Progressed Moon(s) Changing Signs

My husband and I have our progressed Moon in tight aspect. They both change signs within a month of each other. I have always noticed a distinct shift when my Moon changes signs, most immediately in my appearance. Changes in my interests and my behavior follow.

It will be interesting to see the shift this time because we will shift in tandem.

Do you mind your progressed Moon? What do you notice?

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Progressed Moon(s) Changing Signs — 41 Comments

  1. looking at your post, I just checked my chart and it just progressed into virgo, it’s at 0′ 06 virgo right now so it must have been VERY recently. and I’ve notice I’ve been much more mentally sharp as of a few days ago.

  2. Mine switched to Pisces a couple of months ago, and I noticed it almost immediately. I accept life a lot more and with all the water in my chart it’s a pleasant experience. But my natal is in Aries, so I feel passive and sometimes frustrated that everything feels so…calm! And I’m so easily moved by music now, but my writing has become muddled. With Aquarius pr. moon I wrote comedic essays, and now there’s all this mushy poetry. Very odd.

  3. Gloria — if you go to and click on “free horoscopes” and from there “extended chart selection” you can see all sorts of stuff — be prepared to spend some time! Your progressed moon is the moon in your “progressed chart” for today’s date.

    I see that mine is right on the cusp of Gemini… which means that just recently it was opposite my natal moon… what’s that supposed to be like?

  4. I’m not too familiar with the significance of progressions. However, as per this post I looked it up and my progressed moon is in Cancer. Makes super sense. I have been so depressed and moody for awhile now. It’s not like I’m not used to it with all my Pisces but Jesus, how to natal Cancer moons deal with this?!

  5. My progressed moon has also gone into virgo. I have been kind of edgy, and anxious, so I am not sure if this has anything to do with it.

  6. I only notice it when you mention it. 🙂

    My moon has been progressed in Taurus and is heading towards Gemini. I think the combined effect of that Taurus progression and Saturn transiting my natal Mars has had me very sluggish lately. Hoping that the shift into Gemini will bring some energy along with it, without TOO much chaos.

    At least life will be interesting. Oh and my sun has recently progressed into Leo. Guess I had better get back to doing MY video chats soon. 🙂

  7. progressed moon just about to conjunct Pluto in the 4th, anticipating my first Saturn return in the fall. A wild time to be alive! I’m holding on to my ass and expect I will be taking the reins of the family (I’m single, no kids) soon, in some way or other. The thought of having to settle down and get serious and grow up cause others are depending on me doesn’t quite suit my Sag. stellium, but we’ll see. Stellium in the 1st in Libra gives me confidence I’ll do it gracefully and find a balance, one way or another.

    But lets talk progressed moon fashion: Style wise, clothing has adapted as I’ve changed residence from a city to a rural environment, from Sag to Capricorn. Style has gone from devil-may-care, Cambridge-style hipster elegance and the thrown together but still put together look of a young 20 something, to the more earthy-tones, green, grey, brown sweater dresses and brown boots. Used to wear a lot of pastels and light colors, because I’m a “spring”, but now focused on browns, tans, etc. I’m always able to trop through the mud and look cute doing so. That’s the dominant idea now, dressing to be outside and closer to the earth. So, capricorn and earth colors.

    As an anomaly, I’ve also been enjoying red dresses lately, and red pumps. Can’t justify that one astrologically. It must be mating season…

  8. My progressed moon is in Cancer in the 8th. I HATE it. It’s drowning out all my fire and making me moody and emotional. Another year of this? Yuck.

    So many of my progressed planets are right on top of their natal planets. What does that mean?

  9. “So many of my progressed planets are right on top of their natal planets. What does that mean?”

    If you are talking about the outer planets, this is usual. The chart is calculated a day for a year and the outer planets move so slowly it takes years for them to move a degree in the progressed…

    this is why the eye on the Moon, see? It moves (progressed0 every 2.5 years which correlates with 2.5 days in real time.

  10. ps – Really liked the post about visible style changes for your transit, progressed moon in Aries, I think. Neat to see.

    As always, you have a great site. Thought provoking, intelligent, witty, sweet – don’t let anyone put you down. You’ve created a neat community here. Thanks for sharing and inviting others to share.

  11. Moon progressed to the middle degrees of Leo. Certainly appreciating the sunshine a lot more and becoming more comfortable being ‘seen’ through your blog Elsa. Looking forward to the conjunction with natal Venus and progressed moon as issues with women friends and relatives can be sorted out, preparing myself for that one, think I will get my hair done! Natally,square between moon and venus.

