Quirk Of The Capricorn Type: A Story – Low People In High Places: Part 2 – The 5 Star Restaurant

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It goes back to when I was a (Capricorn) kid of course but in order to keep satori tracking I reminded her of a few things.

“I always seem to wind up places I have no business being, this just happens. For example when I was young, 19, there were 7 five-star restaurants in the country. 7, so not that many,” I said. “I am pretty sure that’s right because I remember thinking they were like the 7 wonders of the world or something and of all things, one of the restaurants was in my town.”

“Oh!” she said.

“Yeah, so I ended up there of course. I went to eat dinner in this place wearing a dress from Goodwill. I just had no business being there whatsoever, yet there I was. And I spilled Cherries Jubilee down the front of my dress in there,” I added. “My dress was white.”

satori was raised well so she gasped slightly.

“Yep, right down the front of my dress the cherries tumbled,” I said with a chuckle. “I thought is was funny more than anything though my date… well who knows what he thought. I didn’t really care what he thought, I didn’t like him all that much. And I was talking loud in there too and laughing, I’m sure. But you see what I mean. What is someone like me doing in a place like that? I didn’t have stockings. I was wearing some kind of shoes, I don’t remember what but I am sure they didn’t relate to the dress, I didn’t know or care anything about that. Goodwill dress, Goodwill shoes. I just went to Goodwill and got a dress off the rack that looked like it would fit. It was clean though,”I said. “Right up until I spilled the cherries, but you see what I mean. I am forever having things like this occur. I do not try to be in places like this, I just wind up there, it is inexplicable.”

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Quirk Of The Capricorn Type: A Story – Low People In High Places: Part 2 – The 5 Star Restaurant — 11 Comments

  1. When I was 34ish and working graveyard at an Oregon production plant so I could be with my son when he got out of school (single mom), I was invited to stay on a yacht for a week in the Caribbean with my gay doctor friend who wasn’t ready to “come out” to his very Bostonian, old college friends. They were the owners of the yacht and employed the 6 person crew. I was to be my friend’s beard. My travel expenses were paid for and we had twin beds to sleep in. There were 6 guests in all on the boat. I had $40 dollars to my name, borrowed an evening dress for dinner on the islands and snorkeled alone while they shopped in the Gucci shops. I gambled and lost $20 of my $40 in one of the casinos. Afterwards, I remember sending them a thank you note form the picnic table outside my 400 sq. ft. cabin in the Southern Oregon woods. By then, my son was living in the city with his dad for the summer. Cap rising, here.

  2. go cherie ! Sounds like a surreal time that was pretty much heaven sent at that point of your life. A lesson to remind us that amazing things can happen, even if Cinderella did have to get back to her chores after the ball!

  3. ’tis true, Lindiloo. I was just as comfortable with the rich and famous as I was on my own in the woods. (Perhaps a little more bored with the former 🙂 20 years later, I still do “chores” but for my own business and on my own terms. My grown son, a sweet man, is quite the successful artist. Life is delicious! If I had it to do again, I’d still be a Cap rising with hard lessons up front and more fun in the latter days. It only gets better, I’m told.

  4. These stories are really precious, and when I say “precious” I truly mean just that – they’re dear. And yeah, those danged luscious cherries are calling my name!

    These stories remind me of my ex boyfriend, raised by a single mom who shopped at midnight on Christmas Eve so she could get the deep discount on gifts that her boys wanted. These days, he hob-knobs with the six-figure salaried golfing gents, and I dare say he’s quite a natural at it. Cappy moon, and a gracious and gentlemanly fellow, indeed.

  5. WOW! This has happened with my son (Cap rising and packed 10th house) It’s almost like the universe is conspiring for these things to happen. Various times he has ended up hobnobbing with people that are VERY well off. Though it’s great that he’s experiencing things I cant really afford, I do feel kind of bad when he says “how come we can’t have a house like theirs?” but then I give him the “you have to be grateful for what you have” speech.

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