Reconnecting With The Mystical World

trump lookalike pattonThis has been a rough month. Death, practical matters and I don’t know what else. The Capricorn stellium has weighed on me so so long, I’ve nearly lost sight of the mystical world.

I may be a workhorse. I won’t deny this. But I certainly spend a lot of time, drifting and discovering, at least I used to before I became so burdened with physical pain and other things.

This stellium is breaking up now. I really noticed the change once Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all turned direct.  It’s really gaining steam at this point. I am so sick of the bickering back and forth. Since I am no longer bound by excruciating pain, I took off in new directions. New things to look at or study, or whatever.

My lumbar spine scolosisFriday’s newsletter, is all about this new moon in Scorpio, which will be great for anyone who wants to find a hidden door out of trap. I’ve found one. I’ve found several. By writing this, I hope to lock them in. I don’t want this to be fleeting.

I used to write about supernatural experiences, before I even realized they were supernatural. I’m heading back in this direction now, because I can and because it’s authentic to who I am. I am not sure who might still read here after all these years but I guess it doesn’t matter.

One of the things I came across was this set of pictures comparing, Trump with Patton. Some people think they look alike. You may or may not agree. Some people think Trump is Patton reincarnated. I don’t know. But I do know that my husband has always been interested in Patton.

My husband is quite “psychic”, for lack of a better word. Patton had that riding crop… he’d extend it out and be able to plot his next move.  My husband has an object that he uses in a similar way. He’s used the object since he was 10 years old. That’s a half-century or so at this point. He’s been mocked throughout his life, which bothers him not at all.

He thinks that Joan of Arc’s flag she rode with, might be similar. These objects are instruments?

I can’t to speak to that but I do know that weirdos tend to find each other, just like pot smokers do.  So my husband is sort of aligned with this group; people who may have had more than one go ’round. I’m just married to him. But I saw this picture and I wanted to show it to him and see what he thought.  Because Patton is part of our story.

“I thought you might get something off this, because what are the odds?” I asked. “What are the odds that you would get your first stripe of you military career,” I said. “You bring it home to me, I’m seventeen years old. I promptly sew it onto your uniform, upside-down.”

He laughed.

strip“And the next day, you go to the base with your stripe on upside-down, to get inspected by who? George Patton’s son.”

That’s what happened and that is the actual stripe in question.

“And what are the odds?” I asked. What are the odds, we’d get back together after twenty years. I was able to order a book containing a poem you told me you wrote in another life? I found the poem! So the book comes. It’s a book of poems concerning religion, primarily, with a few poems observing the Indian culture. And what’s on the cover? Astrology?! What are the odds?

What are the odds that some dude decided to take your book of poems from another life, now part of Public Domain, reprint them and of all things, slap astrology on the cover?”

This last thing happened too.

This is by far the most interesting period of my lifetime. I guess you’ve got your liars out there, your propagandists, your opportunists, your autists / researchers, your conformists. I’m done with this bullshit.

Not the other folks! I always like to see all kinds of people. I’m talking about being done with pinched nerves, bone on bone hip, crooked spine and all that. It’s over! I’m going back to living my true essence.

What are your going to do post this era? Who will you be when your burden is lifted?


Reconnecting With The Mystical World — 64 Comments

  1. I don’t know yet? I don’t think we can make any plans or have any goals again until we can find out if we can ever live normal or normal-ish lives ever again. Like will I ever be able to act in person again without dying, or should I invest in a fancy green screen setup for my home because all of my acting will be in the house from now on? I never had a pet because I was only ever home to sleep. Do I get a cat now because I can never leave my home or do I live life in hopes that in a few years I can go back to never being home again? I just don’t know.

  2. I think I understand where you are coming from on the comparison of the 2 but I don’t quite feel it— but I do see similarity in the *projected energy.

    I feel like I can leave the world behind and push forward at the same time — The death / bodily destruction is not over with us yet though. I feel it in my bones as a Scorpio. I am learning that I can trust my instincts to protect me and my family & that I can be very right.

    Bullshit is only bullshit to me when it’s actually ugly, and people try to make it pretty—if it’s messed up, it’s messed up. If it’s annoying, it’s annoying. And because it’s smelly it’s going into the compost to help me!!! The alternative option is eating it down—on a blustery dare, like it’s OK, you’re not gonna die from this—and NOPE, that’s cool folks.

    Now, as for Uranus Taurus I feel deeply that I am pulling in my self-worth from depending on other people’s moods. The moment someone takes out things on me — I can leave & take a breath away from them. Return when the environment is good. Now, to pull it in from my own moods. Ha ha ha.

    • But as for the mystical there’s a reason for everything. And, if it means seeing everyone as human and messing up & learning something—reincarnated or otherwise, I will take it.

