My Personal Psychopath

batman flinging open his capeIf you’ve read this blog awhile, you may have realized I know more than my share of psychopaths.  I don’t see this ever changing. Psychopathy is part of the landscape of my life.

I have had contact of various psychopathic people, throughout my life.  I don’t think they are as interesting as most people, but one gal takes the cake.

Some serial killers with leave notes or some other kind of sign to taunt or challenge the cops. This gal is of that ilk. She’s too smart to be detected.  She’s not going to be detected, unless she decides to show herself to someone for some purpose. When she does do this, it’s real dramatic, like Batman flinging open his cape.  Ha ha, jokes on you!

This is the way she works, but her relationship with me, i In s a little different.  She knows I see her plainly so she’s set up something unique for me –  my own private show of her abilities.

You know those cops who get notes from some killer for years and years…for decades in some cases? That’s the situation between us.  She’s able to reach out and ping me, and to be candid, it usually makes me laugh.

The chick is entertaining, you know. She’s dangerous as hell, deadly even, but she’s clever and she knows I appreciate this quality.

I’ve written over the years about when I came to understand, some people are not likely to be caught. Not on this plane, anyway. I think this gal is of that ilk.

So this is my little drama which I expect to go on until one of us dies.

News from my Pluto-side.



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      • I found this

        Maybe you are right but there seem to be ‘markers’ for lack of empathy and inclination toward evil which makes sense considering psychopaths are born not made.

        • I also think psychopaths are born, not made. But for an aspect to be marker for something like this, if would have manifest, each and every time that aspect showed up in a chart.

          This is not only not the case, it is not even remotely the case.

          • The natal chart can no more tell you whether someone is a psychopath than it can tell you whether someone is black, white, or somewhere in between. Psychopaths are born, but each psychopath is different, so while charts of serial killers may have certain recurring planet placements/aspects, your garden-variety psychopath is probably not violent or given to those extremes, making them harder to identify astrologically. For example, not everyone with Moon/Pluto aspects is a psychopath, most are simply intuitive because – get this – psychopaths are also very intuitive. Astrology is really not something you can be reduced to bits and pieces, it’s far more intricate than that.

  1. @Lisa, it’s like saying all people with Venus Uranus are gay.
    It’s just not true.

    There are books published on this…but they just don’t hold up in reality.

    A person is a psychopath..and it expresses through their chart. My opinion anyway.

    I don’t go for rules that fail, upwards of 95% of the time. 🙂

  2. What is the scientific view in Astrology? I can’t imagine that it would be based on anything other than observation and statistics…? Astrologers seem to disagree on quite a few things… Hmmmm…. Speaking of which – psychopathy itself, along with most mental health diagnoses, is a bit of a grey area according to science.

  3. KaD, In my understanding also, people are given a choice in each incarnation. They can express their negative aspects, or not, and if they do, learn from them and overcome them. Sometimes, there is an incredible amount to overcome, but it can either be done, or helped to some degree, to make the next incarnation easier. The Souls are not evil. The aspect of us manifesting can be leaning towards evil, though.

  4. I’ve only met a couple of people I would say that definitely would fit the bill for a diagnosis of psychopath. I met them when I was younger and I’m glad I did because now I can figuratively smell them a mile away. I’ve found most have such a strong narcissistic trait they give themselves away if you really listen to what they are saying. I think that personality disorders run on a continuum from severe to mild and some may be so mild that the diagnosed appear to be completely healthy until they prove otherwise through their behavior. The personality disorders I find most troubling in others have more subtle presentations but are no less hurtful (or even dangerous) to others. I have the natal chart of a family member that was diagnosed by several doctors as having a severe personality disorder. If you look at her chart you see a severely challenged moon, mercury and venus. Prior to her diagnosis I knew this young lady had a lot of challenges but wondered exactly how they would manifest. I used to joke and say she is destined to become a CEO or someone famous or she would end up in prison. Her chart is that challenged. In fact, hers is the most challenged chart I’ve ever seen. However, she still has free will and she may end up being very successful in life. But, to this date she has exercised her free will in ways which are parasitic and emotionally abusive to others—all the while presenting herself as the victim in every situation. I truly think free will in expressing our astrological chart is the most important aspect. For instance, if you looked at the aspects to my own natal moon it would be easy to conclude that I am (possibly) a cold and uncaring person. I’m not, I can assure everyone. I tend to intellectualize emotions — but I am aware that I do and strive not to do so. I make a conscious effort to reach out beyond the difficult aspects to my natal moon and behave in ways which are as warm and loving as I truly feel towards others. The thing about psychopaths/sociopaths is if they feel that someone sees them for what they truly are before they are able to victimize that individual they will move on. They are predatory and if they don’t sense an easy victim they will move onto a more easy victim.

    • “They are predatory and if they don’t sense an easy victim they will move onto a more easy victim.”

      I agree. This is why I get waved at, lol.

      But I’ll you something else. Some people seem to beg to be lied to – filled with lies.

      I really don’t see the psychopaths who want to mess with people having that much of a challenge.

  5. I was in love with a guy like this. Possibly a few, honestly once I tune them out I forget about them. But the last guy was a doozy. The thing that escaped me was how he loved me because I could see through his bullshit but he was incredibly cunning and when it suited him he used me as a gamepiece (my venus/mercury-neptune + 7th house pisces makes me a sucker for leeches.) I saw how after our ridiculous and (from an objective stance) laughable breakup he continued to troll everyone everywhere to see if he really could manipulate them. I hate it when people are so easy to manipulate that they can’t or choose not to see something in someone which is probably why I still can’t forgive myself for being his victim.

    My question to you Elsa is when you see these people in action, how does that change if anything your interaction with your mutual friends/ their victims? I don’t believe all psychopaths choose evil all the time, but I do think that when they do its to prove their power and give themselves a thrill. But I can’t help but remove myself completely from them and any of their associates for my own sanity and protection. Even if their associates were once my friends and haven’t overtly shown themselves as co-conspirators when I see people willingly associating with people who cause random harm for private fun, I can’t see the former friend objectively. I don’t see them as bad (or good, etc) people, just people I can’t trust.

    I don’t mean to imply criticism of anyone, just questioning how others navigate this generally mundane problem.

    • cici, I don’t run in circles with psychopaths who are victimizing people.

      When I know of people in their clutches, or who may be interacting with them in some way, there is nothing I can do.

      In many cases, it’s bees to honey, and what are I supposed to counter that with?

      It’s like gal, he promises her the sun, moon and stars…a bunch of lies. If you try to tell her this, it’s not going to have an impact.

      • Thanks for responding! I had a feeling you would say something like this but I was hoping there would be some alternative view to give me hope or something lol. I agree, nothing can really be done at a certain point because it’s human nature to believe that no one is really “that bad.” I saw some of the bad he was capable of but it was never of the scope he showed me. Over time he grew to be a different person so he maybe he always carried that potential with him but it wasn’t on display until the stars aligned for it.

        I could tell he wasn’t capable of a good relationship so I kept my distance from that, I just didn’t know he was capable of pathalogically lying to such a callous degree. He had portrayed himself to be vehemently against dishonesty. For a while I looked for chart explainers to maybe feel like there was a way to avoid this in the future but this is something I just have to learn through trial and error.

        • I’ve watched people learn the hard way all my life. This is if they ever find out they’ve been messed with, because they may not.

          I wrote about this long ago,

          Let’s say a psychopath is grooming some gal to make some $. Then he sees a bigger fish, so he dumps the gal he’s with, goes after the new fish.

