Projection & The Bewilderment That Follows

Regarding projection and my hologram Sagittarius Moon, Jennifer writes:

“I hate to ask a dumb question, but if you were having a Pluto transit to your moon when Pluto was in Sag, uh…Well, um, I can see why she thought you did, eh?”

Jennifer, I can see why she thought it too. But it is still erroneous. She (with a Gemini moon) was also having a Pluto transit to her moon as was everyone else, with a square, trine, sextile… inconjunct aspect.

The math / astrology is not really the point. The point is that Pluto (transiting opp her Moon) had to be projected somewhere and I was the chosen.

Turn it around and *I* might find what she wrote, repulsive, see? She herself might be repulsive but with Pluto projected this does not come to her consciousness because all the nasty is pointing at me… an Internet person who is entertaining and teaching her astrology for free.

It’s like putting your trash on your neighbor’s front porch except it’s worse because the neighbor is nice to you and has a sick child.

The neighbor walks out, sees what you’ve done and is understandably bewildered.

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Projection & The Bewilderment That Follows — 20 Comments

  1. I have to tell you this – people are already projecting on you but if you are vague and hide stuff and you rationalize that with vague criteria … you’re bound to be projected on, Neptune MC or not. I’m not saying you should be stripped of your privacy, I’m not saying we’re entitled to get anything from you.

    Your readers are going to have a relationship with you/your hologram weather you want to or not. If you leave hollows in your chart, people are going to want to fill the puzzle. *I* want to do a composite/Davidson with your chart !! :)) Ok, maybe if you revealed them, we would begin to imagine more stuff around you, your family, your parents, your emotional life (Sun & Moon) …

    In what way is that information important to you ? Give it to uuus 😉

  2. I will NEVER have a blog. Tenth house Pisces with Chiron in Pisces. It hurts me to read here some days. I hate people projecting on me, I can get into enough trouble on my own without carry their shit too.

  3. Waitasec – Elsa just said “the astrology really isn’t the point” of this parable. This the Interwebz, for chrissakes…. do you want her SSN too? 😉

  4. Jessica is right, mn.

    You may as well be saying, “The neighbor’s porch is empty so of course I am going to put my shit there.”

    You are really not justified to dump your shit on someone no matter what they are doing or not doing. But besides that good information is no cure.

    I say, “I’m Italian” and they say, “Why does she say she’s Italian? We know she’s Mexican, do you think she’s embarrassed to be Mexican?”

    Did I know this? Uh uh. I find out 20 years later, an entire family I was intimately involved with for YEARS considered me a liar (and Mexican, not Italian) the whole time.

    I say, “I don’t make any money on this blog.”

    They say, “I know she is making money hand over fist on that blog…”


  5. Regarding Neptune on the MC (or otherwise strongly place on a chart) my thoughts to mn’s posting:
    Let’s suppose you ordered an item on the internet and they deliver it with UPS. You hear the UPS truck coming down the street and go to the front gate or get prepared to open the door when they ring the bell. What are you actually waiting for, are you waiting for the driver or are you waiting for your package? Unless you are a personal friend of the driver, you’ll be only waiting for your package, right? And you won’t ask the driver why did he cut his hair, but say happy holidays and thank you very much for delivering my stuff.
    I think Neptune veils the carrier, so you can focus on the truth she/he is delivering. And this truth also includes our reactions to what is being delivered.

  6. I think mn’s comment also just shows the conditioning. Whatever happens, I am responsible.

    I read something recently… very well written about how you go to youtube these young actresses have clips on there and legions of people leave critical comments regarding their appearance. The girls are beautiful of course. Flawless! But still these pukes come on there and do that and here is the justification:

    “But they are a public figure!”


    What the fuck is wrong with people? I think of it this way:

    You either have some decorum or you don’t.

    …and if you don’t it’s not my fault.

  7. I guess that is what happens when one is popular Elsa. It becomes part of the job to sign autographs and deal with “pukes” and stalkers.


  8. Thanks for the clarification, I forgot that could mean other than just the conjunction. (Hm, technically I am having a Pluto transit to my sun by trine right now, then. But so far, all quiet on the Western front. Yay.)