      It also means that there’s magic in this world. That I’m meant to be in the place I am to help more people. My lack of the traditional, makes it so I have the opportunity to give more to people happily. If this is my reality, I’ll take it.

    • “I think I understand where you are coming from on the comparison of the 2 but I don’t quite feel it— but I do see similarity in the *projected energy.”

      I’m not the one who as asserting there is a similarity (between Trump and Patton).
      There is a similarity between Patton and my husband.
      I will re-read what I wrote and see if I was unclear on this point.

    • ‘Now, as for Uranus Taurus I feel deeply that I am pulling in my self-worth from depending on other people’s moods. The moment someone takes out things on me — I can leave & take a breath away from them. Return when the environment is good. Now, to pull it in from my own moods’.

      Thank you for this, it’s exactly what’s going on for me too right now. An old, old story relating to my upbringing (and maybe my natal Neptune and Midheaven in Scorpio). A preview of Pluto in Aquarius in my 2nd House too?

  3. Yay! Glad you r back to your old self in ways that are important to who you are. The Capricorn stellium has been on my moon at 25 I think it is your ascendant if I remember….it’s been a crazy couple years. Also to help with your daydreaming Neptune is turning direct soon too!

  4. Really glad you are coming into your own. Sun moved into Scorpio my 12th and 1st and I’ve felt thin places opening up, perceive subtle messages without dismissing them, had a few synchronicities that seem fated and then one very freaky audient experience on the eve of Halloween. I couldn’t really explain it. Overactive imagination? Bit crazy? When friends think you’re a crazy hippy talking astrology stuff? Well so what if so. That’s how we make connections you just have to stop yourself going too far into thinking every single thing is a damn sign. You have to weigh things. But just before I looked at the blog today I thought, (because I’ve been reading His Dark Materials) you know, Elsa is like an angel. Kind of a bit abrupt but an angel alright. And then I read this post.

    I’m hoping and wishing for even a glimmer of money or commission.

  5. “I used to write about supernatural experiences, before I even realized they were supernatural. I’m heading back in this direction now, because I can and because it’s authentic to who I am.”

    This is very exciting. I can’t wait to read all about it…

  6. Everytime I see an image of Trump I get chills of disgust – total heebee-jeebies.
    Now Patton: destroyed the fascists, the nazis those who divide – fascist economies are run by corporations: not the will of the people….yeah – Trump is the polar opposite of Patton…..
    Trump is one of the most self-centered people on earth….& I’ve not heard of him being the reincarnated conqueror of Nazis….far far from it….
    those are pearls I won’t cast

      • CindyRenee & Sherry, I agree. So many people were conned by this unqualified man.

        NYC’ers know he’s a con since the 80’s. He and sycophants are ruining the country, ignoring the virus and hindering progress.

        Praying for an end to this.

        • Me, too. I agree ?. Trump is a dangerous, poisonous, sociopath; a consummate con artist. I hope more people will be able to see the light and forgive themselves if they have been led astray by this evil force.

  7. This is huge Elsa! It must feel like a breath of fresh air to just decide on this and not be swayed by what people think. Who cares right? Thank m fascinated by the fact you used to write about supernatural stuff. I’ve always been interested in that and the paranormal (including experiences)but never had a label for it until I started watching Ghost Hunting shows…lol. It was just a natural part of our mysterious world to me before that. Fascinating too re your husband finding that book with a poem he wrote in another life with an Astrology cover! Yes-what ARE the chances??!
    Enjoy being fully you again! Yay!

    Trump does look a bit like Patton in that picture at least. I wonder if he thinks so?

    Too funny on seeing you

  8. I think you wrote somewhere that during a painful crisis the final solution was to transcend through the 12th house.

    I feel like transcending right now, turning onto my own private channel.

    I don’t quite have your husband’s ability to care “not at all” but I am going to be working on it. It’s time.

  9. Patton and Trump are both heroic warriors in battles of strategy to save our way of life. Trump has a beautiful smile, a wonderful face that’s grown ruggedly handsome with age. For us to have any options for our futures depends greatly upon his victory over and anihilation of the evil enemies of liberty.

    • After Patton defeated the Germans, he saw what the Soviets (Communists) were doing and reportedly said, “We defeated the wrong enemy.” I always assumed he meant Communism was worse, but I don’t know all the details and there is great controversy surrounding the quote and what happened to Patton afterwards.

      What would be interesting is if the story that Trump is his reincarnation were true, and that quote were for sure true, and now is his chance to defeat the communism sweeping the West in his next life. Sounds like a movie script to me. Not something we’ll ever know is true or not though.

    • What the heck does being “handsome” have anything to do with leading a country??? I absolutely cannot take you seriously.

      • Patton fought fascists and was stopped from going after Soviets. Trump promotes fascism and panders to dictators. Significant differences here.