          The first gal doesn’t know she’s the one who got away.

          • 🙂 When he pulled his big stunt I felt relieved. I was finally free to get out. I didn’t have to make any explaination etc, he gave me an out and I didn’t look back. I think he misses the game though. There is something more fun about playing real world chess wth an opponent who knows how your mind works. I however don’t miss it. At least not yet.

            However, I stayed for that. Few people are so hyper-aware as to have conversations in between words and know exactly what moves will generate X response in another. It’s boring to live on the surface all the time.

            The danger I overlooked was how he really had zero empathy when hurting others and he wasn’t just saying emo crap to earn sympathy points (although he was doing that as well). My moon-conjunct uranus always feels weird & like an outsider so I’m overly empathetic towards people who don’t easily fit in. I thought his moon-square uranus understood that. But for him he chose the other side of seeing the world as an enemy to overtake. We all have aspects and we make choices from that.

            Btw the wordpress site really is word for word an incredibly comprehensive view of psychopathic behavior.

  6. In my field, it is all energy flow. Like Elsa says, we have free will. Yes, people lack empathy, are born with the psychopath gene, grow up in environments that influence them to make poor choices, BUT all energy can be moved into a functional or conducive direction. I have aspects of myself that are heartless and have misbehaved. I have had opportunities to heal. This is part of how I know how to help other people and to identify issue in them.
    I would caution anyone that is not practicing the healing arts against making diagnosis. Even trained doctors and therapists are WRONG when they use labels like psychopathy or bi-polar or manic depressive, etc etc without appropriate intentions.

  7. I feel like your birth chart can have some aspects, that can be a great build up of psychopathy. I mean, your chart is what makes you. I think its a choice though, and that no matter what you have in your chart, its basically how you run with it. You may have aspects that make you aggressive, you may have aspects that make you live in your head, but someone who has troublesome aspects can take up something like yoga and learn how to deal with it. Or it could be the other way around, and the person can become a drug addict and go bat -a$$ crazy. There are different elements involved with the insane, at least that’s what I believe.

  8. I’ve dated a couple of sociopaths and psychopaths. When I ran their charts, they almost consistently had Pluto square Venus or Mars or Saturn. That freaked me out. So I always look at people’s charts before I go out or move in with them now. It was baptism by fire. My big question is why do I attract them? I guess they think I’m easy prey b/c of my easy chart.
    In retrospect, they were very abusive – VERY abusive – and I rue the day I met them. Guess it was karma. I pray that it is paid up in full. 🙁

  9. I agree that you can’t see this in a chart. You can’t tell if someone’s a psychopath. Only how they are a psychopath.

    I’ve known one. It’s weird how are society almost supports people like this.

  10. P.S. – they were all charmers at the beginning. Beyond the pale. But once they got me – it was no holes barred. Guess my Moon in Pisces was blind to that side of them. But I strongly disagree. I’ve seen charts for four decades and I can definitely say – even though they are all around us – there are definite aspects, at least the ones I knew, had in common. Super stressed out outer planets making squares to other planets that were powerful ones. And, Elsa, yes – you nailed it. Even with the enviable Venus on the Ascendant – they can be even more predatory and dangerous. Charming you to no end, until you succumb to their advances, and then – once they have you – it’s a veritable nightmare playing out in real life. It’s nice to know am not alone. But it’s frightening to know psychopaths are still out there and all around us. !!!!!!

  11. Elsa, does your intuition go off or do you just don’t know until something finally happens? Is it possible to sense someone has psychopathic tendencies?

    And if intuition is valuable. Can too much projecting our shadow (to keep ourselves clean) ruin our intuition radar?

    • No, not really. it’s not like I see psychopaths everywhere I go. These people are in my life. They are fixtures. I am not talking about day to day interaction. I am talking about them being people I know and will always know.

      At this time – current day – there are two psychopaths that I have awareness of. and probably will for the rest of my life. The gal who pings me and and another one, who does not act out. Get in his way, he will…you mean nothing to him, but at this point in his life, he lays low, which is another thing pretty common for people like this.

      I also know two others (in this current day), but don’t know what they are up to.

      One of them is in prison and has been since he was 19 years old. Not sure he’ll ever get out. Heinous crime. He’s a freakin’ genius too.

      Spectacular crime. Freakishly interesting.

      I may write about this some day. Probably not, but if I ever do, it will be one hell of a book. I don’t have to make up data or imagine scenarios. I don’t have to believe the lying psychopath and put his or her crap into a book. I was there.

      So it would be a very unusual book.

      I have a packed 8th. What can I say?

      • I replied to you earlier Elsa but the internet ate it 🙂 Your chart shows one of the blessings of an 8th house if you can see through these types of people. Good for you! I have pluto in the 8th and it’s well integrated into my natal chart without hard aspects to inner planets. It’s effect is subtle but it gives me the ability to focus in on someone and see through their bull-stinky giving me a hypersensitivity to bull stink.

        • Sorry about the site problem, Mom. AWeber (mailing list) was under attack and it messed up the site until I took it down until they get stable.

          On the other, it’s shocking at time, how gullible people are. But I have serious lapses of judgement myself at times…so who knows.

          But personally, I have presented morons with REAMS of evidence – hard, stone-cold, fact and seem then deny it.

          Then there was the time the cops told me of a guy who killed his wife (I have told this story before).

          What he did, is he beat the crap out of her all the time…beat her into the hospital, but she would never press charges.

          Then one day, he called the cops and told them she’d fallen into their well.

          The cops went out to the property…he sat in the grasses, chewing on a blade of it, smiling as they puzzled over how they were going to get her body out.

          Nothing they could do.

          This was years ago…25 years ago. Since then, they’ve done nothing but pass laws to protect people like this, excuse them, blame their mother, whatever.

          It’s not surprising to me the carnage is worse as each year passes. But not because of reasons they give.

  12. @libra, I don’t have a choice, because the gal reaches out and pings me. It’s like having a phone. If you have a phone, someone can call you.

    I don’t overreact to this. I am ready to go head to head, if she ever decides it’s what she wants. Right now, what she wants to do is ping me.

    What I would say is that crap exists in life. Some of us know more about it then others.

  13. I know of one in particular. His family protects him. They all turn a blind eye and ignore it. Because blood is blood. They will never turn him in. They all have private stories that come out after a few drinks. But they’ll never press charges. They don’t want to believe it. Their blood isn’t bad. And they’ll make excuses. “He’s just troubled”. Smart. Fun. Charismatic. etc. Blood is blood, if he’s sick, so are they. I really wish them well. But I stay away. No one wants to believe sometimes there are anomalies.

    • I tried to talk about the elephant in the room a number of times with my family. Dead silence. No one would go there. But after I found out what went down with the family secret and all, it might be that they were afraid of her and what she would do to them.

  14. I was in a relationship with a psycopath for nearly 16 years, i tried to get away but he wouldnt let me go i kept going back because half of him was a really nice bloke – a jeckle and hyde, He was badly abused as a young child and his father was very violent (tho he wasnt he just liked to play mind games and got off on your pain) He affected my life to the point i am now an empty shell. This christmas i found out he had been seeing my friend since 2009! I new i should have seen the red flag when she dug up her exs dead cat and left it on his doorstep for him and his kids to find. she was very charming to but i didnt see her often enough to see her mask slip. his birthday was june 7th 1961 at 8.05am in england. On astrodienst i did a pyscological portrait which said he had a very unbalanced chart which indicated part of him had not developed empathy for others. My chart is 4th october 1966 born at 3.05am. All i know is you cannot see what these people are doing, they have odd behaviours not inline with what they are saying and they do the opposite to what they say. They are extremely dead and boring once you get to know them as they are so fake -but the damage they do! I am left an empty shell after christmas and dont think i will ever recover. I dont think i can take any mind games from this man or my friend. The difficulty is when you are not a psycopath you relate normally and cannot stop doing this – it is hard to accept these people are evil as you are programmed to respond in a normal way, they are not.

