Astrology, Psychology & Sociology: Breaking It Down With 40 Years Experience

elsa barI’ve been interested in psychology for as long as I remember. I’ve been interested in astrology since I was eight years old. I became interested in how people meet and mate in my late teens. I’m taking Libra stuff.  One on one. I became interesting in sociology in my early thirties.

Today, all of these things have merged. I spent many hours per week contemplating these things and how they dovetail together.

For example, you have the psychology of an individual.
If a person is partnered, they’ll be influenced to some degree by the other.  Synastry.
If the person is in a group, they’ll also be influenced.

It’s super interesting.  For example a person may fall in with the crowd but if they have Libra, they’re more likely to move to opposite side to balance. Freaky, huh?

Aquarius is supposed to be a rebel but if they start of social movement and it grows and become mainstream; guess they have to rebel against their rebellion.

I could go on and on but what’s prompting me to write today is this question: How do people act when beaten down? I can’t answer it for you today; I trying to figure it out.

The picture?  That’s my teenage self working in a bar, which is where I learned a lot of what I know! In other words, self-taught.

So what do you think? What do you do when you’re beaten down?
Is it what most people do or is it different?
If you were with someone who acted differently than your norm, would it change your behavior?
What if it’s a large group?


Astrology, Psychology & Sociology: Breaking It Down With 40 Years Experience — 14 Comments

  1. This photo reminds me of my many years of bar service jobs…late 80s and 90s. I remember folding and holding my cash that exact same way, around my first finger. Because you can still grab bottles and glasses and wipe a table without dropping the money. Tricks of the trade back in the day!! I guess everyone uses a credit card now? Haven’t been to a bar in years!

  2. When I’m beaten down, I retreat deep within myself to find some solidity. When I feel a bit stronger, I try to redress the balance and deal head-on with what’s beating me. I can’t always fix it, but I can come to terms with how I feel about it.
    I don’t know about most people doing this – a lot of the folks I know will immediately spring into fight mode, but I’m always careful to consider the implications of this where other people are involved.
    Being around others doesn’t affect my M.O.

    • I agree with Plutolover; however, depending on the circumstsnce, I might clap back if the offending party is SO clueless they just don’t have a sense of when they’ve overestimated their pretense of dominance. This could occur after a period of repeated egeregiousnessssss, or immediately if someone is THAT rude.

      I’ve had to endure bullies on one level or another for virtually my entire life. I can spot them pretty quickly at this point so do my best not to engage but as that is not always possible, and if they’re that jerky, we might tussle.

  3. Psychology teaches that, when people are beaten down, they will either dig in their heals and do more of the same (this can be both good and challenging), or they may look at themselves and decide to make a change. Pain is what can cause a person to overcome their fear of the unknown, if anything will.
    Astrology provides a window to the personality, something that has been “repressed” a lot, especially in western society. A society that doesn’t understand itself is more easily controlled.
    Sociology shows us that we will act as others, even (and often especially), when we are unaware. There are Sociologists who have studied and, in my opinion proven, that we will do something simply because we have seen others do it. Even more frightening, we will be unaware that this was the reason. This shows us how much we operate “subconsciously “, and how important self-awareness truly is. Self-consultation is never done. 🙂

    • Thanks for this. It’s akin to what was I was thinking. The previous comments offered new ideas. I’ve not been able to sort this yet, but I wondered if the fact, “beaten down” was undefined might be skewing things.

      “Beaten down” mean, “beaten to a pulp” in my mind. My thoughts took me to, “path of least resistance”. You’ve nothing left to fight with?

      I’m actually considering this in terms of “the metaverse” or whatever iteration there is of such a thing. I am pretty sure they’re going to be get people in there, but how, when they don’t want to go.

      Oh I know! Beat ’em to a pulp! Take everything from them – all options. Next thing you know, they’re headed in. Why? Because every other door is closed.

      I mean, the other doors don’t have to be locked up and nailed down. It’s just has to be very inconvenient + all the traffic is headed the other way.

  4. i pray alot, and pray, pleading God to help me alot. Somehow my prayers will be answered. And i ask only when its deeply necessary, then i let go because by then, its a relief to let go because all shall take care of itself due to faith hope and the will to live and somehow God is listening and hears the heart and soul cry out; as God sees your soul deeply. I honestly think thats where my 12th house moon brings alot of belief there. I am not religious either. but i do believe and i think thats the sagittarius part of me. I read that is very jupiterian and that even Cancerians are deeply religious due to their exaltation in jupiter. Also pisces too (due to being co ruled by jupiter) i base myself on beliefs not really logic. Thats really jupiterian more.

  5. My DEC and POF is 25 CAP -pluto grinding back and forth over this point I feel like I have to push through alot – my younger sibling is at end stage of MS in a nursing home and its about to finish me off the amount of suffering she is in and all the losses – just painful to be a witness and its my only sister – so it smarts and makes me feel panicky alot. I am just emotional toast. Alot of astrologers have been helpful keeping my head in the game – you are one of them. Great content! keep it coming Elsa!

    • Pluto grinding me too conjunct natal Venus in the 7th and square natal pluto. It’s been there forever now….. Never in my life……did I think all the things that have come to pass, would be. Talk about an eye opener. It’s either get up and move or get rolled. And now mars conjunct my moon in the 12th while Saturn is in the 8th. Unreal.

  6. Rally! Got to pull it together and and keep fighting. I don’t know if people still know how to do this? I have a compromised mars, and even I can rally.

  7. Ugh tough question. On my tired days, I give in to certain things. I’m apt to run away until my energy is back. Hide behind my husband, let him take care of it all for me.

    I guess it’s important to not be able to be beaten to a pulp, somehow.

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