        • Still waiting for one example of Trump’s fascism. Meanwhile, his opponent panders to Xi, Soros, UN Agenda30, lobbyists, big banks, big pharma, Gates, the WHO, the WMF, Satan…

          • That’s absurd. Fascism is exactly what he’s doing now. Historical parallels. Start with the Trump family’s business dealings in NYC starting in the 70’s and learn who they’re connected and beholden to.

            • “What he’s doing now?” Exposing election fraud by having a Special Forces team raid the Scytl facility in Frankfort to confiscate the Dominion servers? Start with the dictionary to learn the definition of fascism. Then read Hunter’s Emails. And before you cry Russia, Russia, Russia, be aware that only a handful of nations including Russia stand with us against the insidious evil of one world government reset, the goal of UN Agenda 21 & 30 as outlined on the UN website.

      • The word “handsome” is in reference to some opinions that Trump and Patton share a facial resemblance. Did you miss that in Elsa’s post?

        • In the actual post, RECONNECTING WITH THE MYSTICAL WORLD, there is no mention of the word handsome. So I didn’t miss anything there. I am referring to your comment and your words only, Warped.

          • My word “handsome” addresses the opinions comparing the two — “Some people think they look alike.” — as they clearly don’t resemble each other in the photos above. However, I did find a photo of Patton in which he’s smiling, much more handsome, and does look a bit like Trump! Since Patton died tragically at 60, we’ll never know how he’d have looked at 74. Obviously, the true comparison should be not of their appearance but of their warrior spirit, and in that respect it’s a match.

  10. I love reading about the supernatural, and am really looking forward to what you will be writing about it. Fascinating stuff. I will be using the new Scorpio moon to access my shadow self, bringing it to the surface, and using it for protection, resilience and letting my ‘spidey-senses’ out to play again!

  11. This stellium transit has been so dry, as a Pisces moon I am longing to reconnect with imagination and mystery again, sometimes the energy is so earth heavy your spirit can’t breathe. It’s like 3 Capricorns moved into my house and I fell into working and worrying in a seemingly unending cycle of joylessness and cynicism. I have been feeling the hint of new energies though as Saturn edges towards the doorway and am excited to see Jupiter get beyond Pluto.

  12. : – ) I never heard of this George Smith Patton jr. Searched for him on the Internet. I think, he and Donald J. Trump are lookalikes. Interesting!

  13. Elsa! LOVE it!

    If you’re saying words like ‘autists’ and finding pictures comparing Trump and Patton, I think I know which corners of the internet you’ve been hanging out in!

    Dare I say WWG1WGA?! Lol!

    Doesn’t matter 🙂

    See you on Gab / 8Kun 😉

  14. Wow. AI or whatever the heck, added a sentence at the end of my comment. What is going on with these iPhone keyboards ??? I did not write “Funny seeing you” and did not even see it on n my comment box before submitting. Anyone else experiencing this kind of error/glitch?

  15. Patton… I have been to his grave site in Luxembourg. We stumbled upon it 25 years ago while traveling. It’s quite a beautiful place, meticulously taken care of by a couple whom live on the property 24/7. Not a blade of grass out of place. It is a cemetery for some the soldiers whom died during WW2 in that area. Breath taking really. Patton’s grave faces all the other soldiers’ graves, just as if the soldiers were facing their commander when alive. You could feel the presence. Is one of our favorite places in Europe we experienced while being stationed in Germany.

  16. This is beautiful. I’ve been off that path for a while as well and feel myself pulled back. When I’m on it, I experience synchronicities and can’t help but keep going forward. It’s a beautiful thing, to be connected to the spiritual. ❤️

  17. Never thought I would see Q anon on your site Elsa.
    Just thank the Lord someone who makes fun of disabled people and lies and threatens my country Canada lost. Trump is no hero. He’s a coward.

    Surely Americans can elect someone better then Trump. You guys watch too much junky television.
    Q anon is dangerous

    • Thank you, Kelly, for sharing the truth. Many in the USA have been conned by a group of dark web internet trolls and hackers whose confabulations became a dangerous movement that fed into the fears of isolated and politically unsophisticated Americans. I hope my fellow Americans will see the light and forgive themselves if they have been conned.

  18. “Joykillers”

    That’s what the 3 planets have been. Never have I been so down, so thrown over and spit out again. Pluto is about to square himself in my chart… I am not looking forward to it.

    Pray, honey. It’s all we can do, right?

    And may The Orange Pumpkin be shown on his way if he won’t leave by himself. Thank God we have institutions for that!

    • I just read through all of the above wondering the same thing. Just the mention of the great orange one’s name — I guess. Me and my 25° Cap ascendant are going in the psychic/intuitive direction as well and yes, the big orange one and Patton do look a lot like. Uncanny.

