Quick Quarantine Astro Challenge: Progressed Chart & Moon Phase

saturnThe progressed chart shows how we are evolving in time. It’s a fabulous tool for pinpointing powerful moments in order to access full benefit.

When I look at mine, the first thing I note is what the Moon is doing. The progressed Moon moves through one sign in about two and a half years. I like to take stock of what the progressed Moon is doing when pressed against my natal chart, as well as transits to the houses of my natal chart AND the progressed chart.

One thing I track over time is the Moon phase, the relation of the progressed Moon to the progressed Sun. Then I look at the progressed Moon in aspectn to my natal Sun (and anything else that seems relevant to the moment). The progressed Moon phase shows us some personal timing in our mundane, lived lives.

I just passed a full moon in my progressed chart last year (progressed Taurus Sun), and now the Moon is a sign past that – in Sadge. Something has ended and I’m passing through a period of balancing that culmination with moving through to something beyond, a stage of increased creativity and shared learning. This blends well with my natal balsamic moon phase: investigative, seeking input.

It sounds so simple, that Moon phase, but it provides a framework on which to view your progressed chart as well as adding personal meaning to your own hero’s journey.

So here’s my challenge: Take a look at your own progressed chart, and look over the framework. What’s the moon phase you’re in? What is the Moon phase in your natal chart, and how does that compare to the progressed?

Now would be a super time to buy your progressed chart report and give it a look over. I’ll be doing more of these. It also gives us a chance to support this site. Elsa is very generous with me, and I’m writing this now to increase her traffic and offer her what support I can. LOVE, Satori

Moon phases (degrees from the Sun):
New moon – waxing, 0-45
Crescent moon – waxing, 45-90
First quarter moon – waxing, 90-135
Gibbous moon – waxing, 135-180
Full moon – waning, 180-135
Disseminating moon – waning, 135-90
Last quarter moon – waning, 90-45
Balsamic moon – waning, 45-0

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Quick Quarantine Astro Challenge: Progressed Chart & Moon Phase — 11 Comments

  1. My natal moon is balsamic: late Sag Moon/mid Cap Sun.

    My progressed chart mirrors this balsamic relationship: late Aquarius Moon/Mid Pisces Sun.

    My second Saturn return 0 Aquarius is exact today ;).

    Progressed Mars is Conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius and opposes Leo Uranus……..thinks are quietly hopping behind the scenes 🙂

    • You look at the progressed moon in relation to the progressed sun. So my progressed moon was in Scorpio opposite my progressed Taurus sun, and now it’s past that in Sadge, waning, disseminating.

  2. I am starting a new job or rather I have volunteered to be part of a group that goes to deliver food to the poor and the elderly and then I had this great idea I should wear like a superhero cape or mask and then I thought it would be great if everybody put their superhero suit on at least for comic relief kisses

      • Did you find someone to help you with fetching groceries, Moki? (I’ve lost track of in which thread you were talking about that…)

        Wouldn’t that be a Mars task? Delivering groceries to you? 🙂 What does your Progressed Mars say? (I guess P. Moon would be involved too: food!!)

        • Yup! We had our first delivery a week or more ago, a few things on the list to keep us going. A young farm friend. Then, we connected with our niece in far from us Missouri to shop for things our island does not have … and we cannot get to. That box of food? ETA today or tomorrow. Later today I check in with a new delivery service in our town to see about arranging mail pickup and delivery from the post office. Kinda different, kinda the same (like way-back-in-the days of the milk man and bread truck 1950’s)

  3. Satori you’re words are like little vitamins, they birth beautiful images
    And strength, past a sign said
    Love hope and community are not cancelled, more kisses

  4. The circuits in my brain are utterly incapable of computing any of that at the moment but I did purchase a Progressed Chart report from Elsa recently; thank you for reminding me I was not finished reading it, much less absorbing all the info within.

    Some Progressed Moon-related tidbits from said report that ring true:

    “You can excel in public relations now” – I am indeed absolutely shining in that area right now, in my role serving the public in a supermarket in these corona days.

    As for my Progressed Sun-Moon combo, the report says (among numerous other very-true tidbits):

    “You could have a wanderlust and a craving for new experiences.” – Oh man, do I ever! I marked the one-year anniversary in my current job a few weeks ago, and I tell ya, I am so ready for “the next best thing”! I am also chafing for a new(-to-me) vehicle that would be more reliable than my 15+ year old steed and allow me to stray a tad further from my home base.

    This could all also be aided by my Progressed Sadge on 8H. Report says:

    “You could profit through an inheritance or some other unplanned or unusual windfall” – bring it on, says I! 🙂

    All the reports that Elsa sells, and for so cheap, really, for all the valuable insights they provide, are worth every penny! I have bought a number over the years (for myself or for friends) and never been disappointed (nor have my friends). Highly recommend!

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