  15. The site explains their behaviour so well. i think there are indicators in the chart especially his but you also need the background on them to see how this combines with their chart. It such a shame there isnt more awareness of them, because like i say i dont think i will ever recover now and have been too damaged.

  16. I went out with a psychopath for almost a year. It was a nasty business. I think he realized I was becoming hip to his game. That’s when he started wooing my good friend, who was in a long-term relationship with one of his good friends. They kept that little fling a secret until I snooped around and found the evidence and blew the whistle.

    About five years later I was at a friend’s cabin, we started a fire in the woodstove with some old newspapers, and there in one of the papers I saw their wedding announcement! Complete with photographs. It was fitting to burn it.

    Elsa, I smiled wearily to myself when I read your play on words “The first gal doesn’t know she’s the one that got away”. So true. So brilliantly put.

  17. The young college student took Abnormal Psychology as required for her pre-med degree. I told her I was thinking about taking the course at a local college as part of my survival training. She cautioned me. She said you really need to be grounded because the tendencies of some of the conditions are inherent in all humans, but we don’t act on them. When I see these traces in persons, I acknowlege them to myself so that I do not let them get out of hand. It’s never to my benefit to add accelerant. It’s a matter of degrees in people, I think.

  18. I married a psychopath. Leaving him was one of the best moves I ever made. It makes me so sad to see how he yanks our children around. They’re adults now, and they can see him for what he is, but they still want their daddy to love them and he can’t. The upside is, they’re smart enough to use that experience to keep from marrying someone like him. That alone makes it worth all the trouble he put me through, but I still feel bad for not providing them with a better father.

  19. Well, I just had to chime back in here. You have mentioned elsa that you would never be redeemed. If I have felt any offense at your swashbuckling style. I know I know mars mars mars. Anyway your stance against astro-profiling forgives any offense I may have experienced.

    It is so true. In science, we make a hypothesis and then seek out proofs to support that hypothesis which makes research blind to the anomalies that would disprove the hypothesis. What do we get out of it? Well, the scientist is right, they’ve proved it. They get to write a paper and everyone claps and wants to hire them. But as science goes, it will only be right so long. But this deals with false accusations that can affect a human’s life. And to type a child as a psychopath, what chance do you think that kid has?

    I find this particularly crucial at this time with all the brain and neurological mapping that is going on in science. Put everyone in boxes. Computerize and mechanize humans. I heard a very old wise man speak out on this recently. He said we cannot computerize human consciousness. It will be the end of humanity. And I agree. Human potential and consciousness and free will. . . I must take a stand against profiling.

    today I looked at the libra moon’s effects on my life. What I experienced. But I may experience them that way because of my energy setup. It doesn’t make my experience true or false. It just means I know the effect that certain energy has on me and it’s up to me to decide how to deal with it.

  20. I have yet to understand what a ping is and the killing of animals by a young person makes me lose sleep. Hard to imagine a child can be born with such a tendency. You think of children as so innocent. I have never met a child that wanted to hurt or kill an animal. I hope I never do. The children I have been around naturally took to animals sweetly and with gentle kindness. To witness this sort of thing must be what it is like to witness the making of a monster.

    I think that everyone given the right circumstances could go psychopath at some point in their life. I am certain should someone hurt a child of mine I would not be in my right mind for a long time. It would be very hard for me to work through such a challenge. That would be a lot of pain to deal with.

    I am not sure I have actually met a psychopath. By definition its a person who is inclined toward antisocial and criminal behavior. I have met more than one sociopath. By definition this is a person who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. .

    I don’t want to be around either kind of crazy. It’s politically correct to call this mental illness or label it as either word. Either way, I don’t want to be around it and I don’t want it to attach itself to me. More than one Sociopath has passed my way. When I think of psychopath I think of crazy serial killers and child abductors. When I think of Sociopath I think of any man that tried to run game on me and when it didn’t work destroyed the life of the next woman he had a relationship with. I don’t pretend to know a lot about mental illness even though I am sure that my mother developed it through addiction.

    Can a person become mentally ill due to chronic addiction and either of these tendencies develop?

  21. I googled it out of curiosity. I have heard it so often and I always feel stupid asking what these new terms mean…. either stupid or old lol
    •a message (sent literally) to enquire whether someone is present via instant messaging or internet chat.
    To check on someone, usually by remote means….. lol I have never done either.

    Don’t mean to go off topic as it is so interesting, just trying to keep up xo

    • Yeah, it’s a computer term sort of. Like a tap on the shoulder.

      Cell phones, ping towers or towers ping phones.

      So I here and nothing about her…but she has (clever) ways of pinging me and I just sort of smile, shake my head and feel disturbed (mildly) at the same time.

      If the pings were to stop, I’d figure she was dead…but not know that.

      What I am saying is I expected to be pinged…into eternity…at the very least. The whole thing could blow up too. I don’t know.

  22. Am amazed, and at the same time, not amazed, at how many responses this particular blog has. It obviously hit a nerve. But am wondering that most of the responses are from women, that not that many men have shared. Idk, but am a gay man and I can really relate to everything that’s been said.

    But something is haunting me about some of the facts that were laid out. Do some of you think psychopathy, in light of Elsa’s share about that woman, is mostly seen in men in our society? Or have things changed with women taking power positions?

    Again, am a little removed from the action, now that am older. But, still, I have so many questions. At the time I was in abusive relationships with these nightmare men, I had a lot of psychotherapy and if it weren’t for that, I don’t think I could have broken away. I was told there are no victims just volunteers. So in that frame of mind, I was able to press charges. Guess part of me was so into the fantasy of being with a “bad boy” that it never occurred to me that bad boys really are BAD.

    And, also, it never “hit” me (pardon the pun) that I was really getting the sh*t kicked out of me, until one time, a policeman in a bicycle stopped, after one of the beatings and exclaimed “What happened to you?” If I share specifics I don’t think any of you could sleep tonight. Anyway, it forced me to look at myself from an outsiders p.o.v. Mind you, the policeman, after I told him my b.f. was in the subway nearby, went and rounded up about 17 guys who sounded like the way I described him. But he got away. Then he forced me to go to the station and, eventually, like all cycles of abuse, I dropped the charges.

    But, to this day, I’ve heard from a mutual friend in London, that my ex- is outraged that I even did that to him. And this was 20 years ago!!!! @Elsa, was the guy who killed his wife in the well (the one smiling with the blade of grass in his mouth – frightening recant) ever prosecuted?

    Also, in everyone’s experience were most of these psychopaths air signs or Scorpio’s? I found, in my experience, that Librans and Gemini’s seemed to comprise the perfect psychopath. Scorpio, not as much, seemed to wrestle with there actions more. It tormented them.

    Am thinking perhaps it’s the air signs ability to separate emotions and buttress their actions with logic that they can do such atrocities. Me? Am all water practically. Cancer Sun; Pisces Moon; Neptune in Scorpio – and some earth.

    Thank you, though, for all of your shares. It has really helped me to come to terms with my past and perhaps even reconcile it a tad. I still wonder, how much of the relationships were my fault? Am just glad I got away before I was ultimately murdered.