      • The guys on the loveliveserve channel on YouTube refer to him as “the annoying orange”. I think I prefer that one, teehee.

  19. I think I’m going to travel any chance I get. My whole life I wanted a bunch of kids, I wanted that 10 of Cups. Big Love. I was fixated on an idea of who, what, where… I have been heartbroken over and over my whole life over what can never be and I’m tired of it. I’m looking for a way out of this pain and trying to focus on the here and now. I want to fully experience the life I have have and make the best of it. I want to remake all of my ideals to ones I can build on.

    It’s painful but I’ll get there.

    • I’m also planning on keeping a lot more things I do to myself . There’s a Kahlil Gibran quote I was reminded of today-“Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beautiful things.”

  20. You inspire me. But I’ve only returned to my mystical roots after a harsh life of self-criticism (double -Virgo 4-planet stellium in Virgo 12th), driving myself at the expense of leisure and relationships (trust issues anyway, Moon square everything). I don’t want to be ashamed anymore for my head-in-the-clouds childhood; I want to indulge my Neptune water trine and lean into the visions and dreams I squashed for so long. To be myself again, my goals. But it’s a long road back!

  21. This last summer, my housemate’s mom died, shortly before her birthday (i.e. almost 95 years old)… then, a few weeks later, my sweetheart mother died. My housemate told me the other day, he dreamt that our mothers shared a chat, in heaven. Well, my mother was – is – like that. Community minded. Socially responsible. Capricorn Moon, and Sun Uranus.

    For years, before her bodily death, my mother lived with pain. Deep pain, bones as well as muscles. And blockages in her brain, that impeded her ability to speak her thoughts. So, we who love her, had to tap into intuition – one among her many gifts – to understand. By the way, my mother refused narcotic pain meds, because she wanted to be fully, cognitively present to those around her… even after she was at loss for words.

    It’s weird, illogical, to feel proud on behalf of another, and yet, I’m oddly proud of what my mom achieved, as a person, in developing and using her innate talents, throughout her life, ongoingly. Love you Mom, so happy that you’re free from spine pains.

    PS Highly possible that my very private mother wouldn’t want me to have posted this… That’s something no one says about Uranian folks, how important privacy, and decorum are to them. And that’s an extra reason for me to post this, on Elsa’s encyclopedia site… because, this is where truth is told.

  22. Warped by Wuthering Heights. You wanted an example of Trump ‘s authoritarian behaviours.
    Today January 6 2020 is on him. And all his enablers. And all his supporters that put him before country and constitution.
    He lost the election. It was not stolen.

    Get your head out of the QAnon Karacken tunnel and read some original source material.

    Just listen to the press conference that Gabriel Sterling from Georgia gave in its entirety debunking all the lies Trump has been promoting since he lost. Trump stirred this pot and manipulated you into thinking he cared about anybody but himself

    I read something and can’t remember the words exactly. But it was something like this. Liberty can’t survive with an ignorant population. That’s for all of us no matter what country we are from. But QAnon is not original source news. Where does it even come from. China . North Korea, You don’t really know. And neither do I.

    But today America’s enemies are celebrating. China North Korea Iran Russia.

    You were right Elsa in your heads up about Mars square Mercury.

    God Help America. And let’s pray for the 357,000.00 Americans who have died because of this man’s pathology

    • In fairness, I don’t know what Trump could’ve done to prevent deaths that wouldn’t have been authoritarian. Maybe the problem for people isn’t actually the concept of authoritarianism, but that their guy isn’t the authoritarian? I wonder about that.

      • Also in fairness, he did do some authoritarian things like the bumpstock law and say things like “Take the guns, due process later”, but that somehow is never brought up by left for some strange reason lol.

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed this amongst groups on the left, not democrats or liberals or moderates, that lean towards Anarchy are starting to adopt authoritarian views when it comes to hate speech or “safety” or “science”. It’s odd seeing people that I know and have worked against authoritarianism suddenly do a 180 without realizing it.

        • Exactly! It’s a major blind spot. What do you think happened to peoples principles? Did they get too attached to a party or get scared?

  23. Hi Libra. I could be wrong. But I think if Trump had just worn a mask. Encouraged people to wear a mask. Such a simple easy thing. Not made wearing a mask political or cultural. More people would have worn a mask too. And maybe more lives saved. ( and all done without being authoritarian)

    For anybody interested there is a really good interview that Justice Gorsuch gave on December 18th 2020 on a show called “ Firing Line”.
    The interviewer is Margaret Hoover.
    No politics. No elections. Just good information from an original source. ( not to be disrespectful, but “ right from the horses’s mouth” )

    Take care everyone.
    And thank you. ❤️⭐️?

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