  12. Progressed moon in Gemini had me moving and running all over the place, and never feeling that I was stable in my home. Right around the time it progressed into Cancer, I have a beautiful home to live in and a much more stable lifestyle. Progressed moon Gemini went across my forth house, and I had a lot to do with my mother all throughout it. Now, progressed moon in Cancer is making its way across my 5th house, and I feel both the creative energy of the 5th house, and the rapid mood changes and swings more typically associated with cancer.

    Progressed moon in Gemini I was, like, insane. (everything I had, practically, was progressed into Gemini). Now with progressed moon in Cancer, I certainly do not feel sane but I feel just slightly less insane.

    Other thing with prog. moon in Cancer is that I have gained weight, and also, I don’t go out much, I am more of a homebody. Usually, I never have to do anything special to keep my weight down, but right now I can see I am going to have to do a lot.

  13. Interesting Lonnsounds. My progressed moon is in Gemini and I have worried about the move into Cancer. I also think it makes a difference what house it is in the chart. Currently my prog Gem Moon is in the 9th. The funny thing, done a lot of travel in my time but lately always thinking gee what would it be like to live here(insert place I am visiting)(also my natal moon is in the 4th in sag)

    Travel and making home faraway is kind of a theme for me right now. Technically I currently have two homes to stay at…

  14. Interesting, Reality, I have Gemini on my 3rd and 4th house, and I have almost always lived in two different homes at once (except when Saturn was transiting my 4th house, during which time I was essentially homeless.) In fact I have dual signs on all my angles and well, you can imagine.

    All I would say to ppl whose prog. moons are moving from Gemini into Cancer is this: if you have trouble with weight gain overall, be very, very careful or else you are going to be spending the second half of the progression trying to get back off the weight you put on during the first half of the progression.

  15. Well I have never had trouble with weight gain.
    I never eat before bed and I stay away from white bread. I am thinking my problem that I always have is my mother. HE HE HE

    But I will make sure not to change me eating habits during that time. White bread makes my tummy puffy like a balloon…

  16. Lucky you, Reality, on the weight thing. Yep, the mom may become front and center in some way or another during prog. moon, or moreso than usual anyway.

    Becca, do you feel the difference? I have heard there is a big change in desire to get out and socialize once prog. cancer moon moves to Leo. But I also have had my progressed sun hanging out at 29 degrees plus in Gemini for what seems like FOREVER. I may have overlap of prog sun AND prog moon yikes! I need to get off my Mars in Gemini ass!

  17. When my progressed moon was in Cancer I had a baby and renovated my house! And at the very start of it, I gained a ton of weight too (non-pregnant).

    Just about to the day my moon progressed into Leo, I left my husband and my social life skyrocketed. It was almost like moving out of my mom’s house all over again. I also got a new hairdo not long before that. I wasn’t tracking this at the time, but boy, was a difference noticeable.

  18. I was a total super super work aholic when my moon was in Taurus.
    Also I usually start something and maybe have 2 or 3 projects running at one time and I am able to finish them all on time.

    Gemini moon is having me startup a lot more projects all over the place and not everything is getting finished.

  19. I’m a few months behind you Reality. I’ve been working very hard with progressed moon in Taurus.

    It’s funny. I was very much alone during my progressed Aries moon phase and met John right at the beginning of Taurus. I can’t say life has been less interesting for adding a crazy Irish Aquarian into the mix but there has definitely been an element of stability added.

  20. Since we’re chatting about progressions… I looked at my boyfriend’s progressed chart and it has the identical mutable grand cross that our composite does. Moon in Pisces, Mars in Gemini, Venus in Virgo, and Neptune in Sag – all within a few degrees of identical between the charts. His Sun is still in late Leo but in a few years it will conjoin his prog. Venus like in our composite. Wow. Just posting out of pure astonishment. If any thoughts jump to mind for anyone…. grateful.

    His chart will continue to have at least a similar mutable t-square for years and years. I know why this is mathematically – he was born three months before me so his planets are progressing through the midpoint territory between our birthdates. The interesting part is that he’s in a relationship with me at this time in his life. ???? Wow.

  21. My moon just progressed from Gemini (where it’s at in my natal chart) to Cancer. This has been going on for more than a few days (like the past 2 months) but lately I am a total homebody. I haven’t really gone out like I used to since mid November. Nice to know to watch about the weight…

  22. Jessica, your story about Cancer to leo in progressed gives me great hope. I have read that the social life does skyrocket. I am going onto astro dot com and see last time my prog. moon was in cancer or Leo and what my life was like then. I have gained a bunch of weight only one other time in my life, and I am going to be looking at where the P moon was when that happened. I have gained some weight several times, but it has always before gone away, whether it is due to some mental state where I don’t eat for lack of desire to eat, or whatever reason. this is a fun thread.