    In a perfect world, it would be awesome- if we got calls about psychopaths, the way we get calls about sex offenders. But, obviously, it’s not a perfect world and, like most of you said over and over, the amount of charm that is laid out before the actual evil comes out has most of the world fooled. Again, am just so grateful for this forum. Wow. So much to take in. :(.

    • Gio, he was not prosecuted for that, no. They had no evidence. I was upset by this, pretty dramatically. Like there should be some vigilante justice or something.

      I am from AZ and this is in my blood, I suppose. To think things like that. And this happened in AZ. But what the sheriff said was that in real life, he would probably get busted for something, eventually…maybe.

      On female psychopaths, they’re fare rarer then males. I don’t think anyone know why it’s this way, but it is.

    • (((Gio))) Wow I am so glad you got through your past. It wasn’t “your fault” but I don’t know exactly what you’re asking but I ask myself the same thing. I wonder if in some way I created these people through some unconscious actions of my own. It isn’t something that’s easy or PC to say, but for every Narcissist there is an Echo who gives up their identity for the other person. It may come about through manipulation or systemically breaking someone down, but there are things about me that make me a magnet. My challenge is redeveloping my own identity outside of simply someone who lived in response to all of his actions/wants/tantrums.

      You’re out. (Yayyy celebrate that) That’s a blessing and since we’re on an astro blog, check your north/south nodes because maybe there’s a karmic lesson for you. My SN is in Libra and my major lessons came during nodal squares.

      He’s mad at you for calling him out. You got better, you got empowered and suddenly people wanted to blame him for his actions. You took something out of his hands and made him at least for a moment feel powerless, possibly scared, and ultimately angry. Because anger is an emotion that enables one to feel like they can take control of a situation.

      There are definitely female sociopaths/psychopaths its just that the expressions tend to be different. In any case, the hallmark for these highly charismatic people is they know how to blend in and mimic social responses and here’s the kicker, they are insanely good at making themselves look like the victim of everyone else. It’s hard to see someone who seems so pathetic as an aggessor so they rarely get caught. People LOVE my ex. He makes them laugh and he seems like a good friend because he needs so desperately to be adored that he’s willing to do whatever he can to keep them on his side. Sure he’ll slip up and they’ll hate him but then he’ll charm them and they’ll forgive them.

      He is a scorpio with a possible aquarius rising (pisces moon), but even if he does struggle with the reality of who he is, he accepts that this is who he is and he cannot or will not see it as anything but a strength. And how can he not? He destroyed me, stalked me, openly admitted that I did nothing to earn it, openly pretended remorse and admitted he was just being a troll, and STILL came out on top while I live in hiding.

      He seemed just apologetic enough, saying all the right phrases without truly apologizing and that’s enough for most people. Whether they inadvertantly kill someone or drive someone to the brink of insanity, the town who has to prosecute has to then live with themselves loving this horrible person. That’s difficult enough for us to do with a reason to hate him. What if he never directly did anything to you? You don’t want to name your friend as a vilain. How do you live with yourself knowing you love a murderer? You don’t so you believe that any other explaination exists. The “victim” was crazy or “asked for it” somehow. Any explaination that absolves the hero of guilt. It seems like an adaptation of our socio-economic dynamics so it will be praised, not admonished, and it will exist all around us.

  23. Wow! That freaks me out about the guy and the wife in the well. On the other hand, I believe it b/c these men are so calculated that they can hide it so well. I hope there’s karma to whip his ass. But after reading so many shares, perhaps it’s karma in reverse. Meaning that most of these psychopath’s upbringings were so horrific, that they don’t know anything else. They were so very hurt, that they only know hurt, and, therefor, hurt others to amend their pain.

    I’ve had fantasies of revenge – the abused become the abusers – but my life was also so destroyed that I wrestle with that to this day. And, prefer not to engage with new guys out of fear of repetition. When I have engaged again, it seems the cycle of abuse repeats itself. Makes me realize the emotional abuse was so much worse than the physical abuse. But, again, I don’t know. It took a lot of psych work to realize even this. I continue to explore and stay honest, so that, at the very least, my soul can be freed. When I see injustice like the man in AZ, it makes me throw my hands up in the air and wonder if there really is any justice in this Saturnian plane. Thank you.

  24. I think that is really interesting what Gio said. I was not aware until recently that the psychopath i was with was gay (hidden). This man is going with women but hates and loathes them. This man wanted to be with men but couldnt come out of the closet, he never admitted this but i wasnt allowed to go out with him and when i did he was appoached each time by gay men who knew him – which he denied. He pretended to be straight and in return did everything to abuse women to a sickening degree obviously due to the resentment of trying to be something he wasnt. He bought me a £400 engagement ring yet his best mate told me (who was gay) that he had no committment to me, viewed me as a one night stand and used to boast to him and all his other mates how he was abusing me. i knew him 16 years and was devastated as the comments his friend made were made in front of me him and he didnt respond or defend our relationship.

  25. @Cici, amazing! What you wrote DEFINITELY struck a chord. I think you nailed it. And, yes, it does happen in the gay community a lot more than people admit. This blog is just making me look at famous psychopaths – like Hitler, Stalin, even O.J. Simpson. We should learn from history and our past – but we keep repeating it. Especially when we get so close to these guys. Maybe we’re too close to see. Or it’s the cycle of abuse. They act out, then apologize and we buy it. Forgive them until they do it again and again. I gave up. Sad. But necessary. Someone had to save my life. It might as well have been me. It def made me grow up. And be my own hero. Thank you so much for your share. :))))))

  26. @Gio
    I have Venus square Pluto, and here is how it manifests for me.
    1. My ordinary interactions can be intense and draining.
    2. I have occasionally encountered creeps.
    3. The closer a relationship is, the harder it is for me or the other person to express themselves (power struggles).

    With that said, I know I’m not relationship material. Karmically speaking, I understand why I have this aspect though.

    The best way I can use Venus square Pluto is to stick to friendships and acquaintances. I’ve also decided to devote myself passionately to my work and my studies (Venus in the 6th house square Pluto in the 9th house), it’s easier for me to express passion that way.

    I do manage to have great friendships that last a very long time, but I stay away from love relationships because I feel like it would be too difficult to achieve without grief.

    I can understand impulsiveness (I’m a passionate and sentimental person, between Venus square Pluto, Sun square Uranus, a Jupiter-Moon-Ascendant t-square…), but psychopathy is hard for me to understand with the lack of empathy and the rational decision to choose evil…

    I do believe justice exists in the world. I feel like my karma makes sense in so many ways…and then, Saturn figures constantly push me to do the right thing (I have Sun square Saturn).

    So I’m sure the awful people you had to deal with are going to face the consequences of their actions sooner or later. I am not sure if they will get the message though…-_-

  27. @Salamander, I can’t tell if you’re a male or female and, if you don’t want to share, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. But in the event you are a female and you have, in my experience, the tough on love Pluto/Venus square (which remember all aspects need to be transited by luminaries and other planets to actually trigger the effects), I believe in Elsa’s words that female psychopaths are incredibly rare. And, I’m not saying, all people with that square have those challenges by any stretch. That was just my experience – running my b.f.’s charts over and over on The only thing they had in common was this one aspect, that to this day attracts me – Pluto (sexual, deep, magnetic, obsessive) making any aspect to Venus (attraction, love). They also shared really troubled upbringings. One saw his father commit suicide by holding a rifle to his head and blowing it off in front of him – who would not be traumatized? And another was forced to kill weak piglets after they were born on his farm – so how could he deal with that but to disconnect emotionally. With my planets and aspects I would go on a hunger strike before I was made to do that. But, again, that was their charts, not mine. So…am no expert. The older I grow, the more questions I have. And, other than therapy, I have never, ever opened up about this until this very blog. And, for that, I will be eternally grateful and a dedicated student of Elsa for life. A deep reading is inevitable.

