Astrology and Projection: Neptune On The Midheaven and the Terrible Awful Frito Girl

Here is a story of projection..

I worked for Frito Lay for nine years. I drove a route truck. I loved the job and I was very good at it as witnessed by the fact I was the number one salesperson in the state. I worked hard and as far as I knew I was an upstanding member of the community.

I lived in the country. I caused no one any problems of any kind. I donated money all over the place because I felt I had more than I needed. This went on for some years and then one day I decided to get married.

I drove to my first store… my biggest account and excitedly told the manager the news.

“I’m getting married!” I said enthusiastically.

He sneered. “Well it’s about time,” he said. I was twenty-six.

“Huh?” I asked.

“It’s about time you got married! Settle down and quit this job. Take care of your kids for a change!”


“Take care of your kids,” he said with this pure venom in his voice. “I said it’s about time you take care of those two boys of yours instead of coming out here leaving them home alone while you take a job a man ought to have!”

I almost burst into tears on the spot. “I don’t have two boys,” I said, shyly with tears threatening. “I have no children,” I said. Man, I was hurt. I am not someone who would neglect a child. How could someone think this of me?

“Yes you do! You have two boys and as far as I am concerned you ought to be home taking care of them.”

“I don’t have two boys,” I said. “I have two dogs. They’re cocker spaniels. Is that what you mean? I have a boy dog and a girl dog, and I do take care of them. Um… they’re happy and spoiled as hell.”

“Two dogs?” he waved his hand to dismiss my heinous lie. “I know you’ve got children. Someone told me you did…”

“Well I don’t.”

“Elsa, go to work. Get the chips, bring ’em in the store and put them on the rack.”

I nodded and took off, glad to get out of there before I burst into tears. And do you know I married and continued to work my route for three more years and this guy never looked at me again? Yeah. He hid in is office whenever the Frito Girl came around. No sense apologizing or anything like that.


Astrology and Projection: Neptune On The Midheaven and the Terrible Awful Frito Girl — 8 Comments

  1. UGH. Aaaaaasshooooole!! Like any mother is going to bother denying she’s got kids to a random schmuck like that. No. Fucking. Way.

  2. Well it was a enormous lesson. People have their own realities and they definitely have imaginations which they can and do use!

    After this incident the whole town (other drivers… we were in a small town) filled me in. This guy hated my guts and spouted about alllll the time. Everyone knew how he felt about me… he was vocal and it was common knowledge but I was blissfully unaware. For YEARS! 🙂

    He was a Mormon by the way. I didn’t even know what a Mormon was! ::smiles::

    • U are a remarkable woman to have handled it so well. I know that keeping stability & income is more important than his false perception of u, but flat out went too far i mean wow what nerve he has. I wouldve used those cutting words mars/merc conj in 9th(we have this natal aspect in common yay!)gave ya & made him regret being born. U help me see even more that he may have expected u to drop to his level & reply in an inappropriate way. Another false perception of nep on the mc. Pure, selfless, loving souls. My soul on the other hand with Moon/pluto on the mc in scorpio my mind & reactions can be sumthin i dont understand just flat out strange & embarrassing

  3. Many years ago I was a new hire at a certain establishment at the same time a local heinous crime was in the headlines. A fellow worker insisted I was “the type” who would commit this crime, and he rode me for months about this, making me miserable. After months of this, he asked me out, oozing self-confidence. He was self-confident because he had spent all that time cutting me down to size!

  4. Wow. I kind of understand when someone is hateful to everyone, but it’s totally bewildering to me when a person just picks someone, seemingly at random to be negative about. I am relieved that I’m not the only person this kind of thing happens to. But I wonder what makes them settle one person over another?

  5. Ohhow sad. That hurt me for him to have said that to u Elsa, i feel like ive known u for years & ur a close friend i hold dear and protect i read ur astrology posts regularly, even on smoke breaks at work im not a smoker so when co-workers are out having a smoke i sit n read ur blogs! Ur posts are so relatable u make my day how u hold no punches. I have Scorp Moon/pluto conj Scorpio MC(29deg)(Natal moon conj pluto in scorpio 9th house). Pain is my life & ive accepted it as part of me that will always be by my side like a friend when im alone & ive come to realize pain is just a part of my life like joy is a part of other ppls lives. And out of my two sons whom i love so very dearly with every bone & breath in my body my oldest child has Neptune conj MC(natally) he is the funniest sweetest, kindest most caring child anyone could ever meet, yet he gets labeled as thief & the hyper one my mother said my sons will grow up be a “hoodlums” when in all actuality this may seem contradictory but im guiding my sons towards baptism & becoming true lovers of God which surprisingly both have taken to what theyve learned. Elsa im so afraid that underneath the beautiful ear to ear smile & high pitched laughter(music to my ears) hes suffering & in pain about something that im not aware of…this breaks my heart…how can i approach him and find out. Hes 12 years old & will be in jr high soon i know a persons adolescent years are of great importance & a time when a child needs to be loved and supported…plz help

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