if they’re not authentic they drop off. They cannot be sustained. For example when I was 15, I decided that Elsa was a boring name so I was going to change the spelling to Else so I would be a more interesting person.”

She laughed.

“Yeah. I thought I was too plain so I started signing my name like that and writing it all over the place trying to enhance myself but I could not sustain it. I couldn’t keep it up beyond a couple weeks because it wasn’t real. My name is Elsa, not some fake name Else, so that was the end of that.”

“I get it.”

“Yeah, so the soldier told me this story when he was 19. And he had all kinds of stories back then. He told me a lot of things, all of them true. See, he’d had a life already. He was born into a life that was singular but this other was about a past life so you know. You can’t prove it. It’s just talk and it was way over my head at the time. Actually it is still over my head but whatever. My stupidity or my ignorance is not the point. The point is you can around and say something like this when you’re a kid but you’re going to be laughed at. You are going to be mocked so the only reason to keep telling a story like this if you have no choice.”

“The story is true?”

“Yeah. Like I’m an astrologer. I’ve been slammed into the rocks over and over because of it but it doesn’t change anything. I am still an astrologer. And if I tell you this and you laugh at me all I can do is shrug. What else can I do?”


“Yep. And if you laugh at him he’d do the same thing. He’d just shrug. And he’s not vague when he talks about this. He’s not vague now and he wasn’t when he was a teenager. It’s not like he made up a story when he was a kid and then refined it over the years. Gee, I like this story I think I’ll make it even better. Wilder. It is the same story. It is a statement really or a disclosure and it hasn’t changed at all. You know what? It’s like being gay. If you’re gay then you’re gay. It’s who you are and you don’t get less gay as you age.” I laughed. “You’re a gay teenager and now you’re a gay man. It doesn’t move.”

“No it wouldn’t.”

“So what do you think about this?”

“I think he is who he says he is.”

“Yeah, so do I.”

“So who does he say he is?”

“Well, he has been fighting for a long time,” I said because I didn’t want to answer. “He has been in a lot of battles… in history I mean. He has been fighting… he’s a consummate soldier. He has the mindset of a soldier and if you think of soldiering throughout history, which I do not but I am having to, well this is a lousy era for him,” I said. “He is very much like a man transported her from another time and plopped down in the middle of a world that is he finds ridiculous. It makes no sense to him. For example he reads that people do not want soldiers to be in harm’s way and he’s baffled to his core. He wants to know if a soldier is not supposed to be in harm’s way, then who is? Because in his mind, this is what soldiers do by definition. They go in harms way! They’re born to go in harm’s way. He’s born this and all he wants to do in go in harm’s way.”

“He’s a born soldier,” she said.

Well yeah. So he’s out looking for harm to he can get in its way. He want to find some harm so he can block and defeat it and all these people are saying don’t let the soldiers get hurt. And this may or may not make sense in 2007 but makes no sense at all if you are a soldier from history. Historically soldiers went in harm’s way, period. So today’s world makes no sense and it’s impossible to argue his logic.”

“He would know.”

“Yeah. He would know because he has been a soldier, a soldier, a soldier… next life he was a soldier and after that he was a soldier, another soldier and another soldier… so yeah. When it comes to being a soldier, he is one. He’s got it down. He comes right out of the womb looking for a battle. I’m here, man. Where’s the war?”

She laughed.

“So anyway, I am just trying to keep you up on this story. You know I learned a lot about painting from the AMF and now I’m learning about soldiering and it’s freakishly interesting. I can smell the smells when he talks. It’s like being with a soldier from another time… lots of other times that is and he’s right in the room with you so of course I’m going to interview him,” I said with a little snort. Γ’β‚¬ΛœAnd I’m getting somewhat smarter in the process. It’s a little strange. I spent three years immersed in art with the AMF and now I am immersed in war, but it’s the same thing.”

“The art of war?”

“Yes. Yes, you understand this, thank you.”

I am an astrologer, the soldier is a soldier. What are you?