    @ Cici, oh to answer your questions my South Node is in Aquarius conj. my Moon in Pisces conj. the Midheaven conj. Chiron in Pisces. Ouch, Ouch, ouch. Overly emotional is an understatement. They are all in opposition of my N. Node in Leo conj. Uranus in Leo conj. Mars in Virgo conj. Pluto in Virgo (Mars and Pluto are on either side of my IC, so am my own worst enemy). All of these planets at the bottom of my chart sextile my Sun in Cancer in the first house and my Mercury conj. my Sun and conj. my Ascendant and sextile my Neptune (fantasy, fantasy, fantasy) in Scorpio (lustful fantasies of bad boys that I can turn good – ha! ha!) which is in the fifth house. And I have two Yod’s Jupiter to Mercury (eighth to first) and Saturn to Ascendant (eighth to Asc in late, late Gemini 28 degrees). I also have Venus conj. the Christ degree (24 degrees) of Algol which is the death or dog star. It is posited in the twelfth house – so most people with that aspect end up either dead or shot or with a restraining order against their significant other.

    Okay, I’ve chimed in enough on this blog. Am beyond embarrassed. But this is twenty years of holding a lot of resentment and anger in. And, am sorry to everybody, I just had to let it out. Sobbing alone can only do so much. I really, really needed this.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Much love to each and every one of you. You’ve touched my heart so deeply, I’ve forgotten I even had one left. xo

    • Lmao @ overly emotional because I am. SO much. I can’t get into my chart now but Venus trine Pluto + Venus opp Netune + yod with pluto I’m always in a power struggle and want to save everything and everyone with my love. Mars is in libra with the North Node so its probably a good time to release old relationship wounds. Its so wonderful to have a space to connect with other people who understand what I’ve gone through. Most people don’t and that’s makes it so difficult to come to terms with it all in my own mind.

      I learn something new from all the people on Elsa’s blog all the time so its good company.

      Thank you so much for sharing today!!! Keep releasing 🙂

  28. @Gio
    I am female, and indeed I am reassured to know that female psychopaths are rare. I know I have several shortcomings, but despite having Venus square Pluto, I do have strong emotions actually…

    I guess your description of your boyfriends having Venus square Pluto made me think. Already I am disappointed having Venus square Pluto (it’s the tightest aspect of my chart), but it made me realize how bad Venus square Pluto can be in a close relationship.

    So I am glad I have used Venus square Pluto differently, but even in friendships, I learn to be more careful, and consciously spend alone time to recharge my batteries.

    It’s perfectly ok to let out feelings. This is a good outlet for this.

  29. Are you a psychopath? Try the quiz: I took it because of all the comments concerning scorpio and pluto and that signature is strong in my chart. Including pluto squaring saturn. Probably my cancer moon put the cabash on any intentional cruelty. I mean if you’ve ever been hurt, why would a person inflict that on anyone else? I seem to have battled most of the tendencies mentioned in the questions in the behavior of others. I have had to detach somewhat to spare myself emotional pain that could shut me down.

    Was pleased to read that antisocial does not mean any kind of ‘pathy’. Introverts often get a bad rap. And I do think people are suspicous of scorpio energy. And scorpio therefore can be falsely accused. Like really, I am really this boring. There is nothing else going on. This is it. Sorry to be so disappointingly bland. That could be my saturn in scorpio.

  30. I took the test. I scored 3. LOL I knew I wasn’t a psychopath, I took it to see if the test was flawed and would rank me as such.

    Here’s the thing: with astrology: a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and those who haven’t studied it can become very confused as to how their planet placements/aspects work, let alone those of others. So I think that people should either 1) learn astrology properly, or 2) leave chart analysis to astrologers, AND NEVER EVER interpret anything in your chart, or anyone else’s chart in a negative way. There’s a REASON why we were all born with the charts we did, and that reason is never nefarious.

  31. @notch. I also took the test and scored a 2. I kind of laughed to myself, bc do you really think an actual psychopath would so much as bother to take a test like that? Think they know who they are a lot better and faster than we do. Also, don’t beat yourself up about your chart. I agree with Trish, to a point. I’ve done astrology for four decades and I may not be the best at it, but have worked with the best in the business and learned a lot. No ONE aspect makes or breaks you. Period. Moon rules Cancer, so that – emotionally – which is what this blog is based on – kinda’ absolves you of evil tendencies. I’ve met Capricorns – who are said to be goal oriented only, to the point of excluding others’ feelings at all points – be really caring about people with a Cancer Moon placement. You also mentioned Pluto and Scorpio a lot. Cancer trines Scorpio – either exactly or by sign, so trines are effortless. Again, I’ve only seen tense aspects with these creeps. And, like Elsa has mentioned, they are rarely women.

    @Trish. Good advice, but I wouldn’t silence a forum that actually has gendered as many responses as this one has, albeit mostly from women – just b/c they don’t know astrology. A lot of them seem to know it quite well and, frankly, whatever it takes to comes to terms with what happened to them regarding this, they can recite a medical journal even if they’re not remotely involved in a medical field. It’s whatever works to help you move forward in life that’s important. So, no judgement. And no rules. Alone, these shares might not make sense, but together – this would make a compelling book. For whatever it’s worth, that’s my take. Share away. By no means stop and by no means adhere to someone else’s rules. The fact is there are no rules. Keep going for it and make sense of this the best way you know how. Each of you has touched a lot of people. That’s what life is all about. The individual affecting the collective. That’s why we’re born. We’re all in this together. And since this is an astrological website – it’s great to try out astrological reasoning here b/c if you’re way off, you’re instantly corrected as to why.

    Plus, I continue to say, of the million charts I’ve looked at in my life. Abusive men have shared similar aspects. Mostly squares. That may not apply to you, however, that was my sole experience and some great astrologers agreed with me and that has saved me a lot of grief and a lot of repetitious relationships. Again, I stress, I’m only one guy – just saying my truth.

    • I scored a 1. I think it was the sometimes on the question about taking on responsibility because I really had to cut back. With having to detach emotionally as a means to survive, it felt really cold because it was so unnatural for me. So I can see the emotionally distant thing. Although I still would not torture someone (not intentionallay, I know I can drive people nuts with my banter sometimes :D) and to laugh about it, never. And I don’t what is illegal because I value my freedom to much.

      My question after reading about it and doing the testing is ‘what is the average life span of a psychopath? I mean sooner or later they got to piss off the wrong person and be made to disappear? It just seems to be about how much a person can get away with. And that is an endless escalating quest. So I’d think they’d hit the wall at sometime.