    I do have to agree with mn that if you are vague on your own astro-stuff (not saying you shouldn’t be, that’s up to you and I’m no blog dictator telling you what to write) that people may get the wrong idea as to what you are referring to, projection or not. I will admit to getting confused at times as to what aspects are relevant to you. But eh, them’s the breaks, I suppose. My Scorpio rising wonders once in a while, but I’m not good enough at math to figure that stuff out anyway 🙂

  9. i think this whole stream is interesting because it illustrates the danger of astrology in some ways! there’s a line between using it to understand people/relationships and to elevate your interactions versus using it to blame others or absolve yourself of responsibility for your own reactions. i *think* (let me not project too much, fingers crossed) that elsa’s problem isn’t that the girl thought she had a sag moon, but that the she used that to try to justify her irrational anger towards elsa. and it was a false assumption – touche!

  10. Trashing public figures is like trashing public spaces – but worse because it’s an individual, not a town square. Sure, Kingsley, it’s part of the job to deal with it, as there is someone cleaning the town square too. But it’s definitely better when people understand and stop throwing their trash around. It’s better for the public figure or space, it’s better for the public, and it’s an evolutionary leap for the one who understood and doesn’t trash anymore.

  11. Well I thought of Jodie Foster today. She’s just doing her job and look what got foisted on her.
    Hinckley shoots the president and her name is attached. Excuse me but wtf?

    She left public life for a number of years over that and who can blame her?

  12. “Sure, Kingsley, it’s part of the job to deal with it..”

    This may be a fact of life but I still think it does not absolve a person of responsibility for their actions. For example if you are a jerk that heckles a comedian doing their job (maybe you saw the NYE video too) – the comedian may have to deal with it but it does not alter the fact that you are a jerk heckling a person at work.

  13. Facts do not absolve anyone because it was the bad intention that created the fact in first place – I agree with you, Elsa. Police can arrest the thief, but the thief is still responsible for his action.

  14. I dunno. I have mixed thoughts on this. I think that as you feel readers project on you, you also project on your readers. And there is this dynamic like that image of someone looking into a mirror, where there is also a mirror behind them showing them looking into a mirror, with a mirror behind them showing them looking into a mirror – everything reflecting back what’s being reflected already … into infinity. I don’t think there’s a start point – except maybe the beginning of time (if there is one).

    I think, though, for anyone, the good comes with the bad. When someone perceives that you helped them and it’s good – do you say, “Oh – that’s just them projecting their shit on me again?” Or do you take some credit for the energy and intention you put out and feel good and think, yeah, I helped. When someone says, “Elsa you’re great and you work really hard and I appreciate you and all that you do.” Is that too projection? Something to be tossed, insignificant, completely separate your energy investments?

    I kind of think that when you project (“you” here meaning any person) – you are just putting out your energy from your little point in space and time and the mix of material of which you and your life are made. And it has a certain flavor – that’s “you”. Projecting – like “projectile” – can be energy (to my thinking) and not just holograms. And then everyone who that energy interacts with, it comes to them as through a filter. Like a filter on the lens of a camera. Or a tinted window. Or rose colored sunglasses. Or how light changes its angle when it goes comes from one substance into another with a different density (say from air into water).

    So people see you through their unique lenses, yes. But also there is unique energy coming from you. (Any “you”.)

    And what happens when the two meet, it’s chemistry and physics. Different combinations of energy and filters generate different reactions and transformations. I also think sometimes projections meet, and “interfere” with each other. Waves do this. When two waves roll in the same direction, with one moving faster than the other but in a compatible frequency, and the faster one comes up behind the other … When they meet, there is a moment where the max heights of the waves are added together and there is a really big save, and also, a really big “trough” at the foot of that big wave to go with it. And when two waves meet similarly, but say they are coming at each other instead and the frequency is “incompatible”, they may completely cancel each other for that moment, so where they collide there is this suddenly flat space where you would some kind of wave to be within the pattern – no peak, no trough, just flat.

    So anyway. For me the solution has been to work on disassociating myself from ownership of these things. It is hard, and I’m still learning. But the moments where I get it right, it feels good.