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Reincarnation, Storytelling And The Art Of War — 27 Comments

  1. have tons of air in my chart, i’m a writer. always have been, always will be. when i was a child, played at being the writer on a toy typewriter. every step of my life has been around writing (non-fiction, so guess you can call it ‘explaining’ πŸ˜‰ ) also, btw, i was interested in hearing about your name. always disliked my name and made stabs at changing that never stuck. my initials are l.c. and ‘elsie’ is the first ‘other’ name i’ve ever used that feels like it fits.

  2. Elsie – I am named after Elsa Martinelli, an Italian actress / siren in the 50’s/60’s.

    When people first hear it they are expecting me to be tall and blond and German, generally. So that’s always odd because I am never expecting someone to be expecting that!

  3. An artist (Libra Sun/Moon). I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and that’s what I eventually got a degree in. However, I am also an astrologer (same Sun/Moon trine Uranus). Got interested in that as a teenager but it wasn’t until around 30 (Saturn Return) that i found someone to teach me how to do charts. Bought all the books, etc. Then had this crazy boyfriend who talked me into burning all those books . . . but that’s another story! πŸ™‚

    Past lives?! I remain divided on that but at the same time I have/had memories of being able to make baskets & cook on an open fire from what could have been a Native American life. Plus I had an extremely vivid dream of finding out my husband had been killed in battle out the plains somewhere. I woke with tears streaming down my face . . .

  4. The first thing that came to mind is “mother”. I’ve been a mother long before I was an actual mother. Next, I’m a writer, but that feels like it is definitely rooted in this lifetime only, not over many life times. The things that I’ve been over many life times is a mother, even when I was a man.

  5. I wish I knew. *le sigh* That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out since high school and there’s no good answer so far.

    The only two things I seem suited for is eccentricity and being outcast. Oh, and fighting – verbally, that is.

    I know that people with a sun in the later signs are supposed to be older souls, but where else in an astrological chart would a past life pop up? Just curious. πŸ™‚ I have a database of friends’ data I can mind.

  6. I’m a researcher. I go in deep to find the truth. This energy will express itself whether I channel it into work, understanding myself, understanding other people, learning new subjects like astrology, etc. It’s eternally present.

  7. The past life thing. I do believe in it half the time, I can’t write it out. So if you’re strongly something in this life, it’s probably because you’ve been doing it for a long time. Where I get skeptical is where people declare they’ve been someone well-known in a past life, so many people seem to do that, and I think can’t you have been someone ordinary like the other 99.9% of us, is your current life that insignificant?

  8. DR – I have never heard anyone talk about who they were in their last life and had it make a lick of sense to me. It always sounds like they ate some acid when they were a teenager… came up with this story and they’re sticking with.

    Or more common, someone told them they were blah, blah, blah which always sounds as if they’ve seen some kind of cheesy psychic. Basically whatever they’re saying makes no sense. It comes off as a story, maybe an interesting story but certainly not a real one.

    The soldier is an exception. I can’t come up with a shred of doubt where he’s concerned. Not only do I believe him, I can’t think of any other explanation for the way he is. But then you put this lens on it and Eureka. All the sudden everything is very obvious. It’s like 2 + 2 = 4. You can stare at that all day and it’s not going to move.

    YOu know how it is… things that are true and right are always very simple. You don’t have to squint to see it, it’s just there. And this situation is like that.

  9. Oh! Which is why it is so baffling to me when he is next to me. I can feel him there, you know. I know who he is. I know he has seen all kinds of things and although my life has been extraordinary it does not stack up to lifetimesssss.

    So there is a constant feeling of having no way to catch up. Which is why I would like to figure this out. I would like another piece of the puzzle so I could better understand how I fit in it… but at the same time I know it’s irrelevant. I mean it’s not going change anything. We’ll still be sittin’ wherever we’re sittin’… in whatever room we’re in that is, smiling at each other thinking, “So here we are.”

  10. i would really like to know.

    hopefully saturn transiting my asc soon might give me a clue or two. and then the solar opposition a few years later…. we’ll see.
    in the meanwhile.

    oh, i remember stuff. but i don’t want to be That Girl anymore. i want a new story. or maybe the older one.

  11. have you ever considered that you could remember your future, too? …in a way, sense where you will be walking, the shapes of roads to come (if not the details.)

    time goes forward as well as backwards. wherever you are on the graph, if you’re heavy, you’re heavy, you know.