  32. This definitely is an interesting conversation. I am not commenting on the Psychopathic personality, but responding to other posts about their charts, similarities and differences. First of all, let me say that I am male, straight, and just about to Qualify for Social Security. I say this to give some background, not to comment on sex, orientation, or anything else. I too have Venus square my Pluto. My Venus is in my 7th house, in Cancer, as is my Sun/Uranus Conjunction, both conjunct my Descendant. My relationships have been chaotic, even though I was married for 24 years. Even though we grew apart after a few years. I grew up in a major mentally ill, verbally and emotionally abusive household, where my mother ruled. Fortunately, my only planet on the Western Side of my chart was Jupiter, in the first house in Aquarius (three signs in the first house), so I never ever considered ending my horrific younger life.
    Having been divorced for many years; Layoff, PTSD rising again, Depression rising again, Major illness, lack of understanding from my spouse when I didn’t recover quickly, but I was too defensive to understand her attempts to be real and face my deepest fears and insecurities then… I lost pretty much all before I accept my deepest feelings of unworthiness and accept that I had them, to loose my defensiveness. Also, I am no longer looking for someone to rescue, due to my defects. I am not attracting women with Personality integration disorders, thank everything!

    Now I find that I can be friends with most people, and help when I can because it feels right, not due to any obligations. But I haven’t found any spiritual connections, or interest in the available ladies whom I meet. I am very youthful looking, and charismatic, and people constantly underestimate my age by around 15 years or more. I that life experience does matter in a relationship, and a person has to go around the block a few times before they can truly understand and recognize the aspects in others.

  33. @Iric, thank you for being brave enough to share. I thought I was the only guy on here. Anyway, am soulfully sorry for what you’ve endured, sounds eerily familiar after reading most of this blog. Like Trish shared above, you do have to take the whole chart into consideration before you can jump to any conclusions about anything. But it does sound like you know your share of astrology somewhat well. I do agree, however, that Jupiter in the first house is always a great card to have in your deck. And, as a victim of abuse, I had to do a lot of soul searching and I did find my parents, esp. my Mother, played a huge role in acting that abuse out towards me, too. So I can commiserate in a big way. If you can afford it, have Elsa erect your chart and do a reading – she’s priced very competitively. I come from the school of any knowledge is good knowledge. Regardless of age – we can never learn enough. I also feel our charts are our souls and that’s truly what people see, not necessarily our physical visage. Perhaps you have some good Mercury placements that make you look 15 years younger. lol. I was an actor and a model, but that didn’t change the price my soul paid. In an odd way, it worked against me as it attracted a lot of people who projected their fantasies onto me and when I didn’t live up to them, that’s when the pathology started in the form of severe beatings. I sincerely hope this helps illuminate your share somewhat. Btw, therapy helped me a lot. And, I know, some of it is covered by the state, it is not out of pocket.

    @elsa or Satori, does Pluto in aspect to Venus happen once every 269 years? As opposed to Venus in aspect to Pluto which is once every year? Or does that apply only to when Pluto is transiting Venus? Always wondered that…

  34. @Gio – the purpose of my post was NOT to silence the forum, but to bring balance to chart analysis. Seems to me that a lot of people are “blaming the planets” for either the way they are, or the way someone else is. I believe this is an extremely unkind way to use astrology and that it is not productive to label ourselves or others this way. I just don’t subscribe to that sort of planetary victim mentality.

  35. @Trish, okay truce. Let’s agree to disagree. Am just saying WHATEVER IT TAKES for these people to make sense of their abusers is irrelevant. Whether they use or mis-use astrology is not the point, it is an outlet. And since this is an astrology blog – it’s obvious they will turn there first. It still doesn’t mean a thing. It will not change the past. But I am so mathematical and see the universe that way, that me, AND ONLY ME, have seen correlations in certain aspects with all of my abusers in theri particular charts. Again, that’s ME, it doesn’t mean it’s you or someone else. But people NEED outlets. What are they supposed to do otherwise? Hold it in? And implode? Astrology is a great tool for exploding. Whether it is erroneously mis-used or not. But, by all means in every possible way, you are entitled to your opinion. And, am really glad you “educated” us with your p.o.v.

    Moving on, thank you for clarifying Venus’ aspects to Pluto. Interestingly, one famous astrologer from NYC, John Marchosella, told me that aspects are activated only when they are conjuncted by a transiting planet, otherwise they remain in the background or dormant. At that time, when I was really into my chart, that seemed on the money. Food for thought. But, case in point, he was a lauded – at to this day still is – amazingly well-schooled astrologer. We parted b/c he was way out of my league expensive.

  36. @Gio I think you may have misunderstood what John Marchosella might have said. While it is true that aspects can be activated by a transiting planet that is not the ONLY way they are activated. That’s like saying that even though you were born with a Mars/Venus conjunction, it only becomes active when aspected by a transit. I don’t think you’ll find many astrologers who believe that, so I must assume a misunderstanding has taken place.

    What are these “outlets” you claim everyone needs? I have no idea.

  37. Well I think psychopaths who succeed in living out their evil inclinations are not that common, perhaps as Elsa describes, many others who just think about it and not act upon it- I have no experience with this, though I have experienced malevolence from some men. I think what motivates them is not power but the opposite- weakness and insecurity- often compounded by parental relationship.

    As for free will- I have a unique view of this- I think given who we are- there really is only one choice we will make- yes there is the illusion of choice to our ego mind but in reality our path was determined and set long ago- so the choice we will make is the choice that was already written long ago.

    I came to this thinking after knowing certain people could and do see the future- how could they know what we will do in the future if it had not already happened for them to see it?

    So TIME itself is illusion- all has already happened in that first blink, all that was and will be – in the ONE- now manifesting in time to our senses- but outside that the eternal soul exists in place w/o time or body – we rest in GOD.

    Make any sense to any of you?

  38. @Trish, perhaps. I was relatively young then. But I saw John Marchosella religiously, once or twice a year for a long time, and his accuracy was frightening. Perhaps he meant the intensity of the aspect will be felt more when a planet transits it. Or perhaps he meant that when outer planets like Saturn or Pluto or even Jupiter were conjunct a certain aspect that it would be felt intensely. Case in point, a Mars/Venus conjunction with Saturn in conjunction by transit might be a doozie. But he also chimed in that people had good Saturns and bad Saturns, as well as every single other planet and luminary, contingent on how the planet was aspected nattily. Whether by squares and oppositions or by trines and sextiles or both; and depending onto which planets it was making an aspect to.

    He did do the psychopaths’ charts. And he was terribly accurate about what was to come. Did he put ideas in my head? Idk. But he said there would be two times a month that we’d get along in this one relationship, and two times that we won’t. Am sure he was talking about the Moon making aspects to our composite chart.

    By outlets, I just mean expressions. And since this is an astrological blog, how else could people, who have been through something so traumatic, get it off their chests. Even if they use or mis-use astrology or astrological aspects as reasons for their trauma, it’s okay. That’s all they know. And, in my experience, ONLY MINE, I found correlations between psychopaths’ charts, that I did not find between non-psychopaths. I shared about it at length. I also noted a lot of people seemed to have done that also.

    One of my favorite shares was by Cici, not too far above. For me, she nailed this blog – hook, line and sinker. It really resonated. But, like everything in life, astrology interpretations can be quite subjective. We don’t have to agree with one another on any single issue. That’s what makes the world so diverse and, at times of grace, interesting, as opposed to times of strife, polarizing. Take Robert Hand, I have an issue with some of his work. As I do with Liz Greene. And these astrologers are world famous and make fortunes.

    Hope I answered your question clearly. My gosh, I feel like I’ve posted more than Elsa on this blog. Yikes! Am no expert. But please know, I have read people’s charts for a living for many years. I gave it up recently, because my energy was zapped every single time. I never predicted though. Felt that was putting ideas in people’s heads that might not have happened if those ideas were not put there to begin with. Like H shared above, life is, well, complex and simple. A lot is karmic. That’s my two cents. See you in another blog!!

