Quick Quarantine Astro Challenge: Progressed Mercury

booksYour personal placement of Mercury is important. We are all aware of how it describes our mind, communications style, and the way we inhabit our senses. It’s our complete neurology, right down to the tippy tip of our fingers and the reaction to a soft, cool breeze lifting the hair on the back of our neck.

Mercury is also our attitudes and how we approach life from an intellectual perspective. The tenor of the monologue or conversations in our head? Mercury – its position and the aspects and transits it takes.

Mercury in the progressed chart is a great indicator for timing on decisions and better understanding your reactions and attitudes to what is going on around you at any given moment.

Where is your natal Mercury and where is your progressed Mercury? How different is your current progressed Mercury from your natal position? Can you relate progressed Mercury to your current mindset and what you’re experiencing through your senses?

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Quick Quarantine Astro Challenge: Progressed Mercury — 7 Comments

  1. My natal Mercury is in scorpio
    Progressed mercury is in Aqua . as well as My ASc, My sun is @ 29.52 degrees Capricorn so not much longer It will be in Aqua as well. Really new territory I am moving into. Maybe this will help me relate to Aqua energy more. I hope so my, son is an Aqua.

    • Opalina, I have natal Mercury in Scorpio, too with Progressed Mercury in Aquarius now … and for the next 8 yrs. What I’m experiencing with Mercury in Aquarius (9th House) is my attitude opening up. Nothing quick about it though. I think it’s a good thing for me to recognize and enjoy. ‘Social distancing’ enforces my already cautious natal Mercury but with the Aquarius Progression my interactions are softening, aging, organic like. Ripening maybe. Hmm.

  2. Natal mercury is in aquarius and progressed mercury is at 29 degrees aries opposite my pluto. I definitely had more fighting words during its time in aries. Not sure what to expect from progressed mercury in taurus.

  3. Natal in Scorpio, 9th house.

    Capricorn, 10th house (~ natal 12th)
    My senses has been like they are swamped or is moving sluggish. And at other times with lightning speed. I guess it depends on what problem and the setting. I find myself more grounded and more cut through the BS – being more thorough.
    But at the same time my mind is dizzy, my sleep has been too affected by sleep trouble, mental stress etc.
    Also, judging and judgements, by me or others.

  4. With a Gemini Sun, I’ve always considered my natal Taurus Mercury exactly conjunct my Taurus Moon an absolute blessing ! (Virgo rising) My cerebral orientation has always been grounded in practicality. Now, my progressed Mercury is in Virgo conjunct my Ascendant and I’m am oh so aware of the devil in the details ! However, replying to Satori’s question, I am much more affected by my Progressed Moon into Scorpio. 69 year young dirty old man? Need I say more ?

  5. My 8H Virgo Mercury is trining my Pr Mercury/Saturn conjunction in my Sag 11H. In general, I’ve always enjoyed learning with an emphasis on 8H stuff. I now am more disciplined about what I study and I’m narrowing my focus on reaching an educational goal. When asked, I am quick to share new knowledge with others.

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