  12. Hi Elsa, sorry to sound like such an old skeptic, it comes from living in Glastonbury too long!

    I reckon I must have done something divinatory, though I don’t know if it was astrology. But the divinatory thing seems pretty strong and was at me from my teens, even though it took another twenty years for me to run with it. Sometimes people bounce out of the womb knowing who they are and were, sometimes there’s all sorts of other crap in the way, like other people’s ideas of how you should live your life, and it can be like a miracle that you eventually get to where you belong. But you can’t keep a good man (or woman) down!

  13. fey, to the best of his knowledge we have never met before. They way he puts it, “If we’ve met, I don’t know about it.”

    He thinks I may have been here before, but not for long. A baby who died young but he doesn’t know how. Illness or something. Plague maybe. he says I may have had other lives but if I have, he does not know about them… but pretty sure we’ve never met. I ask him why not and he doesn’t know. “Not time, I guess.” He just doesn’t know.

    he is inordinately psychic but has no way specify what he finds out and is as baffled as I am as to why we are paired other than he is certain we are and will be for a very long time… billions of years, he says. It’s a strange story but sitting with him, you can’t help but believe it. And I suppose people who see us together sense something. No one has ever messed with us when we’re together, that’s for sure.

    Like here:

  14. What I want to know Elsa, is if he remembers these past lives so well, does he also remember you from them? I can’t help feeling that he would.

  15. You might find some insight by reading about the different types of souls (warrior is one of them) at the website. It’s an interesting philosophy I have studied for a long time. They also recommend that students make use of an intuitive astrologer when needed. That’s actually why I am visiting your site every day now! Thanks, Elsa!

  16. Elsa, I believe that we can have past lives not just on earth as humans but in many other forms, species, planets and dimensions of existance. Your connection with him could come from any one of these over the eons of time that you’ve existed as souls.
    When you talked in one of your earlier posts about waiting for the world to end as a child, I thought then that you might have a closer connection to another spiritual dimension or planet than to this one.

  17. fey – that’s interesting. It’s never occurred to me. I just know I yearn for escape. I still feel this way today. People who love me hate it but there is nothing I can do. I just want to melt all the time. I want to cease to exist on a regular basis but recognize it’s not the plan. I chock this up to being a Saturn/Neptune type. A yearning to escape reality.

    And on past lives, I really don’t think in these terms although I am learning too. For the record, the soldier has his S node in Aries… in the 1st / Aries house.

    his Libra N Node in the 7th is conjunct my junk. I may very well be new.

    His son has a stellium in Libra… also has the same Moon as I do and same rising as well. Strange, eh?

  18. This earth plane is fairly unique in the cosmos, according to many ancient spiritual beliefs, for it’s quality of density and materiality.
    That is, earthly existance is considered pretty ‘heavy going’ compared to much of the other dimensions of existance out there, what with all the pain, suffering etc.
    Our lives here are pretty short, painful and brutish in comparison to other realms and that could have been a very stark realisation to a sensitive child with lingering sense of another happier lighter form of existance.
    Could be some connection with all the capricorn in your chart – making life feel hard but also fixing you in place and keeping you here to do some kind of important work for others and ultimately for yourself.

    The buddhists believe that human life because of it’s very harshness provides unique experiences and opportunities for growth that our souls relish. It’s like climbing mount everest or sailing round the world or any kind of seemingly mad or dangerous challenge that someone leading a comfortable modern life might take up to push themselves past their own limits and grow as a human being.

  19. In a former life I was a religious zealot, I am sure. I am also sure I was a prostitute of some kind as well. I was someone’s property at some time in my existence. I spend a lot of time in this life time trying to be (a) open to religion and (b) being a free agent.
    But there’s Pluto in the 9th for you.

  20. When I say ‘this life time’ I do not mean a time during this 30 years I’ve been here currently. Currently, I am free. But I am certain I have not always been free.

  21. Have to wade in on this one, as I combine Astrology with past-life regression, which sometimes blends into karmic astrology. Was an Astrologer in Ancient Mesopotomia, but also in 17th Century Italy. Also have a strong theme as record-keeper in many lives.

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