    Sorry everybody for being so loquacious here. Please forgive me. Am mortified. xoxoxoxo

  39. I just wanted to say that anyone commenting on this blog should read ‘The eternal Triangle’ by Liz Greene from astrodienst. It helps you to acknowledge why you may attract certain types of relationships and also why other people are attracted to you, its very interesting it is to do with early upbringing and astrology and how we and others may interact with others in adulthood due to issues and complex problems with parents.
    Many on this site had problems with their mother. I read a site called ‘daughters of narcassistic mothers’ its a brilliant site whether you are male or female as it explicitly explains behaviours of a narcassist mother and also the serious damage that occurs whether male or female. I had a narcassistic mother and a father who was narcassistic & also an alcholic. I think the combination of my birthchart and early life combined is why i attract psychopaths – they love the light and hope good people will heal them but if you shine a light on their darkness you unleash the devil!
    I attracted a psychopath because i was caring – i was seriously abused but never become an abuse like some. I became the opposite like all here. My comments are not inline with the last comments – but please read the ‘eternal triangle’ by liz greene it really helped me understand why people behave the way they do, including me.

  40. Gio, Thank you for your compassion and concern. I went through much therapy. That tied in with over 40 years of Eastern Meditation practice, made me mostly healthy and at peace.

    Quite a discussion here. I can say from experience that putting one foot in front of the other, and by constantly learning, everything can pass and change. Of course, we have to let it do so.

  41. @GIO: I find generalizations unproductive and to say that “X+Y=Z” doesn’t always work in astrology. Case in point: my two best friends and I share a tight Moon conjunct Pluto, one of us in Leo and two of us in Virgo. Two of us in the 4th House, and one of us in the 12th. One of us is a psychic and a medium, another one will acknowledge she’s intuitive, and the last doesn’t believe she’s intuitive at all, though she will agree she’s perceptive. One of us had an abusive mother, the other two had loving mothers they just were not very emotionally close to. None of us work in any Plutonian endeavor as even the psychic medium refuses to work as such, (it wasn’t her fault she was born that way, is what she says). One of us is a business analyst, the other a produce sales manager, the third a pharmacist. None of us are psychopaths, quite the opposite.

    As a fellow astrologer, you well know that aspects have to be taken in the larger context of the natal chart, and not carved out on their own. It’s really amazing how different people will use the same aspect differently. I don’t believe in objectifying people based on their aspects because it dehumanizes them. I do believe that we have a choice as to how we decide to use the planetary energies we were born with or are later made available to us via progressions, directions, and/or transits. The higher someone’s level of consciousness is the more they realize that planetary energies are there to serve them and what they came here to do, and that they are not the victims of their chart. I never allow my clients to blame the planets for what is going on, I try to help them find alternate, more productive expressions for that energy.

    This post has generated a lot of comments. People just love dark stuff!

  42. @Trish, I agree with you one trillion percent. This is just a question of semantics. We are both thinking the same exact thing, but expressing it verbally in different ways. Like one of your friends, have been told many times – and have experiences to prove it – that am extremely psychic too, but don’t want to work as one, bc it just is. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t ask for it consciously – and I find it a nuisance more than anything – I work in advertising instead. If I pick up some weird vibe from someone, I just avoid them. And, yes, there is sOOO much to take into effect: progressions, secondary, solar arc, tertiary, directions, transits like septiles, biquintiles, yods, astrocartography. I just find it interesting that some people share a lot of the same qualities according to certain aspects. That’s why there are so many compilations out like Robert Hand’s and then some, about that very subject. Albeit, in a superficial way, not in the way you nor I are used to seeing. Free will and power over those are saved for the more evolved people in the world. I agree. But, not everyone is evolved. Just look at death row. Like I said, truce! See you in the next blog!!!!

    Thank you Iris and Julie. Never heard of Astropoetics. Will google it. xoxoox

  43. Most people here are talking about family members/acquaintances/ex-lovers etc who may or may not be psychopaths. I’ve met one at work. Now, I’ve met lots of annoying, vicious, highly ambitious people who would chew your arm off and trample over your prone bleeding body to get ahead on the job, so I do know the difference between a psychopath and a corporate raider. And like Elsa, I have a packed 8th House – that’s where all the action is – so if there is something like this going on, believe me, I will spot it. And I’m not patting myself on the back for being so perceptive – it is the loneliest imaginable position to be in I wish to God I didn’t see them coming in many respects. I can do nothing for them so they wouldn’t be interested in me otherwise. The only reason they are interested in me is because they can tell I know what they are. And they do not like that.

    Now the psychopath I know is a high-functioning one and as Elsa said somewhere earlier on the thread is lying doggo, as high-functioning psychopaths do, because the smart they are not going to blow it all by some big gesture which might give the game away. But I will tell you one thing: lots of people do know they are a wrong ‘un – something doesn’t smell right – but what they don’t figure out is that virtually everything you see is a hologram. Not just a few bits and pieces – none of us share our whole selves with anyone, much less someone at work – the entire schmozzle. It’s all a construct. Secondly: the high functioning psychopath has the true mark of the predator: they never break sweat. You can’t hurt their feelings – they don’t have any. Though they will do a very good imitation, if necessary and they’ll enjoy pretending that YOU upset THEM,. Virtually anything that might unsettle us, (criticism from a boss or co-worker, a complaint from a customer) is just grist to their mill: they don’t give a sh*t, they’ll turn it right round so they come out on top, whereas you’d be desperate to salvage your reputation and probably end up looking worse than before! So what are they about? Simple: power. Not power to do anything or stop anything, but just power. They got it, you don’t.

  44. So do you have a 7th house pluto? What in your chart pulls them in? I have 7th house pluto and I’ve pulled in some doozies.

  45. If there are repeated correlations in the charts of people you get involved with, it says more about you than the other people. It’s what you are attracting. So it would be more useful, I would have thought, to look at one’s own chart to see where you need to shore up or change in order to repel these people. It begins and ends with the self. These people aren’t going to change, and they’re not going to go away. All we can do is find ways to make sure we are not their favourite dinner. I’ve had similar experiences to Julie, and simple things like creating firm boundaries (which I didn’t have before), having the courage to say no, etc have had an enormous impact on my life subsequent to this relationship. It’s all very well saying ‘I’m emotional, I believe the best in people’ etc etc, but as the old saying goes, why cast your pearls before swine? Keep your good qualities to yourself until you find a place where they are appreciated. Don’t assume the world is going to love you for what you are. Children do, and that’s why we have to watch them. To keep them safe from what’s out there. Why do we forget to do this for ourselves?

  46. Wow! i had my phone and internet cut off friday night and cannot believe this blog is still going, there have been some brilliant comments though, really interesting. Its clear by this blogg that there are many people impacted by a psychopath – I will say a have met many and dont feel they are in the minority., I feel i will never recover & am having to apply for specialist help on the NHS because of the serious impact on me. I dont think i will get this help though they dont acknowledge abuse and trauma in the uk. There must be more information out there because the seriousness of how they affect you is so extreme, my friend committed suicide 10 years ago because of her narcassistic partner he pushed her over the edge with his disturbing mind games, probably because they will go to any lengths to hide what they are doing and their reputation. They destroy lives. The man i knew had pluto and saturn in 7/8 house opposition mars and uranus in 2nd house plus venus opposition pluto. I have found this blogg a big help. The trouble is if you relate in a normal empathetic way to others once you meet someone who is a psychopath its difficult to recover or accept. Its so horrific you cannot believe they are like that u cannot accept it. Its very much like a child who cannot stop loving or trying to please a parent who keeps abusing them. I guess we are all like children in this case. Any information about psychopaths are important , i dont want anyone to lose their lives to these people like i did.