    This energy in this reply, for example, is not representative of the entirety of me. It is just the authentic energy I have available to give out and have a good feeling good in giving.

    And if someone replies to it with all kinds of accusations and blame, or with complete dismissal. What they say or do, that’s not going to tell me who I am – because it can’t. It is reflective of some of the possible impacts of my energy, and also, because of the collaboration of the energy, a reflection of some of that person’s energy, too. But it also not who and what that person is in their entirety.

    Though, sometimes the collision of these energies do hurt, and I am trying to learn to “be” with the pain. Not trying try to suppress it, and not trying to push it away, but to just be with it while it is there and part of my experience. (And yes, if anyone reads and recognizes those words, they are inspired by Jon Kabat-Zinn.)

    What you get in exchange for giving up feeling threatened is, in those moments where you get the point where you can clear your head of the emotional chatter, this crystal clear vantage point where you can see new things, and you learn. You see things you never saw before while distracted by pain – at least for me, that is how it’s been.

    On public figures, I think it’s similar to the dynamic going on with projection. Public figures get a lot, and they take alot. And they choose both the moment they choose to living in an “amplified” state. (Now some don’t choose necessarily, but that’s another discussion point.)

    You get a lot from your readers, and I sometimes wonder if you realize that. How much they give you, even if you never get a physical cent. But this perspective may make sense in my value system, because I value time and energy – they are my primary currency. And so when someone lends me their energy in support of the things I’m trying to create or that I care about and think are important, I think that’s really worth something. And it is a resource, and probably there is a way to convert it to money, if that’s what you want. Not saying it is, because don’t know what you want. But I think you get a lot that you don’t value as much as it may really be worth.

    Also, I think public figures get a lot of constructive resources thrown their way, and a lot of destructive energy thrown their way too. And honestly, the lower profile the figure (the less attention good and bad) – the less they are smeared in the tabloids, and the less they are talked about in good ways too.

    Being a “public figure” to me just means you’ve chosen to act on a stage. Act meaning, take action – not necessarily perform something purely for entertainment. You are engaging the public, or in another word frequently used here, the collective. It takes a lot of energy, I think to stir a big group of people. Probably that is what you feel sometimes depletes you (or at least, I get that impression, that sometimes you feel depleted and not refilled). But I think you get energy and resources back, whether it’s in the form you want or recognize as valuable ,or as valuable as what you feel you give – or not.

    I think the same stuff happens to public figures that happens to more obscure figures. It just happens at a bigger scale.

    I don’t feel bad, for example, when public figures are exposed at a mass scale, for doing some scandalous thing. Because they also get exposure at a mass scale, for doing fantasticly positive things. I do feel badly when they are smeared through the mud. But on that same point, I also refuse to praise them as though they are anything more than anyone who did not just speak / put energy out / project at as a big a scale.

    Not one public figure, famous person, genius, lottery winner, massively creatively talented person, person who gets more attention or who just speaks louder than me is one whit more important, intelligent, valuable, and worthy of voice or time or space or attention than me. Or anyone else. We are all souls. We come here. We do what we will. And we die. And in heaven (or wherever the afterlife or alternative plane may be if there is such a thing), I imagine we gather – the way I imagine actors gather backstage after a play and drop their characters and the on-stage dramas between them, and comment as commmarades upon what each other did while together in mortal form on Earth.

    But that’s just me. Or the energy that emanates from my particular point in space, time, and what have you.

  15. althera – there is nothing at all in the trash but it may show up and I’ll fetch it. It seems the mechanic set this thing to hold the comments and then post them in batches so there is a delay?? This is to speed the site. In whatever case I hope it shows up, they usually do. Sorry!

  16. No worries. It was really long. Maybe there is some mechanical technological max-length protector that ate it … oh well. Maybe it was not meant to be:) But thank you.

  17. althera – it appears! All right!! 🙂

    And now we know… there is like a 15 minute delay and then swoosh! 15 spam + your comment!

    I am tired to respond to it very well, but do realize (and report) good things I get from this blog. I realize there has been a negative slant lately but have stayed on it because this is (projection) is really a hard thing to grasp for a lot of people and in between all this there are a fare number reporting they are “getting it” and boy, this is so important – to not put you crap onto others… well I clearly I think it’s worth it to keep harping.