  23. I just went to astro dot com and looked. My sun progresses into cancer on feb. 20 and will over lap with my moon which will be around 28 cancer; there will be no more than a two month over lap. Moon will progress to leo around my birthday, and prog. jup is 1 Leo right now. almost everything else will be in gemini and has been for ages.

    Looks like big changes coming this year so I scoped my next solar return also. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Does anyone on this blog have mars conj venus in the 12th house? Normally, I have no 12th house planets, but for this solar return I have 3. And sun/merc in the 1st, and moon in the 2nd. Hmmmm.

  24. Hey Loon, it was incredible! I realize the change in life circumstances (married to single) played a part, but even before I left him, I felt the moon changing…. I just craved FUN. I just wanted to be out having a good time. I wanted to soak up life. I guess I had been brooding in my crab cave for a couple of years. It was so incredibly liberating. Also, I lost ALL the Cancer Moon weight and more into the bargain! You can look forward to an amazing birthday this year!

    I have prog Mars in 12th and natal Moon in 12th. Got 12th house stories to swap?

  25. No 12th house stories to swap YET…this is all upcoming for the solar return. Just looking kind of wild with that applying aspect venus and mars both in Aries in the 12th house.

    They say you can start feeling the influences of your solar return a couple months before your birthday so I am not quite there yet.

    You were brooding in your crab cave with prog moon in cancer? … how FITTING that is to describe the past couple of years for me! A couple of select people have been allowed IN, but getting me to get OUT and socialize? Nupe! I mean, I am not much of an extrovert anyway but this has been just ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Now I just went and looked up the last time the moon went from Cancer to Leo (wow, it takes that moon a long time to get all the way around the wheel!) Anyway, my life changed in a major-major-major positive way. It changed literally one month before I joined the Air Force, like it changed almost exactly at the point I was sworn in, and that time of my life in the AF was so exciting and great; great beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn’t have holed up if I’d wanted to, it was just not an option, which was one of the best things that can happen to me. Hmmmmmmmm……..WOW, I love astrology!

  27. aries. along with a whole cluster of other things.
    what gets me is that the ascendant moves as well as the houses.
    what happens when progressed pluto hits progressed ascendant (which it looks like it’s planning to rather soon…?)

  28. My progressed moon is in Pisces, 2nd House. My partner’s is in Virgo, 2nd House. They’re opposed to the exact degree, I’m not sure if this is normal or not?

    I have noticed that I’ve had to severely curb my intoxicants. They are really messing with my body. If I have more than a couple of glasses of wine it gives me insomnia. And ACNE! Peeee-yew! I find this really annoying as I actually love a drink.

    I’ve been really lucky these last few years on the vintage cashmere (plucked from Sally Ann) front. My talents are good enough now that I can scan the racks and spot cashmere without even touching it. I love that nice rich people give their goods to people like me who could never afford it otherwise.

  29. My moon is progressed to house four in Virgo.Saturn is there by transit.With Uranus/Mars
    on my asc.I am apt to move frequently( since 1994)
    maybe more so with these aspects as long as I use
    Saturn(going back to school online) ie: home,and it is a move up for me,as Jupiter in Aquarius is comfortably in house 8.
    I am a professional astrologer.

  30. My moon has progressed “back” to its natal place in Scorpio. The last couple of years (while in Scorpio), I’ve been leading a pretty private life. In another month or so my moon will progress into Sagittarius and begin to make its way into my fifth house. I’m looking forward to the change (and the creative possibilities).

  31. I haven’t thought much about progressions in a long time, so I haven’t been watching.

    The one thing I remember vividly is when my progressed sun went into Cancer. It was right after I started studying astrology. I noticed a definite shift, internally, from a restless, edgy feeling to something much more calm, feminine, and maternal.

    I ran a bunch of charts to see what happened, and it was then that I noticed that the progressed sun had changed signs. Pretty cool, I thought!

  32. BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My progressed moon is now in Cancer too. I have very little desire to leave the house. It’s like I am hiding out when I was out in the public eye for years prior to this. I too have gained weight and I didn’t understand WHY??? So glad to stumble on this thread.

    Wow….what a fountain of gold this blog is!!!

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