  47. I used to think I was cursed for having a narcissistic sister, but now I think she was a blessing. I can spot any old emotionless charming psycho-or-socio-or-any-path by a mile. Also, I know how to act with them. It’s best to keep them at a safe distance, which obviously is easier said than done when it’s your family, but it’s manageable. Personally, I just made my sister understand that I knew her tricks, and eventually she backed off and changed scenery. Before that the least she would do was to manipulate me to confide to her and then humiliate me in front of everyone to make herself seem better. Crucial was also to at least pretend that I didn’t care. If you obviously care, it’s fuel to them. They live by sucking the life and emotion of people around them.

  48. ^ And just as a post scriptum, if this seems like projecting (:D), I’m not a stranger to being emotionless myself. The difference between my sister and me is that I don’t take pride on hurting other people.

    But, as they say, if you give me a child until he is five, he will be mine for life. I was three and my sister was five.

  49. To H’s post:

    Rather, we find that in the beginning, when the Source first “moved” within Itself and became a Creator, all possibilities and potentials were glimpsed.

    We being the active, experiencing part of Source, well it’s only when we use our freewill to choose that Source and those fully in-tune with same, can see the most probable outcomes. As far as life events, some things we (our expanded self level) and the larger whole desire enough to try to work hard towards. But even these conditions can be changed by the at times chaotic nature of our freewill or the freewill interference of others in our life path.

    Probable is probable, not set in stone. However, there are perhaps a finite amount of events and choices that can result from one choice to choice. Hence, at times, the future can be seen fairly accurately. Other times, not much at all, all depending on use of freewill.

    Freewill is limited in the sense of, we can buck and buck against our Creator and the ways of same, but it’s only by attuning our will to the will of the Creative Force(s) do we come to know and experience joy, at peaceness, and a lasting sense of true Home and belonging–because that is the realest reality there is, because it’s the original reality, the nature of Source from which we spring and most of us are ever drawn back to however long we delay or not.

    However, the fact we remains, we do have the ability to buck and rebel, and for some, this goes on for a very long time.

    Psychopaths: Most are rather immature consciousnesses. Some were previously of certain E.T. groups which in some ways are more evolved than humans, but in other ways, spiritually are even less evolved–lack less collective attunement to Love. A couple of groups have been meddling in our affairs for quite a long time, and occasionally send in some of their own to become humans to meddle more directly.

    In other words, consciousness wise, they have taken the path of de-evolution. However, even some of these eventually turn things around. I met a woman recently that has a bit of a cold and hard vibe to her–mostly defense i think, not cruel, but just not warm or heart open. I wondered about her as i sensed contradictory energies about her. Unbidden and out of the blue, a strong thought/feeling/knowing popped into my awareness–“reformed Reptilian”. She has gotten back on the path of consciousness evolution, but with her history and path, she has a hard time at times with feeling empathy and love, but she tries. Astrology wise, I’m not sure.

    I don’t expect singular aspects to show up much in charts of people with these kinds of traits and tendencies–i would look for more general, but much stronger indications. The planets that represent consciousness with least attunement to empathy and Love are Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury.

    The Planets that indicate attunement to empathy, love, consideration of others, other awareness to varying degrees are Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Sun.

    Moon is sort of in the middle of these two categories. She is somewhat selfish and self/preservation concerned, but she has some basic empathy and awareness of others–she is just immature and limited in her “love”. She is like a lower octave and more instinctual and materially attuned Venus.

    Anyways, if a chart shows the first group very strong (Angular, Conjunct to ruling Planet, etc, etc), but the latter group is very weak, then one might expect the probability of psychopathy to go up. However, charts do not read or indicate present freewill. Never can, never will, they only indicate freewill use in the past. However, for most, past character is present destiny so to speak.

    I don’t expect Signs will have a lot to do with it overall. Every Sign based experiment on astrology has failed miserably. The only scientific experience to show definite statistical above chance correlation was Planetary based (in relation to the Angles). Signs are more the “wavering” indications of fleeting personality–more related to our ever changing emotional level of self. The Planets on the other hand, connect and indicate more the more stable and core mental level of self, that tends to change much more slowly.

    Look at Dick Cheney’s (a psychopath if there ever was one) chart for a good example of this contrast between Signs and Planetary indications. On one hand, he is an Aquarius Sun with Pisces Moon, but on the other–Saturn, Mars, and Pluto are very strong and also stressed in relation to important personal Planets. Classic case of how much more potent and indicative Planetary indications are than Sign.

    Same is true for me, I’m much more accurately and consistently described by my strongest Planetary energies, rather than my Sign indications. Not to say the latter doesn’t indicate anything about self’s overall personality and energies, but corresponds more to that emotional and changeable level of self. One can see this in auras and connection auras to charts. Signs will show up a lot more in the emotional level of the auric field, and strongest Planets in the mental level. This self has Jupiter as the strongest Planet, and purple is the most predominate aura color in the consistent sense from the mental level.

    Btw, i’d expect that color wise, most psychopaths will most prefer the colors of especially red and black (not a color, lack of light), and to slightly lesser extents aubergine, orange, yellow,, as these (especially red and black) show up strongly and consistently in their auras–usually the darker and less clear and bright shades and tones of these colors. Like attracts, begets, and likes Like on the inner levels. As a sensitive, I’ve found that often one’s favorite color or colors are the strongest in the person’s auric field–particularly in the mental level. However, sometimes we gravitate more to a particular color temporarily, that is very strong in our emotional level–but again, that is more changeable.

    I’m NOT saying that if you tend to prefer the color red, you are a psychopath. Some reds are more expanded and less slow vibratory than others (like rose reds–actually a mid vibration). It’s the really dark, muddy, and predominate reds for example, in people’s auras, that indicate much selfishness, repressed or expressed aggression and dislike of others, severe lack of empathy, etc.

    Thankfully, I haven’t interacted much with too many more severe psychopathic type personalities. A couple, but most connections have been more fleeting.

  50. I was involved with two psychopaths for quite along time. One was my lover, the other a so-called ‘best friend’ who had the habit of sabotaging relationships one after the other that came her way, including her own, and going after other womens’ men. After she told me that she had undertaken psychotherapy and was told that she ‘sabotaged her relationships’ she went after my man (while she was married – that never stopped her of course). I had to throw both of them out of my life as he was a serial sexual person really addicted to all types of kinky sex. They are still involved with each other and are both married but that doesn’t stop either one. The damage they did to me has taken years to heal, but healed I am and although I would really like to seek revenge against them, I have decided to move on with my life. I have a heavy stellium in Cancer which made me clingy and needy – they have placements in Pisces with his Moon, Jupiter in Gemini square his Sun-Pisces (guess that says it all re his sexual obsessions – sorry if I offend anyone).

  51. Just also realized that I have had run-ins with a few psychopaths in my time, one from a former boss who STILL bugs, haunts and ‘pings’ me from time to time. And I just don’t get WHY this person cannot let it go. He’s Sun-Aquarius, Moon-Scorpio, Pisces ASC – all I can remember from his profile. I was also stalked by a Sun-Virgo type as well as a Sun-Pisces different times and conditions. Each time it was very difficult in getting rid of these people but the one Sun-Aqua Moon-Scorp still hangs around and plagues me. Wondering WTH did I ever do to deserve all this nonsense …. maybe my Cancer stellium shows EMOTIONAL TARGET on my back ….

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