    Also, it’s a release for me. I think a lot of these things and have for years. At this point or moment, I just feel like expressing myself which is what I do herem routinely. But not for a minute do I dismiss what I get off this blog whether it is a Christmas card, a keyboard or just the distraction it provided as my daughter when down, down, down.

    This is another situation where I just can’t cover every contingency when I write an opinion on something. I am weary as fuck… you have no idea. I work from about 4:30am until 9:30 PM, with very few breaks, I am going to make mistakes. But all in all… this is a really good blog. I am proud of it and I stand by it on the good and the bad days.

    I am not sure what else people might want of me but I am sure whatever is it I don;t have it because I give everything I do have every day and have for… decades.

  18. I can relate to working hours like that with few breaks. Your blog is one of my breaks. And you’re right, it is hard to be “on” that much and be perfect. Sometimes for me it feels like trying to hold on to something that’s almost too heavy to carry for too long, and like my fingers are going to “bust” from trying. And so the mistakes.

    I see what you mean, you stand by it, because it’s the best you know how to do – and of what you can give (or at least that is how I read that).

    I think what some people try to do, is they see the blog – and not necessarily even you – as a canvas. Where constantly something is being recreated.

    Sometimes I wonder what your “vision” is. Maybe there isn’t one. But I wonder that. Sometimes I think I see where you are going, and want to help – like someone watching a movie where the key character is missing something around a corner that all of spectators can see, or like standing back from a maze and seeing where the person is and where the exit is – and want to point to it. To point out some patterns you may not see from up close. At least in my life, that has helped me when people have done that. And not so many people who see you from far away always stop to try to tell you what they see.

    I don’t think I could give like you give – so wide and so constant, because I have all of that Pisces / Virgo – Mercury / Neptune business with not being able to feel where my own boundaries are. I know intuitively it would drain me. The smaller and more concentrated things I already do, already do. But only, I feel like you are so close to something so great – and it is great – but so close to somethings that maybe would even make it easier for you. If that is what you want.

    And now I wonder if it started as one thing, and has grown so big – it’s kind of “tipped”. There is an idea in that book The Tipping Point where something like that happens to companies. They reach a certain size and the nature changes, bigger stuff to manage mean new strategies are needed to keep all of the stuff that’s grown bigger flowing as well as it did.

    Or maybe this is the same as it has always been.

    Either way. Thank you for letting me say what I had to say. And I really appreciated your comment. I think it explained things that through reading the entries I have, I didn’t know were there.

  19. athera, thank you. In the light of day there are some other pieces here.

    Keep in mind I have writing like this for 9 years and you get to a point where you’ve seen it all and the all you’ve seen reveals patterns. One of the patterns… well I call it “Why don’t we just fast-forward to the part where you hate me?” when I am talking to satori or someone in my inner circle.

    There are situations where people have clear animosity towards me that they cloak or try to cloak and may even be cloaking from themselves.

    What I do know it it will eventually erupt – I can see it a mile away so one of the functions it serves to have this kind of thing addressed in a prolonged fashion, is it is going to kick those people out. They are apt to become disgusted and leave (probably quietly) so in a sense this is a preemptive strike.

    I think after the last ordeal I just want to clear the decks around here so this is another agenda. But again… I also just feel like talking about this and also you can see in the comments, people are having a light go on and this is a BIG piece. It is so much larger than what happens to or around me.

    If one person stops blaming their partner for their life circumstances after reading this – that would be well worth this effort to me and if I manage to offend the people are going to be offended eventually (whether they know it or not) – well, that’s a bonus.

    See, I am not trying to be the most popular astrologer on the Internet. They call me oprah of astrology or at least they have in the past but I don’t relate to it at all.

    In short, I don’t care if people “go away mad”. If they are going to do it, they are going to do it and frankly, I just wish they’d do it swiftly.

    It’s like people sitting at my bar remarking on the size and shape of my breasts. I don’t need them around to do this job. Matter of fact the sooner they’re gone, the better for me and consequently – you.

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